Womanizing Mage - Chapter 557: Predestined love of the pas

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Ximen Kuang sighed and he looked at the panicking Ximen Wuhen for a moment. After some time, his shifted his gaze towards his daughter-in-law, Dongfang Wan and he said, “It seems like Nu’er really obeyed the promise he made to me. He didn’t tell anyone about this matter. Right now, the issue is already over. It’s no big deal for me to speak about it, as a matter of fact……”

“I should be the one to say this. As a matter of fact, Ximen Wuhen is my biological granddaughter.” Aunt Ou interrupted Ximen Kuang and she had an agitated look on her face when she faced Ximen Wuhen. For the past several years, she had been quietly taking care of Ximen Wuhen in the Mea Holy Magic Academy. This matter had been completely buried in her heart. However, they were finally able to recognize their relationship with each other openly right now.

Dongfang Wan was startled and Ximen Wuhen was also similarly shocked at the news. As for Ximen Nu, he just smiled bitterly. It was clear that he knew about this matter since a long time ago. Long Yi had his guesses before. However, when he heard that Ximen Wuhen was Aunt Ou’s biological granddaughter, he was shocked. This was completely out of his expectations.

“Impossible, how can I……” Ximen Wuhen was unable to accept this new reality. She firmly clung onto Long Yi as he was her only source of ease.

“Little sister, calm down and listen to what Aunt Ou has to say. Hear her out before you do anything, okay?” Long Yi hugged the shoulder of Ximen Wuhen and said softly.

Regarding the grievances of Aunt Ou and Ximen Kuang, it was a story which happened 45 years ago. It was on a cold winter day…

At that time, Ximen Kuang was 20 years old. He was handsome, spirited, and he possessed a natural and unrestrained demeanor. At such a young age, he had already stepped into the peak of the Swords Master realm. He was a well-deserved man of the moment among the younger generation. As the legitimate son and heir of the Violent Dragon Empire’s largest clan, Ximen Kuang also inherited the genes of his ancestors. He was romantic and unrestrained. There were three good things in his life which he wanted. Good wine, good swords, and good beauties.

Heroes were naturally made to go with beauties. Of course, Ximen Kuang had done many deeds which were praised far and wide. At that time, he captured the heart of Master Magician Ye Lanqing who was admired by the entire Blue Waves Continent. He married her into his Ximen Clan and she gave birth to Ximen Nu. Later, he went on adventures around the Blue Waves Continent and there were beauties surrounding him all the time.

Once, Ximen Kuang got acquainted with the current Sword God, Murong Bo, and he made a bet with Murong Bo. He left on an adventure to the Origin Ice in order to gather ice silk which was spat out by the Ruyi Ice Silkworm. What kind of place was Origin Ice? It was a place which had frozen over and stretched for more than 10000 li. The temperature was more than a hundred degree below zero. However, as Ximen Kuang was the successor of the Ximen Clan, he had many treasures. He was able to support himself in Origin Ice. Moreover, this lucky b*****d discovered traces of the Ruyi Ice Silkworm before long. After following it for several days, the Ruyi Ice Silkworm spat out some ice silk. As Ximen Kuang was gathering up some of the ice silk, he was attacked by the Ruyi Ice Silkworm. After a single attack by the Ruyi Ice Silkworm, he was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture. If that was the end of the story, Ximen Kuang would still be an ice sculpture living permanently in Origin Ice.

Merely, life was full of miracles. When he was at the end of his life, Aunt Ou descended like a goddess and rescued the dying Ximen Kuang from the gates of hell. At that time, Aunt Ou was called Ou Xinyan. She was only around twenty years old and she was devastatingly beautiful.

Ou Xinyan was a descendant of the Ice Palace and that Ruyi Ice Silkworm was also the holy beast of the Ice Palace. It naturally accepted her request.

One could well imagine the following story. A handsome and unrestrained young master who had a smooth mouth. Coupled with a young girl who was as pure as snow and as beautiful as an angel, the things between them could hardly be controlled.

At that time, the Palace Mistress of the Ice Palace who was Ou Xinyan’s master was in seclusion. The two of them played together every day until the Palace Mistress left seclusion and separated the affectionate couple. She directly placed Ou Xinyan under house arrest and she threw Ximen Kuang out of Origin Ice.

She never would have thought that the illicit love between Ou Xinyan and Ximen Kuang was so heated. Ou Xinyan didn’t listen to anyone and she thought of a way to persuade two junior fellow apprentices to help her escape from the Ice Palace.

Later, after the reunion with Ximen Kuang, Ou Xinyan was not happy as she discovered that she wasn’t the only sweetheart Ximen Kuang had. Being a proud and aloof person, how could she stand that? Especially after seeing her sweetheart make love to other women at night… She felt as though she was about to go mad.

Ou Xinyan repeatedly forced an answer and Ximen Kuang confessed that it was impossible for him to have only her as his woman. It was absolutely impossible for him to abandon the rest of his women. Ou Xinyan was heartbroken and she left his side. At that time, her entire world turned grey and life became meaningless.

A beauty who had lost her soul… How could there be no one who went after her in the Blue Waves Continent? Although she fought back a lot of people, she became weak after not eating or drinking for many days. Finally, one person made a sneak attack on her and she was captured. At that time, she could only watch as someone sullied her. She was completely helpless. However, an ordinary passerby used a stratagem to save her and seeing as she had nowhere to go, he offered her shelter.

After long days and nights, the heart of Ou Xinyan gave birth to some affection towards this kind-hearted man. In addition, she felt some gratefulness to him and in the end, she married him. She gave birth to a son together with that man.

Quietly spending twenty years of her life, her son eventually married a girl. At that time, Ou Xinyan thought that she would be able to pass her days quietly until she died.

However, facts proved that life was ever-changing. She didn’t know how, but the Palace Mistress of the Ice Palace found her. She was extremely angry as Ou Xinyan’s actions had violated the rules of the Ice Palace. In a fit of anger, she wanted to kill off everyone around Ou Xinyan. How could Ou Xinyan watch on as her relatives were killed by the Palace Mistress? She fought desperately but she wasn’t able to save her husband and son. Fortunately for her, her daughter-in-law had returned to visit her parents and managed to escape the calamity.

After narrowly escaping with her life, Ou Xinyan knew that her master was extremely powerful. She would be able to locate Ou Xinyan’s daughter-in-law sooner or later… As such, Ou Xinyan went to look for Ximen Kuang with her daughter-in-law. He was the only person she could think of at that moment.

As they were fleeing from the Palace Mistress, they encountered Ximen Kuang. It was as though it was the will of Heaven. Even though they met Ximen Kuang, the Palace Mistress found them as well.

Even with the addition of Ximen Kuang, they were not the opponent of the Palace Mistress. Finally, Ou Xinyan begged bitterly which softened the heart of the Palace Mistress. Even so, no one could violate the rules of the Ice Palace. In the end, the Palace Mistress made Ou Xinyan’s pregnant daughter-in-law enter the Ximen Clan. The child had to become a person of the Ximen Clan and Ou Xinyan would never be able to recognize this grandchild of hers. This was the only way for them to live.

Later, for deceiving the public, Ximen Kuang gave Ximan Nu the mother of Ximen Wuhen as a little concubine in name. Although Ximen Nu complied with the promise, he also held some grievances in his heart. He wouldn’t take any responsibility as the father of this ‘daughter’ of his as her father was someone else. For this reason, he was completely indifferent to his only daughter.

Due to the oath with the Palace Mistress, Ou Xinyan had no choice but to quietly take care of her granddaughter in the dark. She didn’t dare to openly recognize Ximen Wuhen at all. At this moment, she finally dared to break the oath in order for Ximen Wuhen to find happiness. Whenever she looked at the sad and suffering Ximen Wuhen, she felt as though her heart was stabbed. Borrowing this opportunity of Ximen Kuang’s awakening, she explained everything.

Long Yi was startled. He had never expected that this matter would be so complicated. He never would have expected that there would be such a strong emotional entanglement between his grandfather and Aunt Ou.

All of a sudden, Ximen Wuhen’s black eyes flickered. Looking at Aunt Ou who had a tear in her eye, Ximen Wuhen gritted her teeth and fled.


At the summit of a tall mountain, a cold breeze was blowing. Ximen Wuhen stood there in a daze from the morning till the night.

All of a sudden, a pair of big hands reached out from behind her and covered her body with a robe. A gentle voice entered her ear, “it is cold tonight, don’t think about it anymore. Come, return with me.”

“Second brother, can you accompany me for a little while?” Ximen Wuhen grabbed the hand of Long Yi. Turning around, she asked in a weak voice.

Long Yi nodded his head and sat down beside Ximen Wuhen. Then, looking at the somewhat perplexed expression on Ximen Wuhen’s face, he sighed and hugged her shoulder. He made her lean on his thick and broad shoulder.

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“Second brother, I truly don’t understand why this has to happen to me.” Feeling the pleasant aura of Long Yi, Ximen Wuhen said softly. She was both sad and happy in her heart. She had always been the Third Miss of the Ximen Clan for twenty years. However, now, she was told that everything was fake. She found the fact hard to accept.

“Everyone has their own life. Some people have a complicated life and others have a relatively smooth life. There are many things that can’t be changed. If one is unable to change, they can only accept everything. At that time, you might discover that your life experiences are different from others. All of those experiences are valuable assets.” Long Yi said words full of philosophic theory as he wanted to enlighten Ximen Wuhen. As a matter of a fact, even he was also a little perplexed and distressed in his heart. The story between Aunt Ou and his grandfather gave him a feeling of déjà vu.

“You are mine, you are mine… Your eyes are mine, your nose is also mine. Your happiness is mine, your smile is mine… I will not allow anyone to snatch you away.” In a trance, that young girl who was hugging him and stamping her legs appeared in front of him.

“I proved that no matter how hard I try to forget you, even after I willingly let His Majesty the Pope use emoting sealing magic, I still cannot forget you. You said I don’t understand love, but I think that this is love. I love you cousin, I love you……” The tear-filled eyes of Dongfang Kexin as well as her affectionate confession once again resounded in the ears of Long Yi.

When he thought about Dongfang Kexin, Long Yi felt a pain in his heart. His chest felt stuffy and it became hard to breathe.

“Second brother, what’s wrong with you?” Seeing as the complexion of Long Yi had become pale, she didn’t care about herself. She hastily comforted the chest of Long Yi and she asked him with a tense expression on her face.

“Nothing.” Long Yi sighed softly. If there was a deep regret between Aunt Ou and his grandfather, then there was a pain without remedy between him and Dongfang Kexin. At least, Aunt Ou and his grandfather were reunited. As for Dongfang Kexin…

At that time, Long Yi suddenly felt that he was again surrounded by that familiar gentle aura like before. A greater part of the sadness in his heart actually dissipated.

Long Yi opened his space ring and was surprised to see a shrunken version of the Light God statue at one corner. At this moment, the body of the statue was emitting a jade-like gentle aura.