World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Five – Conflict

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Five – Conflict

An enormous and blinding green ball of light consumed the thousand people!


The burning light was like a sun. People’s vision turned white. In that moment, people only saw the light and couldn’t hear a thing. Time seemed to stop in this moment. Their mouths were wide, their faces pale and their minds blank. When the wave of air rushed at them, they seemed to be whipped and thrown into the air.

The wave of air spread in all directions like an unstoppable herd of beasts.

Silence, deathly silence.

In the sky, Qing Xiao had a blank expression as he looked down. His gaze did not show any pride. He seemed to have just carried out an simple action. This really was not anything major. Qing Xiao had roamed with Zuo Mo in the endless void for so many years. What kind of danger had he not encountered?

Oh, they weren’t dead.

Qing Xiao looked around and then showed an expression of satisfaction. While Silly Bird had beaten Black Gold, she hadn’t killed him. This was an important point.

Yet seeing this calm expression, none one present had any thoughts of fighting back.

The space in front of the gates was in ruins.

More than a thousand people were sprawled out on the ground unconscious. Not even one was standing.

“Who still has objections?” Qing Xiao’s young voice echoed in the sky above the city master’s mansion.

He remembered that Black Gold had been beaten repeatedly by Silly Bird. That incident had left a deep impression on Qing Xiao. Even the most rebellious would be good after being beaten a few times.

Complete silence.

People looked in terror at the figure of the youth in the sky. The remaining shen power fluctuations in the air still caused fear. It was not nether shen power! The youth’s shen power did not have vibrations of nether presence. Some started to speculate about the origins of the youth but no one dared to make a sound. No one doubted that this slightly young-looking youth had the power to flatten all of Wu Ge City.

The youth had clearly restrained himself. The people on the ground were all unconscious but no one had died.

Blood had not flowed but the youth’s astounding control of shen power made people feel even colder. Such a large-scale attack, and such precise control. If they did not see it with their own eyes, they would not believe it.

Had he started cultivating from when he was conceived?

People suddenly thought of that mysterious white-haired elder behind the youth. Many people’s thoughts started to turn lively.

Big leg!

This was a thick and big leg!

Zuo Mo did not care at all about what happened outside.

There wasn’t much information he could gather from Wu Ge City but one thing was confirmed. Up until now, no god-level experts had appeared. Right now, the only things that could threaten Zuo Mo were god-level experts.

Zuo Mo did not feel relaxed. In truth, he was pressured. This indescribable pressure came from Lin Qian. Ever since he heard that Lin Qian had been in seclusion for ten years, Zuo Mo knew that Lin Qian could come out at any time.

If Lin Qian came out, he would definitely be god-level.

Zuo Mo’s body needed time to heal.

Zuo Mo measured his shen power progress and shook his head inwardly. If it continued at this rate, it probably will take him three years to completely recover. In order to seal Wei Sheng and the others, Zuo Mo’s body had been fundamentally damaged, and heavily damaged at that. In order to increase their vitality, almost all of the materials he gained in these ten years had been used on the five coffins and the little ones. Zuo Mo had not progressed at all. He had managed to survive by sheer will.

His body was damaged to the point it could not produce shen power on its own.

The greatest difference in shen power after entering god-level was the process of its burn and refinement. When god-levels fought, their shen power burned like fire but was stable. Their shen power was exponentially more condensed than those not in god-level.

Zuo Mo’s body was in a terrible state but his shen power was fifty times more condensed than before.

In other words, the shen power that he absorbed needed to be compressed fifty times after refinement. Shen power was one of the strongest powers. When other powers were turned into shen power, the amount was already small, and after being refined and compressed, the amount was miniscule.

This was also the reason god-level was powerful. Shen power fifty times more condensed, and their power was a hundred times stronger than shen power before. This was a fundamental difference.

The refined shen power was used to repair Zuo Mo’s body. When Zuo Mo’s body recovered, its ability to produce shen power would also recover, and Zuo Mo’s shen power recovery would quickly increase.

God-levels were one of the strongest beings in the world. This strength didn’t just come from their power, even their bodies were powerful. The ability of their bodies to produce shen power surpassed the shen formations on Zuo Mo’s chariot. If Zuo Mo’s body was completely recovered, he could refine shen power to a hundred times. However, if the body of a god-level was damaged, it also needed refined shen power.

Zuo Mo’s body was like that. Shen power that was not compressed fifty times was not of any use to his body.

It was too slow relying just on the power that the chariot absorbed from the world.

He had to think of a way.

At this time, a servant reported that the city master was visiting. The ten servants that Qing Xiao had picked had started to work without needing any orders. Qing Xiao had made good choices. Zuo Mo had even found an ancient bloodline in one of them. However, he did not plan on spending much energy on these people. He gave them to Qing Xiao to train. It was a way for him to gain experience.

Zuo Mo decided to see this city master.

“Junior greets Elder!” The city master bowed respectfully. “We are a little rural town, we do not know manners. If there is something we lack in our care, Elder, please have tolerance.”

Then he took out a grey piece of wood the thickness of an arm and presented it with two hands. He said respectfully. “This is Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood, Elder, please accept it.”

Zuo Mo beckoned and that grey wood landed in his hands. This wood was not eye-catching but it was extremely heavy, as hard as steel and filled with nether energy.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. It was the first time he encountered materials of this kind. After studying it for a few moments, he felt that this item was a good treasure.

He put the Nether Ghost Yin Heavy Wood in the ring and said straightforwardly, “This is good and I will accept it. What is your request?”

The city master was overjoyed. “This is just a token of Junior’s sincerity … …”

Zuo Mo waved his hand and interrupted the other’s words. “There’s no need to say such things, it’s just a trade. If it is something I can resolve, speak.”

The city master did not hesitate when he saw this. He knelt and begged sincerely. “Junior only asks for Elder to protect his family!”

Zuo Mo’s brow furrowed slightly. This request was clearly unexpected. But he thought, it may not be a bad thing. Even if he was a god-level now, his individual power was still limited.

After a moment of thought, Zuo Mo spoke, “Stand up and speak.”

Hearing this, the city master was about to speak when an extremely arrogant voice came from outside. “The Yin Tomb Guard has matters here, get out of the way!”

The city master’s expression changed.

Zuo Mo’s mind shifted and he saw the situation outside. A troop of about three hundred people were marching ferociously towards the city master’s mansion.

Looking at the city master whose expression had changed dramatically, Zuo Mo decided to stand by and watch.

The two servants guarding the gates of the mansion changed expression but still stepped out. “Halt … …”

The mo leading the troop had a snarl. With a wave of his hand, the two seemed to be hit and slammed into the city master’s mansion like sandbags.

Zuo Mo’s face suddenly turned cold.

Qing Xiao was yearning to go. He was at a hot-blooded age, and didn’t fear fighting at all.

“A Xiao, break his arms and legs.”

Zuo Mo said coolly.

“Alright!” Qing Xiao was excited. Before he finished speaking, his body had disappeared.

The mo who had charged through the gates suddenly stopped. He was experienced in combat and had exceptional senses towards danger. He shouted in shock, “Form the formation!”

Before he finished, a green shadow appeared in his view like a ghost.

A feeling of extreme danger rose. His hairs stood on end. He didn’t dare to hesitate. All the shen power in his body gathered together, nether shen power wrapping around his right fist as he punched out!

[Nether Tiger Fist]!

A grey fist energy like a roaring nether beast leapt at the green shadow.

Thick killing intent and the dark and cold nether energy wrapped together was unstoppable!

Qing Xiao was interested. He snickered and breathered. A similar green light lighting up on his right fist. The green light layered rapidly and then became clear like glass!

[Sky Glass Wave]!

The Sky Wave Fist was actually a very simple fist scripture. After Zuo Mo modified it, he gave it to Qing Xiao. Zuo Mo taught Qing Xiao everything. Other than the [Greenvine Shen Methodology], he taught many other techniques. After entering god-level, Zuo Mo’s vision reached an unprecedented breadth. All that he had learned in the past were transformed into new things in his hands.

The Sky Wave Fist Scripture was one of those.

Qing Xiao was the descendant of the Greenvine Tribe and had pure ancient blood. His comprehension was exceptional and his shen power cultivation was faster than the average person.


The green fist energy effortlessly passed through the Nether Tiger Fist Energy. The Yin Tomb guard was startled. They did not care about their face as they tried to dodge to the side.

The green and glassy fist energy dangerously brushed past where he had just been. He sighed slightly in relief.

Where had Old Man Qin found such a powerful expert?


The fist energy exploded without any warning!

The Yin Tomb guard was stunned as though he had been smashed.

Qing Xiao did not hesitate to move up.

Crack crack crack crack!

Briskly breaking this person’s hand and feet, he flashed in front of Zuo Mo and threw the unconscious Yin Tomb guard to the ground. “Big Brother, done.”

He was still hungry for battle. This guy wasn’t hardy at all.

Zuo Mo nodded. “Clean up the people outside.”

“Alright!” Qing Xiao did not waste words. He disappeared with another flash.

Sounds came from outside, and there were wails and muffled grunts. Moments later, Qing Xiao flashed back into the mansion with a relaxed expression.

“Big Brother, all of them are unconscious.”

The city master gaped with wide eyes.

Translator Ramblings: Big leg … … I’m not sure how to explain it. Essentially, it’s someone important and influential that people want to curry favor with. The imagery I always have is of people grabbing onto a person’s leg with both hands as the person moves up in the world.