Womanizing Mage - Chapter 405: Little girl Nika

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Chapter 405: Little girl Nika

“God Killing Arrow!”

“*** stop for this father.” A loud shout suddenly resounded and obstructed this female elf’s momentum. Feeling extremely surprised, she failed to release the three golden arrows which she had drawn.

A shadow suddenly appeared in front of her and changed into a rapidly rotating vortex. In a flash, that vortex charged into the Carnage Golden Falcon.

A loud explosion resounded in the air and the shadow was sent flying backwards. Even after flipping over dozens of times, the shadow was unable to stabilize himself. As for the Carnage Golden Falcon, it cried out in pain as it was knocked backwards by the shadow. The group of three who were under attack by the Carnage Golden Falcon stared at each other in blank dismay as they wondered who was daring enough to confront the SSS ranked Carnage Golden Falcon.

“F*ck, this big bird has a really strong body. Just a single knock and this young master’s body nearly broke.” Long Yi twisted his hips and complained. He completely ignored the Carnage Golden Falcon in front of his face.

When she heard Long Yi’s voice, the female elf trembled slightly. A hint of joy appeared on her face, but a complicated emotion was hidden in her joyful expression. Her crystal clear eyes sparkled as she stared at the shadow in front of her.

At this time, the three god-beasts had already changed into their battle forms. The aura emitted from the three god-beasts shocked the Carnage Golden Falcon as fear sprouted deep in its subconsciousness. Floating in midair, it stared at the human which managed to slightly injure itself. It flapped its wings as it didn’t dare to rashly initiate its attacks, however, it seemed to be unwilling to leave as well.

“Eh, looks like this bird really doesn’t want to run away. Lucky for me… If it really decided to run away, this young master would actually have to waste some effort to chase it down. I have decided, we will have a bird meat for dinner tonight.” Long Yi arrogantly said as he walked forward towards the Carnage Golden Falcon. Long Yi was behaving arrogantly as he had the abilities to back his words up. If Long Yi was alone, he might have some trouble dealing with this Carnage Golden Falcon. However, this was a group brawl. On his side, there were three god-beasts along two extremely powerful warriors. Long Yi and Wushuang were both extremely strong, not to mention the fact that Wushuang had an SS ranked magical beast pet, the Ruyi Ice Silkworm. Although it might be weaker in the Huangmang Plain compared to the time in Origin Ice, it was still quite a force to be reckoned with.

“Boss, this old bull is going first.” Barbarian Bull waved his Greenstone Rule as he attacked all of a sudden. Holding the front end of Greenstone Rule, Barbarian Bull swung it at the Carnage Golden Falcon. As if Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Jungi Bang, Greenstone Rule extended hundreds of meters in a flash with a violent momentum.

With Long Yi’s command, the three god-beasts attacked at practically the same time. The Qilin Holy Flame from the Fire Qilin burned everything within the radius of 100 meters in the sky. It appeared as if it wanted to roast this Carnage Golden Falcon on the spot. The lightning bolts fired from the Violent Lightning Beast rained down from the sky. There was a golden light in the lightning bolts. It seemed as though its god-beast physique had started to take shape.

As for the tiger cub, Little Three, although its strength had increased a lot, it was still a far cry from both the Violent Lightning Beast and the Fire Qilin. Even though its strength wasn’t comparable to the other two god-beasts, the aura it emitted was in no way inferior to the other two. Just its aura alone was innately superior to other magical beasts. The Carnage Golden Falcon was unable to withstand this aura and was suppressed by it, which resulted in a drop in its combat ability.

However, the Carnage Golden Falcon was an SSS ranked beast. It wouldn’t go down without a fierce fight. It had an abnormal dodging style which allowed it to dodge all the attacks flying towards it. Just like a ghost, it flashed through the cracks between the attacks. Even though there were some attacks which managed to hit the Carnage Golden Falcon by sheer luck, they were unable to hurt it at all. The defensive power of the Carnage Golden Falcon was unfathomable. Even after being burnt several times by holy fire and struck several times by divine lightning, he was unexpectedly still so vigorous.

“Boss, didn’t you say that this big bird belongs to me?” Barbarian Bull ran back and complained. He was unable to land a single attack and it seemed as though the Carnage Golden Falcon was only fighting with the three god-beasts.

“I just told you to take the lead… Didn’t you get to attack first? Besides, after you launched your attack, the bird started to fly away. What am I supposed to do about it? Even if you can make your rod longer, are you able to chase it down by flying?” Long Yi said with a smile. Although Barbarian Bull’s attack was considered powerful and fast, there was a fatal weakness when attacking the Carnage Golden Falcon. The Carnage Golden Falcon could fly! As a matter of fact, after warriors reached the Swords Saint or Swords God realm, they could use their douqi to fly. Since Barbarian Bull had yet to reach the Swords Saint realm, he was unable to fly.

Barbarian Bull gloomily muttered to himself and looked towards the three people they had just saved. His gaze lingered on the female elf for a little longer. However, it wasn’t as though Barbarian Bull was attracted to this female elf. Not considering Barbarian Bull’s strange aesthetic standards, even a beggar would not be willing to look at the current bloodstained and dirt covered appearance of this female elf.

“Boss, why does this elf girl look so familiar?” Barbarian Bull approached Long Yi and asked in a low voice.

Long Yi declined to comment. He just smiled as Long Yi had long guessed her identity. When he saw this female elf trying to use God Killing Arrow he already had a guess in his mind. One should know that this God Killing Arrow was the consummate magic of the imperial kinsmen of the Elf Clan. One needed corresponding strength to wield the complete might of this magic. If one’s strength was insufficient and arbitrarily used this magic, then his/her body would suffer incalculable damage. If the user was lucky, they might be able to escape with serious injuries. If not, only death awaited the user. Other than the Elf Queen and Lu Xiya who had the imperial blood of the Elf Clan flowing in their body, who could learn this consummate magic?

Long Yi turned his head and saw this female elf hastily shifting her gaze to the ground below them.

“Many thanks for the kindness of saving our life. I wonder what is our benefactor’s great name? We will definitely repay you in the future.” That man called Arnold recovered from his shock said while looking at Long Yi like Long Yi was some kind of god.

“I am called Long Yi, and there is no need to be polite. I have only saved you in passing, my main purpose was to save my friend.” Long Yi smiled and then stared at the female elf. Continuing where he left off, Long Yi said, “Nika, long time no see… Why are you not staying in the Elven Forest as the captain of the protector force? Why on earth did you run over here?”

The gaze of Nika flickered and she didn’t know how to reply Long Yi. As a result, she stiffly replied, “What’s it got to do with you? I like doing this.”

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and sighed as he got no gratitude for his good intentions. He didn’t know what was going on with this girl. At the start, she used to treat Long Yi very well. However, Long Yi didn’t know what happened but she suddenly started to resent him. He thought about it over and over, but other than seeing her ** in the Elven Forest lake in the past, he couldn’t think of anything else.

Arnold looked at Long Yi before shifting his gaze towards Nika. He subconsciously thought that Long Yi had done something to Nika. Although Long Yi saved his life, he would never allow Long Yi to harm Nika. One should know that Nika was a princess-like existence in their adventurer group. When Arnold finally saw Wushuang, Nalan Ruyue, and Bertha standing behind Long Yi, he let out a self mocking laughter. Nika was very beautiful, pure and natural. However, the three women behind Long Yi was not inferior to Nika in any way. Looking at them, he clearly knew that they were Long Yi’s women. How in the world was one man able to attract so many goddesses?

Long Yi turned his head back and looked at that intense battle between the four beasts. After a prolonged battle, the Carnage Golden Falcon had already fallen to a disadvantageous position. However, the battle was nowhere near the end as the Carnage Golden Falcon showed no signs of defeat. It appeared as if it wanted to find an opportunity to break out of this encirclement. Yet it didn’t take into account the three god-beasts’ intelligence. If they allowed the Carnage Golden Falcon flee like this, even if Long Yi didn’t kick their **, they should look for a small pond to drown themselves in. They would really ruin the reputation of all god-beasts if they allowed this Carnage Golden Falcon to flee when facing the three of them.

“Shuang’er, let your pet help them.” Long Yi said to Wushuang.


Wushuang nodded her head. Along with a light flashing in her hand, a glittering and translucent small worm appeared on her palm. It suddenly changed into a white light as it shot towards the sky. At the same time, it expanded and covered half the sky.

“When this fellow is small, it looks so cute… How in the world does it become so terrifying after it transforms?” Long Yi looked at that giant Ruyi Ice Silkworm and said. Although his Violent Lightning Beast and Fire Qilin also looked ferocious after transforming, it was acceptable to Long Yi. A giant Ruyi Ice Silkworm didn’t look as cute as it used to when it was just a tiny worm.

“It doesn’t look so good not, but one day it will break out of its cocoon and become a butterfly. It would be the most beautiful Ice Butterfly.” Wushuang said softly as a smile blossomed on her face.

“Ice Butterfly… Does that mean that the current Ruyi Ice Silkworm is still in a larva state?” Long Yi asked. If the Ruyi Ice Silkworm evolved again, it would become an SSS ranked magical beast. If the location of this battle was in Origin Ice, this SSS ranked Carnage Golden Falcon would be no match for the SS ranked Ruyi Ice Silkworm.

“Yes, when the Ruyi Ice Silkworm evolves into an Ice Butterfly, it would become a true water god-beast.” Wushuang said and her eyes flashed with a trace of expectation.

“God-beast?” Long Yi was rather surprised. Could it be that the Ice Butterfly was the god-beast which was under the Water God’s command?

As Long Yi conversed with Wushuang, the Carnage Golden Falcon issued a sad and shrill cry. It fell towards the ground as it was bound with a thick layer of Ruyi Ice Silk. Originally, the Carnage Golden Falcon cowered due to the suppression from Little Three’s aura. While it was suppressed, the fierce holy flames from the Fire Qilin encircled it along with the lightning net set up by the Violent Lightning Beast. The combination of fire and lighting left it barely alive. In the next moment, a cold qi from the Ruyi Ice Silkworm attacked it and its figure immediately stagnated. Then the Ruyi Ice Silkworm spat out silk which bound it, causing it to fall from the sky.

The Carnage Golden Falcon was roughly 70-80 meters long, and when its huge body which was comparable to a small mountain fell, a huge crater was formed.

Long Yi laughed with satisfaction. However, he saw a wisp of white light instantly entering the head of Carnage Golden Falcon the moment it fell. Long Yi couldn’t help but shout, “Shuang’er, quickly ask your pet to stop.”

The moment he finished speaking, the Carnage Golden Falcon cried out in pain and its golden eyeballs dimmed. It stopped struggling and fell to the ground with a thud. The Carnage Golden Falcon unexpectedly died.

A wisp of white light shot out from the head of the Carnage Golden Falcon and lied Wushuang’s jade palm without moving. The Ruyi Ice Silkworm lied on her palm with a contented expression which was the complete opposite of Wushuang’s expression.

“Long Yi, I am sorry, I……” Wushuang apologized to Long Yi. Just a moment ago, this Ruyi Ice Silkworm completely swallowed the brain of the Carnage Golden Falcon which instantly killed the Carnage Golden Falcon.

“Forget it, I saw that this bird’s speed wasn’t bad, so I thought about taming this big bird to use it as a flying mount. Since it’s dead now, the magic core in its body isn’t bad.” Long Yi said as he told Barbarian Bull to dig out the magic core from the Carnage Golden Falcon’s body.

“Long Yi, can you give me the magic core of this Carnage Golden Falcon?” Wushuang asked casually. It seemed as though she was asking for an ordinary item from Long Yi as she reached out her hands with an expectant gaze.

“Well, you can take it if you want.” Long Yi smiled and nodded his head.

There was no distinguishing between you and I in the relationship between him and Wushuang since a long time ago. Even if Wushuang wanted a star in the sky, he would think of a way to pluck it down for her.

Wushuang took the golden colored magic core of the Carnage Golden Falcon from Barbarian Bull and threw it into her space ring. As for Little Three and his brothers, they had already begun to peel off the skin and tendons from the Carnage Golden Falcon’s corpse. They were preparing for a sumptuous meal as they drooled while dividing up the body of the Carnage Golden Falcon.

At this time, Nika regained her strength and struggled to stand up. She bit her lower lip and staggered towards a distant place without saying a single word to Long Yi.

“Nika, where are you going?” Arnold and Alpha couldn’t help but stand up as well when they saw Nika leaving.

Nika didn’t answer as she walked away step by step.

“You, stop right there.” An ice-cold voice suddenly came from behind which made Nika tremble and pause her steps.