World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Four – Advance!

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighty Four – Advance!


“All troops, advance!”

The cold order was like the hottest flame in a world of snow, causing every person’s passion to burn. Zuo Mo did not look at the corpse covered battlefield and charged at the front.

A vicious bronze mask hid his face. This emotionless face combined with the cold commands caused him to appear every more terrifying. His black cape flapped in the wind like dancing black flames.

The shouts of the battle generals rose and fell. They were soaked in sweat that evaporated in streams of mist. They waved their strong arms, their eyes wide, as they motivated their troops.

“Pay attention to the rank shape!

“Advance, do not fall behind!”

“Keep up!”

Every member gritted their teeth as they furiously urged on the mo steeds under them. Their gazes were locked onto the figure at the very front of the battalion with passion in their eyes.

The entire army was like a raging metallic flood that push forward at an astounding speed in the sky.

Seeing their shocking presence people would believe that any battalion that dared to stand in their way would be flattened immediately.

Advance! Advance! Advance!

No one can stop us!

Fighting spirit burned in everyone’s eyes. The wind howled in their ears. These battle-hungry and brave mo experts steered their mo steeds and continued to maintain a perfect offensive formation.

Far in the horizon, an enormous battalion entered their field of view. This battalion was more than ten thousand people, it was definitely a big battalion.

The distance between the two quickly decreased. At the front, King had no intentions of slowing down.

Suddenly, a large sword appeared in King’s hand!

Everyone’s spirit suddenly reached a peak. They all knew what King’s action meant.

This was the signal for battle!

King accelerated!

Everyone urged on their mo steeds to keep up with King’s speed. The wind rumbled in their ears, their blood vessels expanded, their blood boiled, the shen power in their bodies was restless.

The enemy hadn’t thought that Zuo Mo would not consider the great enemy number and still decided to charge!

This battalion’s presence as it charged was astounding!

Even with the battle generals in command, the subordinate members still instinctively panicked. They had never seen such a furious and focused charge!

Zuo Mo suddenly raised the sword in his hand. The cold and grave shout spread through the entire battlefield.


The people behind him raised their mo weapons and angrily shouted, “Kill!”

The large sword in Zuo Mo’s hand seemed to immediately light up. Under the blinding golden light, Zuo Mo was like a god of war descending to the mortal world!

Zuo Mo’s sword came down!

The blinding golden light entered the enemy battalion and suddenly exploded!

The golden sea of light consumed a great number of enemies. Countless drops of golden liquid metal ripped through the enemy battalion, and a large part of the enemy battalion immediately fell down.

Another sword appeared on Zuo Mo’s hand.

He raised it again!


He charged at the front towards the enemy battalion!


Everyone shouted angrily and followed closely behind him. The metal flood charged furiously and smashed into the enemy battle formation without any finesse!

In that instant, limbs and bodies flew everywhere.

No one could stop one of Zuo Mo’s attacks. Zuo Mo was like a powerful bull that charged back and forth in the enemy ranks. With every ball of light he threw out, an empty are of ground would appear in front of him.

The gold flow swords could not withstand the shen power. Almost the moment they were brought out, they would turn to liquid. Zuo Mo was not frugal. The liquid metal contained terrifying power, there were many of them and so they were the best weapons.

Zuo Mo only felt the surroundings were full of enemies. He did not care. He only threw out the golden balls of light rapidly.

The handfuls of golden metal liquid filled with shen power formed a killing net that was inescapable.

The enemies were cleaved down like wheat. But then they charged over from all directions and were cut down again … …

Zuo Mo’s eyes were filled with blood. The rhythm of his hands increased and he continued to charge.


A furious and sudden charge!

The enemy was not able to muster up an effective resistance. Even though countless people threw themselves furiously at Zuo Mo, they were still not able to stop the charge, not even able to delay Zuo Mo for a few seconds!

Zuo Mo’s vision suddenly cleared.

Zuo Mo stilled and then realized. They had penetrated the enemy formation!

They won!

He led the battalion to quickly turn around and faced the enemy battalion’s back. The enemy battle formation was in chaos. They had not managed to turn around. There was a great hole in the battle formation. Inside the hole, corpses were piled up in mountains. That was a path of blood created by Zuo Mo’s charge.

Zuo Mo suddenly raised the sword he had just placed in his hand.


The people following behind him had bloodshot eyes. They raised their mo weapons and shouted angrily, “Kill!”

Zuo Mo’s sword quickly turned bright and the ball of light expanded!

It was unprecedentedly bright!

The size of the ball of light was two times what it had been before!

The golden ball of light was like a sun that had fallen from the sky and landed in the enemy’s chaotic battle formation.


The blinding light illuminated the world!

Terrifying vibrations of power came. Even An Mo and the others felt slight stinging pain.

When the light dissipated, there was nothing left alive on the ground.

“How is it? Are you still managing?” Fei Lei wiped his face as he asked in concern. His entire body had been soaked in sweat a long time ago.

Liang Wei panted furiously as he tried to calm his breathing. His throat burned, his mind completely blank. Moments later, he felt as though he had recovered slightly. He squeezed out a smile, “Still alright!”

Beside him, the other yao battle generals panted like fish out of the water. The bodies of yao could not compare to the mo. Their physical bodies were weak. This shortcoming was evident in such a sustained and rapid pace of battle.

Too fast!

This pace!

Liang Wei did not believe it. Even in his long journey back when he invaded xiuzhe territory, the pace of battle and the intensity was a fraction of this.

The King’s Horn was only responsible for the flanks and their mission responsibility was much lighter. Many times, they only needed to keep up with the pace of the main troop. But even so, almost all of them were exhausted.

The main group that King led was even more terrifying. Their record was destroying twelve battalions in a single day!

This battalion was like lightning. No one could stop them! A battalion of a thousand would not be able to delay them for long. Usually, after the destructive charge, the enemy battalion would have shattered and turned to dust.

Later on, King even stopped wasting time on eliminating the survivors.


A furious charge!

This kind of speed had never appeared in this history of war.

It was not reasonable!

Not reasonable at tall!

But this unreasonable charge was one that no battalion was able to stop. Liang Wei gradually moved from the initial shock and disbelief into acceptance.

However … …

Liang Wei’s gaze unconsciously landed on King. King was sitting on the back of the Copper-Boned Nether Bird King as though he had never moved.

Wasn’t King tired?

Could one person’s power reach such a level?

Liang Wei wandered off into his thoughts.

Zuo Mo jumped off the back of the Copper-Boned Nether Bird King. No one had managed to stop them from advancing for seven days and nights. The morale was at a peak, but Zuo Mo knew that their bodies were also completely exhausted.

Even An Mo’s face showed rare traces of exhaustion.

“Rest today, we will depart tomorrow morning, there is no need to arrange for patrols.” Zuo Mo ordered.

No one doubted his orders. Everyone took all the time they could to recover their shen power.

The entire camp was silent.

Sunshine passed through the ranks, spreading green light. When the green light entered the bodies of those injured, their wounds quickly disappeared.

Zuo Mo was not idle. He had not used up a lot of energy. The recovery rate of a god-level expert was something that other people couldn’t imagine. He took out materials from the ring and started to focus on forging shen equipment.

The sun shen fire was extremely tame in his hands.

This was the first time he was forging after his shen power had recovered. The feeling was different once again. In the past, he had the god-level cultivation but he had no shen power. He had been very limited.

The feeling of being unrestrained was so good!

Under his thoughts, shen power manifested into complex and fine patterns that rained into the fire.

Moments later, a grey shen equipment was finished. The shen equipment was not beautiful and refined. It had clean and rough lines as though the item had been casually pieced together from bones. It looked very simple. However, each bone was covered in exquisite patterns that imbued it with beauty.

After the first item was finished, Zuo Mo’s speed started to accelerate.

Later, he was able to forge multiple pieces at the same time.

He didn’t hold back on any of the high level nether materials that he had gotten from Shi. He threw them all into the shen equipment. From fighting in the last few days, he found that the shen equipment of his subordinates were terrible in quality. Soon, the shen equipment piled up into a little mountain in front of him.

He did not rest and continued to forge

When the sun rose from the horizon and the first ray of sunlight broke the darkness.

An Mo and the others woke up. They were stunned by the mountain of shen equipment in front of them!

The morning light fell on Zuo Mo’s body. Even though he wore a mask, they could still feel his focus and effort. Inside the flickering flame, a piece of shen equipment was quickly taking form.

King had not rested, and had been forging shen equipment for them the entire night!

“King … …” An Mo bit his lips. He was filled with emotion. He only had one thought, even if King told him to go die right now, he would not hesitate.

“Have everyone put it on, prepare to depart.” Zuo Mo’s tone was as icy as usual.

If they had only followed and revered King because of his terrifying power before, now, in this moment, everyone swore inside that they would forever follow their king!

They took off their damaged shen equipment. After the continuous battles of seven days and nights, their shen equipment was covered in dents and damage in many places.

After they put on the new shen equipment, the entire battalion was transformed.

These mo experts caressed their shen equipment and grinned dumbly.

High morale, a strong formation, they all gave off great confidence and had strong fighting spirit.

In seven short days, Zuo Mo lead them on a string of victories that seemed like a legend, he had transformed this battalion. They were heated, strong, fearless. They had confidence they could defeat any opponent. Their strong belief meant that they would not surrender even in the most hopeless of situations.

All Hail The King!

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