Womanizing Mage - Chapter 66: Showing ones’ hand

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Chapter 66: Showing ones’ hand

Early in the next morning, Long Yi and his travelling party vigorously entered Lost city. Since hidden treasures were already right under their nose, how could they not be excited?

Looking at the half buried inside the ground and the rows of broken-down buildings, Long Yi inwardly sighed with emotion. This city definitely possessed magnificent civilization, but now however was bleak and desolate, the affairs of life were too cruel ah.

“This place is too eerie ah, all housings are buried inside the ground, where are the hidden treasures ah.” Lu Xiya timidly shrunk to the side of Long Yi, and said. She basically was not such timid girl, but generally after a girl have someone to rely on, then she would change and become feeble, because she would become accustomed to relying.

“Ha Lei, do we have to dig everything one by one, with so many buildings, how many years or months would it take if we do so ah.” Lan Tian said in low spirit after seeing incomplete walls and broken tiles as far as his eyes could see.

Ha Lei laughed: “We don’t have that much time to dig everything, as long as we dug up the City lord mansion, it will be enough, because I think City lord is definitely the richest person in this Lost city.”

“Right, generally normal household don’t have any treasure, so we don’t need to waste time digging them up. Let’s quickly search mansion of city lord.” Lan Tian suddenly said without hiding his eagerness.

Looking at Lan Tian, Long Yi secretly shook his head. When he met him first time in Adventurer pub, Long Yi had very good opinion about him, but it seems that was his mistake. Now as if time reveals a person’s heart, Long Yi clearly understood that he was greedy and coward person, but also because of his cowardliness, he was still alive till now.

A mocking expression flashed in the eyes of Ha Lei only for an instant, then he took out the map from his bosom, then said with a smile: “City lord Mansion is not hard to find, Lost city is marked with Phoenix symbol in this map, so the city lord mansion should definitely have same symbol.”

Everyone gathered and saw Lost city was really marked with Phoenix symbol in the map. Long Yi couldn’t help but remember Yu Feng after seeing this, but Phoenix clan was unlikely to have any relation with Lost city.

Long Yi looked all around as far as his eyes could see, suddenly, his eyes rested on one huge mound at a distant point. This mound in itself was nothing special, but carefully looking at this mound, one could see one small section of fiery red thing outside this mound. If two-third of that Phoenix symbol was covered, then the remaining one-third and that section of thing was very similar to each other.

“I think I’ve already found the location of city lord mansion.” Long Yi laughed.

“Where?” Everyone looked at him expectantly.

“Over there, look isn’t that fiery red symbol?” Long Yi pointed and said.

Everyone orderly shook their head, the location pointed by Long Yi was outside the range of their limited sight, so they couldn’t see, but this was also within his expectation. AoTianJue however seize the effect of world’s nature, so after cultivating it, the six senses would change and become extremely keen, and also would be strengthened with advancement of each layer. After advancing in Canglan continent’s douqi and magic, the six senses would also change and become keen, but compared with AoTianJue, it was rather worse.

Long Yi led everyone towards that direction, suddenly, Long Yi stopped, and his complexion changed as he warned: “Everyone be careful, something is not quite right here.”

Hearing Long Yi, everyone immediately become alert, just then, Lan Tian suddenly cried in fear: “Very dense death qi, there might be undeads here.”

In some place, Necromancers didn’t need to summon undeads, and especially in this city cursed by Dark God. Long Yi felt all the people of this city have been turned into undeads, otherwise it was impossible to have such numerous undeads.

Just then, with a burst of crackling sound, skeletons and zombies bore out from inside the ground. They had worn broken suit of armor and that incomparable dense aura on their body, shows that these were not low level ordinary undeads like those outside the city. All of them were soldiers and general who had fought hundreds of battles when they were still alive, naturally more fierce and powerful compared to those ordinary undeads.

“Why are you all still staring blankly, quickly kill them.” Long Yi shouted loudly, then with a single swing of his huge sword, he cut off the head of two undeads.

Everyone immediately snapped out of it, and began to kill, but several tens of these undeads however almost made Long Yi and his group to eat huge loss. All of them had believed that cutting off their head would be enough to deal with them, but who would have thought that these undeads however were different. Even after their head were cut off, they would still attack, this error nearly caused both Lan Tian and Lu Xiya at the back to turn into ghosts. Fortunately Long Yi coincidently notice that, and he hacked those undeads into debris.

Long Yi and his group were scared until cold sweat break out from their whole body, hereafter they became more cautious. Fortunately the quantity of undeads throughout the way was not many. If there was so many like those low level undeads outside the city, then they would have really fallen in great trouble.

Killing throughout the way, they finally arrived at that huge mound Long Yi had pointed. Long Yi quickly moved forward and dug, that red thing really was Phoenix symbol. It seems city lord mansion was buried underneath this mound.

“City lord mansion is under this, let’s dig.” Ha Lei said.

Long Yi looked at dim sky, and indifferently shrugged his shoulder. Since he was already here, he had to willingly enter and take a look.

Searching the direction of entrance door, they orderly used douqi and magic, and very quickly discovered a fan shaped silver-white metal entrance door. Above this entrance door, there was one black colored magic talisman, unexpectedly was dark magic seal.

“I’ll try.” Lan Tian stepped forward, then began to silently chant incantation, and with both hands covered with soft light, he reached out to that dark magic seal.

But just when Lan Tian come into contact with that seal, he spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying back.

“Lan Tian, are you alright?” Ha Lei stepped forward and caught him, then worriedly asked.

Lan Tian stroke his chest for a long time, then said while shaking his head: “I’m fine, the level of person who placed this dark magic seal is very high, I can’t dispel it.”

Ha Lei looked over towards Long Yi and asked: “Long Yi, do you have any method?”

Long Yi indifferently said: “I will give it a try.” He walked up to the entrance door, raised his hand towards that dark magic seal, then shook his head and sighed: “I also can’t dispel and open the door.”

Leng Youyou strangely looked over to Long Yi, but Long Yi lightly shook his head to her. Leng Youyou could easily dispel this dark magic seal, and she believed that Long Yi could also do so. But Long Yi however pretended he couldn’t dispel it.

Lan Tian was very disappointed and Ha Lei however fell into silence. Then suddenly, his hand flashed with blue light, and as sudden as a flash of lightning, he cut Lan Tian who was well within his reach.

Before Lan Tian could response, his head was already cut off, and blood spurt out from his neck.

This move of Ha Lei cause Lu Xiya, Barbarian Bull and Leng Youyou shake still, and before any of them had a chance to react, they saw headless corpse of Lan Tian which was standing as before. Only the expression of Long had not changed from the beginning to end, he could have stopped Ha Lei, but he however didn’t. He knew that the reason why Ha Lei had killed Lan Tian was to show his hand.

Seeing that playful look in the eyes of Long Yi, Ha Lei was startled inside his heart. This mysterious youngster didn’t even crease his brows when he (Long Yi) saw him killing Lan Tian, it seems he (Long Yi) had already began to suspect him.

Just then, Lu Xiya and others snapped out of the daze. Lu Xiya drew her elf bow, and aim at Ha Lei. A look of anger and shock had appeared on her face, she had never really expected that this simple and honest team leader would actually kill his companion so suddenly. And Barbarian Bull also raised his mace with anger in his face and was about to rush, but Long Yi however pulled and stopped him. Only Leng Youyou didn’t react in any way, after initial shock, her face had revert back to calmness.