Womanizing Mage - Chapter 409: Winged Clan

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Chapter 409: Winged Clan

Long Yi crushed the pearl in his hand and a wisp of cyan colored light rays shot into the sky. Scattering all around, the cyan colored light disappeared in an instant.

“My husband, is it necessary to go to the Winged Clan? They don’t seem to be friendly towards us.” Nalan Ruyue said in a worried voice. The Winged Clan is indeed a mysterious clan. Their clan has disappeared from the world since a long time ago and no one knew what power the Winged Clan currently possess. If Long Yi and the group were to enter their territory, they would fall into a disadvantageous position.

“Go, of course, we are going! Does your husband look like a guy who would lie to other people? Also, why would we not go to the Winged Clan? Aren’t you guys at least a little bit curious about the Winged Clan?” Long Yi said with a smirk on his face.

“Let us not talk about being curious about the Winged Clan. I think you are more curious about the beautiful Shaman in the Winged Clan.” Wushuang said with a thin smile on her face as she glared at Long Yi. Considering that this was Long Yi she was talking about, Wushuang knew that he was more interested in Ou Yala than he was in meeting the mysterious Winged Clan.

Long Yi grinned and said with a cheeky smile, “Shuang’er, looks like you understand a lot about me! However, you are embarrassing me when you speak about my hidden motives. You shouldn’t say these things out loud.”

“Smelly husband, stop acting like that! I’m getting goosebumps just listening to you.” Nalan Ruyue laughed and pounded on Long Yi’s arms.

When everyone was chatting and laughing, two afterimages flashed through the sky. In a flash, two tall youths with wings on their back descended from the sky. They were obviously messengers sent by the Winged Clan. Looking at the group of people, they shifted their gaze towards Long Yi. Sizing him up before looking at the others, they said, “Shaman has already instructed us to allow only Young Master Ximen to come along with us.”

Long Yi frowned and a displeased expression instantly appeared on his face. With an indifferent voice, Long Yi said, “If that is the case, then tell Ou Yala that I am not going to the Winged Clan. If Ou Yala plans to use force in order to make me go to the Winged Clan, this young master will welcome her to try me at any time.”

“We are leaving.” Long Yi waved his hand and started walking deeper into the Hengduan Mountains.

“Young master Ximen, wait a minute. You cannot leave.” Flapping their wings, the two youths hastily flew in front of Long Yi in order to block his path.

“What? Do you two want to fight with me?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and his smile became resplendent. Everyone who knew Long Yi instantly felt a sense of danger. They knew that the brighter Long Yi smiled, the more dangerous the situation would be.

Looking at each other, the two youths started to hesitate. They remembered what Shaman Ou Yala told them. She had given them stern instructions that they had to bring him to their territory no matter what. However, they were to never offend Long Yi as he possessed a terrifying amount of power. As such, the both of them were at a loss of what to do. They couldn’t offend him, and neither could they overpower him.

“Young Master Ximen, please do not misunderstand us. One of us shall return to the clan and ask Shaman Ou Yala for her instructions. Meanwhile, I hope that all of you can wait for us here without moving.” One of the youths of Winged Clan said. Giving a meaningful glance at his companion, he signaled for him to return to the clan. Without hesitation, his companion flapped his wings as he flew away.

Long Yi laughed and no longer made things difficult for them, “If that is the case, we’ll wait for an answer. However, I am slightly curious about some things. Could it be that your Winged Clan is situated in the vicinity of this place?”

The youth of Winged Clan shook his head and said, “Wait until Shaman Ou Yala gives us the instruction. If she agrees, you can all find out for yourselves.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and no longer paid any attention to this youth. With a wave of his hand, Long Yi instructed everyone to take a break.

“Shuang’er, sit down and let me lean on you! Ruyue, massage my legs.” Long Yi started giving out his instructions the moment he sat down. The two women obediently agreed to his desires. They sat down beside him and started to serve him with their delicate hands.

When Bertha looked at the three of them getting so intimate, she rolled her eyes. Despite feeling shy, Bertha quickly ran over to Long Yi and started to massage his back.

Long Yi turned around and looked at Bertha with surprise. This little fox couldn’t hide her feelings at all…… However, Long Yi wouldn’t refuse the service of a beauty, as such, he closed his eyes and started to enjoy the company of the three women beside him.

That youth from the Winged Clan enviously looked at the satisfied appearance on Long Yi’s face. There was a burning desire in his heart to become Long Yi and sit in his spot. There were so many beauties… however, there was only one Long Yi. Why in the world did they gather around this one guy? When he thought about it, he was also tall, handsome, elegant, and behaved with no restraints. Why would the Winged Clan’s Shaman, Ou Yala, not be attracted to him instead? The Heavens are truly unfair……

When compared to this youth, Nika had the exact opposite feeling. Her teeth were itching to bite Long Yi when she saw that he was enjoying the company of so many women without lifting a single finger. How could he behave like this in front of so many people? Why wasn’t he restraining himself even a little?

The eyes of that youth from the Winged Clan become green with envy seeing Long Yi’s luck with women. However, he managed to see that there was another beauty standing on the other side. She was a beautiful elf, and she didn’t seem to be Long Yi’s woman. Thinking that there was a woman who didn’t fall into the devil’s talons, the youth started to size up Nika. She was wearing sexy elf armor, and her figure appeared extremely hot. Moreover, her beautiful face was even more natural and pure compared to most of the women in the Winged Clan. She was in no way inferior to the beautiful Shaman, Ou Yala. Furthermore, he had heard that the Elf Clan’s women were gentle and peaceful in nature. If he was able to get a wife like Nika, how fortunate would he be?

When he thought about it, the youth from the Winged Clan started to become restless. In his mind, he devised a perfect conversation starter. With a natural and unrestrained smile on his face, he approached Nika and said, “Beautiful miss elf, I……”

“Don’t annoy me, roll far away from me.” Nika angrily shouted without giving the youth a chance to speak. That poor fellow was scared silly on the spot as he stared at Nika who was furious. Who in the world said that the Elf Clan’s women were gentle and peaceful?

After waiting for an hour, the other youth returned. He started to relay the orders Shaman Ou Yala told him, “Shaman and patriarch have agreed, all of you can come to the Winged Clan.”

Long Yi smiled and stood up from the warm fragrant jade. He already knew that Shaman Ou Yala would compromise. After all, Long Yi was the one who possessed the sacred object, i.e. Wind God’s spirit tablet, in his hand.

Under the lead of these two youths from the Winged Clan, Long Yi and the others quickly flew towards the foot of the Hengduan Mountains. Before long, they reached a waterfall and the group stopped moving any further.

“We are here? Don’t tell me that your Winged Clan withdrew from the society into the pool below?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

The youths of Winged Clan looked at each other and simultaneously flew into the fifty meters high waterfall. Before the eyes of Long Yi and the rest, they disappeared into the water screen.

“Cave with a waterfall at its mouth? Heh heh, I wonder if I will encounter Sun Wukong inside the cave.” Long Yi laughed.

“Boss, is there a monkey inside the cave?” Barbarian Bull asked while scratching his bull horns. He obviously didn’t understand sarcasm.


“Of course! Not only are there monkeys inside the waterfall, there are stupid bulls as well!” Long Yi rolled his eyes as he rushed into the waterfall. The moment he passed the water screen, he realized that there wasn’t any cave behind the waterfall. As he knocked on the cliff walls, he realized that they were solid and quite impossible to enter without blasting a hole in them.

It was unlikely that those two fellows played a prank on them. Long Yi thought as he retreated.

As Long Yi retreated, a circular magic array appeared in the pool under the waterfall. The two youths that disappeared just a moment ago reappeared in the magic array. They waved their hands towards Long Yi and others and said, “Young Master Ximen, come in.”

Seeing that he wasn’t able to figure out their tricks, Long Yi became a little more serious in his heart. It seemed like the Winged Clan might not be as simple as he had thought. Long Yi quickly thought of another explanation. He guessed that the two youths were able to enter the Winged Clan’s secret area due to a special method they possessed. The magic array might be the entrance for outsiders without the special method.

Without thinking any further, Long Yi led everyone into the transmission magic array on the surface of the water. Up till now, Long Yi had seen many magic arrays. Although it appeared as if magic arrays were lost in the passage of time on the Blue Waves Continent, some ancient races and clans still inherited them.

When Long Yi and others appeared on the other side, the scene before their eyes stunned them. The sky was blue with white clouds, and the air was fresh with the fragrance of flowers. They could hear small birds singing cheerfully and there were trees, exotic flowers, even rare herbs growing everywhere. They were also able to hear the gurgling sound of water from a spring nearby. This was simply the Land of Peach Blossoms. At first glance, people would mistake this place for the Elven Forest.

“Young Master Ximen, you seem to have taken a liking to our Winged Clan’s location…” A crisp voice resounded. It was precisely the voice of Ou Yala, who was wearing a light cyan robe as she floated in the air. Beside her, there were several powerful elders who were likely the elders of the Winged Clan. When they looked further, they were able to see that there were rows of neatly arranged guards from the Winged Clan standing behind Ou Yala.

“Yes, it’s pretty good. This place can compare with the Elven Forest.” Long Yi smiled and looked at the sun while narrowing his eyes. There was no way this place was located in the Hengduan Mountains.

“Thank you for the compliment. Now, I will make a brief introduction. This person is the patriarch of our Winged Clan, and they are the elders of our Winged Clan.” Ou Yala introduced the people who were standing beside her to Long Yi.

Long Yi carefully sized up the patriarch of the Winged Clan. He looked very powerful and appeared to be a human male in his fifties. There was a pair of grey wings which was retracted on his back. He seemed to have a reserved temperament, but there was no way he was simple. Long Yi also noticed that other than Ou Yala who had a pair of pure white wings, every other member of the Winged Clan had wings which were grey or black in color. Maybe the Shaman position was reserved for the member with white wings…

“Guests from the distant place, welcome.” The patriarch of Winged Clan said in a low voice with a warm smile on his face as he greeted Long Yi and the rest.

Long Yi’s gaze glimmered. The shrewdness of this patriarch was deep. He had taken their sacred object, but he still treated them as guests. If he wasn’t a fool, then he was a crafty scoundrel. This patriarch didn’t resemble a fool in the slightest. As such, Long Yi instantly made the connection and knew that this patriarch was definitely a crafty scoundrel.

“Many thanks, many thanks. This place looks really good! There are flowers, grass, mountains, waters and also beauties. I have decided, I want to stay here for a few days, Patriarch must treat us cordially.” Long YI smiled and said.

“That is natural. All of our Winged Clan’s descendants are as pretty as flowers. If Young Master Ximen can become a harmonious couple with someone from our Winged Clan, this patriarch would be glad to betroth them to you. However, I’m afraid the ladies behind Young Master Ximen would disagree with me.” The patriarch of Winged Clan laughed. After laughing for a few seconds, the Winged Clan’s patriarch stopped abruptly. In an instant, his expression sank as he continued, “But, before anything else, I hope Young Master Ximen will return the sacred object of our Winged Clan.”

This old fellow was really hard to deal with. However, Long Yi knew that he had the upper hand in this discussion as the table was currently with him. As for returning it, Long Yi was very reluctant. He had the principle of not returning things that had already fallen into his hands.

However, did the Winged Clan actually know that their sacred object was the Wind God spirit tablet? In fact, although there were not many people who knew what spirit tablets were, those that knew weren’t few in number. It couldn’t be considered a secret. Look at people like the Light Pope and the Dark Pope, don’t they know about the tablets?

As the Wind God spirit tablet has been treated as the sacred object of the Winged Clan for a long time, the older generation should know what it was. Moreover, they grasped the ability to utilize wind magic from the tablet. Wasn’t it obvious enough?

“Patriarch, standing here is too tiring. Let us all take a seat before discussing about how we should settle the problem.” Long Yi said to the patriarch, completely ignoring his solemn expression.