Womanizing Mage - Chapter 431: Stars know my heart

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When Long Yi said those words, everyone was shocked. However, their expressions changed to a happy one in an instant. Good deeds were often hard to encounter.

No one asked why as this wasn’t something they should worry about. Their duty was to obey orders, especially Long Yi’s orders.

Long Yi began to deploy his troops. Long Yi not only wanted to control Army Commander Shate, he wanted to control all the influential generals in the Violent Dragon Legion. He especially wanted to control the trusted subordinates under Ximen Tian.

Late at night, the barracks of the Unparalleled Battalion was still brightly lit. All the soldiers of the Unparalleled Battalion were wearing their military armor and they were lined up neatly. They were awaiting orders from above and they were ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

The atmosphere was somewhat grave. Long Yi was sitting there as he thrummed his fingers on the table. The clattering sound shook the nerves of the generals standing below.

All of a sudden, the curtain of the tent was lifted and a soldier of the Unparalleled Battalion ran in. After performing his military salute, he handed over the military report with both hands and said, “Reporting to General, a person with General’s written orders was here to deliver this military report.”

Long Yi grabbed the report and opened it. A smile immediately appeared on his face. This military report reported the names of the important people in the Violent Dragon Legion along with their specific location. It even had the arrangement of the troops around them.

“Well, all of you can take this military report and look at it. After a quarter of an hour, take actions according to the plan. However, you have to remember, I don’t want to see any casualties. It doesn’t matter if it is among the soldiers of our Unparalleled Battalion or among the soldiers in the other battalions. Do you understand?” Long Yi’s expression was flat, but his gaze was firm and he emitted a kind of imposing aura. It was an aura which appeared on superior beings.

Perhaps, Long Yi’s playful expression would only disappear in the military barracks. The hidden temperament of a soldier in him would only show itself when he was in the military barracks. For him, the significance of controlling this army was far more than merely leading the troops to war.

“We understand!” Everyone simultaneously answered in a loud voice.

Currently, the sky was pitch black. A thick layer of clouds covered up even the brightest of stars. Except for the torches in the military barracks, there wasn’t any other source of light.

Inside the tent of the Violent Dragon Legion, Army Commander Shate was sitting in his bathtub. He soaked his body in cold water while sipping on a glass of good wine. He seemed as though he was enjoying himself greatly.

This year, Shate was already 55 years old. 40 years had already passed since the time he had joined the army at the age of 15. He was a very fortunate man. After mixing around in the military camp for three years without any achievements, he was about to retire with no achievements under his belt. On the day he was going to retire, Ximen Nu arrived at the military camp for an inspection. To everyone’s surprise, spies planted in the military camp attacked Ximen Nu while he was in the middle of his inspection. Those spies were planted by Ximen Nu’s enemies, and they were experts. They wanted to assassinate Ximen Nu when his guard was at his lowest.

Shate was an intelligent person. He knew that this was an opportunity. He dashed ahead without regard of his own safety in order to protect Ximen Nu and he received more than dozens of cuts on his body. From then on, he was regarded as the trusted subordinate of Ximen Nu and was eventually cultivated by Ximen Nu.

In the Violent Dragon Legion, the role of Shate was to suppress Ximen Tian. Of course, Ximen Tian had a similar role as he was there to suppress Shate. This was all Ximen Nu’s arrangement. It’s not because he didn’t trust them. However, he preferred to be prepared for all contingencies. After all, the Violent Dragon Legion played a vital role in deciding the Ximen Clan’s power.

“Our Army Commander is truly enjoying himself. How about drinking a glass with me?” A laughter resounded in the big tent and Long Yi appeared out of thin air. He appeared right behind Shate who was still in the bathtub.

Shate was startled, and a deep blue colored douqi flashed around his body.

All of a sudden, he relaxed. Without any hurry, he turned around to look at Long Yi. With a smile on his face, he said, “So it is the young master who has arrived. I wonder what noble errand brings you here so late at night?”

Long Yi pulled a chair and sat down. He poured himself a glass of wine without worrying about his manners as he re-evaluated Shate’s strength. Just now, in the midst of dark blue douqi he emitted, there was a trace of purple color. This clearly showed that he had already reached the pinnacle of the Great Swords Master realm, and he was not too far away from breaking through to the Swords Saint realm.

“I naturally have some matter if I’m here to look for you. I want to control the entire Violent Dragon Legion. I wonder if such a thing is possible?” Long Yi placed one leg above the other and said while he sipped a mouthful of wine. A command tablet belonging to the Ximen Clan appeared in midair.

When he saw the command tablet, Shate was shocked. He didn’t have time to cover his ** body as he hastily jumped out of the bathtub. Kneeling down on the floor, he received the order, “Subordinate Shate obeys the order of the patriarch.”

As a matter of fact, he already knew that Ximen Nu greatly doted on Long Yi. However, he never would have thought that Ximen Nu would actually hand over the patriarch’s command tablet to Long Yi. This clearly displayed his intentions about wanting Long Yi to succeed the patriarch’s position.

Long Yi nodded his head. This Shate had a clear view of things, and his reaction was no different from Long Yi’s expectation.

Shate wore his clothes and he became more respectful in his treatment towards Long Yi.

“Second Young Master, although I am willing to hand over the control of the Violent Dragon Legion to you, my word might not work so well. Especially against some factions.” Shate said with some hesitation. Ximen Tian had managed the Violent Dragon Legion for so many years and there were many subordinates who were stubbornly loyal to him.

“I know about this. You don’t have to worry about anything else.” Long Yi said with indifference.

Shate nodded his head and took out his command tablet. He respectfully passed the Army Commander’s command tablet to Long Yi.

To his surprise, Long Yi said, “The command tablet of the Army Commander will still be in your custody. All you have to do is to listen to my commands. Can you do it?”

“This subordinate Shate swears to the Light God. As long as Second Young Master Ximen gives the command, even if this subordinate has to go through fire and water, this subordinate will not hesitate to fulfill Second Young Master Ximen’s order.” Shate swore allegiance to Long Yi. It was just like what he did to Ximen Nu in the past. He knew that the master he would be serving in the future would be this mysterious and unfathomable second young master.

“Very good. Shate, now I know why my father trusts you so much and let you manage the entire Violent Dragon Legion. You are very intelligent.” Long Yi stared at Shate with keen, sparkling eyes as he laughed.

At this moment, chaos broke out in more than ten places within the Violent Dragon Legion’s military camp. However, the chaos was quelled within moments. Some shrewd officers had already anticipated for something to happen, but most of them chose to remain silent. Some of the more restless ones managed to calm down after they received the personally written order of the Army Commander.

Before long, Tyrant Bear, Beitang Yu, Nangong Nu, along with many high-ranking military officers entered the large military tent. They brought along more than ten high-ranking military officers in the Violent Dragon Legion. Of course, the commanders in the Unparalleled Battalion had suppressed them all.

“Reporting to General, this subordinate was lucky that he completed the mission successfully. Not a single person was killed or wounded.” Tyrant Bear excitedly saluted Long Yi immediately upon entering. As for Army Commander Shate, he treated him as though he was air.

Long Yi looked around and saw everyone in his name list. He couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction.

After instructing for these people to be detained, the expression of Long Yi became serious. His eyes shone and his body emitted an imposing aura. Everyone around him involuntarily straightened their backs and their nerves became taut.

“This moment is the most critical moment of the entire war. After the snow and ice completely melt, the fall of the Proud Moon Empire is imminent. However, there is something else going on right now. As for what the event is, none of you need to know anything about it. All you need to know that this event will topple the alliance of the Violent Dragon Empire and the Nalan Empire. All our previous efforts and sacrifices will be wasted.” The voice of Long Yi was powerful and impressive. It pressured everyone in the room.

The complexion of all the high-ranking military officials, including Army Commander Shate, became tense and they started becoming anxious. What kind of event would have such a big impact? They didn’t dare to make wild guesses.

“My command is to mobilize all the power of our Violent Dragon Legion to seal off the border of both the Nalan Empire and the Proud Moon Empire. We will only allow people to leave, and no one is to enter either border. Also, I want all of you to arrange hidden lookouts on the periphery of the army camp belonging to the Nalan Empire. Both legions of the Nalan Empire have to be under our watch. Shoot dead anyone who attempts to enter the two legions. This is a serious mission. I know it will be very difficult, but, no matter the difficulty or the price, I want this mission completed. If any of you are unable to do this, you don’t have to appear in the Violent Dragon Legion any longer.” Long Yi said.

Everyone who heard Long Yi’s order couldn’t help but shiver. They simultaneously accepted his command and swore that they would complete this mission.

In the same night, Army Commander Shate called together all the military officers and discussed official business throughout the night. Only at the dusk of next day were they dismissed. They rushed back to their respective battalions with red eyes and announced Army Commander Shate’s order.

Among the officers that were discussing official business, Beitang Yu, Tyrant Bear, and other backbones of the Unparalleled Battalion were naturally included. The result of the discussion was to let the Unparalleled Battalion seal off the military camps of the Nalan Empire’s two legions. Of course, they were to do so in secret. They would kill anyone they deem suspicious on the spot. No one was allowed to enter the military camp of the Nalan Empire before this order was lifted.

When Beitang Yu returned to her big tent, Long Yi was already missing. The only thing he left behind was a note. On the note, there were four words, “Stars knows my heart.”

Beitang Yu tightly held onto this slip of paper. From the four words, he could feel Long Yi’s warmth. He came in a hurry and also left in a hurry. Long Yi didn’t even have the time to properly speak with her. However, she had no complaints. There was a kind of love that could be felt even if nothing was said out loud. Even if they didn’t talk all the time, they shared a sense of happiness.

“My husband, do you know? Only you can light up my life.” Beitang Yu muttered and her steadfast beautiful face changed. Her face displayed her gentleness and affection she had for Long Yi, as her eyes shone like stars in the sky.

Beitang Yu lifted the curtains covering the windows. Looking into the sky, she closed her eyes. Feeling the cold starlight trickling on her body, she felt like she was in the warm bosom of her sweetheart.

Stars know my heart. Yes, who would be able to read her mind? She could only pour her thoughts out to the stars. The expression of Beitang Yu seemed intoxicated and happy at the same time. Currently, the tender feelings she had deep in her heart completely manifested.

Stars know my heart. The light breeze would deliver my favorable reply. If the stars in the sky represented Long Yi’s heart, then let gentle breeze bring her thoughts to him.

After a long time, Beitang Yu’s glittering beautiful face became solemn again. She changed back into the cold-blooded Hell Angel who terrified the battlefield.