Womanizing Mage - Chapter 58: Secret cave in the bottom of a pond

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Chapter 58: Secret cave in the bottom of a pond

Long Yi took in Long Two inside the dark dimension space, and left behind other 17 super skeletons to protect Leng Youyou.

“I’m going, you must be careful.” Long Yi bend over and kissed the lips of Leng Youyou, and deeply looked at her beautiful eyes, wanting to transmit his confidence to her.

Leng Youyou opened her mouth, but she suddenly felt as if something was blocking her throat, and a layer of mist appeared in her beautiful eyes, but she still nodded vigorously. She probably might never thought that she a dignified hell saintess would worry about a man like this in the past.

Long Yi took a deep breathe, covered his whole body with internal force of AoTianJue, then after making a gesture of no need to worry towards Leng Youyou, he directly plunged into this small cold pool.

The water inside this small cold pool was extremely clear, however was very deep, and couldn’t even see its bottom. Long Yi dived down, and burst of bones piercing coldness attacked him through the internal force protecting him. Fortunately it was immediately dissolved by the internal force inside his body, otherwise Long Yi would have change into a human Popsicle.

Approximately even after half an hour, Long Yi still hadn’t reached the bottom, furthermore he discovered one extremely strange phenomenon. Originally while diving down, the buoyancy was large, but the more he dive down this cold pond, the more the buoyancy became smaller and the pressure would also push him downwards. So Long Yi’s speed of diving downwards instead became faster and faster, but if it was not the case that his body was being protected by internal force, all of his internal organs would have already crushed by this hydraulic pressure.

Deep in the water, there was no lights coming in, but with Long Yi’s eye sights, it was nothing serious. Suddenly, Long Yi detected one white colored light flashing below his body. At this moment, the temperature of the water was so low that his arms and legs were already somewhat rigid.

Diving closer, there were more and more white colored lights. They simply were close and numerous filling up whole waters. Suddenly, Long Yi stopped by supporting his body on the periphery’s rock. Now his heart was both startled and delighted. Startled because those white specks were fishes emitting white lights, but the whole body of these fishes were covered with a kind of scale armor, and also that row of sharp tooth extending out their flat head, this shows that these strange fishes were absolutely not friendly crops; Delighted because the rock inside the area of these strange fishes had one fan-shaped tunnel entrance, however water was not flowing into it. It might be assumed that there was completely different world inside, or perhaps the exit of this space.

Long Yi worriedly looked at those huge number of strange shoal of fish, and thought: “It seems the attack of these strange fishes are not weak, can I rush pass them? Should I attack them? The effect of Dark magic inside water is not too big, why did this damnable place not have other magic element beside dark magic element? So use internal force to attack? My internal force’s moves consumption is so big that afterwards I will not have any surplus left to protect myself. Douqi, no need to consider. Then, spirit attack? Dealing with so many strange shoals of fishes with spirit attack will exhaust me to death.”

Suddenly, an idea flashed in his mind, without using spirit attack, can’t he use spirit to protect? Or can’t he use spirit power to open a passage? Long Yi visually estimated the possibility.

Long Yi no longer hesitated, as his hands and legs were already feeling a bit numb. Since he already had an idea, under the command of Long Yi, his powerful spirit power went forward to scout. First his condensed invisible spirit power bypassed those strange fishes and directly reached that fan-shaped cave entrance, then his condensed spirit power slowly spread, and this spirit power forced those strange fishes to retreat. In this fashion, an invisible spirit power passage was formed from Long Yi to cave entrance, and all around this passage, there were those thickly dotted strange fishes.

Seeing he succeed in making spirit passage, Long Yi madly circulated AoTianJue to its limit, then just like a sharp arrow he rushed along the passage. And discovering the intrusion of alien, those shoal of strange fish began rioting, but all of them were obstructed by spirit power. When Long Yi almost reached the cave entrance, a burst of dizziness suddenly appeared in his head, and his spirit power began to disappear quickly. Long Yi was shocked inside his heart, he knew that this was the consequence of using such amount of spirit power. But right now there was no alternative, Long Yi just forcedly gritted his teeth and move forward, if he stop now, then he would definitely die without leaving behind even bones.

Urging his internal force to move, just like a cannon ball, he shot to the cave entrance and enter it, but at that moment, he felt severe pain coming through his legs. Only after rolling several times inside the cave, Long Yi stopped, then sitting up he discovered several bleeding wounds on his lower leg. Without guessing, he knew that these were caused by the bite of those strange fishes’ sharp teeth.

Long Yi was struck dumb with amazement, he knew his speed, and he had also concentrated almost all of his internal force on his legs, but those crowd of strange fish however was able to pierce through his defense of internal force and bit him, had to say they were extremely fierce.

Fortunately those strange fishes were not poisonous, and the wounds were also merely superficial wound, so Long Yi just stopped bleeding, and there was not any big obstruction in his movement. This moment Long Yi Long Yi began to carefully size up this fan-shaped cave, he was surprised to discover the walls of this cave was very smooth. The end of this cave couldn’t be seen, and at the interval of 50 meters or so, there were two small white colored magic lamp on either side of cave wall which illuminated this cave. At first glance, it appeared just like a passage leading to heaven.

After restoring his energy for a while, he stood up, and walked towards the depth of the passage. Soon after walking, Long Yi stopped, and alertly looked at both sides of passage, then discovered rows of lifelike people statues, dressed in clothing of different profession, holding different weapons, and that ferocious expression on their face was the only thing identical among them.

Long Yi felt these statues were rather odd, he didn’t dare to rashly pass through the middle of them, but he had no other choice but to pass. Long Yi looked at the height of passage, then lightly stepping on the ground, he jumped and lightly stamping on the wall he thought to cross from the sky.

But when Long Yi’s foot passed first statue, just like a chain reaction to this, all statues unexpectedly came back to life. Their petrified appearance quickly disappeared.

And they immediately threw magic and douqi attack towards Long Yi who was in the process of leaping into roofs and vaulting over walls.

“Wa fuck, hellfire, and world of snow and ice, didn’t this damnable place not have other magic elements?” Long Yi was immediately in a difficult position, and using big cosmos shift in the sky, he retreated leaving behind those words and after images. And when he moved back, the strange thing was, all of these people again petrified into statues.

Long Yi estimated that there were probably more than 100 of these statues. From that magic and douqi attack they had fired just a moment ago, he discovered that most of them were Advance Magicians and Advance Fighters. But among them, there were also Mage and Swords Master. That rank 10 magic ‘world of ice and snow’ plus that dark blue douqi proved this point.

What’s to be done? Unable to defeat all of them, if run then there was some certainty with the prerequisite that no other things block the way in front, otherwise honorably return back.

But having reached this stage, it was impossible for Long Yi to turn back, so his only choice was to try. Long Yi was never a sloppy person, once he decide a thing, he would immediately put it to action. Pushing big cosmos shift to its highest limit, Long Yi’s body change into a blur, and taking advantage of two seconds required to dispel petrification, he rushed pass them at full speed. Without decreasing his speed, he dashed ahead, and the sound of magic attack smashing walls came from behind him.

Long Yi turned his head, saw more than 100 experts were left far behind, but they were still chasing him.

“Unlucky, why are these things not turning into statues again?” Long Yi run away while complaining and was praying to not run into anything in front of him.

But some people were born with comparatively bad luck, truly happening what he was afraid to happen.

“It seems unlucky peoples truly can have their teeth freeze while drinking cold water.” Gritting his teeth, Long Yi stopped. Then made a wry smile as the passage in front of him had a statue of huge magical beasts which completely blocked the path forward.