World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty One – Destruction

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty One – Destruction

Chief Elder did not want to keep waiting. Mo Cloud Sea’s strength astounded him. While their reckless burning would lead to their deaths, but they were a great threat to him before their deaths.

Their combined strength when was unable to dismissed.

There were some names among these people that Chief Elder had never heard of before. In truth, before today, he even felt slightly dismissive towards Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng.

But now, all of that underestimation had faded. Everyone person in front of him was an opponent worthy of respect.

To die for their beliefs, they died in their appointed place.

Chief Elder lamented as his presence rose. The black clouds gathered again, thunder roaring as the ground suddenly split open. The great fissures appeared each was like a terrifying wound that split the earth, growing larger and larger.

The earth moved, the mountains shook, the sky changed color!

All of the Central Plains was in his grasp. Every stalk of grass, every tree, mountain rock, they were all weapons in his hands.

The long hair of the chief elder danced in the wind, countless bolts of lightning swimming around his body. His emaciated body was that of a god. A suffocatingly powerful presence was like a surging tide that battered at everything. The world trembled!

“Everything will end!”

Chief Elder murmured lightly as though he was sighing. He had decided to completely destroy this jie!

After today, there would be no more Central Plains!

The cracks on the ground grew bigger, the red lava erupted like the blood of the earth.

Boom boom boom!

Thick lightning flashed across the sky and then shot down to the ground. When they landed among the boiling lava, they lit up a sea of fire.

The scene was like the apocalypse. All the people in the Central Plains were in a panic. Terror quickly spread through the crowds, hopelessness appearing on their faces. The sky was dyed by the glow of lava. The unstoppable lightning destroyed all life.

All of the transportation formations had become ineffective. There was a great power that cut off the entire jie from the outside world.

Chief Elder looked expressionlessly at everything happening.

He had ignited the core of the jie. In ten hours, Central Plains would be completely destroyed, and all of the people in this jie would be destroyed as well.

Time to go!

As he stepped into god-level, he was able to survive in the endless void. He used shen glyphs to seal the Central Plain and ignite the center of the Central Plains. The enemy had to reach the god-level in order to break through. Otherwise, they would definitely be unable to escape this jie. There was only one fate, to die with the Central Plains.

He was not the one to create this move. In the ancient era, sealing a jie that had enemies was something frequently used against enemies that did not have a god-level expert. This move also had something else great about it. Even if the other could break through the restraints, they would be consumed by the endless void.

Those not in god-level could not survive in the endless void.

Even if these people burned themselves, they could not reach god-level.

Chief Elder was skilled in formations. He had left an imprint in Tian Huan. If he could flee into the endless void, he could quickly return to Tian Huan by homing in on the imprint.

He did not search for the disciples that came with him. He was completely disappointed with those disciples. If they could be like the youths of Mo Cloud Sea, he would have some hope.

As long as he was alive, five thousand years was enough for him to rebuild Tian Huan’s soul.

Ten thousand years ago, that world that had been erased by the strongest would rise again from his hands. He didn’t know what people in the future would write about him. However, so what? As long as he was present, Tian Huan would grow stronger. History was forever written by the victors.

History was in his hands!

“Old man, you think you can flee?”

A voice that was gritted through teeth interrupted his thoughts.

Chief Elder raised his head and what entered his eyes was a pair of eyes on fire. In the two balls of fire, what he saw was resistance and rebelliousness!

Chief Elder frowned slightly. Zuo Mo’s gaze was unusually penetrating.

Zuo Mo bore the bone-aching pain. The essence of the sun crystal seed rampaged through his body. The essence of the sun that was overwhelmingly abundant was the power of the sun. Even if it was just a sun crystal seed, the power contained in it was not something that Zuo Mo could endure.

Even no one in the Sun Tribe dared to use it like this.

The god-level warrior of the Sun Tribe searched for an sun’s embryo in the void, and sealed it into a sun crystal seed. The sun crystal seed was thought of as the relic of the Sun Tribe and passed down through generations. Dozens of successors drew power from it.

No one had never dared to break the sun crystal seed.

Zuo Mo felt as though he was a ball of fire. Every inch of skin was burning.

Fortunately, the great pain made him focus. It made him able to focus more on Chief Elder. The golden flames that erupted out of his body and twisted the chief elder in his view to become twisted. However, in his unprecedented focus, he could clearly lock onto the other!

Want to leave?

Zuo Mo bared his teeth, whether in pain or disdain. His figure disappeared into the air.

A cold light flashed through Chief Elder’s eyes. A shen glyph appeared without warning on his side.


A blurry ball of fame viciously hit the shen glyph.

The shen glyph crumbled with an explosion.

Chief Elder’s eye twitched. Then a ball of golden flame hit his waist!

Chief Elder’s figure disappeared in ripples.

Zuo Mo’s fist hit empty air!

Chief Elder’s figure appeared in the sky above and behind Zuo Mo. He pointed at Zuo Mo.

Boom boom boom!

Lightning flashed through the clouds and struck towards Zuo Mo.

Dozens of bolts of lightning gathered together and formed a thick and terrifying bolt of lightning that accurately hit Zuo Mo.

The golden flames around Zuo Mo sprayed out.

Zuo Mo did not seem to feel it, and leapt forward again.

At this time, Zuo Mo was completely in a berserk fury. His consciousness was burned blurry by the sun essence. He seemed to be struggling and floating in an endless sea of fire. There was only one thought in his dazed mind.

Kill the old man!

Kill the damned old man!

Zuo Mo’s eyes burned, the golden flames spitting. He suddenly turned around, his face enveloped in flames without any emotion. His right hand swung a great golden axe, his body bowing as he threw!

Within the flames, a sun shen axe suddenly shot out.

Chief Elder felt a thread of fear. His eyes narrowed. He didn’t seem to move, a shen glyph appeared in front of him, and perfectly blocked the shen axe.


The sun shen axe suddenly turned into many shen axes in the air. They covered the sky and the sun, tens of thousands of them!

Each sun shen axe burned with golden flames, trailing long tails of golden fight like a spectacular meteor shower!

This move was astounding in its presence yet Chief Elder did not feel any fear. With a cold snort, the shen glyph in front of him furiously spread in all directions.

In a blink, the shen glyph turned into an enormous net over fifty li long.

The sun shen axes landed like rain on the shen glyphs.

The shen glyphs trembled, the tens of thousands of blossoms of flame hanging on it burning intensely.

Zuo Mo saw his attack stopped and howled. An orange sun shen axe appeared in his hand and was thrown hard!


The orange sun shen axe was unusually detailed, covered in packed sun glyphs. A thread of golden fire hissed on the blade of the axe.

Such a detailed and well formed sun shen axe was definitely the strongest axe Zuo Mo had ever had created.

It was like burning piece of metal and immediately penetrated the shen glyph net.

Chief Edler’s face changed slightly. He reached towards the sun shen axe flying towards him. A shen glyph took form immediately. Then, the shen glyph split in the middle to form a black crack that quickly grew larger.

It was like a black mouth that swallowed the sun shen axe.

The endless void!

Compared to the Void Sky Li Fire that had been summoned of the endless void before, Chief Elder’s moves were multiple times stronger. He was masterfully using the endless void.

Chief Elder felt slightly relieved. The power inside Zuo Mo was strong, but he clearly did not know how to use it. He could not truly express the power.

Yet at this time, a vicious and sharp sword hum suddenly rose from behind the chief elder.

Chief Elder’s expression became grave!

Blood quickly permeated into Wei Sheng’s body like water sucked into sand. Wei Sheng’s eyes were closed, his determined face an unusual white. Even unconscious, his body was ruler straight.

There was an ancient character carved out of blood on each of his hands. Left hand “god,” right hand “killing”, it was the words “God-Killing”!

Unusually, there wasn’t any hint of blood on the sword in his hand. It was clean as though it had just been wiped down.

There wasn’t any tang of blood.

The unconscious body of Wei Sheng suddenly shuddered.

He slowly opened his eyes.

The eyes which had been like bloody glass now were without any blood. They were clear and transparent, except that the pupils had turned into the shape of the sword.

His eyes were two swords!

He floated in the air, the lava below his feet that had been shooting into the air seemed to be pushed down by an invisible hand.

The sword in his hand hummed lightly.

A vicious and bloodthirsty hum of the sword sounded through the entire jie!

The primitive and ancient presence contained a thick bloody tang that rushed into the surroundings like a flood.

In the air, Wei Sheng’s cold gaze landed on Chief Elder, the sword in his hand flashing with an eerie light. A cruel and cold smile floated at the corner of Wei Sheng’s mouth.

“The scent of a god … …”

The tone was filled with viciousness as though it was a completely different person. Before the sound ended, his body disappeared from the air.

In the next moment, he appeared in space.

The sky behind him seemed to be dyed red by blood. The sword shook, and sword essence fell down like a blood-colored waterfall!

Sword essence that had to be counted in the thousands completely shrouded Chief Elder!

Chief Elder felt his body tighten. His entire body was surrounded by a slight piercing pain. He felt a shudder. Thousands of tiny sword essence didn’t run astray at all!

All of the sword essences were targeted at him!

Such a powerful strike!

The right hand of Lin Qian who was hiding in the shadows trembled around its grip on his sword as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

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