World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Four – Qing Xiao

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Four – Qing Xiao

Wu Ge City was the most prosperous city of the jie and as expected and Zuo Mo learned much useful information here.

After ten years, the world had changed significantly. After cultivating for ten years, no matter which faction one spoke of a large amount of experts had rose. These experts mostly were names that Zuo Mo had never heard of.

Zuo Mo found this from A Man. He perceptively recognized the change. If the era of shen power had just begun ten years ago, then after ten years, shen power was facing its spring.

However, what he was most happy was the news of Mo Cloud Sea.

Unlike Tian Huan who descended into civil war and Xi Xuan who had been consumed, Mo Cloud Sea was prospering. Right now, Mo Cloud Sea was the second ranked power in the xiuzhe world only under Kun Lun. Gongsun Cha had been fighting these ten years and won all encounters, defeating all challengers. His ranking rose and he was now the second strongest battle general after Xue Dong. Bie Han had not rested on his laurels. His ranking had risen to sixth.

The two working together had taken almost half of Xi Xuan’s territories.

The one that had benefited the most from the division within Tian Haun was Mo Cloud Sea. Mo Cloud Sea had grabbed the opportunity of the North and South Tian Huan factions war to sell the Mo Cloud Shen equipment and set themselves as the biggest seller of shen equipment.

Kun Lun had become even stronger. While they had been stopped by Gongsun Cha and were unable to accomplish their goal, they still took almost one-third of Xi Xuan’s territory. Adding on the five sects of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects that had sided with them, Kun Lun’s territories were unprecedentedly large.

However, after the battle of the Central Plains, Lin Qian had stayed in seclusion and had not come out.

When he saw this bit of news, Zuo Mo’s pupils unconsciously contracted. Lin Qian had definitely received significant wounds when he fled. With Zuo Mo’s present level, he could accurately judge the amount of damage Lin Qian had received then.

Lin Qian’s wounds had definitely healed long ago.

There was only one possibility why he was in seclusion, Lin Qian was trying to become god-level.

Ten years had passed. The average level of shen power had gone up a few levels since then. With Lin Qian’s abilities, it was possible that he might reach god-level.

Zuo Mo had a general guess of Lin Qian’s intentions.

If Lin Qian successfully became god-level, he would ascend to be the only god-level of the xiuzhe realm and would led the biggest sect in the world Kun Lun. His reputation would reach a level never seen before. At that time, all would want to join him. Even Mo Cloud Sea would not be able to stop him.

This was truly to accomplish all in one stroke!

But Lin Qian definitely would not have thought that Zuo Mo would come back alive.

Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed with cold light. A smile came onto his lips. After ten years of hardship, his resolve was hardened. He was far from the Little Mo Ge of the past.

For Lin Qian who seemed like his fated archenemy, Zuo Mo did not feel any fear. He was filled with confidence. He anticipated the next time they fought.

The only one in the xiuzhe world that could be an match for him was Lin Qian!

Zuo Mo quickly refocused and continued reading.

The xiuzhe world had changed from the three party equilibrium to two fighting for dominance. Tian Huan’s split and decline and Mo Cloud Sea’s rise formed a clear contrast.

Compared to ten years ago, there were many more small factions.

Tian Huan had split into North and South Tian Huan. Both sides thought they were the orthodox one. The long-standing internal conflict had used up their already weak strength.

Other than this, the split of the Nine Great Dhyana Sect was not a surprise. However, the Lesser Four Dhyana Sects had not sided with Mo Cloud Sea.

Zuo Mo knew that it was because he was not there and Yang Huan Hao’s confidence in Mo Cloud Sea had wavered. He did not feel that Yang Yuan Hao was wrong. Truthfully, even Zuo Mo was filled with surprise at Mo Cloud Sea’s development.

Time had been tight then, the paper crane he sent out only had five words, “Wait for us to return.”

At that time, he hadn’t been sure if they could survive but he still sent the message. His thoughts then had been simple, to leave behind a hope for everyone.

He didn’t know how much use this hope was. He didn’t know if this hope would come true. But he didn’t want Mo Cloud Sea to split like this. He hoped that everyone would stay united.

Losing him, losing Eldest Shixiong and the other four great experts. This blow was enough to be fatal to Mo Cloud Sea!

At this time, a hope was like a lifesaving stalk of grass.

Zuo Mo knew that for many factions, an intangible hope like this was like an illusion and had no meaning or value. They would still split up and crumble.

But Mo Cloud Sea did not.

Everyone hadn’t given up!

For some reason, Zuo Mo was moved.

An intangible hope in exchange for ten years of standing guard.

This was Mo Cloud Sea!

Qing Xiao’s gaze swept across the mo in front of him. Truthfully, he didn’t know why Daren needed to recruit people. In his view, these people were all average in strength.

However, Qing Xiao did not understand but since Big Brother had told him to do this, he would complete it to the best of his abilities.

Qualification one, youth. Qualification two, strong.

Qing Xiao chanted in his mind as he swept a gaze again. Then he pointed into the crowd, “You, you you … …”

He pointed out ten people in one go.

A Man gaped from the side. Elder had asked him to help Qing Xiao Daren to pick ten servants. Usually, this would be done by going through round after round of competition to pick out the elites.

There were more than one thousand people here!

When Elder’s chariot entered Wu Ge City, all of Wu Ge City had been disrupted. Even the city master had ran to the gates to welcome them. Watching the city master, who was so old he was almost in the ground, bow with a humble mannerisms of a junior, A Man felt it was extremely strange.

Elder was living in the mansion of the city master.

Then countless people came and tried to curry favor withElder. Someone started, and now a large group ran to the city master’s mansion everyday to ask Elder for guidance.

Hmph, these people were delusional!

Thinking about the shen methodology Elder had bestowed, A Man felt wonderful inside. He felt a clear difference when he cultivated these days. The shen methodology that Elder had given him was as extraordinary as expected!

These people did not scatter and it started to look ugly. There were many sons and nephews of the local powers here. Elder had barely agreed when he said he wanted ten servants.

And then … … it became like this!

More than a thousand people surrounded the gates of the city master’s mansion. The scene was so spectacular A Man gaped.

A Man was proud but he felt slightly uncertain. Any person among these could beat him like a dog. He was only considered strong in Little Serene Town. In Wu Ge City, he was nothing.

Looking at Qing Xiao casually picking ten people, A Man swallowed the words that reached his mouth. Qing Xiao Daren definitely had his own reasons.

The ones that were chosen were overjoyed, those who were not were extremely disappointed.

Suddenly, someone shouted from within the crowd, “Not fair! This is not fair! Why did you choose them?”

A Man felt it was a bad shift in the crowd. There were many lawless people among this group. As mo, if they were chosen by combat, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Qing Xiao picking people by seemingly random choice was something many people could not accept.

After a short pause, many people started to shout as well since there were many that were not chosen. The mob grew rowdy at the gates of the city master’s mansion.

Qing Xiao had not expected he would encounter something like this. He was not stupid and he frowned as he thought. If Big Brother encountered something like this, what would he do?

Big Brother didn’t seem to have encountered this situation before … …

Qing Xiao thought for a while. He felt that these people were as disobedient as Black Gold. Oh, how did Silly Bird deal with Black Gold?

Beat him!

The Black Gold Seal Soldier feared the strong and bullied the weak. He fawned in front of Big Brother, but he liked to posture in front of everyone else. He was also greedy and when he had a conflict with the little ones, he had been beaten up by Silly Bird before he became docile.

Beat them up!

Qing Xiao suddenly realized, so Big Brother wanted to teach me this!

Qing Xiao did not hesitate. He flew into the air, and the Green Pulse String at his wrist spread out.

The long Green Pulse String gave off thick green light and was tensed like a bowstring.

Qing Xiao’s right arm pulled back slightly, and the Green Pulse String moved like a bowstring.


Light started to gather at the bowstring that Qing Xiao pulled. The sky above Wu Ge City immediately turned dark. The light where his hand touched the bowstring became even brighter.

An extremely dangerous presence covered the thousand people below.

It seemed everyone’s neck was put into a stranglehold. The swearing suddenly stopped.

Everyone looked dazedly at Qing Xiao in the air and that outrageously dangerous ball of light in his hand. Blood retreated visibly from their faces.

The thick green light reflected Qing Xiao’s calm expression. The crowd could not see any puzzlement or panic on his face.

He seemed to be doing a simple thing.

The thick shen power covered all of Wu Ge City.

He … … would he destroy Wu Ge City!


The city master of Wu Ge City could not stand by any longer. If he knew, he would have sent a battalion to maintain the peace! These bastards! How dare they anger Elder!

His heart burned in urgency. After being city master for so many years, he was more knowledgeable than normal people. To say of nothing else, just that chariot had blinded him. He was not a country bumpkin, he had associated with many of the so-called prestigious families. But he had never seen such a grand chariot.

Also, this was definitely not a normal chariot!

Even someone blind could see that this was not a normal chariot. Also, someone blind would be able to see that Elder was of extraordinary origins!

He had the impulse to kill the thousand people. You idiots, did you not see that even this city master was full of respect. And you still dare cause trouble!

If you ruin this city master’s matter, I will kill you all myself!

The city master gritted his teeth!

He was currying favor with this daren of unknown origins for his own goals.

The thousand people below were dumbstruck. Did this person want Wu Ge City to bleed in rivers?

Qing Xiao did not think so much. He remembered clearly that Silly Bird had beaten Black Gold like a dog.

Therefore, he released the bowstring.

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