Womanizing Mage - Chapter 558: Peak momen

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With a thought, that miniature Light God statue appeared in the hand of Long Yi. It was smooth and lustrous and it made him feel extremely comfortable. He didn’t know what material was used to make the statue and he also had no idea when the statue entered his space ring.

“Second brother, this is……” Ximen Wuhen hastily got up. She was a priest and she had faith in the Light God. In the Blue Waves Continent, other than the Light Church where the Light God Statue should be enshrined, no one was allowed to privately collect or carve statues of the Light God.

“Don’t ask me. I have no idea how this thing appeared in my space ring.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said. This statue felt weightless in his hand and the aura it emitted seemed to be somewhat familiar.

When he was thinking about it, the Light God statue in Long Yi’s hand flashed and it became covered in white light. In the next moment, it disappeared. When he tried to look for it again, Long Yi discovered that it had automatically entered his space ring.

Long Yi wasn’t taken in by fallacies, so he took it out from space ring again. However, one second had not even passed when it returned to his space ring. After a few times, Long Yi no longer had the patience and he didn’t bother about the statue any longer.

“Second brother, did this statue really appear by itself?” Ximen Wuhen asked.

“Who knows? Perhaps, there is something in my space ring that attracted it. I will look into it after returning.” Long Yi said with a smile. As a matter of a fact, Long Yi had already noticed that this statue was not simple. That was because the comforting aura had originated from the statue thrice. There was a suspicion in his heart that the statue might possess consciousness.

With the appearance of this Light God statue, the depressed mood of Ximen Wuhen diminished a lot and was replaced by faint joy. At this moment, a thought crossed her mind. If she really wasn’t a daughter of the Ximen Clan, she and her second brother were not really considered brother and sister. Wasn’t it possible for them to…

Thinking to this point, a beautiful smile appeared on the face of Ximen Wuhen. She was elated.

While returning, Ximen Wuhen walked beside Long Yi. Both of them didn’t speak much, but Ximen Wuhen felt happy and satisfied walking beside Long Yi. Now, she could boldly think about having a relationship with her second brother. She no longer needed to feel guilty like before.

When they reached Soaring Dragon City, Ximen Wuhen suddenly pulled on Long Yi’s arm and she softly asked, “Second brother, you already knew that I wasn’t your biological sister?”

“Mmm.” Long Yi nodded his head without hiding anything.

“Second brother, you are really a bad person! Since you already knew, why didn’t you tell me about it earlier! If you told me… If you told me, I would be able to prepare myself for the news.” A hint of redness appeared on the face of Ximen Wuhen.

“Your second brother didn’t know how to break the news to you. In any case, your second brother will always be your second brother.” Long Yi said with a smile.

When she heard what Long Yi said, Ximen Wuhen stopped walking. She looked straight at Long Yi and she said, “But, I don’t want that, I……”

At that time, a burst of strong energy fluctuation exploded and filled the skies. Two people were fighting in the air. Because their speed was too fast, only afterimages could be seen. Fortunately, those two still had a little sense of propriety and the energy they released didn’t affect the people below.

Since the time the battle started, a large crowd of people had gathered in order to watch the exciting show. Everyone was curious as even the city guards did not appear to stop the fight.

“Those two she-T. Rexes… They can’t stay quiet for even a moment.” Long Yi helplessly shook his head. Even Elder Pierre restrained himself and didn’t cause a disturbance. He would simply drink alcohol all day long as he listened to songs in brothels. He was truly living without any constraint. As for Midi’er and Sharman, these princesses of the Divine Dragon Clan and the Demonic Dragon Clan, they didn’t like the sight of each other. They would bicker and fight all day long.

“Second brother, why don’t you go and persuade them? They only listen to you.” Ximen Wuhen said.

Long Yi nodded his head and flew up. These two little she-dragons actually ignored his advice. Today, Long Yi knew that he had to teach them a lesson. If he allowed them to do whatever they wanted, they would think that Soaring Dragon City was an island of the Dragon Race.

“Both of you, stop fighting! Don’t make me raise my hand against you.” Long Yi shouted.

Instead of stopping, the two of them moved even faster as if they didn’t hear Long Yi.

This truly was preposterous! Long Yi flashed and forcibly inserted himself in the middle of the battle between these two women. He made his move.

The movement of the two women ceased abruptly and the atmosphere became chilly.

Long Yi was proud with the power of his seventh layer AoTianJue. However, he felt that something was wrong as he felt a warm and soft feeling in his hand. Looking over, he discovered that his hands were grabbing at the towering breast of these two women. The two of them glared at Long Yi as if they wanted to eat him alive as they were both enraged and ashamed.

“Accident, this is nothing but an accident. You two can slowly fight, I am leaving first.” Long Yi laughed hollowly and retracting his hands, he ran away.

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“Don’t run, wait.” Two she-T. Rexes shouted and simultaneously chased after their common enemy, Long Yi.


Two days passed in the blink of an eye. The fifteenth day arrived and it was the day Ximen Nu would ascend to the throne.

The imperial palace had been completely restored and every single hall was draped with red cloth. Now, groups after groups of imperial guards were eagerly patrolling all over the imperial palace. However, the people who were the busiest in the imperial palace were the eunuchs and the imperial maids.

The wide entrance gate of the imperial palace which was ten meters long, was wide open. A long colorful carpet led from the entrance to the throne room. Rows of priests who were wearing white priest robes were standing in the front of the hall. They were chanting an unknown incantation. At this moment, the entire imperial palace was filled with a happy and auspicious atmosphere.

Representatives of different races had also taken their respective position in the imperial palace. It was the foreshadowing of the arrival of the great unified era.


The sunlight spilled through the layer of clouds, illuminating the entire imperial palace. Suddenly, from the Light Church of Soaring Dragon City, the loud and clear sound of bells rang out. Everyone stood up in an instant and looked towards the throne room.

The coronation ceremony of the successive emperors had always been carried out in the Light Church. However, the coronation ceremony of Ximen Nu was carried out in the imperial palace. This was unprecedented in the history of the Blue Waves Continent. However, the Light Church didn’t oppose the decision at all. Many people speculated whether this action had any special meaning or not.

Indeed, Long Yi was the one who wanted the coronation ceremony to be held in the imperial palace. He wanted to reduce the influence of churches among the common people step by step. He wanted to gradually make imperial power the supreme existence in the Blue Waves Continent.

Two great Holy Priests, Judith and Karen, walked out of the throne room as they wore a spotlessly white robe. Clearly, this coronation ceremony was presided by these two people. As a matter of a fact, a long time ago, only the Pope could preside over the coronation ceremony. As the influence of the Light Church among the common people reached the maximum level, the Pope became a god-like existence. He was shrouded in a layer of mysterious veil and he couldn’t appear in front of people as he pleased. As such, the coronation ceremony was presided by a local Light Bishop.

Even if the Light Pope didn’t appear in this coronation ceremony, no one had any suspicions. Instead, the appearance of two Great Holy Priests caused many people to realize that the Light Church was supporting the Ximen Clan. It was naturally impossible for them to know that the real Pope had already gone to see the Light God long ago.

When the ringing of the bells ended, Ximen Nu came out as he wore a shiny emperor robe.

“Oh, mighty Light God, your faithful believers……” The two Great Holy Priests began to pray following a fixed pattern. It was tediously long and dull… Many people became drowsy.

Long Yi yawned, after looking all around, he saw his grandfather Ximen Kuang was talking to his old friend, Murong Bo. Taking advantage of the time when no one was paying attention to him, he slipped away to join in the fun.

“I never thought that even after so many years, Judith would change. Her figure is still really good.” These were the words of the old vulgar ghost, Ximen Kuang.

“Still, Karen has a bit more charm. Her buttocks are bigger than before… Tsk tsk.” These were the words of the old womanizer, Murong Bo.

If Long Yi didn’t personally hear the words coming out from their mouth, no one would believe that these two old fellows with huge background were so vulgar. They were actually appraising the figures of the two Great Holy Priests behind their back.

“There is nothing worth seeing since they are wearing their priest robe. How about making them drunk and stripping them at night. We’ll compare their figure to find out who is better?” Another voice resounded from behind these two old fellows.

“Good idea.” The two old fellows nodded and soon after that, they felt that something was amiss. When they turned around, they saw Long Yi looking at them with a bad smile on his face.

The face of these two old fellows became red and they appeared as though they wanted to teach Long Yi a lesson. However, why would Long Yi be afraid of them?

“Old man, they say Judith and Karen are your women, aren’t they? Why aren’t you even able to touch them?” Long Yi bumped his shoulder against Murong Bo. In any case, he was used to not showing respect for his elders and he wasn’t afraid to make these two old fellows angry.

“Brat, you know nothing…” Murong Bo glared at Long Yi.

“Yu’er, in those years, this old man was watching the master of those two girls……”

“Shut up! I haven’t talked about that awkward incident which happened to you. After speaking of it, I want to see how you face your grandson!” Ximen Kuang was interrupted by Murong Bo.

Long Yi just smirked. As it turned out, Murong Bo liked matured women. They were actually kindred spirits.

At that time, the lengthy prayers of Judith and Karen finally ended. They sprinkled holy water on the head of Ximen Nu before placing the imperial crown on his head. This indicated that Ximen Nu had now become the Blue Waves Emperor. This also indicated that the power of the Ximen Clan had reached the peak.