Womanizing Mage - Chapter 621: Emptied Treasury

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“Xiang’er, wake up, you cannot leave me……” Sea Emperor screamed and shook the woman lying on the bed, bleeding from seven orifices.

Long Yi was also startled. He thought that it was a backlash of Blue Sea Divine Soul, but he calmed down and stared at the big hands of Sea Emperor that were violently shaking the woman. That extremely subtle energy fluctuation didn’t escape his senses.

Slowly, that woman stopped trembling and her life fluctuation completely ceased to exist. But, the Blue Sea Divine Soul she had swallowed had no movement, even its aura had disappeared.

And the moment the life of that woman was severed, Sea Emperor sat there stunned as if he had lost his soul. His expression was dull and his eyes weren’t focused, seemingly, he was escaping from reality being unable to bear the pain.

“Your Majesty, please restrain your grief.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Sea Emperor and faintly said.

The Sea Emperor suddenly raised his head as if he was awakened abruptly. His face was twisted as he glared at Long Yi as if a beast. But soon, his expression slowly simmered down. He then exhaled a long breath and said in a hoarse voice: “Long Yi, you are not to be blamed for this matter, I can only blame myself if I have to blame someone.”

Long Yi however was clapping inwardly. The performance of Sea Emperor was truly realistic. At first, he appeared to be unable to endure the pain, then he appeared to be subconsciously blaming Long Yi, then after appearing to be calming down, he showed helpless and suffering expression. Even the actors of his previous life would find it hard to perform like this.

“Eh, what about Blue Sea Divine Soul? How…… how can it suddenly disappear?” The Sea Emperor moved as if he wanted to take Blue Sea Divine Soul and hand it over to Long Yi, but suddenly discovering Blue Sea Divine Soul had disappeared within the body of this woman, he exclaimed loudly.

A hint of sneer flashed for a moment on the face of Long Yi, but he still appeared anxious on the surface. He then hastily used his spirit power to examine the body of this woman. That Blue Sea Divine Soul had truly disappeared without a trace.

“Long Yi, this emperor…, this emperor truly let you down. Something might have happened after Blue Sea Divine Soul had entered the body of Xiang’er, thus leading to Xiang’er’s death, moreover, Blue Sea Divine Soul also dissipated. Now, this emperor cannot fulfill this emperor’s promise to you, this emperor is truly ashamed to face you. But, this emperor will not shrink from my responsibility. Anything of my imperial palace, as long as you like it, regardless of anything, you can take it. Even if you want my Sea Emperor Thorne, this Sea Emperor is also determined to make concessions.” The Sea Emperor looked at Long Yi with the conscience-stricken appearance and said.

“Ai, perhaps, this is the will of heaven. Your Majesty, you don’t need to blame yourself. As for the treasury of the imperial palace, if I don’t accept it, then it might appear hypocritical and also be unfair to the pains of Sea Emperor. And as for the Sea Emperor Throne, I don’t dare to have a wishful thinking, am I, Long Yi, such a small man?” Long Yi looked dejected and distressed, but his tone was filled with stern righteousness.

Both of them were masters of acting. Now, they were performing a great rival show. Perhaps, both of them were well aware of this in their heart.

Since Blue Sea Divine Soul had disappeared into the thin air, Sea Emperor didn’t believe that Long Yi was not suspicious of him, merely, he was certain that Long Yi will not shed all pretense of cordiality, after all, they had a common enemy, Heavenly Demon King. In addition, Undersea City was his territory. As long as, he called to action, and announced Long Yi was foreign humankind, then tens upon tens of thousands of people of his Sea Race would tear him into pieces.

Long Yi was brought to the imperial treasury by Sea Emperor. As everyone knew, the sea in itself was a huge treasure deposit, it gave birth to countless treasures. And as the ruler of Undersea City, the treasury of Sea Emperor made Long Yi open his eyes wide. In it, there were big head-sized super pearls, exquisite sculptures carved from ten million years old sea essence, treasured bows, divine swords and also a large number of sea ores. Long Yi couldn’t tell the names of many, but the pure energy contained inside them accelerated the heartbeat of Long Yi.

At that moment, Sea Emperor however urgently left using the pretext of making funeral arrangements of the empress. Long Yi however was worried about the limited capacity of his space ring. He didn’t want to let many things slip by. As for Blue Sea Divine Soul, he appeared as if he didn’t care at all.

Long Yi strolled around this huge treasury of Sea Emperor. Although he had seen many treasuries, such as the treasuries of various empires of Blue Waves Continent and also the huge treasury of Dragon Race, in addition, he himself had also gathered many rare treasures, when he saw the treasury of Sea Emperor, he was still dazzled. He felt that he had not enough eyes to use.

“Why is the capacity of this broken space ring so small? If I had a space ring with the capacity of several hundred square meters, how wonderful that would be.” At this moment, Long Yi criticized his space ring for having a small capacity, but he had forgotten that, the capacity of his space ring was already very big. It would be difficult to find the second such space ring In Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi pulled a long pace as he placed the treasures inside his space rings. Sea Emperor had let him take anything he wanted, but he couldn’t take all of them due to the limited capacity of his space ring. However, he was very unwilling, he couldn’t bear to abandon so many treasures. This was a rare chance, how could he suffer a loss?

Just when Long Yi was worried, a hint of fluctuation came from the dark space dimension.

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With a thought, he let out tiger cub Little Tree, Violent Lightning Beast, two Fire Qilins as well as Long Two and that six-winged angel skeleton.

Long Yi then let these god beasts do whatever they wanted. This huge treasury had attracted them. They quickly ran over to various kinds of treasures and jumped, playing around with them. After coming out in the open field of Smelting Death Cave, they had been staying in Dark Dimension Space. And this time, they strongly urged Long Yi to let them out to take a breather.

Long Yi stared at these god beasts for a while in a daze, and then, he suddenly laughed complacently.

“Sea Emperor ah Sea Emperor, you think you are so smart, you think you can play tricks on me, this time, see how this Young Master will empty your treasury.” The eyes of Long Yi shone as he shouted. He had suddenly thought of a wonderful plan. The space inside his dark dimension space was extremely vast. It could easily accommodate all the treasures of this treasury. Although he couldn’t put these treasures directly into dark dimension space, Little Three and others could.

Doing what he thought, this was the style of Long Yi.

Long Yi used his thoughts to instruct Little Three and other god beasts as well as Long Two and that six-winged angel skeleton to transport those treasures into the dark dimension space.

The treasures in this treasury slowly diminished at a visible rate. Finally, the entire dazzling treasury became very dim. Now, only a few pearls inlaid on the walls were left, but they were just used to illuminate this treasury.

Long Yi was perfectly content. He praised these god beasts while grinning happily. This moment, he even thought that he had obtained all the wealth of this world.

Without bidding farewell, Long Yi slipped away from the imperial palace without anybody knowing.

After leaving the imperial palace, Long Yi who wanted to return to Miluo residence suddenly thought that it had already been such a long period of time since he arrived at Undersea City but he had yet to set up a transfer magic array and link it up to the main array. After he had this thought, so as to avoid being unable to get away during an urgent situation, in addition, he had to return since the Dragon Race Convention was in two days, so he decided to set up a transfer magic array now.

Long Yi thought of quite a few places and decided to set up a magic transfer array at the discarded minefield of Miluo Clan that was located at the outskirts of Sea Emperor City. Basically, no one comes and goes in this place, moreover, there were many mine caves in this place. He casually chose a remote mine cave and set up a confusion type magic array first to cover this place.

And when Long Yi was happily setting up a transfer magic array, Sea Emperor was looking at his empty treasury and the corner of his mouth twitched. At this moment, he felt like crying but he had no tears.


Blue Waves Continent, Soaring Dragon City, the imperial palace.

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After the next two days, the Dragon Race Convention will be held. The expansion project of the new city had been basically completed as a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources were invested. Now, only some final tweakings were left. The current scale of Soaring Dragon City was already far beyond any other cities of Blue Waves Continent.

The people of various races were bustling with activity in the entire Soaring Dragon City. The entire city was active from dawn to dusk, becoming the real city without night.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, on the main transfer magic array, just now, a new shining point has appeared. A new transfer magic array is already built in the far west of the continent.” A court magician who had been guarding the main transfer magic array hastily rushed into the study of Emperor Ximen Nu. This however was a personal order of Ximen Nu, once a transfer magic array was built, even if heaven was collapsing or the ground was cleaving, it should be reported to him at the fastest speed.

Ximen Nu who was examining and approving memorials immediately stood up. At this moment, the large stone that on his mind finally disappeared, and he felt very light. It had already been a long time since Long Yi had gone to the depths of the sea to look for Undersea City, and there was no news from him. Now that a transfer magic array had appeared in the far west of the continent, this clearly explained that Long Yi wasn’t in immediate danger.

Immediately, Ximen Nu sent an imperial maid to the imperial haram to convey this good news.

Soon, Dongfang Wan and the women of Long Yi heard the news and they were finally able to put rest to the worries in their heart.

“Empress, I beseech you, let us go look for His Highness the Crown Prince via the magic array.” Mu Hanyan and Mu Jingjing who had already stayed in the imperial palace for a few days were endlessly excited. They wished to immediately go see Long Yi.

“I already said that Yu’er went to look for Undersea City, in order to take precautions against contingencies, the transfer magic array he set up is one way. Only after he teleports over here and made some modification, it would become two-way transfer magic array. Don’t worry, since Yu’er has set up the transfer magic array, he will definitely return in the near future.” Dongfang Wan patted the shoulder of Mu Hanyan and consoled.

Mu Hanyan bit her lower lip and nodded her head. She clearly knew that Long Yi was on the other side of that transfer magic array, but she was unable to ho see him, this feeling however was like flying into the air and suddenly falling down into the sea just some distance away from the shore. Although there were no injuries, the entire body was painful, moreover, couldn’t reach the destination, one could well imagine how uncomfortable one felt.