Womanizing Mage - Chapter 561: Re-entering Origin Ice

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After Proud Moon Empire was thoroughly destroyed, it was divided into five major states which were ruled by the Violent Dragon Empire. The production and management of the states were quickly resumed and trade flourished. They were like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. As for the homeless and destitute victims, arrangements were made for them and before long, the once destroyed Proud Moon Empire started to flourish again.

Right now, it was the middle of the seventh month. The weather was scorching hot, but Origin Ice which was located in the northern part of the continent was shrouded with cold air. No matter which direction one looked, they would only be able to see ice.

This was a forbidden zone for living beings. Only very few living creatures could be seen thriving here. As the environment was extremely harsh and there were no treasures located on Origin Ice, no adventurer group would run over to suffer in a living hell.

Naturally, according to the laws of nature, the vast Origin Ice had many treasures hidden in it. However, the average person would not be able to find them. For instance, a cold spirit that was millions of years old… There was also the Ice Fruit which was a sacred treasure for any water magician… All these treasures could be found on Origin Ice. There were other treasures which were equally if not more precious hidden in Origin Ice.

As a violent dragon shot through the skies, the wind whistled. Ice particles in the air rolled around and under the ice-cold sunlight, the particles appeared magnificent just like widespread magic fireworks.

“Wow, so beautiful!” Crystal excitedly pulled Sharman and she shouted loudly.

“Yes, this is extremely beautiful. I never thought that there would be such a beautiful place in this world!” Sharman also exclaimed in astonishment.

“Well, don’t be so excited. After staying here for ten to fifteen days, I’m afraid that you will be complaining non-stop. Now, let’s take a break.” Long Yi waved his hand and he proposed for everyone to take a break. Long Yi quickly used a huge ice cube in order to build an ice house in order to block them from the cold wind.

Of course, this was Long Yi’s group who had rushed here from Soaring Dragon City. They were looking for Wushuang who had not returned even after a long time.

After they stabilized everything in Soaring Dragon City, Long Yi, along with Yu Feng, Li Qing, Barbarian Bull, Sharman, Crystal, Midi’er, Lugexiya, and the Liuxu sisters rushed over to Origin Ice. For the others, they stayed in Soaring Dragon City. Long Yi didn’t bring them along.

It wasn’t because Long Yi was playing favorites. Instead, it was because Ximen Nu had just ascended to the throne. He was extremely busy with state affairs and his Dongfang Wan felt extremely lonely. She didn’t allow Long Yi to bring away all her daughters-in-law. The reason why he had brought along Yu Feng was because he needed her Snowstorm Divine Marten to lead the way. Otherwise, it would be extremely easy for him to get lost in Origin Ice, this goddamned place.

There were no complaints from these women as their identity was different from before. Some had to stay behind for appearance sake. They didn’t complain as several months ago, Long Yi had achieved small success in his research of transfer magic arrays after lots of experiments. Once, Long Yi got lucky and he discovered a multi-transfer magic array. He quickly set up a master transfer magic array in a secret room which was located in a secret room of the imperial palace. Right now, he was able to set up a fixed point for this magic array. As long as Long Yi had enough magic crystals to activate the magic array, he would be able to instantly return to the imperial palace no matter where he was on the Blue Waves Continent.

As of now, Long Yi had already translated all the books related to magic arrays he had obtained in Lost City into the script of Blue Waves Continent. He handed them over to the Magician Guild of the Violent Dragon Empire and he instructed them to research and build a magic array in one first class big city within a year. Long Yi had plans for transfer magic arrays to be built in all of the cities of the Blue Waves Continent within five years. This was a huge project that marked the start of the new epoch. With transfer magic arrays, the distance between the cities would become irrelevant. Regardless of military affairs or lifesaving affairs, this was a huge improvement. Of course, not everyone was able to make use of the transfer magic arrays. Energy crystals were required to activate the magic array and the energy crystals were not free. There was no doubt that the use of the transfer array would be extremely expensive.

Sitting in the ice house, Long Yi and his group began to enjoy their food and wine.

“Father, Niur don’t want to eat magic cores. Niur wants to eat roasted pig!” Sitting on the lap of Long Yi, Niur ate her portion of three roasted fire rabbits and she looked at the food in the hands of others. Drool started to leak out from the corners of her mouth. Although she still held some A-ranked magic cores given to her by Long Yi, how could she ignore the temptation of good food? Although magic cores could replenish her energy, they were not as tasty as good food.

“You foodie, there isn’t much in my space ring. If you want to eat something, go and look for it by yourself.” Long Yi pinched the cheek of the angry Niur. If he really allowed her to eat as much as she wanted, all the food he brought would never be enough.

“Allow Little Three and the others to accompany Niur to look for food!” The eyes of Niur shone. She was intelligent. With the help of Little Three and the others, she would be able to sit idle and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

“Little clever ghost.” Long Yi dotingly flicked the forehead of Niur and summoned little tiger, Fire Qilin, and the Violent Lightning Beast from his dark space dimension. Although there were very few living beings in Origin Ice, they were extremely powerful. However, there were only a few beings who were able to match his god beasts. Long Yi wasn’t worried at all.

Little Tiger and the others seemed quite excited to come out. They immediately started to play familiarly around the Snowstorm Divine Marten casted by Yu Feng. After they received Long Yi’s instructions, Niur rode on Little Tiger they left the ice house together with the others. They disappeared from the sight of everyone in an instant.

“Come come, let’s continue to drink and eat to our heart’s content. We’ll go and sleep after that before continuing our journey.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Strange… We have been walking for such a long time. Why is the sun not setting?” Lugexiya curiously asked.

“It is nothing strange. It’s summer now. This is the polar day phenomenon of Origin Ice. In other words, daytime will last for several days to several months. In the past, when I came here with Feng’er, it had been winter and night lasted for ten continuous days.” Long Yi said as he looked at Yu Feng. He thought about the trials and tribulations he had experienced with her and he smiled at her in tacit understanding.

“This is truly strange. I didn’t expect that Origin Ice would be so fun. There is nothing worth seeing in Dragon Island.” Lugexiya excitedly said. Coming to Blue Waves Continent this time was truly his best decision. He was finally able to experience such a vast human world and so many interesting things. He felt extremely reluctant to return. However, he knew that he had to return after this trip to Origin Ice.

“Fun… Do you want to have fun with this big sister of yours? Useless fellow.” Midi’er angrily smacked Lugexiya’s head. It wasn’t surprising that she was angry. Last time, in Soaring Dragon City, she made Lugexiya compete with that girl, Crystal. In the end, Crystal simply smiled at him and he was unable to differentiate north, south, east, and west. He was kicked and was sent flying several hundred meters away… It completely embarrassed Midi’er.

“Oh, the younger brother is useless and the big sister isn’t much better. It seems as though the Divine Dragon Clan is just so-so.” When she saw this, Sharman sneered with biting sarcasm from the side.

“Say that again! Do you want to fight?” Having heard what was said, Midi’er stood up. When had she, the first Tyrant Dragon King of the Divine Dragon Clan, ever been angered like this? Even though they had fought before, both of them were equally matched. No one won and no one lost.

“If you want to fight then let us fight. Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Sharman also stood up.

Long Yi nibbled on a roasted leg of a fire rabbit and drank wine leisurely as he looked at the bosom of those two girls. Not only were these two she-T. Rexes equally matched in strength, their figure was also similarly hot. He could still remember that soft feeling he had felt last time.

“Why are you two quarreling? If the two of you have eaten enough and have nothing to do, go and cultivate.” Liuxu rolled her eyes at Long Yi and said. When she saw that this bad fellow was ignoring the both of them as he stared at their chest with a lecherous expression, a feeling of anger appeared in her heart. However, she felt that it was funny as well. She was afraid that this bad fellow would never change throughout his life.

Surprisingly, after Liuxu opened her mouth, both Sharman and Midi’er glared at each other. Sitting down, they obediently kept quiet. It seemed that everything had its nemesis. This she-T. Rex was truly the only one that could control the other she-T. Rexes.

“I wonder if Elder Pierre has returned to Dragon Island. He will not tell on us, will he?” Crystal said as she held her chin.

“You can rest assured. I made an agreement with him. Even though that old man has a bad temperament, he is a dragon who keeps his promises.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“That’s natural. Elder Pierre is selfless. Otherwise, why will father emperor send him to capture us?” Sharman said.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t think Little Three and the others will be able to find any living being for a long while. You are all free to do whatever you want. If you want to cultivate, then go and cultivate. If you want to go out to take a stroll, go out and walk around. All of you just have to remember not to go too far. It will be very hard to find a way back if you are lost.”

After speaking, Long Yi left along with Yu Feng. After arriving at Origin Ice, he thought of many things which happened in the past. He wanted to brush up that feeling with Yu Feng.

Looking at Long Yi and Yu Feng’s back view, Liuxu sighed softly in her heart. This man was someone who was constantly appearing in her mind. However, neither Long Yi nor Liuxu seemed to be able to throw themselves into this feeling. Liuxu seemed to know the reason behind their inaction. She wanted to save her father and mother. As for Long Yi, he had many other matters to worry about. In addition, from an unknown time, the relationship between the two of them seemed to be covered with a layer of mist. Sometimes Liuxu would think of his warm bosom and she felt as though she would be able to depend on him. However, when she saw how he enjoyed his life with the women around him, she felt like he was very far away from her.

At that time, Midi’er left with her brother. Sharman and Crystal also followed her. Seeing this, Liuxu just shook her head and she looked for a corner. Sitting down cross-legged, she started to cultivate. As she had been cultivating non-stop for day and night, her strength had been rising rapidly. Compared to Midi’er and Sharman, she was a lot stronger. If she compared herself to the elders of the Dragon Clan, she was a little bit inferior. If she didn’t experience a lucky chance, she had to cultivate painstakingly for the next hundred years in order to gain enough strength to match the elders of the Dragon Race.

Now, Long Yi and Yu Feng were cuddling together at the top of an icy mountain not far away from the ice house. Under the illumination of the sunlight, they looked just like a picture from a fairy tale, eternal and beautiful.

Both of them were silent as they enjoyed common memories. Even after several years, Origin Ice was still the same. The people were also the same, but their mental state was completely different.

“I will always remember this place. I will forever remember this world of snow and ice…” Yu Feng muttered. This place was where she endured various tribulations with Long Yi.

“I still remember that in the past, I lost my temper at you because we couldn’t find the Ruyi Ice Silkworm even after a long time. Did you feel wronged?” Long Yi asked. At that time, the life of Wushuang was hanging on the line and her health was deteriorating day by day. They had been unable to find the shadow of the Ruyi Ice Silkworm even after walking for more than ten days. Long Yi was agitated and he vented his anger on the innocent Yu Feng.

“Of course I felt wronged… How can I not feel wronged? However, there was a happy feeling as well. I knew that you wouldn’t have roared at me like that if I wasn’t a person close to you.” Yu Feng said with a smile and a hint of warmth flashed through her eyes. If she hadn’t risked her life, she might not have received Long Yi’s love. Moreover, that experience she had together with Long Yi was unique and was something she would never forget in her life.

Long Yi smiled and stopped speaking. He was lost in thoughts as he looked into the distance.

After an unknown period of time, the sky turned darker but the sun still hung high in the sky. It could be assumed that the time was late at night.

“My husband, let’s dig a hole to rest. Just like in the past.” Yu Feng looked up suddenly and there was a warm look in her eyes. She pressed her bosom against Long Yi’s arm and she said softly.

The heart of Long Yi heated up and he recalled about the time when he had shared a bed with Yu Feng in Origin Ice for the first time. His hand which was originally on Yu Feng’s shoulder slid down to her towering breasts.

They immediately got into a good mood. Just as they were about to dig a hole and enter the tent in order to get affectionate with each other, the ground suddenly trembled. Niur’s excited scream and the roars of the three god beasts came from a distant place.

Long Yi carried Yu Feng and flew into the air. He saw ten or more snow-white ice bears which were more than ten meters tall chasing Nuir and the others. They were heading towards Long Yi.

These huge bears were A-ranked water attributed magical beasts. They were the legendary species that could fight against standard S-ranked magical beasts in Origin Ice. In the past, when Long Yi was in Origin Ice, he had not seen even a single one of this beast. To his surprise, Niur and the others managed to dig them out. They dug out an entire nest of them which rendered Long Yi speechless.

Under the pressure of the god-beasts’ might, the ice bears were vexed. However, they were only able to run. It was too bad they were weaker than the god beasts.

“Father, father, I found a lot of food! Niur is hungry.” Niur who was riding on the back of Little Tiger instantly flew into Long Yi’s bosom from far away. She excitedly pointed at the ice bears and she said. It seemed as though the ice beats were only meat in Niur’s eyes.

At that moment Little Tiger and the others roared. The ice bears stopped in their tracks and they stopped running. They were no longer able to retreat as their retreat route was sealed by the Fire Qilin and the Violent Lightning Beast. They were only able to stand there restlessly as they protected the four young ice bears in the middle.

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“Good, they are intelligent magical beasts.” Seeing sadness and anger in the eyes of these ice bears, Long Yi was a little surprised.