Womanizing Mage - Chapter 429: Cruel and ruthless

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Following the few pokes from Long Yi, the three women who were sound asleep lost their consciousness.

“Long Yi, what are you doing?” Wushuang looked at Long Yi with shock written all over her face. She realized that there was something strange going on. Especially when she looked at him now, he looked even more abnormal.

Turning his head, Long Yi placed his index finger on his mouth. He signaled for Wushuang to keep quiet. With a soft sigh, Long Yi grabbed Ximen Wuhen’s little hand. Using an unknown move, a drop of bright red blood appeared on Ximen Wuhen’s middle finger.

Under Long Yi’s careful control, the drop of blood floated in the air in front of him. Looking at that drop of blood, Long Yi walked out of the tent.

By the time Wushuang left the tent, Long Yi had already set up an opaque barrier outside. As a result, she didn’t know what Long Yi was doing inside the barrier.

“What in the world is going on?” Wushuang muttered. This was the first time she had seen Long Yi act like this. She couldn’t help but worry about Long Yi.

Currently, inside the barrier, Long Yi stared blankly at two small porcelain bottles with liquid inside them. In of the bottle, the liquid was scarlet red in color and in the other bottle, the liquid was deep blue.

“It’s true, Wuhen truly isn’t my biological sister.” Long Yi sighed and there was a sense of loss in his heart. However, anger started to brew in Long Yi’s heart.

This was an extremely serious matter. In fact, his father, Ximen Nu, had no idea that Ximen Wuhen wasn’t his daughter. She was actually the daughter of someone else. Long Yi’s anger was really boiling over right now. In his mind, he thought, if his own women were to get pregnant with another guy’s child, he would feel enraged. However, Long Yi thought about how Aunt Ou said that his grandfather was involved in this matter. Long Yi’s mind spun as he thought about what Aunt Ou actually meant. Could it be that his grandfather became senile after disappearing for so many years? He actually colluded with others to make his son wear a green hat. This gave Long Yi the urge to curse out loud.

The seething emotions inside Long Yi slowly calmed down after a while. Anyway, this was already something which could not be changed. In any case, Ximen Wuhen was the innocent party here. No matter what happened, Long Yi was not going to implicate her in any of this.

After looking at the problem from different angles, Long Yi settled down his state of mind. He decided to hide this fact, albeit temporarily. This was because of the current situation on the Blue Waves Continent and the situation in the Ximen Clan. In the Ximen Clan, the wind and waves were currently at its highest. The situation on the Blue Waves Continent was also at its critical juncture. If Long Yi revealed the news about how Ximen Wuhen wasn’t his sister right now, it would only bring about disadvantages to the Ximen Clan.

Dispelling the barrier, Long Yi walked out with a smile on his face. It was the usual expression he had as he didn’t want to give Wushuang a reason to worry.

“Long Yi……” Seeing as Long Yi left the barrier, Wushuang instantly called out to him. She took two steps forward and stood right in front of Long Yi.

“I am fine.” Long Yi smiled and patted the shoulder of Wushuang. In a serious voice, he added, “Suang’er, I don’t want anyone else to know about what happened earlier. Do you understand?”

“I understand.” Wushuang nodded her head. Despite the suspicion in her heart, she would act as if nothing happened. It was what Long Yi wanted after all.

“Thank you for understanding.” Long Yi kissed the soft and delicate lips on Wushuang’s face.


Violent Dragon Empire, Soaring Dragon City.

Under the golden light of the sun, the Ximen Residence appeared radiant and imposing in the middle of the city. The guards who stood on the two sides of the big scarlet gate looked ferocious with their helmet and shining armor. Just by looking at them, people would be able to know that they were veterans who had survived bloody battles on the battlefields.

As usual, Ximen Nu was sitting upright behind his spacious desk. In front of him were stacks of intelligence reports, and he was slowly browsing through them. The intelligence reports consisted of reports about the situation inside Soaring Dragon City and reports about the other cities in the Blue Waves Continent.

While was deep in his thought, Dongfang Wan knocked on the door. Carrying a cup of tea, she entered the room. She gently placed the cup of tea in front of Ximen Nu before silently moving behind him. Picking up a little fan, she started to fan Ximen Nu who was busy reading the intelligence reports.

Ximen Nu didn’t raise his head. His head remained lowered as he read all of the intelligence reports on the table. He used a brush to outline the most important parts of the report. Currently, Ximen Nu looked older compared to before. His head seemed to be covered in white hair, but his mighty momentum didn’t diminish in the slightest.

After a good while, Ximen Nu stood up and stretched his body. Looking towards his wife, a smile appeared on his face.

“My husband, drink this cup of herbal tea. Recently, the weather has been extremely abnormal. Summer has yet to come, but the weather is already so hot.” Dongfang Wan picked up the cup of tea from the desk and handed it over to Ximen Nu.

“It is certainly strange. Does the Blue Waves Continent want to flip the heaven over this year?” Ximen Nu took the teacup from Dongfang Wan’s hands as he slowly sipped on it. The herbal tea had been processed more than ten times by Dongfang Wan, and it was frozen. With a single sip of the tea, the heat inside Ximen Nu’s body disappeared and his gloomy heart started to relax.

Dongfang Wan wisely smiled but didn’t say much. As the eldest daughter of the Dongfang Clan, her political sensitivity and view of the overall situation couldn’t be compared to a normal person. If she was unwilling to be a good wife and loving mother in front of Ximen Nu, she could have shaken the world with her literary talent. Regardless of whether it was the military or government, her name would be extremely well known. However, she chose to be a nameless wife standing behind her successful husband.

“Wan’er, Is General Ye and the others here??” The eyes of Ximen Nu shone as he stroked his grey beard.

“They are currently waiting in the hall. Does husband want to go and meet them now?” Dongfang Wan replied.

“Of course I want to go.” Ximen Nu smirked. His crafty smile greatly resembled the smile Long Yi always had on his face. As the saying goes, like father, like son. Or in this case, like son, like father.

Ximen Nu stepped into the hall with a dignified expression. The three people who were in the hall stood up and gave him a salutation regardless of whether they were wearing a military uniform or a civil official dress.

“This time, I called everyone here to discuss a matter. All of you can sit down.” Ximen Nu walked over to the master chair in the hall with large strides. With an imposing aura, he took his seat.

“Patriarch, why are there only three of us?” An old man wearing the civil official dress belonging to the Violent Dragon Empire asked in confusion. In the past, when there were major issues to discuss, Ximen Nu would call all of his trusted subordinates. However, there were only three of them this time.

“Yes, I’ve called the three of you here today as you are the ones I trust the most. Especially since all three of you have been serving me for such a long time.” Ximen Nu said. When he saw the trace of happiness on their faces, a trace of killing intent appeared in his heart.

“Recently, Soaring Dragon City has been plunged into chaos. I think that all three of you should know about this. After reaching the critical juncture to attack the Proud Moon Empire, that old fox Long Zhan revealed some of his moves. In this one month, he laid out many traps which were aimed at us. Fortunately, we were able to avert them and avoid disaster. We were even able to launch our own counterattacks against him. Although we were unable to damage his bones, out attacks should make him feel some pain.” Ximen Nu looked at three people below him as he said with a pleasant smile. He appeared to be delighted by the performance of the three of them.

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“That is all because patriarch grasped the key points to the enemy’s weakness. Every time Long Zhan arranged a trap, the patriarch was able to see through it. This subordinate truly admires you.” Ye Wufeng said while looking at Ximen Nu with worship in his eyes.

Ximen Nu looked at Ye Wufeng. He was once Ximen Nu’s trusted confidant. However, he was unaware that he was already excluded from the Ximen Clan’s core. Everything was due to his wife. Who asked his wife to develop s*xual relations with the Crown Prince, Long Ying. This was enough reason for the cruel and ruthless Ximen Nu to completely lose his heart towards Ye Wufeng.

Ximen Clan made several hundred years of preparations. They absolutely couldn’t tolerate any mishaps or errors. They were definitely not jeopardizing the entire Ximen Clan and its vassals. Ximen Nu didn’t dare to gamble with his clan on the line. As such, he steeled his heart.

“I cannot take credit for evading Long Zhan’s traps. We managed to avoid Long Zhan’s traps because of our spies. As a result, I know about their movements completely. Now, I would like to ask, how will Long Zhan be able to fight against us?” Ximen Nu stroked his beard and asked after laughing heartily. However, his eyes were narrowed as he stared at the three of them.

Both of the civil officials looked happy and flattered. According to them, Ximen Nu absolutely trusted them as he revealed such important secrets in their presence. There was no reason not to be happy.

However, Ye Wufeng’s expression became tense and an explosion happened in his brain. With the smile on his face stiffening, his limbs became ice-cold.

After some time, Ximen Nu gave them the permission to leave, However, Ye Wufeng stayed back in the hall as he stared at Ximen Nu.

“General Ye, do you have something to say?” Ximen Nu frowned. He knew that Ye Wufeng was sharp and should have deduced something from Ximen Nu’s speech.

Bang, Ye Wufeng knelt down and prostrated on the ground. In a trembling voice, he pleaded, “Forgive me, patriarch, this Wufeng isn’t clear on his mistakes. I request for the patriarch to make it clear.” Ye Wufeng was a very intelligent person. His clan had always been stubbornly loyal to the Ximen Clan since generations ago. Not to mention the fact that he had grown up with Ximen Nu. Ximen Nu’s killing intent couldn’t escape his perception. Besides, he knew that Ximen Nu would never speak about having spies by Long Zhan’s side. He knew that it was an impossible matter. As such, he wasn’t the least bit happy when Ximen Nu told them about the spies. Rather, he trembled in despair.

Ximen Nu stared at Ye Wufeng who was kneeling in front of him with an ice-cold gaze. With an indifferent expression he said, “Wufeng, I trust you that you will never betray me. However, you made a mistake. You have married the wrong woman. Your wife is committing adultery with Crown Prince Long Ying, and she is currently his spy. You shouldn’t know about this matter yet, right?”

Another explosion occurred in Ye Wufeng’s head and his mind became a blank space. The wife who he was immensely proud of was the one who betrayed him. He never doubted the words of Ximen Nu. Since Ximen Nu had said that his wife betrayed him, he was certain that his wife betrayed him.

“Wufeng, I cannot lose……” Ximen Nu said to Ye Wufeng.

Ye Wufeng trembled. When he looked up, his expression was already firm. In a calm voice, he said, “Patriarch, I know what I should do.”

In just three days, Long Zhan, as well as the Military Advisors behind him knew about the matter of the spies. They became extremely tense and they were suspicious of everyone around them.

After seven days, the entire Ye Residence was massacred in the span of a night. General Ye Wufeng as well as his wife, servants, and maids. There wasn’t a living creature in the entire Ye Residence. The scene was shrouded by a strong barrier, so no one noticed anything. Allegedly, they said that this was the work of the Dark Church as the entire Ye Residence was shrouded by a dense dark aura.

“Wufeng. Everything that I, Ximen Nu owe you, I will repay in the otherworld.” Ximen Nu stood tall inside his courtyard as he stared into the starry skies. His eyes shone and no one knew what he was thinking.