Womanizing Mage - Chapter 527: Idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you

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Chapter 527: Idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you

The man named Shitou San suddenly became angry and punched at the person who was ridiculing him. What he hated the most was other people putting him in an awkward position when he was talking.

That person was unable to react in time and was punched right on his face. Immediately afterward, he cried madly and began to fight back. A few tables nearby were affected and this conflict immediately escalated.

“These fellows are out of luck, this Bounty Hunter Bar is not a place they can create a disturbance.” A man wearing a silk robe took pleasure in other people’s misfortune and said to his companion with a smile.

“Just a few small outlaws, if some noble young masters had created a disturbance, then would this bar dare to intervene?” His companion objected.

“I say, brother, you have just come here so you don’t know, the background of this Bounty Hunter Guild is very strong. Last time, when I was drinking wine in the Bounty Hunter Bar of Soaring Dragon City, I saw a person with several bodyguards creating a disturbance, do you know who that person was? That was a young master of the branch family of the imperial clan, still, the result was, the people of Bounty Hunter Guild broke his legs and throw him out like a dog. What don’t dare to intervene!” This man laughed.

“Since you are a new rookie, you can learn a bit more, otherwise, you will not know how you die.”

As if to prove the words of this man was correct, several figures suddenly appeared inside the bar, and knocked those people who were creating the disturbance to the ground.

“Throw them out, dare to create disturbance in Bounty Hunter Guild, did you eat the bear’s heart and leopard’s gall?” A person who looked like the person-in-charge coldly instructed.

“Wait a moment.” At that moment, Long Yi stood up. He still wanted to hear more about it.

That person in charge ferociously looked over, but his expression changed seeing Long Yi. And when he wanted to greet, he noticed that he was unable to move his entire body. The person in charge and other higher level personnel of all Bounty Hunter Guild knew that Long Yi was the Boss of Bounty Hunter Guild.

“Give me some face and let them stay, I am very interested in the words of this brother.” Long Yi said with a smile as he retracted his spirit power that bound this person in charge.

“Of course, since this honored guest speaks so, there is no reason to refuse.” This person in charge respectfully said. Then, he instructed people to put everything in order here and left.

Everyone in the bar was surprised as they guessed the identity of these two people in their heart. But, when they saw Yin Jian beside Long Yi, they understood a little.

Yin Jian was a well-known person in Light City. Almost everyone knew that he was the only son of the city lord, and the city lord Yin Dang was the vassal of Ximen Clan, the foremost prominent family of Violent Dragon Empire. And many people had long guessed that Ximen Clan was supporting Bounty Hunter Guild from behind. It seemed reasonable that way.

These alcoholics were so shocked at this moment that their entire body was drenched with cold sweat. They thanked profusely for the help of Long Yi. All blamed them for being out of mind for a moment and causing a disturbance in Bounty Hunter Guild.

“This brother Shi, you just said that you saw a dragon, I wonder if that is true.” Long Yi asked Shitou San.

Originally, the attention of this entire bar was already attracted to this side. And when they heard such question of Long Yi, everyone was interested and all began to move around them to listen to this conversation.

“This young master, I, Shitou San dare to guarantee this with my life. This matter is absolutely not an empty talk.” Shitou San patted his chest and said. Then, looking at the crowd around him, he was somewhat proud of himself in his heart as he added: “I just return from Proud Moon Empire yesterday. Because I was in a hurry, I took the mountain path, but who would have thought that I would have diarrhea because of bad food, in addition, it was already getting dark, so I couldn’t proceed the mountain path. Late night, I had a stomachache, so I squatted in the midst of thick bush to relieve myself, at that time, a strong wind suddenly blew, nearly sending me flying.”

“I looked up and saw one black and one golden, two over 100 meters long dragons fighting each other. That momentum was simply devastating. Two mountains were crushed in an instant. In that battle, both dragons suffered. Among them, the black dragon fell on that mountain where I stayed, creating a huge crater and its dragon tail slammed just ten or so meters away from me. Fortunately, they didn’t fight again, otherwise, how could I still be alive to drink wine here?”

After Shitou San finished speaking, all began to make remarks in succession. Some people seemed to believe his words and some people expressed their doubts.

“I just arrived here today from Proud Moon Empire, and I also took that mountain path. There are indeed two mountains collapsed there.” At that time, someone interrupted.

“Putting it that way, it should be real. Other than forbidden magic spells, only legendary Dragon Race have such tyrannical strength. But, the appearance of Dragon Race in Blue Waves Continent, is this some kind of scheme?” Another person added.

“Ah, if that is true, then it’s terrible. Even a Master Archmage finds it very hard to deal with an adult dragon by himself, moreover, our Blue Waves Continent only have five Master Archmages.” All kinds of discussion appeared inside the bar and the atmosphere heated up.

“That is still not the worst part. The worst part is, currently our Blue Waves Continent is having an internal strife, and if we don’t unite beforehand, then how can we resist the invasion of the Dragon Race?” An old man wearing a magic robe sighed.

“Looking at the current situation, Ximen Clan, directly or indirectly, controls Nalan Empire and Proud Moon Empire, so for the unification of Blue Waves Continent, Ximen Clan is the best choice. Since that is the case, it would be better to be unified earlier.” Someone among the crowd said.

“Right, right, imperial Long Clan has already declined, how can they contend with Ximen Clan?” Another one in the crowd added.

For a period of time, all people expressed their views. But, among the crowd, there were some people who were deliberately guiding the public opinion, infinitely exaggerating Ximen Clan. It seemed the intelligence agents of Skynet were truly capable.

Long Yi had never thought that this matter of dragon would lead to such heated discussion. Now, under the imaginary premise of Dragon Race attacking Blue Waves Continent, Ximen Clan could unify Blue Waves Continent with the support of common people. As long as intelligence agents secretly stir up this matter, it would spread from one to ten and from ten to hundred, striking root in the hearts of the people. Thus, when Ximen Clan ascended to Dragon Throne, it would not provoke many public censures.

Long Yi and Yin Jian appeared pleased as they exited the bar when the entire bar had fallen into the heated discussion.

“Young Master, are those people arranged by you?” Yin Jian asked.

“Of course not, this is, idly poke a stick in the mud and it grows into a tree to shade you, I didn’t expect the result to be this good. It seems that various branches of Skynet should follow suit.” Long Yi shook his head and said with a smile. His eyes however were shining.

“Young Master, didn’t you just think of some good ideas again?” Nowadays, the observing ability of Yin Jian was increasing daily. Just looking at the current expression of Long Yi, he guessed that Long Yi seemed to have thought of some good plans.

“Yes, this Young Master will further make use of this rumor of Dragon Race attacking Blue Waves Continent, heh heh.” Long Yi smirked.

“How to use it further?” Yin Jian curiously asked.

“You will know in the future. Now, I am returning to Phoenix Inn, you should also return to help your father investigate various military officers stationed in Light City. In particular, a number of high-ranking general officers and guards guarding the city gates. We cannot lose Light City, you have to properly handle this matter.” Long Yi said to Yin Jian.

“Yes, Young Master, Yin Jian assures you to accomplish this task successfully.” Yin Jian replied respectfully and returned to city lord residence.

Long Yi returned to Phoenix Inn and while passing through a long corridor, the blood skull mark on his left palm slightly vibrated. He immediately stopped and turned to look at the luxury suite on his right-hand side.

Long Yi looked all around and seeing not a soul on sight, he extended his hand and gently touched the door. Immediately after that, a burst of magic fluctuation came from inside the door. Long Yi thought what a bad luck he had, he had not expected that the reaction speed of this alarm barrier was so fast.

“Who’s there?” A crisp and melodious voice came from inside.

“Hello, respected guest, I am a waiter of Phoenix Inn. I want to ask whether you need someone to send a dinner to you or not.” The reaction of Long Yi quick. He immediately pretended to be a waiter.

“Oh, we don’t need.” A female voice resounded.

“Okay, if you need something, then please feel free to let us know. Our Phoenix Inn will serve you wholeheartedly. I hope your stay here will be pleasant. Goodbye.” Long Yi had always stayed in Phoenix inns when he was outside, so he clearly knew their speaking tone and manner.

Creak, the door of the neighboring room opened, then Feng Ling poked her head out and looked at him with a smile yet not a smile.

Long Yi awkwardly touched his nose and entered the room.

“My husband, when did you change your profession to Phoenix Inn’s waiter? Did you take a fancy to some other girl?” Feng Ling smiled while pinching Long Yi.

“Nonsense, am I, your husband, that kind of person?” Long Yi opened his eyes wide and gently pinched Feng Ling’s pert b**t.

“So hateful, my husband is that kind of person.” Feng Ling said in displeasure.

“Heh heh, since you say I am that kind of person, now, I take a fancy to you, I will see where you will run away.” Long Yi picked up Feng Ling with a strange smile then tossed her to the soft sofa of the hall. Then, like a ferocious tiger, he pounced onto her, and these two people played on the sofa making noise, needless to say, there was a spring scenery.

“Okay, my husband, I surrender, younger sister Liuli is still in the room.” The beautiful face of Feng Ling had become bright red, her beautiful eyes were watery and because Long Yi had mischievously pulled her clothes, a large expanse of her white skin was revealed.

“Is that so? That’s just perfect, tonight, you two should not think about running away.” Long Yi grabbed plump ** of Feng Ling and gently kneaded it with a bad smile on his face.

“No, we are going to have a dinner soon, wait some time…… to do whatever you want…..” Feng Ling’s passion was also aroused but this was not the right time.

“Okay, this however is what you said.” Long Yi’s heart swayed and he nibbled the earlobe of Feng Ling as he said with a smile.