World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Eight – Qing Xiao

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifty Eight – Qing Xiao

“This is Wu Ge City?” Tuoba Yu raised his head to look at the nearby city and asked expressionlessly. He carried a black broadsword on his back. The three-eyed metal spiked beast under him growled. Its three red eyes flashed with a vicious light, the armor that covered it shimmered with a metallic sheen. Its short and strong legs meant it was extremely steady even when it was sprinting.

“Yes!” The subordinate hurriedly said.

Tuoba Yu’s guards were all strong and brave. They had aloof expressions as they sat on moving on the mo steeds. With a glance, it could be seen that they were battle-hardened elites.

Tuoba Yu had personally chosen these five hundred guards. His personality was fiery, bloodthirsty and battle-hungry. These five hundred guards were the same as him. They never feared battle. Whenever the offensive forces encountered a setback, it would be their turn to arrive onto the stage.

“Do not leave even one of the Wu Clan alive,” Tuoba Yu said coldly.

No one spoke but the eyes of the guards immediately flashed a bloodthirsty red. Once Tuoba Daren gave the order for a massacre, it meant that they could start to kill in large numbers.

Tuoba Yu lightly urged on the three-eyed spiked beast under him. The three-eyed spiked beast suddenly bent down low and then sprinted out.

Almost at the same time, five hundred mo steeds advanced.

The three-eyed spike beast was enormous and heavy like a small mountain. The noise it made when it sprinted was astounding. The five hundred mo steeds were all Nightmare Fire Nether Horses. They had strong legs, metal hooves. Their gallop was fast, and when their hooves hit the ground, it was like the rumbling of a thunderstorm.

The earth trembled.

The booming rumble seemed to come from the ground, deep and with a heart-shaking power.

The sharp alarms of Wu Ge City tore through the sky.

The five hundred mo steeds were like an unstoppable iron flood. They were extremely fast and the packed rattle of the hooves seemed to be striking at people’s hearts and minds. It was suffocating!

The battle general at the front suddenly raised the black broadsword.

Great murderousness gathered on that upraised black broadsword. A layer of grey suddenly shrouded the black broadsword. The murderousness suddenly disappeared but the strange feeling of emptiness was the calm before the storm.

The black sword swung down!


A grey sword energy charged in front of the city guards at a speed hard for the naked eye to catch. It reflected on the shocked expressions of the guards.


The city gates and walls of Wu Ge City shattered under the sword energy!

An enormous gap the width of twenty zhang suddenly appeared.

The mo steed flood charged in with an unstoppable momentum.

The mo steeds did not slow down when they entered the city. They were like a sharp sword that penetrated directly. The three-eyed spiked beast and the Nightmare Fire Nether Beasts were astoundingly powerful. The hard and regular stone brick paths shattered like a crisp biscuit under their hooves. Rubble flew everywhere.

The ground was ploughed up wherever they passed. All of Wu Ge City trembled.

The killing intent that Tuoba Yu felt reached a peak after continuously accumulating all this time. He suddenly shouted, “Kill!”

“Kill!” The five hundred guards shouted angrily. The tangible killing intent swept outwards like a storm that lost control. In front of such savage killing intent, the residents of Wu Ge City were miniscule. They were pale and trembled as their minds turned blank.

The city master’s mansion entered their view.

That was their goal!

The guards’ presence continued to rise. They hunched over on their mounts, their speed increasing again. They needed to use this unstoppable charge to smash this mansion into dust!

At this time, Tuoba Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

A youth stood in front of the gates of the mansion. The youth was surrounded by empty space. He was alone.

For some reason, Tuoba Yu suddenly had a strong feeling of danger. His instincts that had formed through numerous life-and-death battle caused his to instinctively raised the black broadsword.


His voice like thunder, the sword fell down!


The guards shouted together, their shen power vibrating at the same time. Countless energies gathered towards Tuoba Yu’s falling black broadsword at a speed impossible to catch with the naked eye!

A strange grey energy appeared on the black broadsword.

Tuoba Yu’s unique [Three Nether Shen Sword]!

The grey sword energy howled as it charged towards the youth standing in front of the gates. A layer of red appeared on the outside of the grey sword-energy as though there were countless wraiths screaming and wailing inside the sword energy.

The people who were watching this battle from the distance paled. This grey sword energy seemed to have an eerie attraction. When one looked, they felt as through their mind was about to be pulled into this sword energy.

Most of them had heard of Tuoba Yu’s name in the past. When they saw him today, their feeling was multiple times as strong!

The middle-aged man and the androgynous male were ashen. The two of them represented the two prominent families of Wu Ge City. They had their plans, but when they saw such an astounding sword strike, they found that their thoughts were so laughable in front of such absolute power!

The Yin Tomb Guards were too strong!

Tuoba Yu with his five hundred soldiers were enough to flatten Wu Ge City.

During their shock, a green light suddenly lit up in their view.

Qing Xiao’s eyes flashed with excitement. He didn’t feel any fear as he stared down the raging flood in front of him. It caused his blood to boil, and his fighting spirit to rise!

Qing Xiao had witnessed the battle between Chief Elder against Big Brother and the others.

That battle could be considered the greatest battle in ten thousand years. Its effect on Qing Xiao would last through his entire life. When he struggled alongside Zuo Mo in the endless void Qing Xiao had progressed astounding fast. Zuo Mo’s unreserved teaching in addition to the harsh conditions of the endless voice made for optimal training conditions.

However, in the endless void, Qing Xiao did not have anyone else to spar with or compete with. Qing Xiao was at a spirited age. Adding on that Black Gold, the Ghost Mist Child and the others frequently regaled him of Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng’s accomplishments in their younger days, Qing Xiao yearned to experience something like it.

A newborn calf did not fear the tiger. Qing Xiao was undoubtedly the newborn calf. He didn’t feel any fear at all.

Old Man Wu said Tuoba Yu was a famed expert.

Qing Xiao wanted to be like Big Brother and Teacher Wei, his idols.

Qing Xiao’s thought was simple and modest.

Defeat Tuoba Yu!

The Green Pulse String stretched comfortably in the air. Qing Xiao’s expression was solemn and attentive. He stared closely at the mo steed flood that was racing towards him. His expression was unmoving like granite.

When Tuoba Yu swung his sword with the momentum of five hundred mo steeds, Qing Xiao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

His left leg moved forward, his legs moving into an arch as he sank down, his hands pushing forward slightly.

“Green green thin vine, tens of thousands of hearts united together, protect my clansmen.”

In a light murmur, the song of the Greenvine Clan seemed to revive, stepping out of that ancient era.

The Green Pulse String in the sky seemed to hear a summons and flew rapidly towards Qing Xiao’s hand. The hair-thin Green String Vine immediately wove into a wall of vines.

Green light flowed from Qing Xiao’s hands and quickly shrouded the vine wall. The flowing green light did not stop after completely covering the wall of vines. The wall seemed to be nourished, sprouting new buds. The buds grew and spread.

In a blink, a verdant green wall of vines formed.

Inside the mansion of the city master.

Zuo Mo fell into a slight daze after hearing Qing Xiao’s murmur.

He couldn’t help but think of Big Brother Qing Lin. If Big Brother Qing Lin was still alive, he would be comforted if he saw Qing Xiao today.

The clan of the Greenvine would continue in Qing Xiao.

The sword energy filled with destruction smashed into the wall of vines.

The sword energy suddenly split apart.


A burning ball of light rose and covered the wall of vines.

How could a blow that carried the power of five hundred people be stopped so easily?

The blinding light penetrated through the cracks in the wall of vines. Qing Xiao felt his hands grow heavy. The verdant green wall seemed to be in danger of collapsing.

He took a deep breath, green light growing in his eyes as the shen power in his body flooded into the wall of vines!

In the endless void, every battle was extremely difficult. With Qin Xiao’s cultivation he would not have survived in the endless void, if not for Zuo Mo and Silly Bird’s protection. Ten years had passed. While he was still unable to survive in the endless void alone, he could hold his own and participate in the cruel and hard battles.

All of the monsters they encountered in the endless void were stronger than he was. This meant that in every one of his battles, the enemy had the upper hand. He was not the only one that was always at a disadvantage. All of the little ones with the exception of Silly Bird occasionally were at a disadvantage. In these disadvantageous fights, he and the little ones continued to struggle to win. Fighting so hard for so long meant that his ability to resist and endure was astounding.

While he felt enormous pressure, this kind of pressure wasn’t on the same level as the fights he encountered in the endless void.

The green energy lighting his eyes aglow, Qing Xiao did not reserve any of his shen power.

The sword energy that had exploded had been furiously cutting at the wall of vines. Countless branches flew around. Just as the wall of vines appeared as though it was about to be penetrated by the sword energy, countless new buds suddenly sprouted where the wall had been cut. The new buds grew furiously.

The sword energy constantly cut at these newborn leaves but the new buds grew so quickly. When the light of the sword energy had grown dim, the heavily damaged wall of vines was still growing and repairing. The marks grew fainter and fainter. The furious growth was not just to stop the sword energy. The wall of vines was spreading into the surroundings.

When the sword energy dissipated, a large wall of vines about fifty zhang wide and one hundred zhang high stood in front of them.

It cast an enormous shadow over a large part of Wu Ge City, and also covered Tuoba Yu and his five hundred guards that were charging over!

Tuoba Yu only felt the light dimming of the light. The enormous shadow completely covered them.

His expression suddenly changed!

They had kicked a wall this time!

He had never encountered someone that could stop his sword strike which gathered the power of five hundred with just their own power!

He had never encountered such a terrifying wall of vines!

How could an expert of this level appear at the little Wu Ge City?

The enormous shadow covered the sun. He suddenly felt the shadow from above was like a bottomless enormous maw that was about to swallow them.

Almost instinctively, he realized the danger.

At this time, a shout came from ahead, “Go!”

That terrifyingly large and tall wall started to press on them. The shadow covered them. Suddenly, they were unable to move as though they were being restrained by countless vines. They could only watch as the wall of vines pressed closer to them.


This definitely was a trap!

This was the only thought in Tuoba Yu’s mind before he was consumed by darkness.

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