World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Three – Golden Chariot

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Three – Golden Chariot

The residents of Little Serene Town looked with wariness at Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo did not care. There were not many people who came to the little town so there was only one hotel. Zuo Mo stayed in it.

The feeling of returning to society was wonderful even in a small town like this. However, what was most important was communicating with Mo Cloud Sea.

While the Nether Realm was far from Mo Cloud Sea, Zuo Mo still had ways. After entering god-level, many things that he felt were mysterious before were no longer mysterious. Zuo Mo had also learned a lot from that battle with Chief Elder, especially many of the shen glyphs that Chief Elder had collected. These were all gained by Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s skill at shen glyphs could not compared to Chief Elder, but after entering god-level it was much easier for him to understand. In the years Zuo Mo had wandered in the endless void, Zuo Mo thought back to the many shen glyphs that Chief Elder had in his glyph sea. For a god-level, he only needed to remember a small part and he could reconstruct the complete shen glyph in a very short amount of time.

Zuo Mo slowly folded the paper crane. He was full of excitement.

The last time he communicated with everyone was in the moment before they left the Central Plains. He had gathered his remaining shen power to send out a paper crane of the highest priority.

When this paper crane was folded, he gently sent it flying.

But the paper crane quickly returned to his hands.

“Hm!” Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. It was the first time he encountered a situation like this. He quickly realized what had happened.

The Nether Realm was locked down!

This conclusion surprised Zuo Mo. Even a god-level did not have the power to lock down an entire realm. Then it must be something similar to seal formations. How great was the scale of something that could lock down an entire realm be? Other than the ruler of the Nether Realm, Zuo Mo could not think of anyone that could accomplish this.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo recalled the news that the Nether Realm had been united by a Nether King ten years ago.

At that time, no one had paid too much attention to that. The Nether Realm was far away and mysterious. Zuo Mo’s mind moved. Was this done by that Nether King?

Zuo Mo felt that his speculation was most likely true. However, this meant contacting Mo Cloud Sea was even more troublesome. Even paper cranes could not fly out, transportation formations were even more unlikely to work. At this time, his body had not recovered, and he could not overcome these restraints.

The paper crane could not fly out of the Nether Realm, he could not enter the Ten Finger Prison, then how was he supposed to communicate with Mo Cloud Sea?

After thinking for a while, he found there was only one way—walk out of the Nether Realm!

The enormous Nether Realm could not be completely sealed off. It had to have channels to the outside world. If he tried hard to find it, he definitely would.

He had been able to make it through a decade in the endless void. What was this distance?

Zuo Mo’s gaze was determined.

He started to think about how he could return to Mo Cloud Sea more effectively and faster.

He believed nothing to stop his steps!

“Hey A Man, what does the strange person you brought back really do?” a resident of the town asked in a small voice.

A Man frowned and scolded. “What strange person? Call them Elder! Careful not to offend Elder, you cannot afford to offend them!”

The one who spoke shrank his head back. A Man’s words were persuasive. Someone that dragged five coffins and walked out of the Cold Nether Bog was definitely not someone they could offend.

A Man glanced at the hotel. It had been five days since Elder had last come out.

Originally, this was nothing but when the townspeople thought of the five coffins, they couldn’t help but panic. In the Nether Realm, there were many that forged corpses. Had this elder gone to the Cold Nether Realm to dig up corpses?

There were many that forged corpses, but normal people still disliked those that did so. Many years ago, in a city someone had made a mistake when forging corpses and caused half of the people of that city to become zombies.

It had been a long time since such a powerful corpse-forging mo had appeared. But when they thought of the white-haired person who had came out of the Cold Nether Bog, everyone couldn’t help but be filled with worry.

A Man didn’t feel that Elder forged corpses. Elder didn’t even have a hint of nether energy. He even felt that Elder didn’t seem like a mo. He didn’t know why, but he just had the feeling.

Suddenly, golden light came out of the hotel.

A vast presence rampaged in waves. The hotel shattered like it was made out of paper.

A golden chariot appeared in front of everyone.

The chariot seemed to be made from gold. It was noble and grand. The roof of the chariot curved like the firmament, golden tassels draping down like golden flames. The wheels of the chariot were held up by golden flames to float in the air. The body of the chariot was carved with exquisite sun diagrams. And at the center of each sun was a precious gem that A Man didn’t recognize. They released all kinds of light.

The entire chariot was about twenty zhang, astoundingly large.

All of Little Serene Town was stunned by this chariot. Many people unconsciously knelt. They were completely conquered by this chariot. That vast and deep presence was like an ancient king looking down on the world!

“A Man, are you willing to be my guide?”

A faint voice came from the chariot.

Excitement rose on A man’s face. He said without hesitation, “A Man is willing to follow Daren!”

“Come up!”

A Man felt a cloud pushing him up and he came onto the chariot. A Man was extremely clever and bowed after getting on the chariot. “Elder, where are we going?”

“Where is the most prosperous city in this jie?”

“Wu Ge City,” A Man said respectfully.

“Then I want to go there.”

“Yes!” A Man did not waste words.

The chariot broke through the air and left behind a stream of golden flames as it roared like thunder.

Zuo Mo had thought it through. While his shen power had not recovered, his god-level cultivation was steady. He could easily defeat normal experts. He also had the little ones, and Qing Xiao, as powerful sidekicks. Even if he also met a god-level, he did have the ability to fight.

In other words, he was at the top of the food chain now. He did not want to provoke a strong enemy, but if other people came to provoke him, they should measure themselves first.

Normal experts and battalions were not a threat to people of his level.

What he needed to do now was to return to Mo Cloud Sea at the fastest possible speed. He needed to let Mo Cloud Sea know he was still alive and had returned as soon as possible.

There was no need to hide his identity right now. There was no need, and he should be as loud as possible to attract attention. Only then would the news he was still alive spread more easily.

Also, being ostentatious, arrogant, and looking dangerous meant that it would save him great trouble.

After thinking this through, Zuo Mo forged this showy sun chariot.

With his present level, his forging had reached the peak. Also, he had collected many good materials. Adding on that he deliberately was pursuing grandness and ostentatious, the sun chariot was majestic when it was forged!

The flames covering the wheels were sun shen fire. There were eight shen glyphs on the entire chariot. It could be called Zuo Mo’s masterpiece. When the chariot was used, it roared and wailed. The world seemed to shake. Anyone who heard it was stunned.

The spectators were not able to see the true form of the chariot. They could only see a ball of flowing fire come with the vast presence of a wasteland beast that shook people’s souls.

Such presence, it attracted attention anywhere it passed. No one dared to provoke them.

Zuo Mo’s intention was not just to attract attention. This grand sun chariot had many shen formations that could absorb all kinds of powers and turn them into shen power. He would then use it to repair his body.

Zuo Mo could feel that his body was slowly recovering.

The endless void was the best place to gain experience but not the best place to cultivate. That icy endless void meant that not only was it hard for his shen power to be replenished, he had to always be on his guard for his shen power silently leaking out.

In these ten years, he had thought of all the ways he could to take care of the five people. The five’s vitality was sealed off. In order for them to live, he had to think of ways to replenish their vitality.

There were five nurturing shen formations inside the five coffins.

In this decade, Zuo Mo had not been idle even one day. In order to save these five people, he created the shen formations that had shen glyphs as the core and the seal scripts as the branches. He pulled the five coffins, and moved with Qing Xiao and the little ones like locusts. They dug up everything valuable everywhere they passed to search for the required materials. Zuo Mo did not hesitate to use priceless treasures on Wei Sheng, the other four, and the little ones.

Other than those things, he needed to cultivate every day and stabilize his cultivation.

The shen formations had the ability to steal life from the heavens. He threw in all kinds of treasure without regard for the cost.

After being nursed for ten years, the five were finally starting to get better.

Zuo Mo was able to hear the soft breathing of the five. Their destroyed bodies started to recover vitality.

He had not stopped thinking about this for five years. Zuo Mo’s understanding of power reached a profound level. He knew how he should recover his power. His shen power had not recovered but his cultivation was steady. He had ways.

The chariot passed through thick clouds, thunder and lightning being attracted to the chariot. The chariot was covered by the lightning and it was so blinding it was like an angry god descending.

The thick lightning was absorbed by the shen formations on the chariot and turned into shen power to nurse Zuo Mo’s body.

His body that was a dry as the desert greedily sucked every drop of shen power and slowly returned vitality.

A Man looked at the lightning that was flashing constantly outside. When the first bolt had come, he was half frightened to death. Such a thick bolt of lightning. If he was hit, there probably won’t even be ash left.

The scene that occurred after caused him to lose the ability to think.

Thousands –no tens of thousands– of bolts of lightning came out of the corners of the clouds and furiously hit the chariot.

A moment later, he recovered from his daze. He unconsciously rubbed his face. He was still alive!

He was actually still alive!


He suddenly became excited. That scene he had just witnessed was the most spectacular he ever saw in this life!

Elder was too powerful!

At this time, he wanted to kneel in thanks. He was really fortunate.

“A Man.”

Elder’s voice came from the chariot room. A Man shook and said respectfully, “A Man is here!”

“Let me have a look at the shen methodology you cultivate.”

The clever A Man was overjoyed. The intentions of the elder to teach him was indicated in his tone.

He suppressed his excitement. He took out a bone covered in patterns and handed it over with both hands.

Editor’s note: … … that poor poor small town inn owner. Work all your life to build a hotel. Random rich and powerful being stays with you, you serve him well, doesn’t even talk to you for 5 days, blows up your hotel, doesn’t pay his bill or for damages, and runs away.

Poor naïve A Man, you don’t even know you were duped and manipulated. He just stole your shen methodology. Trading up? You think only you benefited but a scalper is still a scalper.


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