World of Cultivation - Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighteen Hidden Trump Card

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Chapter Eight Hundred and Eighteen Hidden Trump Card

Mist Tribe

Ever since Lan returned to the tribe, the mist people found to their shock that their cultivation speed had suddenly multiplied.

In this region of the mist sea, there didn’t seem to be any beasts that could threaten them.

After a transportation formation between the main tribe and the cloud island was opened, it was easy to travel outside the mist sea. The mist people gradually stepped out of the cloud sea and started to interact with the outside world. The young mist people entered schools, learning all kinds of interesting knowledge. The great majority of them entered the battle general school, and the most accomplished among them as Bing Yue.

Bing Yue who had once cried mist people tears had unexpectedly chose the battle general school. The calm and composed demeanor that defined the mist people had lead her to have outstanding results in the battle general school. She became one of the top ranked among the young battle generals of Mo Cloud Sea.

Gongsun Cha, who managed the battle general school, was full of praise for her.

Information flowed into this isolated tribe. The mist tribe changed constantly. Many of the products of the mist tribe were in demand outside. High grade cloud mist was a good material to make nimbus clouds, and the use of high grade ice crystals were even more widespread.

Only the mist people had the ability to travel deep into the cloud sea to collect these two materials.

The mist tribe quickly became wealthy and under Lan’s direction, the tribe leader Bing Yao made a trip to the cloud island to find Zuo Mo in hopes that Zuo Mo could help them forge a batch of shen equipment suited for the mist people. They were willing to pay all the expenses.

This batch of shen equipment was called the Mo Mist shen equipment.

The Mist Tribe became even stronger. As their living standards increased, the number of new births among the mist people increased greatly as well. The prosperity of the tribe caused the leader, Bing Yao’s mouth be stretched in a smile everyday.

A great amount of Lan’s power had recovered. As the tribe’s lives got better, the tribe’s belief in Lan grew even stronger. The resolute belief constantly repaired Lan’s damaged body.

Lan’s body was completely renewed as the bones of the body were healed. The now complete set of bones had become ice crystal like with a faint blue. If one looked closely, they would find that there were layers of tiny scripts in the light ice crystals. There were thousands of layers of these scripts.

Lan had spent a whole seven years in the deepest part of the cloud sea, absorbing countless ice mist crystals to strengthen this body!

It was finally finished!

Lan was slightly emotional. For totems, time was just a concept but there was still a sense of urgency for the tribe. The mist people tribe was not strong. Even though the development of the tribe had been good recently, and they had grown in population, they were still a small tribe.

As the totem of the tribe, Lan paid more attention to the outside world more than anyone in the tribe.

The tens of thousands of years allowed him to see through the mists. The mist people tribe was too miniscule, even in Mo Cloud Sea. In the entire world, they were even more insignificant.

Lan knew that no other faction would be like Zuo Mo and give them such good benefits with their power. But if he wanted the tribe to receive more living space, better investment in development, they had to contribute their power to Mo Cloud Sea, and become a more important part of Mo Cloud Sea.

It had been Lan’s order for Bing Yue to enter the battle general school.

It was a pity that the mist people were too few in number. Otherwise, they could form a mist people battalion and fight for Mo Cloud Sea. In this era, there was nothing more valuable than service.

However, Lan had started to prepare all this. Once those young mist people who entered the battle general schools grew up, once the tribe had more people, the mist people would be able to create a mist people battalion. One day.

But until that day, all of the duties of the tribe, all the merit they needed to earn, Lan was the only person who could do it.

This was the responsibility that fell on Lan’s shoulders as the totem warrior of the tribe.

Also, Zuo Mo and Mo Cloud Sea did not seem to be in a good situation recently … …

Lan thought about Gongsun Cha’s request. After thinking, he immediately made a decision.

A thought covered all of the tribe.

A thought spread in ripples. All of the mist people unconsciously stopped what they were doing. Shock flashed across their faces and then they unhesitatingly sprinted towards the shen temple!

Countless figures flashed through the sky.

Everyone had grave expressions and were silent.

Moments later, everyone in the tribe had gathered outside the shen temple. The tribe leader, Bing Yao, stood at the very front with an expression of barely hidden excitement.

“Open the restricted land!”

An authoritative and cold voice sounded from inside the shen temple into the ears of every mist person.

The mist people present all shook. Shock and excitement rose on their grave faces.

The restricted land!

The mist people’s restricted land, a territory they had guarded for more than ten thousand years!

It was it about to be opened!

A blinding blue light suddenly flew out of the shen temple and shot towards the restricted land.

Moments later, the ground trembled and boomed, the ice mist in the air clinking and rattling.

The mist people were prostrated on the ground with devout expressions.

Lan floated in the air above the shen temple. The figure was just a skeleton, but the authoritative presence shrouded the entire region.

Countless hair-thin rays of blue light appeared in the restricted land and flew towards Lan in the air.

Lan did not look at them and slowly floated down to the ground.

The moment that Lan’s feet touched the ground, the blue energies wrapped onto the skeletal body. Starting from the feet, something began to take form. Lan did not seem to feel it and slowly stepped forward, With every step, the endless blue energies took form.

They formed combat boots, greaves, joints … …

The blue energy started from the toes, and then pushed up and grew along the armor as it materialized.

When Lan walked to the front of the crowd, an exquisite battle armor covered in patterns took form. The battle armor covered all of Lan. The ice blue battle armor seemed to be made from layers of ice crystals and was so breathtakingly beautiful.

What shocked everyone was that the battle armor was slender and curved. It was a female warrior’s battle armor!

Lan was actually a female totem warrior!

The blue energy did not stop and continued to take form above Lan’s head. An icy blue and transparent umbrella appeared in Lan’s hand. The handle of the umbrella seemed to be carved from ice. The ribs of the umbrella were deep blue. There were eighteen ice crystals tied with long blue tassels that dangled from the edge of the umbrella and clinked harmoniously as they swayed.

Wearing battle armor, holding an ice umbrella, Lan seemed to have stepped out of a portrait.

“After sleeping for ten thousand years, you and I are able to once again fighting side by side.”

The voice spoke from behind the mask.

All of the mist people were overcome with excitement. The older mist people cried. Everyone recognized the figure in front of them! That legend that was worshiped in their shen temple, the tale that was told to every generation of mist people, the legendary guardian protector of the mist tribe, the strongest totem warrior in the mist people trible’s history!

No one knew her name, but every mist person could recognize her.

Bing Yao’s tears streamed down his face. The god of the mist people, you have never abandoned your clan!

As though she could hear the shout in Bing Yao’s mind, a clear icy voice sounded by everyone’s ears as through it came from the ancient era.

“I, Lan, the totem of mist, worshiped by the mist people for generations, swear if my soul and body is not deceased, will not dishonor the name of totem and protect the mist people!


Mo Cloud Sea.

Gongsun Cha walked out of the transportation formation and stepped onto this nondescript cloud island. The cloud island was about two hundred mu and was a pitifully small island in Mo Cloud Sea. There were no seal formations or jinzhi on this little island that was covered in fauna.

There was no need for any jinzhi because living here was a top level shen power expert.

“How come you are here?” the old many looked at Gongsun Cha with surprise and then realized, “You encountered trouble?”

Ever since he was reunited with A Gui, he had decided to stay at Mo Cloud Sea. He liked peace so he found an unpopulated cloud island for himself. Other than going to see A Gui occasionally, he spent all of his time on the island.

“Yes!” Gongsun Cha did not tarry and said briskly. “I have come to ask Mister to fight.”

“Who?” The old man’s eyes widened.

“Tian Huan!” Gongsun Cha responded.

“Oh, I heard you are in a sorry state. I was saying, just letting people beat on you and not retaliating, that’s not that boy’s style!” The old man smacked his lips.

Gongsun Cha had a small smile but did not speak. He could hear the old man’s exasperation. A Gui was faithfully loyal to Zuo Mo and no matter how much the old man did not like Zuo Mo, he couldn’t do a thing.

The old many snorted coldly and showed his missing and yellowed teeth. He said to himself, “I need to show the brat what a true shen power expert is!”


All of Mo Cloud Sea started to move at high speed.

This was the first time Mo Cloud Sea was moving with other factions. Their allies this time was the elite of Gu Liang Dao’s faction led by Shuang Yu.

Gongsun Cha had been planning their counter-attack on Tian Huan all this time. However, sending a battalion could not change a secret war. Also, they could not rely on guerilla warfare because Zuo Mo had taken too many experts with him.

So when Gu Liang Dao contacted Gongsun Cha, Gongsun Chao became alert.

If Gu Liang Dao and Mo Cloud Sea were allied together, they could deal with the problem of experts. Shuang Yu was a top expert. Adding on the old man, the forces could not be dismissed.

But Gongsun Cha did not rashly attack. He knew that there was only one chance for a surprise gambit like this. If they attacked and alerted the enemy, there would not be a chance like this again in the future.

He started to design a detailed plan. In order to have greater effect, he used all of Mo Cloud Sea’s intelligence network.

In order to increase their military force, Gongsun Cha even send a request for reinforcement from the mist people tribe.

The good news was that Nan Yue’s group had finished their mission and returned. Qinghua Xue and Xie Shan also came out of seclusion almost at the same time.

Gongsun Cha sighed in relief. The manpower was enough to support this battle plan.

When Lan appeared, Gongsun Cha was also stunned where he stood. Then he was overjoyed and his confidence increased! He had never thought that Lan would participate!

Lan’s attention-catching actions caused Gongsun Cha to immediately know her strength—a top shen power expert!

Shuang Yu who had secretly travelled to Mo Cloud Sea was left mouth gaped with eyes wide. Mo Cloud Sea had a hidden top level shen power expert!

The familiar vibrations from Lan’s ice blue battle armor caused Shuang Yu to realize this was a shen device raiment!

Mo Cloud Sea had a secret top level shen power expert with a shen device raiment!

For the first time, Shuang Yu had the feeling that Mo Cloud Sea was unfathomable. Then, Shuang Yu believed that their mission this time would succeed! Even they hadn’t known that Mo Cloud Sea had hidden such a trump card!

Tian Huan was going to be out of luck!

Editor’s note: Poor Shuang Yu. It isn’t just the one shen device raiment that hasn’t been revealed. OP MC powers.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo was so fortunate to have come across Lan’s bones and then coincidentally ended up where the mist tribe was living.