Womanizing Mage - Chapter 56: Bewitching passion in the midst of water (2)

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Chapter 56: Bewitching passion in the midst of water (2)

Long Yi carried Leng Youyou in princess style from inside the water and waked towards the big flat stone in the middle of the river water. Leng Youyou tightly embraced Long Yi’s neck, and shyly buried her head in his bosom without daring to lift up.

“Today am I about to turn into his woman? I’m so nervous ah.” Leng Youyou thought inside her heart. The skin of her whole body was covered with a layer rosy color, and her charming body was also rather stiff.

Long Yi set foot on the large stone in the middle of the river water, and laid down Leng Youyou, but she simply refused to let go.

“Youyou, what happened?” Long Yi softly asked.

“I…I’m very nervous.” Leng Youyou somewhat tremblingly said.

“Don’t be afraid, could it be that you are unwilling to give me?” Long Yi simply leaned holding Leng Youyou, and caressed her back to ease her nervousness.

“No, I’m willing.” Leng Youyou hastily answered, as she thought: “Sooner or later, I’m going to give him my body, so giving him early will make me ease, but I am unable to control this nervousness about, whether it will feel very good like that night or not.”

Long Yi chuckled. His one claw rubbed her perk buttocks, while other hand infused internal force relaxing her nerves. Slowly, the body of Leng Youyou become soft, and she began to frequently give out delicate moans.

Hearing the enchanting moans of Leng Youyou, Long Yi’s blood suddenly boiled. He felt this little girl’s moaning sound just like an unusual magic power that went deep into his marrow and incite his most primitive **. His little brother which was already as hard as iron was propped at Leng Youyou’s soft place between her legs.

“Ah, Long Yi.” Leng Youyou said in a trembling voice, and feeling that burning hot firm and erect ** at her private place, her body lightly quivered.

Long Yi’s sturdy waist began to move, rubbing his ** at that moist silt. Although the tip was really overwhelmed with joy, but his heart also had a foreign taste. Slowly, Long Yi was no longer satisfied with only this, his hands slowly moved towards her hip and held it, then he began to directly push at the entrance of utopia.

“Ah, Long Yi, don’t…wait a minute.” Leng Youyou’s powerless hand pushed Long Yi’s chest.

Long Yi stopped, watch her with eyes full of **, then said: “What’s the matter?”

Leng Youyou struggled free from the bosom of Long Yi, and stood up. Her long black hair hanged down freely, and her ordinary face unexpectedly exudes amazing charm of women. Her that plump moon lightly quivered, just like congealed fat, it glistened with alluring gloss. From Long Yi’s line of vision, he could actually see her rosy silt in the middle of thick forest between her legs.

Long Yi endured himself form pouncing on and suppressed his wanton thoughts of love. He wanted to know in the end what Leng Youyou wanted to do right now.

Leng Youyou lovely face was bright red, and a thin layer of water mist lingered in her starry sky like eyes. She dumbly looked at Long Yi, and slowly stepped forward. Then she sat on the waist of stunned Long Yi.

“Long Yi, look at me.” Leng Youyou couldn’t suppress her embarrassment, still she courageously looked at Long Yi face to face.

Long Yi obediently looked towards Leng Youyou, suddenly felt as if her face distorted. He thought that his eyes was blurred, so immediately closed his eyes, then opened.

Hong, explosion occurred inside the mind of Long Yi, as he thought: “Oh Heavens, what am I seeing, how come Youyou’s appearance suddenly become like this? This fine face just like that of fairy, those pupils just like water, those fine jade nose, and lotus mouth, combined together is perfect appearance, simply just like a fairy came out from paradise ah. Don’t tell me that I am dreaming?”

“Am I beautiful?” Seeing the blank appearance of her lover, Leng Youyou was delighted. She was somewhat looking forward to this, and she somewhat proudly asked Long Yi. With regarding to her appearance, she always was extremely confident.

“Beautiful.” Long Yi muttered. Then he suddenly understood that that ordinary appearance of Leng Youyou was her disguise all along. Leng Youyou’s beauty was different from Si Bi. Si Bi’s beauty was gentle and pure, didn’t had any worldly dirt, and she was gorgeous that couldn’t be produced locally, and was cool with a hint of pride.

“Then do you love my this beautiful appearance?” Leng Youyou flirtatiously caressed her forehead’s black hair.

Seeing the true appearance of Leng Youyou, now Long Yi felt that Leng Youyou should have this appearance. Only such beautiful face match her such perfect figure.

Looking at Leng Youyou who was riding his body, his little brother grew somewhat thicker. He struggled and thought to wantonly whipped Leng Youyou with his little brother.

“Don’t move.” Leng Youyou held onto Long Yi’s arm and said charmingly.

Seeing the puzzled look of Long Yi, Leng Youyou blushed and said in mosquito like voice: “I will do myself, you are not allowed to move.”

Long Yi was dumbfounded, could it be that this girl is thinking of doing it herself. Just like having ample food and clothing, he also thought to take a look at how Leng Youyou intend to do it. So he held back his fire of lust for her.

Leng Youyou hips slowly moved backwards, now Long Yi’s that sturdy and stiff little brother laid bare in front of her eyes. Seeing the size, Leng Youyou was inwardly amazed, and she couldn’t help but was worried somewhat inside her heart. So thick, can such big fellow fit in? Leng Youyou bit her lower lip, then her ice-cold jade hand held that burning hot firm and stiff big fellow, then moved her hand up and down.

As soon as she tease him like this, his little brother seemed even more ferocious. Leng Youyou blushed, then somewhat raised her buttocks, aligned Long Yi’s firm and stiff little brother, then she intrepidly sat down.

Long Yi merely felt the lower part of his body break though a layer of obstruction and entered into tight narrow warm passage, then feeling **, he wanted to moan aloud. But he didn’t make a sound, because he could hear Leng Youyou’s muffled groan of pain, and saw teardrops on the rim of the eyes of Leng Youyou with deathly pale complexion.

This eager to do well in everything stupid girl, did she believed that anyone could do this horsewoman?

Leng Youyou leaned over Long Yi’s bosom, and miserable said: “My husband, this is really hurting me.”

Hearing Leng Youyou calling him ‘My husband’, the love in Long Yi’s heart flourished even more. On one side, he gently caressed and stroke Leng Youyou’s sensitive points of her body, and in other side, he tirelessly spoke words of love at the side of her ear continuously.

Gradually, Long Yi felt that warm passage was becoming moist, and Leng Youyou also began to move her entirely red body. Long Yi also naturally began to move, then strong pleasure came through the lower part of his body which made him extremely **. After passing through beginning discomfort, Leng Youyou also began to lean on Long Yi’s body, obviously finding a trace of feelings.

Along with the increase of Long Yi’s movement, Leng Youyou coquettishly moaned again. She tightly closed her eyes, her cheeks were dyed with light blush just like most beautiful rosy clouds at the horizon.

“My husband, love me.” Leng Youyou suddenly hugged Long Yi, and her snowy white snowy buttocks violently moved up and down rapidly. She had already lost herself completely in **.

Long Yi as a man, how could he let woman keep on riding him? He roared, turned over and pushed down Leng Youyou, then held her pretty waist with his hand, and began to quickly stir her.

Exciting spring scenery of her breast wantonly surging, and with the twitching of Leng Youyou’s whole body, and screaming loudly, he released inside her body.