World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Nine – Absolute Power

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Nine – Absolute Power

A deathly silence.

No one spoke. The army of three hundred thousand were like three hundred thousand wooden puppets. They couldn’t make any sound at all. They looked into the sky that that seemingly untouchable figure that stood upright, his white hair blowing in the wind.

Suddenly, people had a feeling. The wasteland beast was tamed under his heel. Was like the world under his heel.

The cold and indifferent voice came from that faraway place and spread through all of Nether Realm.

This final battle would determine the future of Nether Realm and was watched by all of the people in Nether Realm. Countless people were transmitting what was happening here as mirages. Hai Xin Bing who had thought she had victory in her grasp had not removed these people. She wanted these people to watch how the glorious new king would fall. She wanted to defeat the new king in front of all of Nether Realm. Only then could she ascend to the throne!

Hai Xin Bing had no time to regret it.

She was also shocked by everything that had happened. That pair of ocean-blue eyes stared woodenly out of her face.

Only until that imperious voice concluded as though he was giving judgment.

“I am the Nether King. Only I, in all of Nether Realm, can use the name of Nether Realm!”

“Do not qualify!”

The voice held no warmth. Even now, his voice did not rise. There was no anger, no explosiveness, no emotion.

But this emotionless voice caused people to feel terrified.

Compared to the cold voice that did not rise, the presence of the man atop the wasteland beast started to rise.

For some reason, everyone felt relieved. That strange terror they felt lessened greatly.

Were they finally going to start to fight?

Good! At worst, they would die!

They completely didn’t realize the change in their mentality.

Only a few noticed this change. Their expressions became terrible. The presence that the new king had created was so stunning that the confidence and morale of their side had decreased greatly. Originally, no matter what the new king did, it should not have happened. But Xiahou Zhi’s explosive rush seemed to have been planned and had been flipped to built another stage for the new king.

But everyone knew that this had not been planned beforehand.

Even such a terrifying beast was prostrated under the feet of the new king. They had seen the entire process with their own eyes. The unfathomable presence of the king left an indomitable imprint on their minds.

Was this the presence of a king?

In the past, they didn’t believe it. They thought that if they could use amass numbers to challenge and defeat the so-called king. But after seeing this scene, their resolve wavered.

Zhu Nan Yue shouted, “Be alert, we have three hundred thousand people!”

This shout was like a swat to the head that caused many to regain clarity. Yes! They were three hundred thousand! No matter how strong he was! Even if he had the enormous beast!

So what!

Three hundred thousand!

This was a force that was enough to change all of Nether Realm. How could it fail against one person?

How was it possible!

Their faces glowed again, their spirits recovering. The miracle in front of them, this legend, this unfathomably deep new king was only to add to the significance of their achievement.

However, their expressions soon became serious.

Such astounding presence!

The new king’s presence surpassed the presence of Xiahou Zhi back when he had been burning shen power.

This was not strange. In everyone’s minds, the new king’s individual power was just below the old Nether King. He was a man that created the miracle of the seven day charge by his own power!

Yet what shocked them was that his presence was still rising!

Rising at an astounding speed!

He was like a fire burning hotter and brighter.

Ripples swept outwards like surging waves. Everywhere they passed, people’s minds trembled. They could not avoid the terrifying presence.

His presence continued to rise!

Continued to rise!

Seriousness became fear, fear became terror. They looked up at the figure up high. They could not see clearly. The powerful presence that the new king released caused the air around him to twist violently. There seemed to be complex turbulent flows around him surging chaotically.

What was even more astonishing was the area of turbulence was still expanding.


The wasteland beast suddenly gave an angry howl. Boom, a muffled sound came through the air. Its mountainous body started to become blurry and twisted.

A wave of air carrying powerful presence spread into the surroundings with the wasteland beast as the center.

As the two presences mixed together, the world seemed to lose color.

The three hundred thousand people paled.

What was even more inconceivable was that the presence of the man on top of the wasteland beast was still rising and showed no signs of slowing.

This was impossible!

Even a person as calm as Zhu Nan Yue could not maintain her composure. She looked in shock at the sky.

“This is impossible!”

She murmured. In the sky, the presence given off by that figure surpassed the limits of a mortal. In this moment, she had a feeling that what was in the sky was not a person, but a burning sun!

Was this his true power?

How could the power of a mortal reach this level?

There were no clouds in the sky, but the sky slowly darkened. Night descended.

Crack crack crack!

The ground cracked. The cracks started to stretch out like wounds in the earth. Even hard granite was like soft biscuits that easily cracked. In a blink, the ground was covered in a spiderweb of cracks.

That person’s presence was still rising!

The terrifying presence weight on people’s minds like a lead cloud. Each person found that they were gradually losing control of their body. Slight numbness was spreading through their bodies.

Terror and hopelessness uncontrollably spread through their minds.

Only the true experts knew that their bodies were not being control. The other’s presence was so powerful that their bodies were instinctively protecting themselves.

This kind of instinctive self-protection was not in their control.

While they understood the cause, they were not relieved at all, but horrified. Just the presence being released was so stunning, then how strong was he?

Was there a person this strong in the world?

An Mo was stunned. Waves rippled through his heart.

King was so powerful!

King hadn’t even used a fraction of his strength in the seven day miracle that people discussed so much! This conclusion caused An Mo to become slightly bewildered. Truthfully, even he was filled with pride at the incomprehensible seven-day advance.

In his opinion, this was a miracle that could not be copied. It would never appear again!

But when he saw King today, he found how laughable his pride was!

He finally learned what King’s trump card was.

King’s trump card was his unimaginable and absolute power!

This was King’s trump card. King had never thought of using any schemes to resolve Hai Xin Bing’s rebellion. From the start, King had decided to use absolute power to crush her!

No one had thought of it. An Mo had not thought of it. No one could imagine that one person’s strength could supresss three hundred thousand.

They had never heard of this before.

But this scene that almost was impossible was happening right in front of them.

An Mo looked dumbly at the man giving off the terrifying presence in the sky.

Was this King?

The ground was vibrating constantly as though there was a terrifying monster underground that was moving.

Suddenly, pop, a stone the size of a fist broke free of the restraints of gravity and slowly floated upwards.

It set off a chain reaction. Pieces of rock broke free of the ground and floated towards the sky.

Everyone looked at the strange and intimidating scene.

The presence of the man on top of the wasteland beast was still rising!

Without any signs of slowing down!

They only felt terror. Other than terror, there was nothing else. Even Hai Xin Bing!

The vast and endless presence were like relentless waves that spread outwards.

A hundred li, a thousand li … …

Until it covered this entire jie!

At this time, the Nether King River that was at the center seemed to be approaching an apocalyptic level event. Fragments of stone floated in the air like stars. The Nether King River had stopped flowing and was completely solidified. The restless air twisted everything as though it was the center of a whirlwind. Everything within a hundred li was completely blurry.

Only that cold bronze mask, those indifferent eyes of a deity, were so clear that they reached people’s minds.

Zuo Mo opened his hand. There was a square golden box lying in his hand.

[King’s Domain]!

Zuo Mo threw [King’s Domain] into the air.

[King’s Domain] exploded in a ball of light.

The world suddenly calmed down.

The whirlwind disappeared, the terrifying presence disappeared, the twisted ripples disappeared.

Everyone was situated in the middle of an endless galaxy shen glyphs. All kinds of shen glyphs of different colors, an ocean that was endless. At the center of this shen glyph sea, an enormous golden sun slowly revolved. The sun’s surface spat out thick golden flames in a spectacular show.

This shen glyph galaxy was so vast that the three hundred thousand people within it were still small.

Silence, a deathly silence.

Hai Xin Bing’s face was ashen and bloodless.

She suddenly thought of the Battle of the Central Plains from the rumors … god-level!

The legendary god-level!

She looked dazedly at this vast and hope-crushing shen glyph galaxy. She suddenly found her ambition was laughable. Her struggles, her plans, all the effort she put in. In front of the other’s absolute power, all of this became the best performance stage, the greatest stepping stone, the magnificent background for the legend of the new king.

Her body trembled violently. Her pride cut at her heart and to her bones.

Since she had already failed, then she would fail completely!

Hai Xin Bing suddenly raised her face and showed a sorrowful smile.

She suddenly leapt towards the figure on top of the wasteland beast.

Translator Ramblings: I cannot remember a major battle in this story where Zuo Mo outclassed his opponent by so much.