Womanizing Mage - Chapter 75: How is dropping red a heartless thing

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Chapter 75: How is dropping red a heartless thing

Seeing that green light that disappeared instantly, an ominous premonition appeared in Long Yi’s mind, as he asked: “Who knows what damnable thing was that green light?”

Barbarian Bull and Lu Xiya absently shook their head, however Leng Youyou lightly knitted her elegant eyebrows, and was lost in thought.

“Youyou, what are you thinking? Do you know what that was?” Long Yi patted Leng Youyou’s fragrant shoulder and asked.

Leng Youyou snapped out of her trance, then nodding her head, she said: “If I’m not mistaken, that was a kind of living creature called Kingfisher Magic Bird. Its flying speed is extremely fast. It is sealed inside the body of human, so that once the host dies, it would fly back to inform.”

“Kingfisher Magic Bird? Never heard about this sort of living creature. Lu Xiya, have you ever heard about it?” Long Yi asked.

Lu Xiya shook her head and reply: “I have also never heard about it.”

“Very few people know about this kind of bird, as far as I know, only Dark Church have this kind of bird, so how can Proud Moon Empire also possess it?” Leng Youyou said. All the core members of Dark Church had this Kingfisher Magic Bird sealed inside their body, and she was no exception.

Long Yi pondered for a little while, then analyzed: “If Kingfisher Magic Bird is really possessed only by Dark Church like you said, then there is only two possibilities. One possibility is Dark Pope is in fact person of Proud Moon Empire’s royalty. And another possibility is Proud Moon Empire and Dark Church collude with each other.”

“Then what should we do?” Lu Xiya asked.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulder and said with a smile: “What’s to be done, whether they collude or they are same family, it doesn’t involve us. As long as they don’t provoke us, it’s enough.”


Ten days later, Proud Moon Empire’s Frost Maple City. This was the nearest large city from Huangmang plain, was very flourishing. Right now the sun was already setting beyond the western hills, and the bright red sunset glow looked very beautiful. Frost Maple City’s stream of people had reached peak of today, everywhere was crowd of people bustling with activities. On the public road outside city gate, there were many vendor’s stall and peddlers, boisterously meeting those arriving, and sending off those departing.

Five figure suddenly appeared on this public road, and because of the setting sun, the length of their shadows were very long. Instantly, they attracted the gaze of everyone, because this group was truly a peculiar combination, a dazzling youth garbed in brocade clothing, a beast-men clan fighter with fierce looking face, and three face covered with veil females with enchanting figure, moreover two lovable strange pet following behind them.

Wushuang quite unusually size up all side’s structures and various types of shops. She found everything very new.

“Finally found a decent city. Now let’s look for an inn to rest and reorganize.” Long Yi sighed. They had roll about for half-a-year in Huangmang plain, and were soon about to go insane.

After finding the most luxurious inn in Frost Maple City, Long Yi threw out a bag full of Amethyst card, no minding the surprise look of other people at all. Now the thing he didn’t lack the most was money, and he feared he won’t be able to completely spend them.

Long Yi closed his eyes and laid inside big bathroom’s bathtub, then relaxed his nerves which were tensed for a long time. Soft magic lamp shone upon dense steam, making entire surrounding bewildering. This was just as the current state of Long Yi’s mind. It had been less than a year since he had arrived in this unfamiliar world, however he had already gone through test of life and death, had a brother and several intimate women, and had riches which other people were too inferior to even compare. Sometimes he himself also felt inconceivable, and thought the current circumstance was merely a kind of dream or illusion.

Bathroom’s door silently opened, and an exquisite figure lightly walked up to Long Yi. Then idiotically watching his handsome leisurely face, her jade hand pressed his temple and softly rubbed it.

Long Yi didn’t open his eyes. From the second she had entered bathroom, he had already knew who she was. Only Lu Xiya this little elf had that lavender like pure and fresh fragrance.

“Little elf, if you have something to say to me, then say it.” Long Yi softly said without opening his eyes.

Lu Xiya’s both hand shook, then she softly said: “Ng.”

“Then say it, what else is there that shouldn’t be said between us?” Long Yi said with a light chuckle.

Lu Xiya withdrew her hands, remain silent for a long time, and said: “Let’s talk about it later, first can you open you your eyes?”

Long Yi opened his eyes, and he impressively saw Lu Xiya wrapped around in a piece of bathrobe. Her white arms ** all bared outside, and her beautiful face was very red as if sunset glow, emitting amazing allure.

Seeing Long Yi had opened his eye, Lu Xiya raised her jade hands, then lightly pulled down the silk ribbon of her bathrobe.

Long Yi’s breathing stagnated, both of his eyes shone with profound dim light, and he fixedly staring at Lu Xiya’s that glittering and translucent, pure and limpid extremely beautiful **. On the top of plump awkwardly large **, two proudly standing upright pearl were indistinctly visible in the midst of steam, as if inviting him to savor to his heart’s content.

“Am I beautiful?” Seeing Long Yi infatuated looking at her naked body, Lu Xiya was embarrassed and again was proud. Her body was his, her heart was also his, and everything else were also his.

“Beautiful, even more beautiful than fairy.” Long Yi praised, while his passionate gaze looking her up and down.

Lu Xiya charmingly smiled, then turned around twice in front of Long Yi.

“Good gracious, when did this girl learn seducing?” Long Yi whispered. The little elf before his eyes, under the catalysis of love had unexpectedly slowly began to shed off green, and become feminine.

Lu Xiya slightly lifted her one jade leg, and placed it inside bathtub. At that instant, the pink ravine between her legs became visible before the eyes of Long Yi. But before Long Yi had enough time to look twice, Lu Xiya had already submerged inside the water lying in his arms.

“Long Yi, take me.” Lu Xiya closed her eyes and whispered while her little hand gently caressed Long Yi’s sturdy chest.

Holding a beauty in his arms, Long Yi again was not Liuxia Hui, so how could he sit-by without any turmoil in his mind? The standing erect thing on the lower part of his body was his honest response of his current state. [T.L: Liuxia Hui was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character. **copied from Wikipedia]

Lu Xiya’s small hand slowly slide down, and suddenly caught Long Yi’s that burning hot hard-on. That burning hot temperature made Lu Xiya slightly quiver all over.

“Little elf, what do you think about my weapon?” Long Yi bend over to the side of Lu Xiya’s long soft ear, then blew a hot air.

“Disgusting.” Lu Xiya with red face angrily roared. Recalling that enchanting night of Huangmang plain, if not for the case of disappointingly had to pee at that time, she would have become her sweetheart’s first woman.

Long Yi softly nibbled her sensitive long ear, big hands caressed her those pair of soft **. And under his teasing, her small protruding red beans stiffened.

Lu Xiya moaned, and she changed from her usual shyness and become active, no longer passively let Long Yi tease, rather took the initiative to tease Long Yi. Her entire body pressed Long Yi’s body, and lost in her messy passion, she kissed Long Yi’s neck and chest, and also rubbed her charming body against Long Yi’s majestic body. But how could she be Long Yi’s opponent? Not long after, she became limp and weak in Long Yi’s bosom, defense and offense instantly trade place.

Long Yi pick up Lu Xiya and rush out of bathroom, then kicked open the bedroom’s door. After that lying her on the bed, he strangely cried and threw himself on her.

Rubbing those full of elasticity **, and sucking those small pink cherry, Long Yi’s teasing gradually made Lu Xiya muddleheaded. Her misty eyes had flirtatious expression, and a layer of misty pink color appeared on her **.

Long Yi’s big hand slowly slide down, and passing through soft and tender fine hairs, pressed her already wet **.

“Ah, Long Yi.” Lu Xiya’s whole body quivered and cried just like a swallow. Both legs which were twitching closed tightly, and her syrup dampened Long Yi’s big hand.

Have done enough foreplay, Long Yi could no longer restrain himself. His thick and long thing move forward and broke through obstruction. That symbolize cleanly breaking down a membrane, bursting forth a gorgeous plum blossom.

Lu Xiya’s jade arms embrace Long Yi’s neck, letting this man to move about freely and quickly in her body. That moment when Long Yi have her, she shed tears. She finally became the real woman of her beloved, now even if they come apart, he will not forget her.