Womanizing Mage - Chapter 413: Conflicted Nika

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Chapter 413: Conflicted Nika


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The Hengduan Mountains was located a distance away from the border of the Proud Moon Empire. As such, it wasn’t seriously affected by the cold weather as it was blanketed by lush green grass and towering trees.

Barbarian Bull appeared especially excited. His eyes emitted burning hot brilliance as he hummed a popular some from the beast-men clans.

“Barbarian Bull, stop, stop! We are going to rest here for now.” Long Yi called out to Barbarian Bull who was still in high spirits. They had been on the road for a full day now. Could it be that this bull didn’t know what hunger was?

“Boss, why are we resting again?” Barbarian Bull grumbled unwillingly. Seeing as how he was about to reach his hometown, he wanted nothing but to rush home as soon as possible. He wanted to see his beloved wife as quickly as possible. He hasn’t seen her in two whole years!

“Don’t be too hasty. You have to take a break in order to have energy later! How else would you be able to have a good sleep tonight without sufficient rest?” Long Yi smirked as he sat down under the shade of a big tree nearby.

Laughing foolishly, Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horns in embarrassment.

As Long Yi leaned against the huge tree, he stared far into the distance. Currently, they were in the vicinity of the Barbarian Bull Clan. At the same time, the Elven Forest wasn’t far away. When Long Yi thought of Lu Xiya whom he had not seen for an extremely long time, his heart burned.

“My husband, look at Nika. She looks troubled……” Nalan Ruyue pulled on Long Yi sleeves as she said.

Turning his head, Long Yi looked at Nika who had the elven bow slung on her back. She was sitting on a large stone not far away as she stared blankly into the distance. She was sitting alone as her white jade-like legs were slightly trembling.

“What else could Nika be thinking about? Isn’t she just thinking about this guy over here?” Bertha said as she shot a glance towards Long Yi. If someone were to say that there was nothing between Nika and Long Yi, Bertha would be the first to bite them to death. She would rather be beaten to death than to believe that there was nothing going on between Long Yi and Nika.

“Yes she is probably thinking of someone, but she isn’t daring enough to make her moves on him.” Nalan Ruyue snorted as she rolled her eyes at Bertha.

Bertha’s eyes darted around as her face turned redder than a tomato. She stuck her tongue out at Nalan Ruyue without speaking.

Long Yi hesitated for a moment before standing up. He slowly made his way towards Nika as he had a weird look on his face. Currently, Nika rested her chin on her palms as those clever and beautiful eyes looked blurred. She appeared as though she was thinking about something and there was something weighing down in her heart.

“What’s wrong? We are about to arrive at the Elven Forest. Aren’t you happy?” Long Yi jumped on the stone and sat beside Nika. As her long hair fluttered in the wind, Long Yi managed to catch a whiff of her natural fragrance.

Coming back to her senses, Nika seemed as though she wanted to move away from Long Yi. However, she didn’t move in the end as she sat there in the middle of the stone.

“I don’t know. At first, I thought that I would be happy when we reach the Elven Forest as I would be able to join my people again. However, I don’t feel any joy at the moment.” Nika said in a soft voice as she appeared to have become extremely lonely. Her heart seemed to be enveloped with a layer of dense fog, and even she had no idea what she was feeling at the moment.

Long Yi opened his mouth to console her, but he had no idea what to say. In the end, he closed his mouth and say silently beside Nika. Long Yi was able to vaguely sense Nika’s feelings, however he wasn’t certain about what he felt. Perhaps, even Nika wasn’t clear about her own feelings.

The two of them sat there quietly as they stared into the distance. The ice-cold mountain breeze seemed to have bound them together before separating them. The process repeated itself again and again she the both of them sat there without moving.

After a long time, Nika jumped down from the huge rock. Slowly turning around, she fixed her gaze on Long Yi’s face. Currently, Long Yi looked as though he had a dazzling halo above his head as the sun rays bathed his body in golden light.

When he saw that Nika was staring at him, Long Yi decided to jump off the rock as well. However, the moment his legs reached the ground, he felt a fragrant wind blowing against his face as Nika rushed into his embrace. Her charge was so strong that Long Yi fell backwards and rammed into the rock behind him.

“Long Yi, can you hug me?” Nika muttered as she grabbed Long Yi tightly.

Startled by her actions, Long Yi hugged her back nonetheless. Currently, they were at the opposite face of the huge rock. This meant that they were hidden from Wushuang and the others as the hug they shared wasn’t noticed by anyone else.

After enjoying Long Yi’s embrace for a few seconds, Nika lightly pushed Long Yi away as she whispered, “Thank you for hugging me.” The moment she was done speaking, she turned and walked away. Long Yi was stunned as he stood there looking at Nika’s back view. Looking at the tiny back which was getting further and further away from him, Long Yi felt as though Nika was going against her true feelings. It was as though she was trying to keep herself away from Long Yi. The moment she turned away, he felt as if the distance between them got further and further.

Before long, the group was on the move again. During their trip, Nalan Ruyue drew closer to Long Yi as she asked him I “My husband, what did you do to Nika? She seemed to be in a worse mood after you went over…”

Long Yi made a wry smile as he shrugged his shoulders. He said, “How would I know, I am not the worm in her stomach.”

“Long Yi, I know you definitely did something to Nika. Just before you came back, the both of you hid behind the huge stone. Don’t think that I didn’t notice that!” Bertha stared at Long Yi as she added. She was looking at the both of them really closely since the moment Long Yi approached Nika. Apparently, Bertha was carefully watching the both of them the moment Long Yi approached Nika.

“What in the world are you saying? Am I that kind of person to take advantage of everyone? It seems like your ** is itching.” Long Yi said with a wicked smile..

Instead of backing down, Bertha winked at Long Yi and whispered in a coquettish voice, “My ** is indeed itching… Come, smack me if you want.”

The breathing of Long Yi stagnated for a moment. This little fox was getting more and more outrageous. Long Yi decided that he had to find a time to properly punish her. Since she had actually dared to tease him in public, she was asking for it. Could it be that she didn’t know she was blatantly asking him to commit a crime? Humph, since she dared to play with Long Yi, he would definitely give her what she wanted.

“Bertha! What are you whispering to Long Yi about? You are not allowed to seduce my husband! Don’t seduce my husband in front of me.” Nalan Ruyue stepped forward as she pushed Bertha to one side

“Long Yi, you seemed to have married a good wife.” Bertha said with a grievance.

As he looked at the women who were bickering before him, Long Yi broke into a smile. This was good enough for him, Long Yi loved the lively atmosphere around him at the moment. In any case, he knew that these two women weren’t truly at odds with each other.

“Suang’er, follow me, I want to talk to you about something. Let us just ignore these two and let them quarrel with each other. ” Long Yi smiled and pulled on Wushuang’s hand. Long Yi pulled Wushuang as the both of them flew towards the sky.

“Long Yi, do you have something weighing down on your mind? Is it because of Nika?” Wushuang pursed her lips as she asked.

Nodding his head, Long Yi had an intrigued expression as he asked, “Do you think Nika really likes me?”

“Well, if my guess isn’t wrong, it would seem that way. However, she seems to be very hesitant. It looks like she doesn’t dare to take the final step” Wushuang replied after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“Why would she be hesitant? Just a moment ago……” Long Yi explained what had happened just a moment ago.

Wushuang pondered for a moment before saying, “She definitely likes you. However, she seemed to have an emotional entanglement in her heart. After listening to your explanation, I think that Nika might have made up her mind to stay far away from you.”

Long Yi made a wry smile and decided to not think about it anymore. He decided to let nature run its course. Although he could be regarded the veteran who had rolled about in a cluster of flowers for many years, he still found it difficult to understand the thought process of girls.

Before long, the scenery before their eyes changed. The territory of the Barbarian Bull Clan appeared before their eyes as they realized that they reached their destination.