World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty One – The Terrible State of Affairs

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty One – The Terrible State of Affairs

Pu Pu’s Home for Battle Generals was desolate. This place had long been forgotten by others. In the past, there would be many low-level battle generals that would come to learn and discuss but following Pu Pu’s disappearance, the popularity of the place faded.

No one came any longer.

Liang Wei was excited. Earlier today, Zuo Mo told him that Pu Pu was going to meet him. When he heard this, his strong heart couldn’t help but suddenly jump.

Unlike Fei Lei, while Liang Wei obeyed Zuo Mo’s orders, Zuo Mo was not where his loyalty lied. In his heart, two people held special spots. One was the commander of Ice Frost Military Corps, his former commander that had favored him, taught him, and promoted him.

The other person was the mysterious Pu Pu.

He had met Pu Pu at his most dispirited moment. He had been relieved of his duties and was idle at home. At that time, wherever he went, he could hear mockery and disdain. Only days before he had been his most glorious. Charging across ten thousand li to accomplish a great victory and help reclaim the honor for the yao.

To trip and fall from the most glorious and blinding place, so completely…

If he hadn’t had a strong personality, the suddenly change would have completely destroyed him. But even so, he had been demoviated, and at that time, he had found Pu Pu’s Home for Battle Generals, and he encountered Pu Pu.

An astoundingly powerful battle general!

He still remembered his shock and amazement. He could not understand why such a powerful battle general would appear in such a little corner of the Ten Finger Prison.

But after that, he started to learn how to fight from Pu Pu.

He started to find his own shortcomings. He greatly anticipated each fight with Pu Pu even though he would lose terribly each time.

From the terrible defeats, he quickly grew. He started to become steady, he started to break free from relying on his instincts to fight. He started to learn how to control large military campaigns, he started to learn strategy.

He became stronger and stronger. He could clearly feel it.

When Pu Pu gave him a chance to go back to the battlefield, to lead his own battalion, he still remembered the feeling of his blood suddenly burning up.

For Fei Lei, the reason he waited 10 years was because of his mission and sense of responsibility.

For Liang Wei, his reasons were because he thought of Pu Pu as a teacher. Even though Pu Pu had never admitted Liang Wei as his student, and he had never called Pu Pu Teacher.

When that familiar figure appeared in his view, Liang Wei’s heart suddenly jumped.

Pu Yao detected Liang Wei’s arrival. He turned around and showed a small smile. “Not bad, I did not pick the wrong person in the past.” Then he examined Liang Wei up and down. “It looks as though you are much more steady than before. The hardships of these years were not for nothing.”

Liang Wei’s mind was completely blank. His wolf-like gaze disappeared. He was like a clueless child.

Pu Yao saw Liang Wei’s excitement and said in a gentle voice with a smile, “Tell me about your recent situation.”

His gaze held pickiness, comfort, smugness. Liang Wei was another of his accomplished students. He could see that Liang Wei’s presence had changed compared to in the past. Long ago, he had a high opinion of Liang Wei. In his eyes, as long as the excessive viciousness and impulsiveness was suppressed by his intelligence, the perceptive and eager young battle general would shine with astounding light.

Pu Yao was very satisfied with Liang Wei. He had thought that an outstanding student like Gongsun Cha was once in a lifetime. He hadn’t expected to encounter another one. What made him even more proud was that the two had completely different styles, but they were both strong and had outstanding qualities.

Pu Yao was very comforted

–He had to show off to Wei later!

When he spoke about the experiences of the past years, Liang Wei quickly calmed down. In a low voice, he described what he had experienced.

Pu Yao became silent and the smile on his face disappeared. He hadn’t thought that the days would have been so difficult. Pu Yao said emotionally, “This was really difficult for you!”

Pu Yao’s words came from his heart. He knew that it was a simple matter to rely on this group of people and not starve to death. However, it was an extremely difficult matter to maintain the regulation and discipline of a proper battalion.

Liang Wei’s heart warmed but he only smiled. “It actually was alright, Fei Lei did much more.”

Pu Yao looked at his accomplished student. After some thought, he said seriously, “You have to be careful, the journey will most likely not be peaceful!”

The smile on Liang Wei’s face disappeared. His expression turned serious. “Will people be against us?”

Suddenly, Sand Puppet rose from the ground and appeared in front of Shi.

“The Hai Xin Bing contingency plan failed. Worse is that Jia Man’s strongest commander, Richard, has sided with Hai Xin Bing. Almost all of Jia Man’s faction has sided with Hai Xin Bing,” Sand Puppet said.

“Oh, that’s normal. At this time, other than Hai Xin Bing, no one would dare to accept them.” Shi did not seem to care.

Sand Puppet looked at Shi’s expression and was slightly puzzled. “You are not worried?”

“Worried about what?” Shi smiled. “Do not underestimate Zuo Mo.”

“I am not underestimating him,” Sand Puppet shook his head. “No one qualifies to underestimate him. He was able to lead us out of the Sealed Extinction battlefield and then enter god-level in such a short amount of time. However, he is not familiar with this area. Hai Xin Bing’s factions is powerful. If he cannot defeat Hai Xin Bing quickly, the Nether Realm may descend into chaos, and your wish will not be completed.”

“No.” Shi shook his head.

“No? You are so sure?” Sand Puppet was shocked.

For some reason, Shi suddenly shook his head and laughed before he raised his head and said, “The strangest thing about this person is that as you fight against him, as you throw out your trump cards, and watch as he throws out his trump cards. Only to find that his hidden cards are better than yours. Even scarier is that the cards he holds are getting better and better.”

“It seems scary to hear,” Sand Puppet rumbled.

“Yes! So scary! Even I feel as though I cannot withstand this.” Shi roared with laughter. “His enemies must be in great pain.”

“Alright. When will the five of them wake up?” Sand Puppet asked.

“Maybe they will catch his coronation.” Shi felt some regret. “Pity that we cannot go to the scene.”

Zuo Mo was in a very good mood. He was very happy about rescuing Pu Yao and Wei. Even listening to the two argue and fight made the journey much more interesting.

From Shi, he learned that Eldest Shixiong, A Gui, and the others were also quickly recovering. His mood became much lighter.

His shen power was recovered, he had established contact with Mo Cloud Sea, he had rescued Pu Yao and Wei, and Eldest Shixiong and the others would wake up any day, Zuo Mo felt that he had almost resolved all the problems that had haunted him in the last ten years.

If he could not be in a good mood now, what could make him have a good mood?

He didn’t have any worries about the journey to the Nether King Palace. In his view, he was just going through the motions. Shi’s authority was still there, and he had plans set up. Zuo Mo only had to daringly accept Nether Realm.

Suddenly, the troops stopped.

Soon after, An Mo flew over with an ugly expression. “King, someone is blocking the road, they do not have good intentions!”

An Mo was experienced in battle and very familiar with the Nether Realm. Someone was daring to openly block the road. This was a terrible sign.

It meant that the factions that opposed the new king didn’t feel any fear.

An Mo who had grown up in the Nether Realm understood the mo of the Nether Realm. In Nether Realm, people only recognized power! In the past, many people were wary of the old Nether King and didn’t dare to step out. If someone came out in public, it meant everyone would feel less cautious. The voices that opposed the new king would increase, and the situation would worsen.

This was extremely detrimental to the new king.

While An Mo knew that Zuo Mo was the king of Mo Cloud Sea, but far waters could not slake immediate thirst. In the Nether Realm, the only faction truly loyal to the new Nether King was An Mo’s Western Jail Mansion!

To fight against all of Nether Realm with only one mansion’s forces, there would only be one result–death.

But even so, anger rose from his heart. Someone dared to block King’s troops!

Around this time, Zuo Mo had received Shi’s message. He raised his head and his eyes flashed coldly. For some reason, when An Mo’s gaze met Zuo Mo’s icy gaze, his heart tightened and he felt a pressure.

“Oh, Shi sent a message, the Hai Xin Bing contingency plan has failed, we need to take care of Hai Xin Bing on our own.” Zuo Mo’s coldness faceded and an easy smile came back on his face.

“Hai Xin Bing contingency plan failed!” An Mo exclaimed. While he did not know what the old Nether King’s contingency plan was, but it was not difficult to guess that the plan was the old Nether King’s killing move.

The killing move had failed. This meant that they had to face Northern Plains Ice Mansion.

The pressure on An Mo suddenly increased!

“Also, Jia Man’s leaderless subordinates, following that Richar-tch or something, almost all of them sided with Hai Xin Bing,” Zuo Mo said with interest.

An Mo could not control it any longer. His expression changed dramatically. “It is terrible!”

The situation was so worse it could not get any worse!

An Mo finally knew why someone dared to step out and block the new king’s troops!

Originally, people didn’t have enough confidence in the new king, and now their outlook on the new king was even worse. Richard was Jia Man’s strongest commander. While he was weaker than An Mo individually, he was a match for An Mo in terms of skill at commanding battle. Other than Richard, the other people were also exceptional.

Northern Plains Ice Mansion was wealthy and possessed outstanding shen equipment before but lacked numbers. Now that they accepted Jia Man’s Eastern Nether Mansion, their power suddenly expanded and they were now the strongest faction in Nether Realm! Northern Plains Ice Mansion’s shortcoming of not having offensive power was quickly amended. Also, Northern Plains Ice Mansion had outstanding battle generals like Zhu Nan Yue.

Even worse was that Hai Xin Bing had an outstanding reputation for her abilities and fame in Nether Realm.

An Mo guessed that once Hai Xin Bing released the news, large scale changing of sides would occur.

Their situation was now extremely dangerous!

Damn it!

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