Womanizing Mage - Chapter 53: Super skeletons displaying their might

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Chapter 53: Super skeletons displaying their might

Hearing Leng Youyou’s this world’s most stirring whisper of love, Long Yi’s heart was moved beyond description, and at that time, his blood colored skull at the center of his left palm vibrated. Long Yi hit his own head, and cursed himself.

Long Yi finally recalled that inside blood colored skull mark, there were 18 super skeletons. Before because he didn’t wanted to reveal these skeletons, he didn’t dared to use them as he please. But now in this place, there was only him and Leng Youyou, so he didn’t has to fear anything.

“Youyou, you don’t need to wait for next life to be my wife, because we will not die.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Long Yi, you don’t need to comfort me, Dark prayer can’t hold on for even 5 more minutes.” The shield of Leng Youyou shook more and more violently, but she didn’t have any fear on her eyes. She could stay by the side of her beloved, so even if she had to die, why not.

“Fool, you still don’t believe me? Look here ah.” Long Yi spread open his left palm, and the blood-red skull mark on the middle of this palm emitted strange red radiance.

“This, what is this? Such dense dark aura.” Leng Youyou exclaimed in shock. But even more surprising matter happened in front of her. Long Yi closed his eyes and though about incantation, then his body flashed with black light. After that the sky suddenly crack opened one long pitch-black crack, and 18 skeletons wearing suit of armor instantly came out from this crack, lining up in imposing matter in front of them.

Leng Youyou was shocked, then looking at Long Yi who was lying on the ground, she exclaimed, “You are actually Necromancer too!”

“Why can’t I be necromancer?” Long Yi laughed, as he struggled to stand up, then he issued command for these 18 skeleton to attack. Just after the command was issued, that skeleton holding blood colored sickle took the lead to rush out, other 17 skeleton also rush behind it, and all of them began to massacre these dark magical beasts.

If Leng Youyou was only shocked just a moment ago because of Long Yi’s dark profession, then currently she was thoroughly dumbstruck because of those 18 skeletons’ valiant display. Were they really skeleton? Before she had also come in contact with Necromancer, but the skeletons summoned by them were deathly pale skeletons, and those skeletons were basically very weak with very low attack power, and merely depend on quantity to achieve the victory that’s all. But these 18 skeletons’ strength was no less than Swords Master and the strength of that skeleton who had taken the lead was even more unfathomable. She merely saw the blood colored sickle changed into a blood colored blur, which callously reaped the life of those dark magical beasts.

“My God, your skeletons are absorbing the mana of these dark magical beasts, how is that possible?” Leng Youyou involuntarily cried. Today Long Yi gave her too many surprise that she was already somewhat unable to bear.

Hearing Leng Youyou, Long Yi also discovered that after the dark magical beasts died, these skeleton would absorb the dark qi that floated out, and it seems they were immune to dark magic. Normally with so many dark magic attacks how could there not be even a slightest bit of damage on them, but there was not even a slightest bit of damage, instead after absorbing the mana of dark magical beasts, it seems they were becoming even more full of valor and vigor.

“BiTe.Xiuge was really a genius of undead magic, actually letting me refine this kind of monsters. It turned out the things written down in his notes were really true, these 18 skeletons are evolution type skeleton, a type of unique creation without parallel in the history. Currently the strength of these 18 skeleton have already reached Sword Master level, and Long Two have already reached Great Swords Master level. If they evolve one level again, then who can block my path all under the heaven? As far as I’m concern isn’t this damnable place really one good place?”

Thinking of this place, Long Yi began to size up this place. The entire world here was murky, giving people a kind of stifling feeling. They were currently at pitch-black forest, with the exception of magical beasts covering the whole land, there was no other living things. Long Yi spread his sprit power and sensed the magic elements in the atmosphere. He was struck dumb with amazement when he discovered that in the atmosphere of this place, with the exception of dark magic elements, basically all other magic elements were absent. “No wonder dark magical beasts overflowed here, it turned out to be caused by environmental factor.” Long Yi suddenly thought, how wonderful the result would be if he cultivates dark magic in this kind of environment.

Long Yi immediately told his discovery to Leng Youyou who was spellbound watching those 18 skeletons. Then after experiencing it herself, she became wild with joy and said: “Very dense dark magic element, compared to the dark magic element present in Lost city, this is heaven and that is earth ah. I have decided, I will cultivate here, and until I reach the level of Archmage, I will absolutely not leave this place.”

Long Yi was stunned, then making a wry smile, he said: “Even if we want to leave, it is not possible. I have not seen even a shadow of human in this damnable place. So even if you become Dark Magic God, what’s the use?”

“I don’t care even if we cannot leave, as long as you are by my side, I am not afraid of anything.” Leng Youyou bashfully said. She herself had never thought that she would express her affection so audaciously, and speak out embarrassing words of love.

Long Yi said nothing, just gently took Leng Youyou in his embrace. Suddenly, Long Yi felt a burst of sharp pain in the meridians of his whole body, then he couldn’t help but let out muffled groan.

“Long Yi, what’s going on with you?” Leng Youyou got out from bosom of Long Yi, and was aghast to discover the blood was spilling out from the corner of Long Yi’s mouth. This moment, she recalled that Long Yi was injured.

“It’s nothing, just now true qi reversed in injured meridians, I just need to meditate and it would be fine.” Long Yi comforted her. Then he sat cross-legged and began meditating.

“True qi reversed? What is true qi?” Leng Youyou had bellyful of questions, but she saw Long Yi had already sat cross-legged and assumed meditation posture, so she cleverly didn’t disturb him.

At the same time, Leng Youyou suddenly felt strong dark magic aura was madly rushing over them, completely startling her. Long Yi’s surroundings was already covered by a thin layer of dark qi. This was due to the gathering speed of dark magic element in the atmosphere reaching astonishing degree, causing the magic element to substantialize. Like this dark magic element were inconceivably dense around Long, if at this moment, she meditate by his side, then the speed of her cultivation would be very fast by unknown times. But right now those 18 skeletons were still far away massacring the dark magical beasts everywhere, and she feared the small chance of other magical beasts appearing and endangering Long Yi, so she endured the temptation and guarded Long Yi by his side.

Unaware after how long, those 18 skeletons returned back with bloody aura. At that time, Leng Youyou relaxed. Now there should be not any problems under the protection of these 18 super skeletons, so she sat beside Long Yi and began meditation.

18 lofty skeletons as if 18 statue of demons stood motionlessly. And whole mountains and plains were littered with corpse of dark magical beasts, and dense bloody smell filled whole heaven and earth.