Womanizing Mage - Chapter 424: Alone with Mea Empress

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“Subordinate Yin Jian pays respect to Young Master.” Yin Jian respectfully greeted Long Yi.

“Spare the courtesies. For you to come in person, did something of great importance happen?” Long Yi waved his hand and asked.

“Replying young master, something indeed happened. This subordinate found out about a very important matter and I have to let Young Master know right away.” Yin Jian’s expression became solemn and he quickly addressed the problem.

When Long Yi saw Yin Jian’s expression, he raised his eyebrows and he knew that something big definitely happened. Yin Jian took two steps forward and whispered into Long Yi’s ear. Long Yi’s complexion changed the moment he heard what Yin Jian said. His eyes became sharp and emitted a fierce radiance.


“Where did that damned fellow go? Why isn’t he here yet?” Bertha murmured to herself as she sat beside the Mea Empress. Around the table, Wushuang and the rest stared at each other as there was nothing else to do.

“Bertha, Young Master Ximen have something else to do, which resulted in him being late. Don’t be impatient.” Mea Empress rebuked Bertha. Giving an apologetic smile to Wushuang and the others, Mea Empress seemed to be apologizing to them for Long Yi’s behavior.

Just as everyone was wondering where Long Yi was, the door of the room burst open. Long Yi stepped through the door as he chided Bertha, “Little fox, are you speaking badly of me again? Is your ** itching?”

Bertha creased her nose and made a wry smile towards Long Yi.

“Young Master Ximen, I am truly glad to see you again.” Seeing as Long Yi had arrived, Mea Empress Lian Xin stood up gracefully to greet Long Yi. She bowed slightly towards Long Yi and she had a gentle smile on her beautiful face. This greeting from Mea Empress made her look very noble and enchanting.

Long Yi’s heart jumped and his sharp eyes sized Mea Empress up. He instantly knew that she was a woman of great beauty, and his gaze remained glued to her towering chest. After staring at her ** for quite some time, Long Yi’s gaze finally shifted to Mea Empress’ face. With a cheeky smile on Long Yi’s face, he said, “I am also very glad to see the empress again. I can’t help but to think of the old days whenever I look at you.”

Mea Empress laughed softly took advantage of everyone’s lapse in concentration. She secretly sent a seductive glare towards Long Yi and lightly winked at him.

As if electricity was flowing all over his body, Long Yi shuddered. Long Yi had never thought that he would fall to Mea Empress’ seductions. He knew that she was a peerless beauty, but he also knew that the women surrounding him were peerless beauties as well. It doesn’t matter. Long Yi had decided that Mea Empress must pay for stirring up the fire in him.

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Long Yi took his seat. Since he was late, the dishes and wine were already served. The dishes were so exquisite that they were rarely seen even in the dining room of the imperial family. Honestly speaking, it had already been a long time since Long Yi had eaten such delicacies. Ever since the time Long Yi left the Nalan Empire, he had been traveling to extremely remote places. Where could he find time to enjoy meals like this? Although Long Yi was a good cook, he lacked the necessary seasonings and other kitchen utensils. Just like how the cleverest housewife can’t cook a good meal without rice, Long Yi was unable to make full use of his cooking skills. Not to mention the fact that even though Long Yi had good roasting and grilling skills, wouldn’t he be fed up with eating roasted and grilled meat for every meal?

All of the women surrounding the table ate gracefully, but Long Yi was acting like a hungry ghost. Wiping out dishes after dishes, it was as though Long Yi had a black hole for a stomach. Grabbing a big mouthful of meat, he coupled it with a huge gulp of wine. With his mouth full of food, oil was flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

“Young Master Ximen, haven’t you been eating for the past few days?” Mea Empress asked with shock in her voice when she saw the way Long Yi ate.

“This is the way this Young Master eats. You’ll get used to it in the future. Look at them, do they have any reaction to the way I eat?” Long Yi smiled as he pointed to Wushuang and the others. The only reply he got was five pair of eye rolls.

Mea Empress covered her mouth and she let out a small giggle. Although the way Long Yi ate appeared unrefined and rude, there was a certain charm to it. It gave Long Yi a manly aura.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Empress. If you have nothing else for me, we’ll take out leave.” Long Yi stroke his bulging stomach as he sipped on a mouthful of tea. Anyone could see that Long Yi was extremely satisfied with the meal and was ready to head back.

“Where are you going?” Before Mea Empress could open her mouth, Bertha couldn’t help but ask Long Yi. After spending so much time with Long Yi, she was beginning to ask more questions. There were so many things which made her curious after all. Especially Long Yi’s behavior.

“Of course I’m heading over to Yatesianna. Just take a look at the weather! It won’t be long before all the snow and ice melts. How can I be missing the moment the war starts?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“That was fast!” Bertha was not the only one who exclaimed at Long Yi’s intentions. Mea Empress, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen also shouted at practically the same time.

“Why? Are you all unwilling to part with me? I have never expected my charm to be this strong.” Long Yi said with a smirk on his face.

“Young Master Ximen, this little woman here has something to discuss with you. I wonder if it is possible for us to have a talk alone?” Mea Empress hastily stood up as she knew that Long Yi wasn’t joking when he said that he wanted to leave.

“Okay, no problem.” Long Yi winked at Mea Empress and said with a naughty expression on his face. Instead of replying Long Yi, Mea Empress only gave him a slight smile. It was as though she had too much on her mind in order to joke around with Long Yi.

Entering another compartment, Mea Empress instantly used the Sound Insulation Barrier and the Defense Barrier Pearl in order to isolate them from the outside world.

“Why do you have so many layers of protection? Are you trying to bind yourself in a cocoon?” Long Yi stared at Mea Empress’ bewitching body and couldn’t help but feel something stirring inside of him.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if I am making a cocoon to bind myself, I won’t regret anything.” Mea Empress shed off her dignified expression she used to have. In an instant, she changed into a charming and tempting woman which would cause all men to sin. Instead of avoiding Long Yi’s ** gaze, she met it head on. It was as though she was challenging him to do something bad.

“Will you truly not regret anything?” Long Yi smiled and took two steps towards Mea Empress. Reaching out his hand, he raised Mea Empress’ snow white chin. Staring into her eyes, Long Yi’s heartbeat accelerated.

“Of course I won’t regret it. Does Young Master Ximen want this little woman to prove it?” Mea Empress fearlessly said. Grabbing the belt on her waist, she gently gave it a tug. Her clothes lapel instantly slid to the sides and her snow-white skin was revealed to Long Yi.

Long Yi was shocked. He only thought of flirting with Mea Empress, and he didn’t think that she would be so bold. He hastily retreated two steps, but his eyes were glued to her towering soft and white **. However, Long Yi was quickly disappointed as Mea Empress wasn’t wearing a pair of silk underwear. There was a layer of tightly wrapped pink gown around her ** and he wasn’t able to see anything.

Mea Empress smiled. Peeling off the outer layer of her clothing, Mea Empress fanned herself with her hands. With a playful grin on her face, Mea Empress said, “This little woman was only feeling a little hot in here. I hope Young Master Ximen wouldn’t mind.”

“I don’t mind, even if you take off another piece of clothing, I won’t mind at all.” Long Yi rolled his eyes and said.

“Since Young Master Ximen gave the order, this little woman has no choice but to obey.” Mea Empress smiled and she started to take off her pink gown.

The eyes of Long Yi widened and he jumped onto the soft sofa. With a wry smile on his face, Long Yi was simply stunned speechless. “I say, wearing so many layers, don’t you feel hot?” Long Yi rolled his eyes yet again as he saw that there was another layer of clothing under her pink gown.

“Of course I’m not afraid of the heat. This little woman has been afraid of the cold since birth. If Young Master Ximen were to ask this little woman to take off another piece of clothing, I could guarantee that there would be a layer of green underwear underneath.” Mea Empress was still wearing a piece of clothing which was considerably thick. Her green underwear was vaguely visible under her thick clothes. However, Long Yi knew that there were definitely other layers of clothing under her green underwear.

“Forget it, no need to bother. You should start talking about the things that truly matter. Why did you call me in for a talk?” Long Yi didn’t feel like playing with Mea Empress any longer. As such, he wanted Mea Empress to quickly speak about the matters which was bothering her.

Mea Empress’ expression changed the moment Long Yi asked her to speak. It seemed as though she was afraid of Long Yi’s reaction to what she was going to say. After some slight hesitation, Mea Empress knew that Long Yi was getting impatient. “Now, the beast-men clans are experiencing internal chaos. Due to the fact that the Bimeng Imperial Family was openly conscripting beast-men clans to work under them, the other clans seem to be dissatisfied with the Bimeng Imperial Family. This is the best time to revive our Fox Clan. I hope that Young Master Ximen will help us.”

Long Yi naturally knew about the situations in the Hengduan Mountains. He also knew that this was the best opportunity for the Fox Clan to revive. Moreover, he wanted to take advantage of the chaos and give the Fox Clan a high position.

“Young Master Ximen, I remember our deal in the past. Now that Bertha had already cultivated the Hundred Transformation Clones, she no longer needs to maintain a virgin body. We can now agree to Young Master Ximen’s conditions.” Mea Empress looked at Long Yi and as she gritted her teeth. In any case, she had already realized Bertha’s feelings for Long Yi.

Long Yi smiled waved his hand, dismissing whatever Mea Empress just said. “At that time, I was merely joking. Forget about it. I refuse every other condition set by you as well.” Long Yi spoke up after dismissing Mea Empress’ concerns.

“Does that mean Young Master Ximen agree to help us?” Mea Empress asked with ecstasy in her voice.

“Yes, I agree. If your Fox Clan manage to claim a high position in the beast-men clans, I would be able to profit from it too. Since it is a win-win situation for the both of us, why not do it?” Long Yi said as he confirmed her suspicions.


“Wait for my messenger. He is my subordinate and he’ll be in charge of helping you. With his abilities, there is no way for you to fail.” The person Long Yi was talking about was naturally Yin Jian. He had already established an intelligence network in the Hengduan Mountains. Not to mention the fact that he had already infiltrated the Bimeng Imperial Family. He was definitely the best candidate for the job.

“That’s fine. The person chosen by Young Master Ximen is definitely capable enough. This little woman will wait for him.” Mea Empress said with a smile.

Nodding his head, Long Yi continued, “We have already drunk and eaten to heart’s content. I will not disturb you any longer.”

“Young Master Ximen, are you leaving Mea Principality?” Mea Empress asked.

“Yes, it is time for me to leave.” When Long Yi thought of Yin Jian’s intelligence report, his eyes shone with excitement.

“Then, this little woman will not force Young Master Ximen to stay. I hope Young Master Ximen have…… have a good trip.” Mea Empress’ voice trembled towards the end of her sentence.

Raising his eyebrows, Long Yi looked towards Mea Empress in curiosity. He didn’t know whether he was seeing things, but he felt as though Mea Empress looked much paler compared to before.

“Are you okay?” Long Yi asked in confusion. Could it be possible that there was a problem with his vision?

“Of course, I am fine. What could possibly happen to me? If Young Master Ximen doesn’t leave now, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t be able to rush to Yatesianna in time. Moreover, the sun is going to set soon. Young Master Ximen should get going.” Mea Empress tightened the layer of thick clothes on her and she pretended as though nothing was wrong. However, Long Yi could see that she was shivering even though she wore so many layers of clothing.

Long Yi was instantly suspicious of Mea Empress. She was obviously trying to conceal something from him. Also, it seemed as though she couldn’t wait to be rid of him.

“That’s all right, I like to travel at night. I like to look at the moon, stars, and beauties while I travel. Also, the night is cool and comfortable. How about we drink a cup of tea while we chat? I still have many questions about your Fox Clan. Now that we have started our cooperation, we should try to understand each other better.” Long Yi didn’t get up and his gaze moved about without any concern.

Mea Empress gritted her teeth and reached out to pick up her pink gown. Just as she tried to put it on, Long Yi’s hand shot towards her towering **.