Womanizing Mage - Chapter 432: Nalan Empire falls into chaos

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Nalan Ruyue was feeling more and more confused and her heart was also becoming more and more restless.

“My husband, what is going on? If you still refuse to tell me what is going on, I’ll stay here. I won’t go anywhere else.” Nalan Ruyue shook off Long Yi’s hand as she descended from the sky. In a fit of pique, she sat under a tree and refused to get up. Although she was acting like a spoilt child, her heart was jumping violently.

Long Yi sighed in his heart and walked in front of Nalan Ruyue. If they continued their journey, they would have crossed the border in just a few minutes. They would already have been in the Nalan Empire.

“There is nothing going on… I was thinking of visiting the sea in Blue Moon City. Could it be that you don’t miss the sea in Blue Moon City?” Long Yi sat beside Nalan Ruyue and asked her. According to his calculations, the Nalan Empire might be already flipped upside down by now.

“Of course I miss the sea. I miss everything in Blue Moon City. However… My heart is restless. It is beating so quickly, I’m afraid that it might burst out of my chest soon. It’s telling me that something bad has happened.” Nalan Ruyue grabbed Long Yi’s hand in agitation as she pressed it against her towering left chest. Long Yi could feel that her heartbeat was truly chaotic.

Long Yi sank into silence as he wondered whether or not to break the news to her.

“My husband, don’t hide anything from me. I know that something definitely happened. Otherwise, your smile wouldn’t contain pity whenever you look at me. You also wouldn’t have left the military camp so hastily without properly greeting everyone.” Nalan Ruyue was extremely anxious as she wanted to know what exactly happened.

Long Yi patted Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face and decided to tell her. In any case, Nalan Ruyue would learn the truth sooner or later.

“Currently, your father should be surrounded by his enemies and his condition seems grim. Your two brothers are also fighting for the throne.” Long Yi said with a serious expression as he stared into Nalan Ruyue’s eyes. He couldn’t bear to look at Nalan Ruyue’s increasingly pale complexion any longer.

“How could that be? Emperor Father had always been healthy. This is not possible… Could it be that someone plotted against him? Did someone plan to murder Emperor Father? Who could it be? Long Yi, tell me who did it.” Nalan Ruyue shook Long Yi’s arm as she yelled. Although she hated Nalan Wuji, he was her biological father after all. Moreover, she knew that Nalan Wuji greatly doted on her. Deep in her heart, she still loved him.

“Your two big brothers. They colluded with the Proud Moon Empire and the beast-men clans.” Long Yi sighed. Seeing as Nalan Ruyue was about to faint, he wrapped his hands around her and hugged her closer to himself.

In the past, Yin Jian had learnt about this shocking news when he discreetly probed around the Bimeng Clan. The two sons of Nalan Wuji, Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu, had been feeling Nalan Wuji a slow acting poison since a long time ago. The poison was given to them by the Dark Church. The poison wouldn’t show any symptoms when ingested. However, it would accumulate in the body of the victim. When too much poison was accumulated in the body of the victim, it would change into dark power to corrode the internal organs and blood vessels of the victim. That was not all, the poison would affect the corpse, and the corpse would give everyone the impression that the victim was a cultivator of dark magic.

In the past, Nalan Wuji had already been sick. He was already beyond cure when Long Yi learnt that he was sick. Not to mention the fact that the distance between Mea Principality and Blue Moon City was too far. Long Yi didn’t return immediately when he learnt about the news.

Long Yi knew that after Nalan Wuji died, the Nalan Empire would fall into chaos. Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu, being idiots, would definitely recall both legions from the Yatesianna defense line. They would use the two legions to contend for power and it would affect the war. If they did that, the alliance of the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire would collapse without a doubt, and obtaining victory would become a pipe dream. All of their previous victories which they had obtained after paying a huge price would be thrown away.

Moreover, the Proud Moon Empire and the beast-men clans would take advantage of this opportunity. The Proud Moon Empire would definitely counter-attack, and the armies of the beast-men clans would start a rebellion.

The entire Blue Waves Continent would be thrown into greater chaos and it would become a mess of blended porridge. At that time, the true slaughtering would begin and numerous ethnic groups would likely go extinct.

Whatever the case, Long Yi couldn’t let this happen. As such, he used the Violent Dragon Legion to completely seal off the borders. He was making sure that the messengers of the Nalan Empire could not come into contact with the troops on the frontline. Of course the soldiers’ morale would be affected when they heard the news. The Proud Moon Empire would definitely spread the news of Nalan Wuji’s death without any restraint. However, without the official letter from the Nalan Empire, the two legions from the Nalan Empire would not be able to retreat even if they were suspicious of anything. When the time comes, the people from the Skynet Intelligence Organisation would do their thing and there shouldn’t be any big problems.

“My husband, let’s quickly return home. Rumeng is still in Blue Moon City. She must be extremely scared now.” Currently, Nalan Ruyue’s face was white as a sheet, and it was so pale that there wasn’t a trace of blood. After thinking about what happened, she thought of her younger sister, Nalan Rumeng. If anything happened to Nalan Rumeng, she would definitely break down.

Long Yi nodded his head. Holding onto Nalan Ruyue’s slender waist, he flew towards Blue Moon City.

The moment they entered the Nalan Empire, they were shocked. Beyond Long Yi’s expectations, the entire empire had already fallen into chaos. The news of Nalan Wuji’s death due to the backlash of cultivating dark power was already broadcasted the day before. Since then, Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu had already started their race for the throne. With their supporters backing them, they had already commanded all the garrison forces to return to Blue Moon City. This resulted in city-wide chaos, as social order was disrupted. Robbing, killing, and stealing were rampant. Everyone felt insecure and the entire empire was in turmoil.

Seeing the chaos underneath them, the pale Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth. She clearly knew what was going on. Since the Nalan Empire had met with disaster and had fallen into chaos, the subsidiary kingdoms and principalities would definitely hit them when they were down. As for what kind of people her brothers were, she was extremely clear about it. They were worse than trash, and if she wasn’t careful, the foundation of the Nalan Empire which was built over a millennium would be destroyed in a day. That would be the end for the Nalan Empire.

“My husband, what should I do?” Nalan Ruyue stuck closer to Long Yi in order to draw warmth from his body. If Long Yi wasn’t standing beside her, she would have already fallen.

“Nothing will happen, I will be by your side.” Long Yi softly comforted Nalan Ruyue. However, he spoke in a steadfast tone.

Looking at Long Yi, she nodded her head and her mood eased a little. Yes, she still had Long Yi, her omnipotent husband. He would definitely be able to think of a way.

Long Yi held onto Nalan Ruyue as he looked downwards. Before long, a trace of strange smile appeared on his face. This was a huge crisis, but couldn’t this also be a huge chance? If the meat pie falling from the sky didn’t crush him to death, wouldn’t he have the best food?

Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu, these two trashes were simply not worth mentioning. If he killed them without anyone finding out, wouldn’t the only people with the royal bloodline be Nalan Ruyue and Nalan Rumeng? At that time, if he helped Nalan Ruyue to obtain the throne, wouldn’t the Nalan Empire fall into his hands? However, Long Yi knew that it wouldn’t be as easy as he thought. Those two trash brothers must have a ‘master-hand’ behind them, giving them instructions. They were probably controlled by people of the Proud Moon Empire or people from the Darl Church. It wouldn’t be easy for Long Yi to achieve his goals.

They rushed over to the Blue Moon City, and after a week, they finally arrived at the gates.

“If there was a Magic Transmission Array between towns, how wonderful that would be?” Such thought appeared in Long Yi’s mind. It was a pity that truly advanced magic arrays have been lost in the passage of time. Most magic arrays passed down were incomplete.

All of a sudden, Long Yi thought about the books he had found in the Lost City’s Holy Temple. Among them, several books ought to have recorded different kinds of magic arrays., He recalled that there were all sorts of magic array patterns drawn in the book. At the time, he wasn’t able to understand anything in the books. He didn’t dare to mess with them for fear that he would screw something up. Wushuang knew a number of simple magic arrays, but she didn’t know about the Transmission Magic Array. This kind of complicated and large magic array was difficult for anyone to understand. She said that knowledge about magic arrays is profound and the complexity astounding. How could an average person have the energy to study them at the same time?

“If someone could understand those books, it would be wonderful!” Long Yi secretly thought in his heart.

Long Yi didn’t remain deep in his thoughts. In the outskirts of the flourishing Blue Moon City, there were all kinds of miscellaneous regiments. Each of the group was glaring at each other. They were like tigers eyeing their prey. From how they looked at each other, it was obvious that they had pledged loyalty to different princes.

The situation was not as bad as it seemed. At least, they haven’t started fighting. Since they were not engaged in the full-scale war yet, the Nalan Empire was still relatively powerful. If a large scale civil war really took place, then the vitality of the Nalan Empire would certainly be greatly damaged. Recovering the damaged vitality of a great empire wasn’t something that could be achieved in a year or two.

“Whoever is coming, return. Blue Moon City is closed to outsiders.” At this time, several Master Magician flew into the air. This was the air defense network of Blue Moon City.

“Do you guys not recognize us? Or are you just pretending that you don’t recognize us?” Long Yi said with a smile. Nalan Ruyue was very well-known in the entire Blue Waves Continent, let alone her own country.

The complexion of these Master Magicians changed simultaneously. After hesitating for a little while, they paid their courtesies in the sky, “This subordinate pays respect to Princess Ruyue and her husband. However, His Majesty has just passed away. Both the first prince and second prince gave instructions to not let anyone enter Blue Moon City.”

“You also know that His Majesty has just passed away. How can we not go and pay our respects to him? The two princes are referring to other people, not us. Do you understand?” The complexion of Long Yi sunk and his aura burst out of his body. His aura pressured those Master Magicians who were in the sky. The complexion of these Master Magicians became pale and they were on the verge of collapsing.

“Son-in-law, calm your anger. Wait for us to go and make the report. Please don’t make things difficult for us.” Those magicians were panting as they desperately cried. In their heart, they were terrified and felt powerless as they faced Long Yi. The pressure Long Yi placed on them made them feel as though there was a big mountain pressing down on them. If his aura could make them feel such pressure, he should have reached the Master Archmage realm already. They should absolutely not provoke him.

“No, you are the ones making things difficult for us. Make way when this Young Master is showing mercy. Otherwise, you’ll all turn into corpses soon.” Long Yi said with indifference..

The expression of those magicians changed immediately. Gritting their teeth, they eventually got out of Long Yi’s way.

“Not bad, a wise man submits to circumstances. How about following this Young Master and the Princess from now on?” Long Yi said. These magicians were not weak at all. Perhaps, they were qualified to help Long Yi run some errands.

The magicians were startled for a while as they looked at the city wall beneath them. They wanted to say something but decided not to.

“You can all leave. Call for more people. Wait for me at the Bright Moon Restaurant inside the city tomorrow evening.” Long Yi smiled and sent a palm strike towards them. As if they were artillery shells, the magicians flew towards the city wall.

Bang, those magicians flew and smashed into the thick bluestone and they stunned everyone around them. The impact should have claimed their lives… However, the crowd was surprised as the magicians climbed out of the cracks without any injury. They were unexpectedly fine after smashing into the thick wall. Everyone was shocked as they didn’t know that it was possible.

When everyone turned to look at the magicians, Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue had already disappeared without a trace. When they appeared again, they reached the imperial palace. They arrived at a secluded corner of the huge palace.