World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty – Pu and Wei

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty – Pu and Wei

Zuo Mo’s mind delved inward.

The black gravestone floated alone in the sky above the sun tree. Looking at the black tombstone, Zuo Mo felt a wave of excitement. He had waited for this day for ten years.

The devious and proud Pu Yao and that chatty but black in hearted Wei, had accompanied him on his path of growth. They did their best to give him their aid, even though Pu Yao liked to laugh and mock him at every step.

Ten years!

In order to earn that single chance for his survival, the two had paid the price of being tortured and imprisoned for ten years.

I’m coming!

Zuo Mo softly said to himself in his mind. His hand reached towards the gravestone.

The gravestone suddenly gave off a strong repelling force. Thick black smoke flooded out and spread rapidly into the surroundings blocking his touch. Zuo Mo’s expression did not change. The sun tree having already recovered its vitality began released faint golden light.

The golden ray of light looked thin but was unusually powerful. The black smoke dissipated at its touch.

The dark gold bead had disappeared as it had been completely absorbed by Zuo Mo. The sun tree inside his body hadn’t just recovered its vitality, after absorbing the essence blood of the ancient sun tribe warrior, it had formed three suns.

These three suns constantly released shen power. The new shen power was much purer than in the past.

This was true god-level shen power!

In the ten years, Zuo Mo had constantly tried to breakthrough the smoke, but each time, he couldn’t do anything to the eerie black smoke. The black smoke was the manifestation of the oath and sacrifice power. It was hard to deal with. Zuo Mo tried to use the sun shen fire to refine it, but it was ineffective.

Right now, Zuo Mo could easily suppress the black smoke with just shen power.

The black smoke continued to erupt and then dissipate.

The entire process continued for a day and night.

The gravestone finally did not give off any more black smoke. The black color of the gravestone seemed to have faded slightly.

Zuo Mo’s hand finally came into contact with the gravestone.

A cold feeling came from his fingertip. Suddenly, Zuo Mo felt an extremely great power pulling him into the gravestone. Zuo Mo did not resist it. He felt his vision blur and then the surrounding world changed.

A grey wilderness that was endless.

There were sacrificial altars set up all over the wilderness. There was a pillar at the center of each altar, and there was a face carved onto every pillar. Some had wide gaping mouths, some were dignified and grave, some were malicious and cold … …

Each of the faces were carved in detail and was shrouded in an indescribable power. What was even scarier was that these faces were alive. Their eyes moved as Zuo Mo moved, and their expression occasionally changed.

Zuo Mo’s expression was ugly. There was a soul imprisoned in each altar.

Looking over, the altars stretched endlessly.

How many souls was this eerie gravestone imprisoning!

Zuo Mo speed up. He searched around for the vibrations of Pu Yao and Wei. Yet after flying five days and nights, Zuo Mo did not find the vibrations belonging to Pu Yao and Wei.

The sacrificial altars in front of him still stretched out endlessly.

Zuo Mo did not stop. He continued to fly. Only after three more days did he stop.

There were two sacrificial altars together in front of him. There were two faces on two pillars. Zuo Mo immediately recognized that they were Pu Yao and Wei.

“Long time no see.”

Zuo Mo murmured to himself, his eyes slightly red.

The two faces were changing dramatically. They seemed to be experiencing great pain.

Zuo Mo inhaled deeply and did not hesitate. He walked to one of the pillars and put his hand on it.

When his hand touched the pillar, he heard a tsunami of screaming. The screams continued telling of the great pain, hopelessness, and terror. If someone was not as mentally strong as he was, they would be seeing illusions at this time.

Zuo Mo did not seem to hear it. His gaze was determined. A thread of sun shen fire flowed along his finger and wrapped around the sacrificial pillar.

The sacrificial pillar immediately started to burn.

The surface of the pillar quickly melted like a layer of snow, then the second layer, the third layer … …

One layer after another like skinning an onion.

Zuo Mo’s shen power was being used up but the sunlight of the three suns on his sun tree did not change. They seemed to release an endless amount of pure shen power.

Zuo Mo was extremely focused. He did not know the flow of time.


The eighty first layer!

The pillar suddenly shattered into dust and disappeared into the air.

A black figure shot into the sky.

“Hahahaha! I, Pu Yao, has returned!”

He was still as flamboyant as before, still as unrestrained, still as proud.

The black fire twisted in the air and Pu Yao appeared next to Zuo Mo. He said with a disdainful expression, “You are so slow! I had thought that you would come after five or six years! As expected, I overestimated you!”

The same disdainful and mocking tone from ten years ago. Zuo Mo almost cried.

Pu Yao walked to the pillar restraining Wei and greeted him with a smile. “Wei, I’m out, it is so good outside! So enjoyable! The air is good, the weather is good, and I’m free, tsk tsk, hahahaha … …”

The face on the pillar in front of him violently contorted. It was clear that Wei was being greatly provoked by Pu Yao.

Zuo Mo gaped at Pu Yao. The warm emotions that had just risen were completely destroyed by Pu Yao’s heartless actions.

Just how bad was this person!

Zuo Mo shook his head and hurriedly ran to the next sacrificial pillar. Wei was most likely enraged by Pu Yao at this time.

Familiar with the process, Zuo Mo was at ease and used even less time than the time before.

Soon, the pillar completely disappeared. A figure charged out. Upon coming out, the figure immediately headed for Pu, the shout causing Zuo Mo’s ears to hurt. “I’ll kill you!”

Zuo Mo saw the situation. If he let these two continue, he didn’t know when they would finish. His figure flashed and he appeared behind Pu Yao. Pia, he grabbed Pu Yao’s collar. Then he flashed and appeared behind Wei to grab his collar.

“Boy, release me! You dare to treat a great sky yao so … …” Pu Yao was enraged.

“A fallen sky yao is not worth as much as a dog!” Wei smirked coldly and then his tone changed as he gritted out, “A Zuo, let me go! I will cut this sky yao into pieces!”

“Che, I will let you have the first move. Hm, the anger of a sky yao will cause the ocean to turn to blood … …”

“My ass … …”

The two glared angrily at each other as spittle flew.

Zuo Mo sweated as he listened. Fortunately, ge’s stronger than the two of you right now. When the two of them were arguing like this in the past, he could only stay far to avoid being caught in the middle. Now he could drag one by each hand.

In this moment, Zuo Mo was extremely satisfied.

Holding Pu Yao and Wei he charged out of the gravestone, Zuo Mo threw the two into the Mist Eye Tablet and then quickly flew away. Not long after, the Ghost Mist Child ran out with shock on his face. The two were fighting intensely in there.

Zuo Mo had an uncontrollable smile at the corner of his mouth.

The five shen wood coffins were put into the death energy ponds full of death water. The pure death water continued to permeate the shen wood coffins and turned into base shen power to enter the bodies of the five.

Shi took out the ghost fire.

The ghost fire floated in front of him. The female of the ghost fire appeared and knelt on the ground. She bowed. This person gave her unparalleled pressure. She felt shock and reverence from the bottom of her heart.

“You are living by relying on the ghost fire, and your last wishes have not been fulfilled. Speak, what are your last wishes?” Shi said coolly.

The ghost fire female’s figure shook. She didn’t dare to raise her head but her face was covered in tears. She choked out, “This servant only wants to know how my son and grandson are doing?”

Shi nodded. His finger curled and a dot flew out of the ghost fire female’s body. Shi murmured softly, his finger drawing in the air in front of him. This light suddenly exploded, and turned into a ball of light. A scene appeared in the light, and the male in the picture had a face similar to that of the ghost fire female.

The ghost fire female was excited. She looked closely at the male in the picture as tears flowed down her face.

The male in the picture looked to be in his forties. He also had a child and they were slowly walking along a street.

The picture was maintained for fifteen minutes before disappearing with a pop.

The ghost fire female wiped her tears. Her face was bright. She knowtowerd again to Shi. “This servant has her wish fulfilled. If Elder wants me to do something, I will not retreat!”

Shi nodded. “It is good you understand. I will gift you a favor. If you are willing, your son, grandson, and family line will not end.”

The ghost fire female said honestly, “Elder, please speak.”

Shi pointed at one of the coffins. “The female lying in that coffin is the beloved of the new nether king. She is under the influence of the Undying Shen Punishment. It will be difficult to wake her. I want to use your soul to take the place of her soul, so that you will take the punishment on her behalf. This way, she would break free of the punishment, be of one mind with you, and can also control the Undying Shen Punishment. The shen punishment is like a prison, the days will not be easy. However, your contribution will benefit your descendants. Knowing this, I will ask you one more time, are you willing?”

The ghost fire female said without hesitating, “This servant is willing to take the Undying Shen Punishment for Mistress!”

A hint of admiration flashed through Shi’s eyes. “Good!”

Then he did not waste words. He waved his hand and A Gui’s shen wood coffin was opened. Shi pointed into the air, and the ghost fire entered the purple chain mark on A Gui’s forehead.

A Gui’s body shook.

The purple chains that wrapped around her body abruptly burrowed into her body and disappeared.

The scars on A Gui’s face disappeared at a visible rate. Her ashen face recovered colour and blood. A powerful presence suddenly surged. The base shen power produced by the shen wood coffin streamed into A Gui’s body.

A Gui’s presence became even more astounding.

Shi waved his hand and closed the coffin again. A thread of tiredness flashed through his eyes.

But he did not stop. He picked up the dragon heart and floated in front of Wei Sheng’s coffin. The dragon heart beat strongly in his hand.

Looking at Wei Sheng who was in deep sleep, Shi murmured to himself, “The dragon heart combined with the God-Killing Blood Sword, something that is worthy of anticipation! Pity that I will not live to see it!”

As he spoke, he shook his head softly with regret on his face.

His fingertip curled towards the right of Wei Sheng’s chest. A large wound was drawn out on the right side of the chest. Shi lightly put the dragon heart inside, and his hand brushed across the wound. The wound disappeared.

Wei Sheng’s face suddenly became red as though it was dripping blood.

A few drops of light flew out of Shi’s fingertip and entered Wei Sheng’s body. Wei Sheng’s body shook and then became motionless.

Shi closed the coffin again.

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