World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Nine – Are You Willing?

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Nine – Are You Willing?

A ball of black mist floated in Pu Yao’s left eye. There seemed to be tens of thousands of ghosts giving ear-splitting wails within the mist. Yet both Pu Yao and Wei were unaffected by the wailing.

The black mist flew and entered the stele.

The stele trembled violently. Threads of black mist emerged from under the stele and wrapped around Pu Yao and Wei. The stele slowly rose and revealed an ancient altar.

At this time, Wei who was dressed in armor raised the thick sword in his hand and swung down.


Wei split the stele in two.

A ball of black mist slowly rose out of the bisected stele. The roiling mist seemed to show indistinct faces. In this moment, a strange field of power spread.

An ancient voice came out of the mist, as though it had existed forever, with indescribable age and power.

“To abide by my ceremony, to execute my desires, to swear my oath, will thou?”

“Will thou?”

“Will thou?”

The last two words were like thunder.

Yet Pu Yao and Wei seemed to ignore the voice with practice.

Wei lamented, “I don’t know when this boy will be able to get us out? I hadn’t thought that a guy as emotionless as you will sacrifice yourself to save others. Tsk tsk, never thought of it, never thought of it … …”

Pu Yao said coldly, “I have owed rent for too long, and still have to repay it.”

“That’s true,” Wei nodded and said. “This boy isn’t in a good state this time. In any case, it is just death. I feel that it is better to die in there. Not so painful, I always feared pain.”

“Don’t waste words, work,” Pu Yao said coldly.

“Alright!” Wei did not waste words and stood next to Pu Yao.

The two stood gravely next to the ball of mist, the sound of “Will thou” echoing in their eyes.

The two exchanged a look and said at the same time. “Willing!”

The sound of “will thou” suddenly stopped.

Two black lights suddenly flew out of the black mist and entered the body of the pair.

Wei’s damaged armor was suddenly restored. A set of armor appeared on Pu Yao’s body. The armor on Pu Yao’s body was slender and exquisite. Threads of flame appeared from the armor.

There were many red triangle glyphs on the duo’s armor. If it was someone knowledgeable about ancient ceremonies, they would recognize that these triangle glyphs appeared on sacrificial items.

Pu Yao and Wei had made themselves into sacrifices.

Great power field their bodies. Of all the sacrificial ceremonies, the power obtained from the one that used the person as the sacrifice was the strongest. The two both wore gravestone armor. Because the two were just souls, and did not have a body, once they sacrificed themselves, they would be imprisoned in the gravestone and forever stay there.

Unless someone of the greatest power could break through the gravestone to save them.

“Come!” Wei shouted. He raised the large sword in his hand.

“Come!” Pu Yao’s cold voice was like a blade. A black line of fire extended from his hand.

The black line of fire hit Wei’s raised sword.

The fire immediately adhered itself to the sword and in a flash, shrouded the sword.

Endless flame came from Pu Yao’s hand. When the last wisp of flame left Pu Yao’s hand, Pu Yao stumbled before he steadied himself. The armor he wore was dim and covered in cracks.

Pu Yao was fixed on Wei’s sword.

Wei’s armor gave off great light, the light flowing towards the sword in his hand.

Crack crack crack!

The sound of cracking started from Wei’s armor at his feet and spread upwards. Calf, knee, thigh, waist … … until it reached his wrists that held the sword.

The armor he wore was white and without any light.

Wei gave a great bellow, swinging that great sword flowing with light and fire to shove it into the ground!


Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness immediately split apart.

The sun shen glyph that had struggled to absorb the burning sun flow seemed to break free of its last restraints. It started to grow into Zuo Mo’s head.

The threads of sun shen glyph were like roots in soil. They reached into Zuo Mo’s head, and the swollen power caused them to rapidly change.

A golden seedling rapidly grew at a visible rate at the spot where Zuo Mo’s consciousness had been before.

The infant seedling that was growing was a vent for the burning sun flow, the slows rushing into the root system. It caused the burning sun flows that rampaged through Zuo Mo’s body to be sucked up by the shen glyph that covered his body and was transported into Zuo Mo’s mind.

A golden seedling quickly grew.

Under the seedling, a lone gravestone stood silently.

Zuo Mo felt the pressure around him quickly decrease. His mind immediately became clear.

An unknown amount of time later, he opened his eyes.

His body that had been about to erupt had finally calmed down. When Zuo Mo inspected his body, he was astounded. Almost half of the burning sun flows in his body had gone away.

When Zuo Mo saw the golden tree sprout, he was dumbstruck. Sun Tree, wasn’t this the sun tree?

What happened?

Where was his sea of consciousness?

Pu Yao and Wei?

Zuo Mo quickly found the gravestone under the Sun Tree. Two figures appeared on the flat and glossy gravestone, one covered in flames, one dressed in armor.

Zuo Mo was struck by lightning.

Pu Yao and Wei!

He was so familiar with those two people that even if they burnt into ash, he would recognize them. The two figures on the gravestone were not clear but Zuo Mo recognized it was Pu Yao and Wei at a glance.

In a blink, he understood what had happened.

Tears uncontrollably streamed down.

Yet when the tears left his eyes, they turned into steam. They only left behind marks on his face.

Zuo Mo suddenly saw a small ball of fire under the sun tree.

A hint of joy flashed through his eyes. He was familiar with this fire. Pu Yao’s black fire! Pu Yao had left this!

Was this … …

He suppressed the joy he felt and beckoned to the black fire.

When the fire entered his body, his body shook.

“After you become stronger, come save us.”

A few short words, but Zuo Mo was in ecstasy. Pu Yao was not dead, Wei was not dead!

In this moment, hope filled his heart. He balled his fists. He swore, I will save you!

Zuo Mo suddenly turned his head. Over there!

He sprinted in the direction of the battle.

The abundant burning sun flows in his body allowed the sun tree to furiously grow from a seedling into maturity until its branches grew heavy with little tiny suns. It finally stopped absorbing the burning sun flows because it reached its limit.

There was about half of the burning sun flows still in Zuo Mo’s body.

With the sun tree stopping its absorption, Zuo Mo’s body increased in temperature again. The great pain once again came from his body.

Zuo Mo did not lose clarity. He could withstand pain of this level. Even half of the burning sun flows was not something that Zuo Mo could endure. Zuo Mo felt as though his body would explode.

But Zuo Mo still detected a difference. While the pain was still maddening and the feeling of being full was the same as before, Zuo Mo found that there was a portion of power under his control.

This power came from the shen glyph.

Maybe, or more accurately, it came from the little suns on the sun tree. The sun tree was now in the position that had belonged to Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness. The rampaging burning sun flows had passed through the root-like shen glyph to the sun shen tree to those little suns.

These little suns could release pure sun shen power and this power was like Zuo Mo had cultivated it himself, and could be used to his will.

This portion of shen power was not something that the burning sun flows repelled. They were from the same source and could coexist.

The great pain caused Zuo Mo to focus even more. He knew what dangerous state he was in right now. Those that were mentally any weaker would probably still be struggling in the pain. But Zuo Mo did not give up. He searched hard among the pain for any chance.

He knew that any chance he had was something that everyone was using their lives to trade for.

Eldest Shixiong, A Gui, Pu Yao, Wei … …

He couldn’t waste this, he did not qualify to give up!

He could die, but he could not let everyone’s sacrifices become worthless!

He turned and sprinted towards where the battle was!

Sprinting at top seed, Zuo Mo’s fighting spirit was like the burning flames. His face was calm and determined, his eyes pressingly bright, his hands balled in fists. He moved forward.

Zuo Mo’s full speed was astounding and it was faster than flying. A long tail of flames pulled behind his body.

The seal scripts in the surroundings flew towards him. He did not stop. His fists covered in flames smashed everything that stopped him into pieces.

A shen glyph appeared in front of him. Sharp red light shot towards him.

Zuo Mo did not stop. He crossed his arms in front of him and continued to charge forward.

Pop pop pop!

The red light rained on his body, and Zuo Mo’s flames suddenly shot forward.

The red light disappeared after being swept by the sun shen fire.

Almost in a flash, Zuo Mo appeared beside the shen glyph and punched it!

A circle of red light suddenly lit up on Zuo Mo’s hand.

Burning sun flow!

This shen glyph was not high grade to begin with. A tiny bit of burning sun flow was enough to destroy it. Woosh, the shen glyph turned into dust.

Zuo Mo did not stop and continued to charge!

Yet Zuo Mo’s gaze landed on the red circle around his fist.

This was the burning sun flow!

In that punch, he had only channeled shen power into his fist like usual. He hadn’t expected a thread of the burning sun flow was mixed in the shen power.

Shen power could manipulate small amounts of the burning sun flow!

The power of this punch was multiplied!

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. The burning sun flow was peerless in its dominance and unstoppable. Wasn’t this the best weapon!

The more Zuo Mo thought, the more excited he became. Every drop of the burning sun flow contained countless sun shen fire. If Chief Elder touched even a bit, he would also be injured.

At this time, another shen glyph appeared in front of him.

Zuo Mo punched just like before!

A dragon of fire howled and charged towards the shen glyph.

The shen glyph suddenly sprouted out countless lights that hit the fire dragon. Yet the golden dragon of fire did not collapse. It seemed to be unaffected and smashed on the shen glyph.

A red light in the dragon of fire imperceptibly lit up.


The shen glyph shattered immediately.

Zuo Mo howled, the flames growing as he charged forward.

He was like an unreasonable dragon of flame that smashed everything placed in front of him.

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