Womanizing Mage - Chapter 423: Wanton, the invitation of Mea Empress

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Ximen Wuhen looked at the beautiful sky with sadness in her eyes. Some things were decided by fate, and no matter how hard people try, fate couldn’t be changed. For instance, the stars in the sky appears to be extremely close in distance, but everyone knew that the stars in the sky were separated by hundreds of millions of light years.

“I don’t ask for much, the only thing I want to do is to stay at my second brother’s side throughout my life. It doesn’t matter if I have to stand in his shadow. As long as he looks at me once in a while, I am perfectly content. Am I being too greedy?” Ximen Wuhen took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. She muttered to herself under her breath and a sigh escaped her lips.

Clang, Ximen Wuhen was startled by a loud sound and she instantly turned around. In front of her stood Wushuang who had shock written all over her face. Wushuang clearly heard what Ximen Wuhen said a moment ago.

“Big sister Wushuang, you……” Ximen Wuhen was bewildered and she only had one thought in her mind. She thought that her life would be over the moment Wushuang told Long Yi what she said. Imagining how Long Yi would react, Ximen Wuhen was afraid that Long Yi would ignore her forever if he heard what she said.

Very quickly, Wushuang came back to her senses even though Ximen Wuhen’s words kept replaying in her mind. She had just left Long Yi’s side in order to take a breather, and she was feeling extremely relaxed before she heard what Ximen Wuhen said. She wanted to take a breather because her feelings were in disarray. Sometimes, Wushuang would gnash her teeth in anger as she thought about how she was unable to give Long Yi her everything.

Flying to Ximen Wuhen’s side, Wushuang lightly patted her shoulders. In a soft voice, Wushuang reassured Ximen Wuhen, “Wuhen, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about what just happened.”

Ximen Wuhen cultivated light magic, so she woke up very quickly from her absent-mindedness. She looked at Wushuang who was similarly wearing a clean white robe with a complicated gaze. Thinking about how her deepest secret was exposed, Ximen Wuhen’s face turned red. Other than Aunt Ou whom she had impulsively poured out her heart to two years ago, nobody else knew about her secret. Ximen Wuhen had the intention to bury her secret deep in her heart throughout her life, but now, it seemed unlikely.

“I love my second brother. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t control my feelings at all.” Ximen Wuhen no longer concealed her feelings and calmly looked at Wushuang. Subconsciously, she believed in Wushuang. Besides, guarding a secret which cannot be spoken of was too stressful. This time, having a person to pour out her heart out to was certainly not a bad thing.

“But, he is your biological big brother. How can you develop such feelings for him?” Wushuang said. There wasn’t an expression of shock on her face. She only asked Ximen Wuhen and she didn’t seem to be too curious.

A bitter smile slowly appeared on Ximen Wuhen’s face and she explained to Wushuang in a soft voice. “Previously, I really hated my second brother. I hated him to the core. However, when I saw him again in Mea Principality, he had completely changed. I was slowly able to get along with him, and I fell hopelessly in love with him. Whenever I didn’t see him, I couldn’t help but have a longing feeling in my heart. When I get to see him, I would feel extremely delighted. Whenever I see him with other women, jealousy would full me and when he dotes on me, I would feel very happy. These feelings are the truest feelings I can ever have. Even if I could deceive others, I cannot deceive myself.”

Wushuang lightly shook her head and sighed. A trace of pity appeared in her eyes when he looked at Ximen Wuhen. She held her ice-cold little hand and asked, “Then, what do you plan to do from now on? Do you truly want to stay beside him your entire life?”

“Mmm, this was already destined from the moment I fell in love with my second brother. I can only smile and stand at his side as his younger sister until I stop breathing one day.” The tone of Ximen Wuhen was flat, but anyone could hear her firm determination.

Wushuang looked at Ximen Wuhen’s slightly pale face. She felt unbearable as she was helpless. This kind of love was absolutely not possible in this secular world. Even Long Yi might not accept this kind of love. She knew that even though he was romantic and unreasonable, this matter was clearly beyond his scope of acceptance.

Other than consoling Ximen Wuhen, Wushuang couldn’t think of any other things to say.


Early morning, sunlight spilled from the windowsill, and spotted light illuminated two bodies on the large bed. It seemed so harmonious and peaceful, but there was a bit of ** mixed into it.

In Long Yi’s embrace, Long Ling’er opened her hazy and beautiful eyes as she moaned comfortably. Remembering the lonely two years without Long Yi in her life, she was extremely happy to experience sleeping with him again.

Long Ling’er bit her lower lip and her eyes shone. With a serene expression, Long Ling’er stared at Long Yi’s face. Compared to two years ago, he looked more mature. After careful observation, she could see that Long Yi had grown manlier in the time he was away.

Long Ling’er involuntarily reached out her jade hands as she caressed Long Yi’s face. Feeling the outline of his face, a happy expression appeared on her face.

“This lazy pig is actually still sleeping…” Long Ling’er muttered softly. Holding on to a lock of her hair, she mischievously stretched it to his nostrils.

“Eh, why is there no reaction?” When she saw that Long Yi had no reaction when she tickled his nose, Long Ling’er couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

“So hateful! You scoundrel, you’re pretending to be asleep!” Long Ling’er immediately realized what was going on. She quickly pounded her tiny fists on Long Yi’s chest as she grumbled.

Long Yi smiled and opened his eyes. Lifting his hand, he easily caught her hands. A smile quickly formed on his face and he said, “Ling’er you seem to have gotten smarter. You were able to realize my trick so quickly, this is really unexpected.”

“Laugh! I want you to laugh!” Long Ling’er pinched Long Yi’s face as she grumbled in a flirty manner.

Crying out in pain, Long Yi reached out his hand and used his signature Breast Grabbing Dragon Claw.

Ah! Long Ling’er gasped and let out an involuntary moan. She instantly collapsed in Long Yi’s bosom.

“Scoundrel! Why are you so cheeky now?” Long Ling’er bit on Long Yi’s ear as she exhaled a breath of hot air into his ear. Her body temperature quickly rose as her heartbeat accelerated.

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated. The women around him were truly getting more and more disastrous. Each and every one of them knew how to topple cities with their bewitching magic. When he thought about it, they were all pure and innocent in the beginning. It was probably due to him that they were getting more playful now.

The word ‘honest’ was generally mediocre and incompetent when interpreted another way. As such, Long Yi was unsatisfied. In order to prove himself and in order to maintain the dignity of man, he revolted vigorously. Long Ling’er immediately changed into a kitty in Long Yi’s hands. With her eyes half closed and her red lips half open, a pair of ** swayed back and forth under Long Yi’s repeated attacks. This scene could directly challenge the limit of men’s endurance.

When it was finally approaching noon, Long Yi held Long Ling’er as they lazily showed up in front of the other women. In an instant, Wushuang and the rest who were snacking immediately stopped their movements as they looked towards Long Yi and Long Ling’er. When Long Ling’er saw that there were so many pairs of eyes on her, she coyly shrunk behind Long Yi.

“Are all of you envious of her? Don’t worry about it, how about all of us sleep together tonight?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Long Yi, I don’t mind! However, your younger sister is here with us too. Are you really going to sleep together with all of us?” Bertha laughed.

Ximen Wuhen’s beautiful face flushed red the moment Bertha finished her sentence and before long, she became deathly pale. Currently, Ximen Wuhen was sensitive to such comments as she was extremely conscious about the secret she was hiding in her heart. She knew that Bertha had unintentionally mentioned it, but she couldn’t help but feel dejected when someone reminded her that Long Yi was her brother.

“Get lost! Little fox, if you say such things again, I’ll seal your mouth.” Long Yi couldn’t help but scold Bertha when he saw Ximen Wuhen’s expression.

Bertha stuck out her tongue at Long Yi as she seemed to have thought of something. “Long Yi, just a moment ago, my aunt sent a message to me. The message was directed to you. She wants to meet you face to face in the Intoxicated Fragrance House.”

“Okay, let’s all pack up and go together. We have to go for lunch anyway.” Long Yi nodded his head and Mea Empress’ sexy figure appeared in his mind. Her beautiful face flashed in his mind right after Long Yi thought of her attractive figure and he couldn’t wait to meet her. That special flavor was certainly fatal to any man and it was extremely dangerous at the same time.

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After waiting for all of the women to get ready, Long Yi left the inn leading the way. They walked towards the Intoxicated Fragrance House, causing chaos on the way.

The moment they stepped out on the street, everyone moved to the side in order to let them pass. Of course, they didn’t move because of Long Yi’s kingly aura. They moved to the side because of the radiance of the women beside him. The radiance they emitted was comparable to the sun, not to mention that there were so many of them. When Long Yi thought about it, any one of the five women behind him was beautiful enough to cause the fall of a country. The moment all five of them appeared on the street at once, everyone was shocked beyond belief. They involuntarily moved sideways in order to let the women pass. Even after the five of them left, the street was filled with a lingering fragrance.

The group of six arrived at the Intoxicated Fragrance House before long, and the manager was already waiting for them at the door. There were servants beside the manager, and they were waiting to welcome Long Yi and his group.

When Long Yi thought of entering the Intoxicated Fragrance House with the five women, he caught a glimpse of an old man in the corner of his eye. The old man was carrying fruits which came from the Hengduan Mountains, and he was using his hand to make secret gestures. After finishing his gestures, he pretended as though nothing had happened and he used the towel hanging on his neck to wipe his bark-like hand.

After thinking about it for a moment, Long Yi said to the women, “All of you can go in first. I have something to attend to, I’ll join you in a moment.”

None of the five women questioned further. They simply nodded their head as they walked into the Intoxicated Fragrance House together. On the periphery of the Intoxicated Fragrant House, there were crowds of people who gathered there to take a look at the beauties. After the five of them entered the Intoxicated Fragrance House, the crowds naturally dispersed as there was nothing to see anymore.

The old man who was at the side of the street acted as if nothing happened as he walked into an alley. With a pace which was neither fast nor slow, the old man slowly walked towards a broken and worn out gate after passing a few more alleys. Long Yi followed behind him without a single word.

The moment the old man entered the courtyard, he placed the things he was carrying onto the floor. His somewhat hunched back straightened and a heroic aura burst out of him.

When he looked at the old man, Long Yi raised his eyebrows and instantly burst into laughter. “**, even if you pretended to be mysterious, how can you escape from this young master? Even if you morph into ashes, you cannot escape my eyes.”

The old man turned around and muttered an incantation. Along with a flash of green light, the withered old face of the man started to change. In seconds, the face became fair and clear. With that infuriating ** expression on his face, who else could it be other than **?