Womanizing Mage - Chapter 422: Raging Flames’ branch

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“Why are you looking at me with that face? Since you were the one who ruined the innocence of my granddaughter, you have to take responsibility for it. If you don’t marry her, who will marry her in the future?” PuXiusi’s had no sense of shame. He twisted his words and flipped black with white in order to force Long Yi to accept Lin Na. It seemed as though PuXiusi’s skin got thicker with his age.

Muttering to himself, Long Yi was complaining about how no one would marry Lin Na in the first place. With her fiery temper, which man in the world would dare to marry her? Wasn’t he just asking for trouble if he married this she-devil? PuXiusi was indeed in the wrong for pushing the blame onto Long Yi. However, Long Yi wouldn’t be foolish enough to speak of his thoughts out loud. If Long Yi actually spoke of his thoughts, Lin Na would definitely feel extremely hurt. After a slight period of hesitation, Long Yi tactically kept silent as he knew that Lin Na would definitely refute her grandfather.

“Grandpa, what on earth are you saying? Even if I don’t get married to anyone in my entire life, I’ll never marry this pervert!” Sure enough, Lin Na pulled on PuXiusi’s arm as she pouted. Her face was as red as a tomato and her heart was pounding furiously.

With a smile plastered on his face, Long Yi didn’t utter a word. Although this girl Lin Na was beautiful and she had an extremely good figure, he couldn’t stand her bad temper. Whoever loves her can marry her.

“Will you really not marry him? In the future, if you regret, grandpa won’t care about your complaints then.” PuXiusi smiled and stroke his long red beard.

“So hateful! I’m not going to talk to you any longer.” Lin Na’s face became even redder as she stamped her feet on the ground. Turning away from PuXiusi, she rushed out of her own room.

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Long Yi and PuXiusi were shocked as they stared at one another. They saw the shock the other party had through their eyes and they stood rooted to the ground. They never thought that Lin Na could behave like a dainty and delicate girl as well.

“Smelly kid, I see that my granddaughter is truly interested in you. This is my conclusion after looking after her for so long. How about you……” PuXiusi smiled as he quickly thought of a plan. His eyes glimmered with anticipation as he spoke to Long Yi. However, before he was able to complete his sentence, Long Yi interrupted him.

“No, that won’t do. You should also know that I have numerous beauties around me, I truly cannot afford to find another wife. You should find someone who had better qualifications.” Long Yi repeatedly waved his hand to reject whatever PuXiusi said. Long Yi thought about how he should be mentally retarded if he accepted a ticking time bomb by his side.

With a slight smile, PuXiusi eventually gave up on his plan. He continued, “Well, let’s not talk about this matter any longer. Tell me about what happened in these past two years. What divine pill did you actually eat to become this powerful?”

As Long Yi explained about what happened, they eventually stepped out of Lin Na’s lady chamber. Walking towards the study, the two of them looked like long lost friends.

Long Yi talked about the matters he had experienced in these past two years. There was nothing to hide and there was nothing he couldn’t let others know about. Among the matters Long Yi spoke of, PuXiusi should already have knowledge about most of them. However, he didn’t know about the mysterious force of darkness behind Long Zhan. Neither did he know about the Lightning God inheritance which Long Yi had accepted. When Long Yi spoke about these encounters, PuXiusi was extremely surprised and he focused all his attention on what Long Yi was saying.

After hearing about Long Yi’s experiences, PuXiusi was lost in thought. All of a sudden, his eyes shone and he muttered, “Can it be that……”

“Can it be that, what?” Long Yi quickly followed up with a question.

PuXiusi shook his head and said a single word, “Nothing.”

When Long Yi saw that PuXiusi was unwilling to speak further, he didn’t press him. He knew that PuXiusi must have thought of something, but he was unsure of it. Not to mention the fact that Long Yi was familiar with PuXiusi. He knew that if this Master Archmage was willing to talk about stuff, even if people around him ignored him, he would continue to talk. If he was unwilling to speak, even if someone used an iron rod to pry open his mouth, he wouldn’t utter a single word.

“The current weather is really abnormal. I heard about how the snow and ice covering the Proud Moon Empire is melting. In the near future, the war would probably start again.” PuXiusi changed the subject of the conversation as he sighed.

“That seems to be the case. I’m returning to participate in the war and I was passing by Mea Principality. I dropped by this time in order to visit my sister and the rest, I’ll be returning to the Yatesianna defense line tomorrow. It is about time for this war to end.” A trace of smile formed at the edge of Long Yi’s lips and a trace of coldness flashed past Long Yi’s eyes.

Nodding his head, PuXiusi expressed his agreement that it was about the time this war ended. Since the war started two years ago, the continent was thrown into turmoil. The war ruined the lives of many people and destroyed families. Many cities and towns were also destroyed by the flames of war. Whenever there is war, the lives of the people were considered less than trash. Not to mention that in this war, the heavy winter caused even more chaos. The ice and snow spread throughout the entire Proud Moon Continent and parts of the other two empires. There were countless people who froze and starved to death. Also, the current weather condition was extremely unpredictable. No one knew if there were more natural disasters to come.

“Old man, I have always wanted to ask you a question. You spoke about the Flame Mountain before. Wasn’t it the location of the Raging Flames Villa, a power which existed a thousand years ago? How did you know how to enter the area? Could it be that you are a descendant of the Raging Flames Villa?” Long Yi stared at PuXiusi and said.

PuXiusi was startled. However, he started laughing before long as he replied Long Yi, “Smelly kid, you really know quite a lot. There should be no problem in telling you…… Yes, I am a descendant of the Raging Flames Villa. I belong to the magic branch, and the Phoenix Clan belongs to the douqi branch.”

“So you knew that the Phoenix Branch is a part of the Raging Flames Villa. Why haven’t you acquainted yourself with the Phoenix Clan? After all, all of you can be considered a family.” Long Yi asked PuXiusi as he felt that there was something strange going on. The Phoenix Matriarch didn’t know that the world renowned Fire Master Archmage PuXiusi was also a descendant of the Raging Flames Villa like herself.

“It wasn’t necessary, and it’s useless even if I know that they are the descendants of the Raging Flames Villa like me. The war which happened thousands of years ago against the Ice Palace turned the Raging Flames Villa into a part of history. Unless the envoy of the Fire God comes, otherwise……” PuXiusi said.

The envoy of the Fire God? He isn’t talking about me, is he? Long Yi had a thought as he recalled the crowd of kobolds calling him the envoy of the Fire God in the Illusory Forest.


Long Yi left PuXiusi’s little courtyard and was lost in thought while he walked on the boulevard of the Mea Holy Magic Academy.

Along the way, there were many people who were looking at Long Yi. They spoke in whispers as they pointed their fingers at him.

“Look, isn’t he our academy’s legendary Love Saint?” Among them, a person pointed towards Long Yi and said to his companion.

“Yes, that’s him. Even if he turned to ashes, I would still be able to recognize him. At that time, he had ** the entire Advance Water Magic class and even the beautiful teacher Shui Ruoyan. She was my goddess! If God bestowed even a single one of them onto me, I would be willing to lose ten years of my life. However, this beast actually hogged all of them!” His companion gnashed his teeth and complained. He was dying to immediately go over and kick Long Yi, but he didn’t have the courage to do so. Although there were differing opinions on Long Yi’s strength, it couldn’t be doubted that he was extremely strong. Even the weakest evaluation of Long Yi’s strength was stronger than all of them combined. As a result, this three-legged cat didn’t dare to step forward to provoke the tiger.

“Really? He is my idol! I want to kowtow to him and make him my teacher. As long as he passes me a tiny part of his skills, I’ll be able to lead a glorious life.” The other shifty-eyed fellow couldn’t help but exclaim after hearing what his companions said. However, by the time he made up his mind to call Long Yi his teacher, Long Yi had already disappeared without a trace.

Long Yi never expected that he would still be so many people who recognized him in the academy after two years. He decided to leave as he thought that he was going to cause chaos with his fame.

When Long Yi finally returned to the inn, the sky was already dark. Wushuang and other women seemed to be tired. All of them were lying on the sofa as they spoke in a soft voice to each other while nibbling on snacks. The tea table situated in the middle of the room was covered with all kinds of snacks.

When they saw that Long Yi had returned, the five of them sat up and a happy expression appeared on all of their faces.

“Long Yi, tonight, you will accompany little sister Ling’er. We will be sleeping in the room next door.” Wushuang smiled and said to Long Yi. Bringing along Bertha, Nalan Ruyue and Ximen Wuhen, Wushuang left the room.

Now, only Long Yi and Long Ling’er were left in Long Yi’s room. The atmosphere started to become rosy and ambiguous.

“I…… I will go and take a bath.” Long Ling’er boldly met Long Yi’s scorching hot gaze for a few seconds before backing off. She wasn’t able to endure Long Yi’s ** at the moment and decided to leave for a moment. She turned around and just like a startled rabbit, she ran into the bathroom.

Pengpeng, pengpeng, she saw a charming and excited Long Ling’er reflected in the bathroom’s magic mirror. Her heart was beating as if it was a horse running in a race.

After taking deep breaths, Long Ling’er managed to calm herself down. Grabbing her head and turning her body, she looked into the mirror to look at herself. She wanted to see if she was still as beautiful as before. Since Long Yi left, she had never cared about this issue.

Her clothing slowly slid down her body, revealing her skin which was emitting an ivory luster. Under the hazy lighting, Long Ling’er looked absolutely stunning as though she was an illusion of a goddess.

Taking soft steps, Long Ling’er walked into the big bathtub. Her entire body slowly submerged into the warm water. As the water rippled, a pair of plump ** seemed to sway lightly. This scene was indescribably enchanting and extremely tempting.

Kacha, the door of the bathroom opened on its own.

“So hateful! Smelly Ximen Yu, don’t come in.” The heart of Long Ling’er trembled as she grumbled in a flirty manner.

Long Yi entered the bathroom from the crack of the door and said with a cheeky smile on his face, “Someone once told me that a girl’s words cannot be trusted. Take the opposite meaning of whatever they said. Since you asked me to not come on, shouldn’t I come in?”

“Nonsense, I didn’t, you……Ah! You are really hateful!” Before Long Ling’er could finish her sentence, Long Yi jumped into the bathtub together with Long Ling’er. He was completely ** and water splashed everywhere. Long Ling’er cried out in alarm as she never expected for Long Yi to jump in so suddenly.

Sitting down in the bathtub, Long Yi grabbed her slender waist from behind. He used his mouth to nibble on her exquisite earlobe and his hands moved about her body.

“You……” The entire body of Long Ling’er softened and her eyes became hazy. An orchid like fragrance could be smelled clearly in the air and Long Yi took a deep breath.

Long Yi’s heart swayed and his hands moved upward, grabbing onto Long Ling’er’s full and round **. Long Ling’er also took the initiative to turn around and planted her lips onto Long Yi’s. Within moments, a spring tide filled the room.

“Ah……” Long Ling’er softly moaned as her most private place was penetrated by a burning hot rod. Her entire body started to convulse and quiver moans escaped her lips. Unexpectedly, one strike from Long Yi made her retreat a thousand li in disorder.

Not waiting for Long Ling’er to return to her senses, Long Yi embraced her waist and began sprinting in the water. Waves caused the water to splash around in the bathtub and the both of them began an intense session. He was using the most primitive ** way to tell her how much he missed her in these past two years when they were apart.

At the top of the inn, a trace of white robe fluttered. She was elegant and extraordinary. Looking at the moon in the sky, a soft sigh escaped her lips and reverberated in the night sky.