Womanizing Mage - Chapter 407: A passionate night in grasslands and peeping

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Nalan Ruyue and Bertha looked at each other in blank dismay and were both startled. Didn’t Long Yi and Wushuang enter the tent in order to ‘roll’ on the bed together? What was with this situation? Could it be that the two of them were actually fighting inside?

At this moment, the frozen tent suddenly shook. With a loud explosion, a human figure broke a passage through the ice. That human figure landed on the ground in bad shape. His entire body was covered with ice shards and he was wearing only a spacious robe to cover his body. With a single glance, one could tell that he wasn’t wearing anything under that robe.

“I……” Long Yi made a wry smile as he swiped the ice shards off his body. Currently, Long Yi had an odd expression on his face when he looked back at the tent which was covered in ice.

“My husband, you… Did you really fight with big sister Wushuang?” Nalan Ruyue ran over to Long Yi and asked with concern.

“Yes, we fought and I lost. Can’t you see that I look like a beaten dog right now?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a bitter smile.

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip as she laughed at Long Yi in her heart. Slowly stepping forward, she said in a soft voice, “Big sister Wushuang is still a virgin maiden. You were definitely the one at fault. You must have been too hasty, which probably gave big sister Wushuang a bad scare.”

Pa, Long Yi slapped Nalan Ruyue’s perky buttocks with his big hand and scolded in jest, “Little girl, what nonsense are you talking about? Aren’t you the clearest on how I usually treat my woman in bed?”

“Are you seeking death?” Nalan Ruyue shouted as her beautiful face flushed red. Slapping away Long Yi’s hand which was still on her buttocks, she shot him a warning glare. Couldn’t he see that Bertha was still standing beside them? Not to mention the fact that Alpha, Arnold, and Barbarian Bull were exiting their tents after they heard the loud explosion. What was Long Yi thinking when he grabbed her buttocks in front of so many people?

Just as Barbarian Bull was about to open his mouth, all the ice disappeared. Only a trace of cold qi was left behind as Wushuang poked her head out of Long Yi’s tent. Looking at Long Yi apologetically with her beautiful eyes, Wushuang signaled for Long Yi to return to the tent. The situation turned awkward within seconds.

Long Yi rubbed his nose as he walked back into the tent. As he entered the tent, Long Yi felt as though there was a dense moisture in the air even though the layers of ice had disappeared. Waving his arm, Long Yi dried the room using the fire magic elements in the air.

“I’m sorry, Long Yi. I… I didn’t know that would happen…” Wushuang sat beside Long Yi and apologized profusely. She behaved just like a little girl who was admitting her mistakes when she was caught doing something wrong.

“What exactly happened? Why would there be an ice explosion all of a sudden?” Long Yi didn’t blame Wushuang, however, he wanted to know what exactly happened. At the most critical juncture, there was an explosion of ice which completely extinguished Long Yi’s evil fire. It destroyed the romantic atmosphere which Long Yi built up after so long.

“I…… I don’t know.” Wushuang looked at Long Yi with her pure and innocent gaze. Wushuang really had no idea what happened. When the both of them had finished their preparation and were about to take the final step, her lower abdomen suddenly became cold. The usually mild water magic elements in Wushuang’s body became violent all of a sudden and in an instant, the violent water magic elements gushed out from the lower part of her body. Within seconds, ice covered every part of the tent.

After listening to Wushuang’s explanation, Long Yi had his mouth wide open in shock. After pondering for a long time, Long Yi reached the conclusion that it was Wushuang’s physique which caused the explosion. When he thought about it, the Phoenix Matriarch wanted him to ruin the virgin body of the Ice Palace imperial mistress. She told him that the Ice Palace imperial mistress had the Pure Yin Body. The moment she lost her virginity, she would lose all of her powers along with her virginity. Later on, Si Bi also developed the Pure Yin Body after her physique transformation. Could it be that Wushuang also had the Pure Yin Body? When Long Yi thought about it rationally, Wushuang had a special relationship with the Ice Palace. It wasn’t impossible for her to possess the Pure Yin Body as well. Perhaps the cultivation method from the Ice Palace was the reason people would develop the Pure Yin Body.

“Shuang’er, how about we try that again.” Long Yi looked at Wushuang and said.

Wushuang’s beautiful face instantly turned bright red like a tomato when she heard Long Yi’s words. Nodding her head shyly, she directed her gaze to the floor as she looked incredibly adorable. Since Long Yi was very experienced doing ‘it’, Wushuang decided to completely hand herself over to him. However, she had never expected that there would be an explosion while they were in the midst of doing ‘it’.

Hugging Wushuang, Long Yi lightly placed her onto the bed. He lowered his head as he kissed her lips, and sticking out his tongue, he began to attack the insides of her mouth. As for his big hands, they entered into her lapel as they grabbed those plump **. Kneading and pinching, Wushuang gradually started letting out moans of enjoyment.

Before long, Wushuang and Long Yi got into the mood again. As they kissed, clothes flew about the tent and within seconds, the two of them were naked again.

Long Yi’s meticulous kisses moved downwards. From Wushuang’s pure white neck, he moved down her body. After teasing those satiny ** and the pink cherries on top of those soft mounds, Long Yi continued his journey downwards.

“Ah…… Long Yi…… don’t……” The charming body of Wushuang quivered and she took the initiative to raise her slender waist. While she moaned for Long Yi to stop, her actions directly contrasted her words. Her little hands held onto Long Yi’s head as she pushed it downwards. Her passion was already aroused.

The strong stimulation made Wushuang quickly reach the peak. Clamping Long Yi’s head tightly between her slender legs, Wushuang raised her head as a loud moan escaped her mouth.

Wushuang twitched for a good while before becoming weak and limp. She immediately dropped onto the bed as her eyes stayed glued to Long Yi. As for Long Yi, he looked at Wushuang’s fair and tender private parts. As he stared at the quivering pink **, he muttered under his breath, “There is no reaction? Maybe it really was an accident……”

As a matter of fact, Long Yi and Wushuang had already gotten intimate on more than one occasion. As such, Long Yi was extremely familiar with Wushuang’s body condition. The situation with an ice explosion had never occurred before.

After some consideration, Long Yi decided to go all the way. Long Yi got into position and propped his little brother against Wushuang’s entrance. He exerted some force and was about to seal the deal with Wushuang. However, the accident happened again. A bone-chilling cold qi gushed out from Wushuang’s private part. Little Long Yi turned into a popsicle on the spot and Long Yi was slowly turning into an ice sculpture. In the next moment, the bed, the entire tent, and the area around the tent turned into a giant ice sculpture.

Bertha and the rest of the group who were standing outside the whole time saw that there was another ice explosion inside the tent. They were astonished and wondered if Long Yi fought with Wushuang again.

Once again, Long Yi broke out of the ice and was in bad shape. He was sore everywhere. In his heart, Long Yi lamented, and currently, his little brother was softly lying down without any movement. The ice-cold numbing feeling haunted Long Yi and he wasn’t able to move for a long time.


“Long Yi, are you still angry?” Wushuang asked as they were sitting on the grassland beside their tent. Wushuang pulled on Long Yi’s sleeves and pouted as she noticed that there was something off about Long Yi.

“I am not angry… You can say that I’m depressed rather than angry. Seems like I’ve been tricked by that woman in the Ice Palace.” Long Yi stretched his hand and said while holding on to Wushuang’s slender waist.

“Don’t be depressed, I will definitely think of a way for us to do ‘it’ in the future.” Wushuang apologized and leaned on Long Yi’s shoulders coyly.

“Mmm, that is the only thing we can do.” Long YI’s mood was still down as he said in a depressed voice.

Wushuang moved close to Long Yi’s face and kissed him. With a red face, she said in an extremely soft voice, “I know you are still not satisfied, I… I can…… Help you if you want…,”

The spirit of Long Yi suddenly shook and his eyes shone with ** brilliance. Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, he asked, “How can you help me?”


Wushuang’s face was redder than a tomato and she said in a mosquito-like voice, “Just like… Just like how you helped me.”

“Are you really going to do that? You said so yourself, you are not allowed to back out now.” Long Yi’s mood immediately changed. Long Yi’s spirits lifted and he was extremely excited. The depression he had just a moment ago was swept clean. When Long Yi thought about Wushuang, this ice-cold woman, squatting down in front of him and giving him service, he was extremely stimulated.

“Shuang’er, how about helping me out right here?” Long Yi bit Wushuang’s earlobe and whispered into her ear.

“No…… we should go inside the tent.” The charming body of Wushuang softened and she looked all around as if she was a thief. Currently, the sky was already dark and there were countless twinkling stars in the sky. Bertha and Nalan Ruyue were sitting around their own campsite. Barbarian Bull was wiping his Greenstone Rule in a place far away from the campsite. As for Alpha and Arnold, they went to rest early due to the injuries they sustained in the fight with the Carnage Golden Falcon. As for Nika, she was still unconscious.

“Not inside the tent! We are currently sitting in the shadow of our tent. There is no one about to look at us. I’ll set up the barrier around us and in this vast wilderness with a cool breeze… Under the vast starry sky… Why don’t the two of us, you know……” The words of Long Yi broke Wushuang’s persistence.

“No… not here!” Wushuang still had a trace of reason as she tried to reject Long Yi.

“My Shuang’er, don’t object… Come on, it’s almost going to break.” Long Yi urged Wushuang and pressed her little hand against his little brother.

Wushuang rolled her eyes and she slowly bent over……

“Oh…….” Long Yi moaned. Lifting up Wushuang’s hair, he looked at her lewd actions and was greatly stimulated. Although he was unable to truly become one with Wushuang, this made Long Yi feel a bigger sense of achievement.

After a good while, Wushuang covered her mouth and sat up. She spat a mouthful of milky white liquid to one side and used a water ball to rinse her mouth.

“Pervert, are you satisfied now?” Wushuang looked at Long Yi and when she saw his satisfied face, she felt overjoyed in her heart. The guilt in her heart was mitigated to some extent and she didn’t feel so bad after helping Long Yi out.

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Long Yi smiled and just before he replied Wushuang, Long Yi suddenly raised his brows. Turning his head, Long Yi yelled, “Little fox, roll out for me.”

Bertha who was bound by Long Yi’s spirit power slowly became visible. To his surprise, her face was even redder than Wushuang’s. Long Yi was one hundred percent sure that she saw the adult scene between himself and Wushuang just now.

“Speak, how long have you been standing there.” Long Yi snapped at her Just a moment ago, he was too invested in Wushuang. As such, Long Yi didn’t even notice when this little fox sneaked up behind them. As a matter of fact, the Fox Clan’s Vanishing Magic was truly a great magic. If Long Yi hadn’t set up the spiritual net around in the surrounding area, he wouldn’t be able to sense Bertha’s trace at all. Not unless she was right beside him.

“I didn’t look for long…… Ah! No, I didn’t see anything.” Bertha repeatedly waved her hand. However, the words that she had sprouted out were like water which was spilled. It was impossible to reverse the process.

Wushuang gnashed her teeth in embarrassment, but she gradually calmed down. Even if Bertha saw them doing ‘it’, there was nothing to be embarrassed about. There was nothing hidden between Long Yi and herself, and it was normal to make love. Moreover, everyone knew about Bertha’s love for Long Yi.

Bertha lowered her head, as her little hands grabbed the hem of her robe. Bertha’s snow-white bushy tail swayed relentlessly and she looked towards the ground. As a matter of fact, she didn’t see the process in detail. The only thing Bertha saw was Wushuang’s head moving up and down between Long Yi’s legs. The next thing she knew, Wushuang was spitting out some milky white liquid and before she knew it, she was caught. If she was still unable to guess what they were doing after seeing that much, she would be shaming the name of the Fox Clan. The Fox Clan had the reputation of bewitching all living creatures, and they were naturally used to these shameful deeds.

“Little fox, I never knew you were so ** and immoral.” Long Yi reprimanded, as he pulled a long face.

“I… I didn’t mean to! It’s just that… That elf woke up and Ruyue asked me to come and call you. I wanted to frighten you so I made myself invisible! Who would have thought that…… you….. you guys……” The voice of Bertha became smaller and smaller. Eventually, her voice became inaudible as she just stood in front of Long Yi while looking down at the ground.