Womanizing Mage - Chapter 420: Lin Na’s spring scenery

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“You scoundrel, why are you still not appearing before me? You’re really too hateful.” Long Ling’er looked all around and she couldn’t find Long Yi. As such, she couldn’t help but shout loudly, hoping that Long Yi would listen to her and appear before her like an obedient child.

Suddenly, someone held her waist and her charming body fell into a warm and broad chest. Although she was shocked, she didn’t struggle in the slightest. That familiar smell she had missed for so long made her body react in the most honest way. Her mind felt extremely at peace when she was held by those hands which she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Scoundrel, you scoundrel!” Long Ling’er hugged Long Yi for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, she raised her fist as she pounded her tiny hands against his chest while glaring at him ferociously. However, no matter how much violence she displayed, she can’t cover up the longing and tenderness she had towards Long Yi.

Standing still, Long Yi allowed Long Ling’er to pound at his chest. From the bottom of his heart, feelings of guilt welled up as he knew that he was in the wrong for leaving her alone in the Mea Principality for two whole years without visiting her. Time flew by so quickly. The two years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye. Most of Long Yi’s time was spent on the road as he had been traveling a lot. From the Violent Dragon Empire to the Nalan Empire, from the Nalan Empire to the Lightning God Forbidden Area… Spending six months inside the Lightning God Forbidden Area and traveling to the Proud Moon Empire. Leaving the Proud Moon Empire to the Huangmang Plain. Basically, Long Yi spent most of his time going from one place to another.

As Long Yi held onto Long Ling’er beautiful face, an orchid-like body fragrance invaded his nostrils. A feeling of warmth bloomed in his heart as his body completely relaxed. Who said that only the body smell of men can make women feel at ease? The body fragrance of women also provides the same effect on men.

As Long Yi slowly leaned closer towards Long Ling’er, she managed to sense his intentions. Although she was startled and her heart jumped, she didn’t hesitate. Closing her beautiful eyes, she slightly raised her head. With trembling eyelashes, she planted her lips onto Long Yi’s and she welcomed the kiss which she had missed for a long time.

“Wu……” Facing a beauty, how could Long Yi be aloof and indifferent? He lowered his head and used his lips to seal her soft and fair little mouth.

This kiss was very passionate. ** splashed all about as they seemed as though they wanted to make up for the two years of separation with this one kiss.

Tears filled Ximen Wuhen’s face when she saw the couple who were hugging and kissing affectionately not too far away. She was happy for Long Ling’er, but she was also depressed in her heart. Although she knew that it was wrong, she thought about having an unnatural relationship with Long Yi.

Only after a long time, the kissing couple reluctantly parted. Currently, the face of Long Ling’er was filled with tenderness and her eyes were flashing with happiness. She was glowing with pride and happiness whenever she looked at Long Yi.

“You are not allowed to abandon me again! Do you understand?” Long Ling’er adjusted Long Yi’s clothes as she lightly scolded.

“When have I ever abandoned you? You are always in my heart…… I’ll never abandon you.” Long Yi smiled and stroked Long Ling’er hair as he pacified her in a tender voice.

“So hateful!” Long Ling’er snorted sweetly. A thought flashed into her head as she turned around to look at Ximen Wuhen. When she saw that Ximen Wuhen’s face was covered in tears, she was extremely startled.

When Long Yi saw that Long Ling’er was looking at Ximen Wuhen, his gaze turned to look at Ximen Wuhen as well. When he saw the tear-filled face of Ximen Wuhen, he was shocked as well. Long Yi had no idea why Ximen Wuhen was crying.

“Little sister, why are you crying? Did you miss your second brother too much?” Letting go of Long Ling’er, Long Yi walked over to Ximen Wuhen. Raising his hands, he wiped the tears off Ximen Wuhen’s face.

Currently, Ximen Wuhen was unable to say anything as all her words were stuck in her throat. She could only nod with her tear stained face.

A startled expression found its way onto Long Yi face. It only lasted a moment before it was replaced by a smile. Holding onto Ximen Wuhen, Long Yi gently patted her back as he hugged her into his bosom. Long Yi’s heart was filled with warmth as he looked at Ximen Wuhen’s face. The extreme hatred his little sister had for him was a thing of the past now. Currently, they really loved each other and Long Yi felt as though the feeling of sisterly love wasn’t so bad.

After shedding tears in Long Yi’s bosom for a long time, Ximen Wuhen finally calmed herself down as she gently pushed Long Yi away. She was unable to conceal her red face and stood there like a dumb statue.

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“Wuhen, you can hug longer, I don’t mind.” Long Ling’er said happily. Currently, Long Ling’er felt extremely happy and she couldn’t help but want to express her happiness to the world.

Rolling her eyes, Ximen Wuhen said with a smile, “Who wants your man? Keep him to yourself.”

“Yes, one day, you’ll also have a man yourself. Of course, you wouldn’t want mine.” Long Ling’er said with a cheeky expression on her face.

In an instant, Ximen Wuhen’s face changed. Who would be able to understand her pain? The only man she wants could belong to everyone else but her.

“Little sister, what happened?” Sensing some abnormalities with Ximen Wuhen’s feelings, Long Yi asked her in concern.

“There is nothing wrong with me! By the way, did you come back to Mea Principality by yourself?” Ximen Wuhen hastily changed the topic of conversation. She was afraid that Long Yi would be able to uncover her true feelings if she were to keep on talking.

With a smile on his face, Long Yi replied, “I have brought a few people together with me. The both of you should know all of them. They are Nalan Ruyue, Wushuang, and Bertha.”

“Ah, it’s them. It is not strange for Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang to be at your side, but why would Bertha be following you as well? I went to the Charming Love Residence several times but I didn’t manage to see her at all.” Long Ling’er said. She knew that Wushuang was the girl who was affected by the curse as she saw Long Yi holding Wushuang in his bosom in the past. Because of her, she and Long Yi had reached this stage. As such, Wushuang could be regarded as their matchmaker. If it wasn’t for Wushuang, Long Ling’er might have still hated Long Yi even till this day. The problems between them would never be resolved.

“There is a long story about it, but for the time being, let’s not talk about it. I remember hearing the two of you talk about Shui Ruoyan just a moment ago. The both of you said that that girl is having a lovers’ rendezvous behind my back, is that true?” Long Yi waved his hand shifted the topic back to Shui Ruoyan. He naturally didn’t believe that Shui Ruoyan would go and find another man, but he still wanted to look into it.

Long Ling’er once again told Long Yi about how Shui Ruoyan hadn’t attended the class for the past few days. She also told him about some secret matters which happened during the time he was gone. Finally, she added her analysis on the matter and concluded that Shui Ruoyan was definitely concealing something. Obviously, if Shui Ruoyan kept something from her two closest friends, the thing she was trying to hide couldn’t be small.

“Is that so?” Long Yi frowned.

“That is right! As such, I suggested following her to find out the secret she has been hiding from us. However, your little sister disagreed with me!” Long Ling’er pouted as she stared at Ximen Wuhen.

“The two of you don’t have to be bothered with this matter any longer. I’ll handle it from here. I’ll bring the two of you to meet Wushuang and the others first.” Long Yi said with a smile. Grabbing onto both of them, he flew towards the inn where Wushuang and the other were currently resting at.

When they arrived at the inn, the five women met each other and began to chat. Since one woman was equivalent to 300 ducks, five women were equivalent to 1500 ducks.

When he saw that he was completely ignored by the five of them, Long Yi had no choice but to retreat from the room. With a shrug of his shoulders, Long Yi said, “I will go and look for that old man PuXiusi, you can all stay here and chat to your heart’s content.”

When they heard him, the five women simultaneously waved their hands. It was obvious that they were not going to see Long Yi out of the room and as a result, Long Yi left the room gloomily by himself.

The streets of Mea Principality was still clean and broad. However, due to the effects of the war, the roads were a lot less crowded.

Long Yi sighed with emotion as he strolled along the street as he recalled the times in the past. He truly missed those days.

After getting bored of looking around, Long Yi started flying towards the Mea Holy Magic Academy at high speeds. He wondered if that old man PuXiusi made any progress in his cultivation. If PuXiusi had not made any progress and was still only a Master Archmage, he was definitely not Long Yi’s opponent.

Long Yi was familiar and also somewhat unfamiliar about the location of PuXiusi’s residence. Eventually, he managed to find his way to the entrance of a small courtyard inside the academy.

“Old man PuXiusi, your old friend has come!” Long Yi dashed into the courtyard and shouted loudly. However, there was no response from anyone and Long Yi looked like a fool.

When Long Yi was making a ruckus outside, the bathroom was filled with dense water vapor. Inside a big bathtub filled with water, fiery red hair was floating on top of the water.

Huala, strands of fiery red hair was flung back along with crystal clear water droplets by the figure who was enjoying his bath.

“Why am I hearing things now?” Just a moment ago, when Lin Na had submerged her head inside the water, she seemed to have heard a familiar voice. After thinking about it for a little while, she realized that she must have been hearing things. In any case, she had often dreamt about Long Yi and how he had appeared in front of her on many occasions. She was already accustomed to it and she never thought that Long Yi would really return so soon.

Humming a song, Lin Na happily played with the water in the bathtub. With her tiny hands, she washed her smooth and soft body. Her spotlessly white and smooth shoulders were bare and drops of sparkling, crystal clear water slid down her silky skin. She looked extremely captivating as her wet hair stuck onto her skin. Especially that pair of plump ** which couldn’t be seen clearly due to the water ripples. Although it had an indistinct appearance in the water, the hazy appearance made it all the more appealing.

Before long, Lin Na stood up from the bathtub and her fiery-red hair hung down on her bare back, and her mellow and plump snow buttocks and slender ** under her thin waist also became visible. As her buttcheeks shook with every step she took, it was an extremely provoking scene. Anyone who saw it would have blood bursting from their noses.

Wrapping a towel over her hot body, the fiery red hair between her legs was also covered up in an instant. Although her forbidden parts were covered with a towel, it didn’t affect her sexiness in the least. Actually, it made Lin Na look even sexier. Currently, Lin Na looked extremely beautiful and if she were to find a suitor right now, there would be countless men in the world willing to marry her. However, this was considering the fact that Lin Na hadn’t shown off her temper. Her temper was inversely proportional to her looks and would be able to scare off 99 percent of her would be suitors.

Standing outside PuXiusi’s house, Long Yi was getting annoyed as no one was replying to him. He thought about leaving in order not to make a fool of himself, but he suddenly sensed that there was someone in the backyard. After thinking about it for a moment, Long Yi decided to enter the house without permission in order to look for the old man. Pushing open the door, Long Yi rushed to the backyard.


“Eh, where is that underwear that I bought last time?” After leaving the bathroom, Lin Na rummaged through her wardrobe. Finally, she recalled that she had left her underwear in the backyard for it to dry.

Without thinking about it any further, Lin Na wrapped a short bath towel around her body and left the bathroom. The courtyard she lived in was located at a remote corner of the academy. It was very quiet and no one was allowed to approach it without official reasons. She also knew that her grandpa Puxiusi wasn’t at home and she was also lazy to change into something else. As such, she left the bathroom with just a short towel wrapped around her.

Just when Lin Na arrived at the backyard to pick up her underwear, Long Yi burst into the backyard trying to look for PuXiusi. The eyes of Lin Na and Long Yi met and the both of them had a dumbstruck expression on their faces as they stared at each other.