Womanizing Mage - Chapter 428: Not your biological sister

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The shape slowly condensed, revealing an elegant face with jet-black hair hanging down her shoulders. In an instant, a delicate fragrance spread all over the room.

Aunt Ou who wore a purple colored gown smiled at Long Yi. She held a long sword in her hand, and it glimmered with pallid light as she pointed it at the ground.

“Long time no see, big sister. You are still as elegant as before.” Long Yi laughed as he greeted her. Under Aunt Ou’s attentive gaze, Long Yi felt uneasy and his speech was rather unnatural.

“Why did you sneak into here?” Aunt Ou retracted her sword. Pulling a chair, she sat down and started to question Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled as he mirrored her actions. Pulling a chair, he sat down in front of her. Only after sitting down, Long Yi replied, “This younger brother doesn’t have any bad intentions. Although I arrived at Mea Principality two days ago, I never had the time to meet you. Since I’m leaving tomorrow, I had to meet you now. If I didn’t come today, there would be absolutely no change to meet you any longer.”

Aunt Ou looked at Long Yi with a profound smile and said with indifference, “If you have something to say, let’s talk in the rear mountains. This little house of mine can’t house a Great God like you after all.”

“Who is the Great God? At best, I can be said to be a Demigod.” Long Yi smiled and quickly refuted her claim. To be precise, Long Yi couldn’t even be considered a Demigod. He was unable to wear a single piece of the Lightning God’s armor.

Aunt Ou didn’t feel like arguing with Long Yi. In a flash, she left the room and flew towards the rear mountain.

In the rear mountain, the wind was gently blowing. It made the lower hem of Aunt Ou’s clothing sway slightly. Just by looking at her back view, many men in the world would not be able to escape from her perfect and mystical temperament. However, the passage of time was ruthless. With the layer of marks left behind by the passage of time on her beautiful face, there were fewer men in the world who would fall in love with her.

Aunt Ou turned around and saw that Long Yi was staring at her with a blank expression on his face. He was standing only a few steps behind her and she almost bumped into him.

“What are you looking at? Does this old woman still have any charm left in her?” Aunt Ou smiled thinly and said. Now, common matters wouldn’t be able to cause waves to rise in her heart anymore. After experiencing great hardships throughout her life, her mind was extremely mature.

“How can anyone call big sister old? You are considered mature, not old. You have a charm which would only appear after experiencing many storms in life.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Aunt Ou was startled at first. Unable to control her laughter anymore, she chuckled, “You are just a child, why are you speaking as though you are some kind of old man? The things you say are rather sophisticated for your age. If there was a stranger here, they might think that you are as old as me.”

As the corners of his lips crept upwards, Long Yi changed the expression on his face. He pretended to be an old and experienced person. After all, he had the experience of two lives. Not to mention the fact that both of his lives were extremely brilliant compared to the lives of others. Even if he added the experience of a hundred people, it might be lesser than what Long Yi experienced throughout his life. As such, his mentality was different from others. However, Long Yi would often hide his true self by acting like another person.

“Well, don’t pretend to be mature. Start talking, why did you come looking for me?” Female Swords Saint said.

Long Yi nodded his head and with a cheeky smile on his face, he stated his true intentions, “This time, I came to request a matter from big sister.”

“What matter?” Female Swords Saint raised her eyebrows in curiosity.

Organizing his thoughts, Long Yi told Aunt Ou everything about Shui Ruoyan. It included the matter of the beautiful lady and his concerns. He added his suspicions and worries in his story.

“Then, how do you want me to help you?” Female Swords Saint asked.

“I want you to pay attention to Shui Ruoyan’s every move. Sometimes, she might do things which might seem dubious. If there is anything unusual, I hope that big sister can help her out.” Long Yi sincerely requested.

Aunt Ou smiled warmly and said, “It is not impossible to agree to your request. However, I have a condition.”

“What condition? If you want me to offer s*x and so on, I will never agree.” Long Yi jumped back and said with a cheeky smile as he hugged his chest with his hands.

Aunt Ou glared at Long Yi and a flash of golden douqi suddenly brushed past Long Yi’s face. The speed of the golden douqi was as quick as lightning, and it left a thin red mark on Long Yi’s face.

Long Yi didn’t take offense to her actions. With a single circulation of true qi, that red mark on his face instantly disappeared without a trace. Staring at Aunt Ou, he chuckled, “Just as I thought. You were hiding your power all along. You have already reached the Swords God realm long ago.”

Aunt Ou declined to comment and threatened Long Yi instead. “If you continue with your nonsense, I’ll disfigure your face. I want to see how you will seduce girls with your disfigured face.”

“Big sister, you don’t know about this, but even if I was an ugly person, beauties would still cry, shout out loud, and come over to me in submission. This is called a man’s charm. Appearance has nothing to do with it.” Long Yi stepped forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with Aunt Ou as he said in confidence.

Aunt Ou, who Long Yi had been addressing as Female Swords Saint, should be addressed as Female Swords God now. She remained silent towards Long Yi’s banter. She was never able to see through this kid. He hid too deeply and he changed his behavior extremely quickly. She simply had no way to fathom him.

“I can help you keep an eye on Shui Ruoyan. However, my condition is for you to make Ximen Wuhen happy.” Aunt Ou looked straight into Long Yi’s eyes and gave her condition. Looking into Aunt Ou’s eyes, Long Yi was able to see that her pupils were sharp and jet black.

Without any fear, Long Yi stared straight into her eyes. Then with a trace of a smile on his lips, he said, “I don’t understand what you mean. Wuhen is my little sister, making her happy is my responsibility.”

“I said ‘love’, do you understand what I mean?” Aunt Ou faintly replied.

Long Yi was stunned as if someone hit the back of his head with an iron rod. Only after a long time, Long Yi came back to his senses. He pointed at Aunt Ou as he cursed, “You are insane, you pervert! Wuhen’s love doesn’t have anything to do with me, it is her future husband’s responsibility.”

“As long as you say the word, her happiness would be your responsibility.” Aunt Ou stared at Long Yi with her keen, sparkling eyes and said.

Long Yi raised his hand but he wasn’t able to do anything. He eventually lowered his hand as he took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. He gave Aunt Ou a strange stare as he said, “You are truly insane. I always wondered why my grandfather didn’t want you, but you are basically a lunatic. Don’t tell me that you don’t know that doing ‘that’ between brother and sister is called **?”

When Long Yi mentioned his grandfather, Aunt Ou’s expression changed a few times. However, Long Yi wasn’t able to make out the change in her expression as it was too unpredictable. She looked as though she wanted to flip out, but she eventually calmed down. She started her explanation with a sigh, “I am not insane. Ximen Wuhen is simply not your sister, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Long Yi was truly stunned this time. He gave Aunt Ou a blank stare for a while as that sentence, ‘Ximen Wuhen is simply not your sister’ repeatedly resounded in his head.

“You… You are saying that Ximen Wuhen isn’t my sister? That is nonsense! Although we were not born from the same mother, our father is the same. Could it be that my father doesn’t know about this?” Long Yi was agitated and he started shouting. After arriving at this world, it was not easy to accept the fact that he had a younger sister. He had also sincerely cherished Ximen Wuhen as a biological sister. However, someone told him that Ximen Wuhen wasn’t his sister after such a long time. Long Yi was unable to keep his emotions in check as waves after waves rose in his heart.

“That’s right. He has no idea about this.” Aunt Ou faintly answered Long Yi. Leaning to one side, she knitted her brows. Now, she was filled with deep sadness and helplessness.

Long Yi suppressed the agitation in his heart. Suddenly, he felt as though this was ridiculous. With a feeling of amusement, he asked, “If my father doesn’t know about this, how would you know? Could it be that you knew about this matter?”

“Of course. In this world, only your grandfather and I knew about this. Even Wuhen’s parents have no idea.” Aunt Ou’s voice trembled and she sighed. She appeared extremely lonely.

Giving Aunt Ou a blank stare, he started to mutter to himself. “Are you insane or am I insane?”

“Do you think I am lying to you?” Aunt Ou asked.

“Aren’t you?” Long Yi sneered. However, beneath the surface, there was chaos in his heart. He knew that Aunt Ou definitely wouldn’t say something without thinking about it first.

“I don’t need to deceive you. Since you are so capable, you should have a way to see if she is your true sister or not.” Aunt Ou eventually explained to Long Yi.

Long Yi became silent. As the backbone of the Dragon (Long) Organization in his previous life, he indeed possessed a method to discern if two people had blood relations with each other.

“After finding out the truth, I’ll modify your condition. However, it doesn’t matter what the end result is. I will do my best to make Wuhen happy.” A stiff smile appeared on Long Yi’s face.

“Okay, I have nothing against that.” Seeing Long Yi’s reluctant expression, Aunt Ou sighed and agreed with his condition.

Long Yi’s thoughts were in a mess. Turning around to leave, Long Yi took two steps before turning back. He opened his mouth as though he wanted to ask something, but no sound came out of it.

“You want to ask about Ximen Wuhen’s relationship with me? I can only tell you that she is not the bloodline of your Ximen Clan. As for other things, I have no comments.”

Aunt Ou naturally knew what Long Yi wanted to ask. As such, she took the initiative to tell him before he asked his question.

Long Yi sighed as he shrugged his shoulder. In a flash, he flew away.

Currently, the dark night had begun to gradually fade away. The grey light of dawn could be seen stretching across the land.

When Long Yi approached the meadow, he was shocked to see that the four women didn’t return to the inn. Instead, they pitched a tent on the soft grass.

When he saw that they were all sleeping together, a complicated expression rose in his heart. If this was before Aunt Ou gave him the shocking news, he would have jumped into the middle of them. He would enjoy himself by holding his beauties in both his hands. However, Long Yi no longer had the feeling to think about such things. He walked back and forth in front of the tent and muttered while shaking his head, “Could it be that Wuhen is not my biological sister?”

All of a sudden, the curtain of the tent was lifted up. Wushuang walked out of the tent as she stretched her body. She looked refreshed and Long Yi knew that she was meditating the whole night.

“Long Yi, what happened? Why are you restless like this?” When she saw Long Yi’s expression, Wushuang couldn’t help but ask.

Long Yi waved his hand as he stood still for a moment. He rushed into the tent all of a sudden, giving Wushuang a good shock. Wushuang felt something was wrong, so she followed after him. The moment she entered the tent, she could see that Long Yi was staring at Ximen Wuhen with a complicated expression on his face. Since she was sound asleep, Wushuang had no idea what Long Yi was thinking.

“Shuang’er, do you think me and Ximen Wuhen resemble each other?” Long Yi turned around and whispered softly.

Wushuang was surprised at his sudden question. After thinking for a moment, she shook her head, “Nope, you two don’t resemble each other in the slightest. No matter how I look at it, your features don’t match each other.”

Long Yi nodded his head and his hand quickly poked the girls who were sleeping soundly.