World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty – Nothing To Do With Rationality

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty – Nothing To Do With Rationality

The bright light that suddenly lit up the sky from the direction that wild howl came from. Chief Elder’s pupils contracted.

Zuo Mo!

He could clearly feel that Zuo Mo’s presence was continuing to rise. Almost at the same time, a dot of fire spread across his vision.

Not good!

Chief Elder was shocked. Before he could react, the dot of fire charged at him.


Behind Zuo Mo’s golden figure, all of the shen glyphs and seal scripts shattered together, and formed a straight path!

Chief Elder’s heart continued to sink. To him those shen glyphs were not strong, but he was surprised that Zuo Mo was able to crush his way through them so easily.

The golden flames were the same as before, but the youth that was within the golden flames had completely transformed.

Chief Elder felt intimidated but his expression was normal. The shen glyph that revolved around him flew lightly towards Zuo Mo.

He didn’t have much confidence this shen glyph could stop Zuo Mo.

He found at this time that his situation had quickly devolved. He had thought that he would easily take care of Ceng Lian’er, Zong Ru, and Wo Li but they were unexpectedly hardy.

The three of them had entangled onto three shen glyphs and this meant that he had nothing to defend himself with.

Only now did Chief Elder find that these three individuals that he had dismissed were the most important!

He couldn’t help but feel a thread of regret. If he had used more power to kill these three earlier, he would have three shen glyphs at his disposal right now. With four shen glyphs, he didn’t believe that Zuo Mo would be able to break through his defences so easily.

Finish the battle quickly!

Only then would he have the possibility of victory!

Murderousness flashed through Chief Elder’s eyes.

Yet Chief Elder who detected danger did not think that the situation was beyond his control.

Seeing the droplet of blood completely consumed by the whirlpool, Wei Sheng did not panic at all. His eyes became even brighter.

He suddenly released the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand.

Under the strong attractive force of the whirlpool, the God-Killing Blood Sword flew towards the whirlpool.

The God-Killing Blood Sword flew to the center of the whirlpool.

Just as the sword was about to be consumed by the whirlpool, thick fresh blood sprouted from the sword and quickly spread through the whirlpool.

In a blink, the whirlpool became a bloody whirlpool.

The sticky blood caused the speed of the whirlpool to slow down, the slower it was, the weaker its attractive force. Soon, the whirlpool became a ball of blood.

Wei Sheng suddenly disappeared from his spot to appeared in front of the God-Killing Blood Sword. His hand touched the God-Killing Blood Sword again.

His eyes flashing, he shouted, “Break!”

The whirlpool dyed with blood immediately fragmented!

The shen glyph shattered.

Wei Sheng swayed. His face was bloodless.

The shen glyph was covered in chains. The chains from A Gui seemed to be endless. At this time, the Grinding Blue Light was at an astounding strength. The grey mist would be used up almost when it appeared.

Crack crack crack!

A Gui’s bone armor started to crack.

A Gui was expressionless.

Without realizing it, the purple flames on the tense chains had disappeared.

A grey presence spread suddenly from A Gui’s body and quickly spread along the chains to the shen glyph. It was strange to see. This grey presence was not affected by the Grinding Blue Light at all.

Soon, the grey presence spread on the shen glyph.

When the grey presence took over the last part of the shen glyph, it disappeared silently in the air.

A Gui’s eyes were also a terrifyingly uniform grey.

In a flash, two shen glyphs were defeated. Chief Elder was astounded.

The other three were astoundingly hardy against the other three shen glyphs. They looked as though they were about to fall but they never did. The three seemed to increase in morale at hearing Zuo Mo’s howl and started to fight back.

For some reason, Chief Elder felt even more fear.

These people were too hardy, so hardy it was terrifying!

He, who had victory within his grasp and held the upper hand the entire time, was in danger!

Without reaching god-level, burning shen power meant burning their potential life. Chief Elder could understand normal people’s explosion. Each person had potential that would erupt when they encountered danger. But these people’s danger had been completely burned away!

Why … … why were they still persisting to now?

Zuo Mo who charged in did not pause as he leapt at Chief Elder.

A shen glyph appeared in front of him.

Yet Zuo Mo seemed to be possessed!

They had paid so much for this chance, sacrificed so much in order to charge here! To charge to Chief Elder!

How could he be stopped by a shen glyph?

How could he!

Zuo Mo’s eyes were like those of a bloodthirsty wild beast. Without any hesitation, he gathered all of his shen power!

Zuo Mo felt as though he was about to burn up!

Then he would burn!

His enemy was in front of him. If he could defeat the shen glyph, he could defeat Chief Elder!

Smash it!

Kill him!

Zuo Mo’s shen power erupted out. The deep red burning sun flows erupted with Zuo Mo’s sun shen power!

The golden and red lights gathered at Zuo Mo’s fist!

His eyes red, Zuo Mo shouted, “Kill!”

A punch!

A blinding light was released.


The shen glyph was not able to make any attack before it was swallowed by the burning light and destroyed.

Chief Elder’s expression was shocked!

There was a terrifying presence in the light thrown by Zuo Mo’s punch.

Zuo Mo’s eruption had come so suddenly and with no warning. In the next moment, Zuo Mo appeared in front of him, covered in flames.

He was even able to see Zuo Mo’s teeth in the flames.

How was this possible … …

Chief Elder’s mind was blank. His face was full of disbelief. Zuo Mo had entered god-level!

How was it possible!


How could Zuo Mo have entered god-level? His shen power and cultivation was not enough for him to enter god-level? But why … …

Yet Zuo Mo did not give him any time to think. His fist covered in burning sun flow hit Chief Elder’s chest!


Chief Elder’s chest collapsed inward. The burning sun flow flowed like water into his body and destroyed his vitality.

The enormous power caused Chief Elder’s figure to be thrown into the ground and left behind a seemingly bottomless hole in the ground.

Chief Elder’s presence dissipated, but Zuo Mo did not feel any joy.

In this battle, they had sacrificed too much!

Without the chief elder’s control, the glyph sea immediately disappeared.

Already at the end of their tether, everyone gave into their fatigue and fell from the sky. Zuo Mo flashed from his spot to appear next to them and catch them.

Of everyone, only Wei Sheng was still conscious. His eyes were filled with joy. He had originally planned to defeat Chief Elder as soon as possible, and before his power dissipated, pass his power to Shidi. Maybe Shidi would have a chance to survive.

Everyone had ran through the glyph sea without any regard for their lives.

When he saw Zuo Mo had entered god-level and would be able to escape from here, Wei Sheng had a comforted smile.

Zuo Mo felt as though there were knives stabbing his heart. Eldest Shixiong who was like steel in his eyes, who was never defeated, didn’t have any blood in his face. It was terrifyingly pale.

“Good job!” Eldest Shixiong patted Zuo Mo’s shoulder as if they were those same youths back at Wu Kong Mountain. Then he urged, “Go now!”

A Gui’s grey presence grew even thicker. She was unconscious.

Ceng Lian’er’s breathing was faint. She did not have her usual indolence and looked like a simple young girl.

Zong Ru was covered in wounds. His face was like gold paper. While he was unconscious, his expression was calm.

Wo Li’s figure was slowly fading.

In that last punch, a large amount of burning sun flow had been channeled out. At this time, Zuo Mo’s body was quickly stabilizing. Chief Elder had been right. Zuo Mo hadn’t had enough foundation. Theoretically, he couldn’t enter god-level. However, Zuo Mo smashing the sun crystal seed had won him a miniscule chance. The burning sun flows contained in the sun crystal seed was far greater than what Chief Elder had accumulated in power.

But it was too strong. So strong that before Zuo Mo could use it to step into god-level, he would be burned to death. However, Pu Yao and Wei cut apart Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness at the crucial moment so that the sun shen glyph would have new room to grow. It had absorbed half of the burning sun flows, strengthening his shen power, and allowing Zuo Mo to escape from death. He had gained from his misfortune and entered god-level.

The sacrifice of Eldest Shixiong and the others had bought Zuo Mo time. Pu Yao and Wei’s sacrifice had saved his life. Wei Sheng and A Gui destroying the shen glyphs, Ceng Lian’er, Zong Ru, and Wo Li who had entangled the other glyphs with the last vestiges of their strength gave Zuo Mo the conditions to deliver a fatal blow.

His chance to survive was one that everyone used their lives to grant.

“Quick, go!” Wei Sheng raised his head to look at the sky and urged.

This jie was about to collapse!

Zuo Mo’s hand touched Wei Sheng’s shoulder. He suddenly grinned at Wei Sheng. “Eldest Shixiong, I’m not listening to you this time.”

Wei Sheng stilled.

A burst of shen power entered Wei Sheng’s body from Zuo Mo’s hand.

Wei Sheng’s vision filled with gold and fell unconscious.

Zuo Mo carefully put Wei Sheng’s body on the ground. Complex golden shen glyphs floated on Wei Sheng’s body.

“Eldset Shixiong, everyone used their lives to save my life, how can I abandon you in return?”

Zuo Mo stood as he talked to himself. He walked over to A Gui and put his hand on A Gui.

“A Gui, Young Master is really useless. Young Master said he would protect you but the result is this. Young Master will definitely save and awaken you, no matter the method!”

The golden shen glyph floated on A Gui’s body. A Gui’s presence was completely sealed up.

Zuo Mo ‘s fire had dimmed greatly.

He did not stop and did the same to Ceng Lian’er, Zong Ru and Wo Li.

After entering god-level, his understanding of shen glyphs was much greater. The jinzhi he put only had one use, to stop time.

The five would always be held in this state.

It was not easy for Zuo Mo to cast this jinzhi.

All of the suns on the sun shen tree had disappeared. The tree trunk had begun to crack. The hair at his temples started to turn white. His lifespan was quickly decreasing.

Zuo Mo did not hesitate. When he finished with all five, the white had spread from the temple to the tips of his hair.

Everyone had used their lives to earn him the chance to live. Now that his life was secure and entered god-level, he would trade his life for theirs.

Maybe they would still all die together. A smile blossomed on Zuo Mo’s face.

It had nothing to do with rationality.

This youth’s snowy white hair fluttered in the wind.

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