Womanizing Mage - Chapter 419: Returning to Mea Holy Magic Academy

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When the armies of the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire were gearing up to prepare for an all-out war against the Proud Moon Empire, Long Yi was wandering about the entire Elven Forest with Wushuang and the other two girls.

On a fine day, Long Yi was sitting on the side of a clear brook as he stared at the spotlessly white jade legs of the three women playing in the brook. Satisfaction welled up in his heart when he looked at them splashing water at each other as they enjoyed themselves. A wisp of warmth welled up in his heart when he saw that they were all getting along well. If everyday could be as peaceful as today, how great would that be? In the future, he should bring all of his women to live here in the Elven Forest. They would be able to roam about leisurely in this peaceful and beautiful fairyland and if they eventually got bored of the Elven Forest, Long Yi would bring them to roam about the world. There would be no place under the heavens where he wouldn’t be able to bring his women to.

“My husband, why are you laughing foolishly to yourself?” Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice resounded and a cool sensation washed across Long Yi’s face.

Long Yi’s face was soaked by the handful of water thrown by Nalan Ruyue. Flinging back his head, he pretended to be angry as he shouted, “Ruyue, are you rebelling?”

“I am rebelling! What can you do about it? Who asked you to be stupid enough not to dodge it?” Nalan Ruyue smiled and continued to throw handfuls of water towards Long Yi. With the rays of sun falling on her face, coupled with her magnificent smile and charming body, Nalan Ruyue appeared as though she was a goddess who had descended onto the mortal world.

Long Yi was stunned as he stared at Nalan Ruyue and was hit by the handfuls of water thrown by her. Before long, his entire body was drenched.

“Still playing around? I’m going to straighten you (12)out!” Coming back to his senses, Long Yi shouted as he jumped into the brook. With his hands, he scooped a huge handful of water as he threw it at Nalan Ruyue.

“Ah! Big sister Wushuang, Bertha, hurry up and help me out!” Nalan Ruyue smiled as she dodged the handful of water Long Yi threw at her. With a single sentence, she managed to rope in both Wushuang and Bertha to help her deal with Long Yi. In an instant, it became a three on one fight.

Spring was in the air around this brook and the sound of giggling reverberated throughout the Elven Forest.

When the four of them were finally exhausted, they returned to the shore dripping wet. They sat on a large stone at the side of the brook while breathing heavily.

Long Yi looked at the three women with a lustful gaze. Now that the clothes of these three women were soaked with water, the cloth was clinging onto their bodies which revealed their alluring and beautiful curves. It was simply a work of art created by the heavens.

“What are you looking at? Pervert husband, it’s not like you have never seen this body before.” Seeing the lustful gaze of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue couldn’t help but grumble in a flirty tone.

Long Yi grinned and shifted his gaze towards Wushuang and Bertha. Only at this moment did Long Yi realize that this little fox’s body had become rather well-developed. Very soon, she would be comparable with her aunt, the Mea Empress.

“You are not allowed to look at Bertha. All she has are thin arms and legs. There is nothing for you to look at.” Nalan Ruyue blocked Bertha from Long YI’s view as she pouted.

Originally, Bertha felt shy when Long Yi allowed his unbridled gaze to run all over her body. However, when she heard what Nalan Ruyue said, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she wanted Long Yi to continue admiring her body. With a flash, she appeared at another spot which wasn’t blocked by Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi was able to catch the full gaze of her body. Eagerly looking at him, she slowly pulled on her lapel apart. Squeezing her towering soft meat buns, a deep gully appeared in front of Long Yi’s face.

Gudong, Long Yi’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Bertha. She was showing herself off to Long Yi, and Long Yi accepted the present without blinking.

“You hateful fox! Who gave you permission to seduce my family’s husband!” With a shrill cry, Nalan Ruyue pounced onto Long Yi. Pressing Long Yi’s head between her soft meat buns, she didn’t allow Long Yi to stare at Bertha with his lustful gaze any longer.

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Moving his head side to side, Long Yi felt superb as his head was nestled in between those two soft and white mounds. All of a sudden, a naughty thought popped into his head. Biting onto the bud on Nalan Ruyue’s **, Long Yi used the tip of his tongue to play with her **. In an instant, Long Yi was able to hear Nalan Ruyue’s hurried breathing. She hugged his neck as her body went limp and her legs turned into jelly.

“My husband, don’t…… So hateful……” Nalan Ruyue slightly quivered and she lacked the strength to push Long Yi away.

A wicked smile crept up Bertha’s face as she knew that Long Yi was up to his usual antics. Wushuang looked at Long Yi who was still trapped between those two huge mountains as the edges of her lips curled upwards. One of them was her sister, and the other was the other part of her life. Fate was truly a strange but marvelous thing. Although Wushuang and Long Yi were born several thousand years apart, fate brought them together.

After a long time, Long Yi released Nalan Ruyue. However, Nalan Ruyue didn’t look too good as she had a face redder than a tomato. She was physically paralyzed as she leaned onto Long Yi as pants escaped her mouth.

Laughter and giggles filled the air as the four of them eventually changed into dry clothes. Sitting on the grassy meadow, they stared into the distant sun.

“Only the sunlight in the Elven Forest makes people feel warmth. The temperature here is just right, neither too hot nor too cold.” Nalan Ruyue lazily admired as she rested her head onto Long Yi’s arm.

“Yes! Long Yi, don’t you feel as though there is something unusual about the weather? If the Proud Moon Empire resembled the Hengduan Mountains, then the snow and ice covering the lands would be able to melt completely very soon.”

Long Yi sat up as he was startled by that statement. His eyes shone all of a sudden as if he thought of something.


A comfortable breeze swept through the land as if gave everyone a pleasant feeling.

When the rosy dawn dyed the horizon red, a beautiful figure stood on the summit of the rear mountain of the Mea Holy Magic Academy. That beautiful figure looked somewhat lonely as she looked towards the horizon. She had an expression of longing as though she was thinking of someone.

“Ximen Yu, where are you now? Violent Dragon Empire? Proud Moon Empire? Are you cuddling to the red and leaning towards the green at some corner of the continent?” [1] Long Ling’er was wearing a creamy white long gown which slightly inclined towards the male style of the dress. However, instead of exuding a masculine aura, the clothes made her look even more feminine. She looked delicate, but pretty at the same time. It was certainly an unusual flavor.

After Long Yi left the Mea Principality, Long Long’er developed a taste for his signature creamy white long gown. Wearing this gown, she seemed to feel the warmth of his body as if he was by her side. If this didn’t show the longing she had for Long Yi, nothing else would.

“You got married, but the bride is not me. Although I know that you will not forget about me, I still hate you a little for this, you know?” Long Ling’er sighed and continued to pour out the grievances in her heart. Of course, the hate she had for Long Yi currently was completely different from the hate she had for him at the start.

When she thought of the grudges and disputes she had with Long Yi in the past, Long Ling’er couldn’t help but sigh. Originally, she hated him to the marrow of her bones and she couldn’t wait to eat his flesh and drink his blood. However, time had changed everything and after a few years, she was the one who was missing him to death. Whenever she recalled him, she always felt a kind of tingling pain which made tears flow out of her eyes.

Love and hate were separated only by a thin line. There was a saying that went, the deeper the love, the deeper the hate. However, the reverse was also true. The deeper the hate, the deeper the love. In the past, if someone were to tell Long Ling’er that she would shed tears while thinking about someone, she would have roasted them mercilessly using her hellfire. Only after so long, Long Ling’er realized that she was such a person. She finally understood the feeling of missing someone.

It didn’t matter if the feeling she had was love or hate. As long as her heart reflected her true feelings, Long Ling’er would neither complain nor regret. Such was life. Two people who were originally madly in love might hate each other because of their love. Two people who originally hated each other to death might fall in love with each other, becoming pining lovers [2].

“Ling’er, I knew it. You would always appear here whenever you are thinking of something.” A gentle voice came from behind Long Ling’er. With a snow-white priest robe and pitch-black hair, Ximen Wuhen looked natural and ethereal.

Hiding away the emotions on her face, Long Ling’er turned around. With a smile on her face, she asked, “Wuhen, did you bring me breakfast again?”

Ximen Wuhen smiled and shook a container in her hand. With a gentle smile on her face, she said, “You always come here early in the morning without eating anything. How can you go on like this? When second brother comes back and sees that you have lost so much weight, he would definitely blame me.”

“I’m sure that he doesn’t care if I live or die. For the past two years, Long Yi hasn’t appeared to see me even once. The only things he sends are these magic letters. He clearly doesn’t care about me.” Long Ling’er snorted.

“Ling’er, you shouldn’t blame second brother. You should know about the Blue Waves Continent current condition as well. Second brother must be too busy to come back. It’s very good that he bothers to send these magic letters.” Ximen Wuhen exonerated Long Yi.

“You are his little sister! Of course, you would find an explanation for his actions! Humph, just wait until I see him again. I’ll burn him beyond recognition and bury him myself. I’ll kick his dead body to vent my frustrations.” Long Ling’er hatefully said.

Ximen Wuhen smiled softly, but a hint of bitterness flashed through her clear beautiful eyes. Yes, she was merely his little sister, nothing more.

“Ling’er, after following Lin Na every day, you’ve inherited some of her violent behavior. However, where would you find time to burn my brother? You’ll be busy bawling your eyes out the moment he is back, let alone burning him to death, I don’t think you will have the energy to think about anything else.” Ximen Wuhen said with a smile as she handed over the packed breakfast to Long Ling’er.

“Wait and see! Wuhen, as long as he dares to appear in front of me, I’ll show him who is the stronger one.” Long Ling’er snorted as she began to gracefully eat the breakfast Wuhen prepared for her.

As Wuhen watched Long Ling’er eat breakfast, the both of them started chatting with each other. However, the only topic seemed to be Long Yi as they talked about nothing else.

“Wuhen, don’t you feel as though big sister Ruoyan is acting strangely lately?” After finishing her breakfast, Long Ling’er asked Ximen Wuhen with a curious face.

Thinking for a little while, Ximen Wuhen frowned as she replied, “Yes. Previously, she used to be together with us every day. However, I can’t seem to find her anywhere. It’s as though she doesn’t even come to the academy anymore.”

“How about we tail her today?” The eyes of Long Ling’er shone as a plan formed in her head.

“This… It’s not a good idea. Big sister Ruoyan must have her own reasons if she didn’t tell us anything. If she realizes that we tailed her, she would feel uncomfortable.” Ximen Wuhen disagreed as she tried to persuade Long Ling’er otherwise.

Although Long Ling’er hesitated, she refused to listen to Ximen Wuhen’s advice and she said, “No, since she treats us as her sisters, she will certainly not blame us. Not to mention the fact that we are only following her because we are concerned for her.”

Ximen Wuhen bit her lower lip replied Long Ling’er only after careful considerations, “Everyone has their own secrets that they don’t want others to know.”

Long Ling’er nodded her head in disappointment but she added, “What if she is having a lovers’ rendezvous with another man?”

“Who is having a lovers’ rendezvous with another man?” A booming voice came from around the two gossiping girls. That familiar tone instantly hit the soul of Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen.

Long Ling’er had her mouth wide open but no words came out. Tears flowed out of her eyes like a stream and the words were stuck in her throat. She had already tossed away those brave words she said just a moment ago, far, far away.

[1] cuddling to the red and leaning towards the green (idiom): frequenting brothels

[2] pining lovers: lovers who couldn’t marry each other for some reason