Womanizing Mage - Chapter 64: A thousand pounds hangs by a thread

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Chapter 64: A thousand pounds hangs by a thread

[T.L: A thousand pounds hangs by a thread (idiom): Imminent peril]

Two people finished putting on their clothes, and jumped off the Black Lotus, then Leng Youyou waved her dainty hand. After that that huge Black Lotus suddenly rotated, and changing into a wisp of black mist entered into Leng Youyou’s the space between the eyebrows, then a small lotus mark appeared there. This mark however was similar to the blood red skull mark, it’s just that one was in the center of palm and other was in the space between the eyebrows, moreover this lotus mark was more beautiful than skull mark.

After arriving to the side of Cold pond, Long Yi took back 18 super skeletons and Violent Lightning Beast inside his dark dimension space, then holding Leng Youyou, jumped into the Cold pond. Although more people, but because the hydraulic pressure was pushing them downward after submerging, so the consumption of internal force was not that high. If it was coming upwards, then that might be rather strained.

Just like an easy drive on a familiar path, Long Yi created spirit passage, and both of them got into that secret cave. Leng Youyou was surprised and was also full of praise towards this uncanny workmanship which was absolutely not within the ability of human.

Long Yi took Leng Youyou into the hall. That transfer magic formation was still emitting dull blue rays of light. But Leng Youyou however straightly stared at wall’s black robbed statue, the agitatedly stepped forward few steps, then devotionally kneeled down.

“Oh Dark god, your loyal follower prays before you, please forgive us for disturbing you.” Leng Youyou mumbled while kneeling down.

Long Yi suddenly saw the light, it turned out this shameful guy was unexpectedly well-known Dark God. It truly seems not very bright, no wonder could only carry on underground activity. Take a look at Light God worshipped by Light Church, that appearance that temperament, furthermore those eight big wings that were able to fan himself.

“Youyou, I think that’s enough appreciation, we should quickly get out.” Long Yi chuckled.

Leng Youyou turned her head and glared at Long Yi, then hurriedly apologize towards the statue of Dark God. Long Yi was angry as well as found this funny, it seems the brainwashing procedure of these religions were pretty good.

In just this fashion, Leng Youyou paid her respect to Dark God according to the protocol of Dark Church, only then she got up and walked towards Long Yi.

Now they could finally go out, so Long Yi was somewhat excited inside his heart. He took out magic wand from inside that recess, then pulling Leng Youyou, he entered the transfer magic formation.

A burst of dense blue light emerged, then Long Yi felt the space around distorting, and everything became dark before their eyes.

In Lost city, Ha Lei and Barbarian Bull covered in scares had become meat wall, and still were frantically slashing endless skeletons and zombies in front of them. Lu Xiya behind them was continuously drawing her elven bow, and her every dark green elven arrow shot through a string of skeletons and zombies. Lan Tian this nemesis of undead however was leaning on the wall with pale complexion. He had casted holy light purify magic for a long time and destroyed many skeletons and zombies, but now it seems his mana was already consumed to his extreme limit.

But the undead legion was too many, practically endless. Just cut down one, and immediately another undead would replace in. Very soon meat shield Barbarian Bull and Ha Lei would be unable to go on. Due to the blood loss, their attack speed was increasingly reducing and their vision had also already began to blur.

An axe passed through Barbarian Bull’s mace and slashed his shoulder. Barbarian Bull madly roared and smashed the skeleton in front of him. This pain aroused his overbearing nature, and with his bull eyes becoming red, his mace slaughtered in all direction. But the light blue colored douqi on the huge sword of Ha Lei was already rather dim, and just a moment ago, his chest was tore open by a zombie.

All four people had already given up all their hops, they were about to lose their life in near future. Perhaps over the passage of time, they would also become member of these undead legion.

Lu Xiya gasped for breathe and was physically paralyzed, her hands were so sore that she was not even able to lift them anymore. She blankly looked towards sky, recalled Long Yi, recalled Leng Youyou, and inwardly blamed herself, if not for saving me, Leng Youyou wound not have fall down that space fissure, and Long Yi also wouldn’t have fall down trying to save Leng Youyou, they are all my fault. A layer of mist appeared on Lu Xiya’s beautiful eyes.

Just at that time, Lu Xiya suddenly saw the appearance of dull blue rays of light in the sky, and space began to distort strangely. She thought her tears had blurred her vision, so she hastily blinked, and looked again. A rift suddenly opened in the sky, and two people dropped from inside that space rift.

“Long Yi, Long Yi and elder sister Youyou, they are back.” Lu Xiya screamed loudly with ecstasy.

Ha Lei and Barbarian Bull who had practically given up the resistance, hearing Long Yi had returned, immediately struggled up from their despair, as if they had eaten a stimulant. All of them had a belief in their heart, Long Yi returned consequently means they’ll be rescued. Long Yi had unconsciously become the spiritual leader of everyone.

Feeling they were suddenly falling down, Long Yi circulated his internal force, hugged Leng Youyou and glided in the air. When he saw Barbarian Bull, Ha Lei and others were on the verge of collapse under the attack of countless undead legion, he angrily stared as if he wanting to split open the earth, and vigorously roared. The sound wave of this vigorous roar caused the undeads in front of them to fall down just like cut wheat. This however was Shaolin orthodox school’s lion roar, full of vital energy, most suitable to deal with these undeads.

The efficacy of the abilities after Long Yi advanced to second layer of AoTianJue was incomparable to when he was in first layer. The sound wave of his lion roar had wiped out all the undeads of his location, and other undead didn’t dare to set their foot in in that area.

Long Yi helped Ha Lei and Barbarian Bull to stop their bleeding. Basically he could use light magic to directly heal their injury, but he still had qualm towards Ha Lei and Lan Tian, so he didn’t do so, and decided to wait for Lan Tian to recover his mana and heal them.

Lu Xiya idiotically watched Long Yi, and her mind was completely blank. The happiness had come too fast, making her unable to react for the time being.

Seeing the deadly pale complexion of little elf, Long Yi’s heart ached. He walked in front of Lu Xiya and hugged her, then transferred his internal force from her back.

“Long Yi, I’m not dreaming right, you are real right?” Lu Xiya murmured, then surrounded by familiar smell, she felt incomparably relaxed.

“I am, I am back.” Long Yi softly replied, then lightly kissed her forehead.

Feeling that limp and numb feeling on her forehead, Lu Xiya began to believe that she really was not hallucinating, then shrinking into the bosom of Long Yi, she muttered: “You are back, really great.”

Long Yi gently looked at little elf who had sunk into sleep in his bosom, and myriad of tenderness appeared in his heart. Fortunately he came back timely, and all of them were fine.

Leng Youyou merely stood by one side and looked at Long Yi, she had somewhat complex expression in her eyes, but soon afterwards felt relieved. Fortunately she had changed back her face into that ordinary appearance when she entered that transfer magic formation, otherwise it would be a wonder if the eyeballs of Ha Lei and other people didn’t fall to the ground.

Long Yi lifted his head, just in time to see Leng Youyou’s relieved expression, and his mood relaxed, both of them looked at each other and laughed.