Womanizing Mage - Chapter 404: Carnage Golden Falcon

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Chapter 404: Carnage Golden Falcon

The weather was extremely good today. The sky was clear and quiet, and a gentle breeze was gently blowing through the unconventionally graceful Huangmang plain.

Long Yi and the rest of them stood on a small hillock overseeing Lost City. They stared at the ruins which were still enveloped by a dark fog. Even though they were merely 100 meters away from Lost City, they seemed to be in a separate world.

Wushuang looked into the distance in a trance. Thinking about the times she spent here in the past, she felt really sad. Not only were her close relatives buried under Lost City, every single citizen was buried there too. The only exception was Wushuang who managed to escape the calamity.

“One day, I will definitely rebuild the Holy City. Citizens of the Holy City, wait for me.” Wushuang flung her head backward and her black hair fluttered in the wind. The sad expression on her face gradually disappeared and her countenance relaxed.

Looking at Wushuang, Long Yi gave her a thumbs up. At this moment, Long Yi knew that the knot in Wushuang’s heart had completely disappeared. She was no longer immersed in the glory and grief of the past. Speaking from another point of view, Wushuang had now started to take the initiative to integrate herself into the current world. She finally released her past memories and started accepting the fact that this was her life now.

“Okay, we are leaving.” Long Yi said. Leaving behind afterimages, he began rushing forward and in an instant, he became a small black dot in the distance.

When the rest of the group saw that Long Yi left them behind, they smiled at each other and began to chase after Long Yi’s figure.

This trip to lost city made everyone closer. The relationship between Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang had also improved. Initially, they still felt unfamiliar towards each other which made the interactions between the both of them awkward. Now, they became more like sisters and the invisible barrier between the both of them dissolved. Besides the both of them, Bertha had also grown closer to the both of them. The biggest change was that Bertha looked at Long Yi with a completely different gaze from before. The look she gave Long Yi now was one of admiration. Other than admiration, her gaze towards Long Yi had a look of undisguised infatuation. She was especially touched that Long Yi threw himself into the pattern in order to save her. She knew that Long Yi almost died trying to save her. Originally, Bertha already had feelings for Long Yi which were out of the ordinary. After experiencing the baptism of tribulations and setbacks when travelling with Long Yi, her hidden feelings towards Long Yi was just like a soap bubble under direct sunlight, it burst. When Long Yi saved her from danger and risked his life, she felt something stir from her innermost soul. After going through life and death with Long Yi, she realized that she really loved this man.

Huangmang Plain was different from the Proud Moon Empire. Currently, the Proud Moon Empire was freezing cold. However, Huangmang Plain which was located at the northwest of the empire was experiencing spring. Grass grew everywhere and orioles flew in the sky. Perhaps for some people, Huangmang Plain was a terrifying place with many high leveled magical beasts roaming about. Looking around Huangmang Plain, high leveled magical beasts could be seen flying in the sky, swimming in the lakes, or just wandering about the plain. As long as one could think of it, there were magical beasts everywhere. There was no way to escape the vast network of beasts even if one was able to fly high in the skies. Even if one was able to dig deep into the earth, it was not certain that they would not meet their demise there.

Although it was dangerous for most people, Huangmang Plain was paradise for Long Yi and his group. When the magical beasts saw the three god-beasts, they would retreat far away. Occasionally, Barbarian Bull would casually catch some A ranked magical beast to tyrannize. The sad, shrill cries from the beast would make the rest of the beasts panic-stricken. As such, most of the other magical beasts started to hide themselves in case this terrifying group of humans decides to mess with them.

“Boss, the meat of this A ranked magical beast is very fragrant! We should totally bring back hundreds of them. Imagine throwing several hundreds of these beasts into the hall of the Mercenary Guild. How cool would that be?” Barbarian Bull said while munching on a piece of roasted meat.

“Cool my ass. An upright person should always be low-keyed. Do you even understand what low-keyed means? How many times have I taught you? If you really want to act tough, go throw several hundred god-beasts at the Mercenary Guild’s guild hall instead. Why are you even bothering with A ranked magical beasts.” Long Yi snapped at Barbarian Bull. The words which came out of his mouth made everyone stare at him with a blank expression on their face.

Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horn and smiled fatuously. After all, boss’ words were definitely correct. If he wanted to show off, he should go all the way. Why settle with A ranked magical beasts?

After eating and drinking to their heart’s content, everyone sat on the soft green grass on Huangmang Plain. Placing his head on Wushuang’s lap, Long Yi picked up a blade of long green grass and place it in his mouth. As he smelled Wushuang’s body fragrance, he stared at the sky with a blank expression in his eyes. As for his legs, he placed them on Nalan Ruyue’s lap and enjoyed a gentle massage.

Bertha who was sitting at the side stared directly at the three of them. In her heart, she had an impulse to join them. However, she didn’t dare to just intrude on the three of them while they were enjoying themselves. As a result, she could only sit beside them as she supported her chin with her little hands. Although she seemed to be in a daze, her eyes would frequently move and stop on Long Yi’s figure. Her gaze would linger on Long Yi’s face for a short while before she looked somewhere else.

“This bad fellow, even in a daze, he still has that signature bad smile on his face. He is really hateful” Pouting, Bertha hastily shifted her gaze from Long Yi’s face. Her heart was pounding and there was a strange feeling in her chest. Not even a second later, her burning gaze was directed back to Long Yi. It was as if she couldn’t control herself as she glued her eyes onto Long Yi’s handsome face. Love was truly a feeling which would cause a large amount of pain.

Barbarian Bull was repeatedly wiping his treasured Greenstone Rule like before. Compared to his wife Yinwa, he appeared as if he treasured Greenstone Rule over her. After wiping it numerous times, Barbarian Bull started scanning the area. Seeing as there was no opponent for him to use his Greenstone Rule on, he seemed to be really depressed.

Just when Barbarian Bull sighed inwardly, a bird cry full of evil intent came from the distant southwest direction. The sound wave echoed again and again, and everyone who heard the sound felt as though their blood and qi was churning. Within moments, the entire area was enveloped in chaos as crowds of magical beasts started to flee in terror.

“What a terrifying cry, what creature made that sound?” Nalan Ruyue asked in surprise.

Long Yi sat up as he left the fragrant and warm jade. He started to mutter under his breath, “Strange, why would that fellow leave his territory?”

“What fellow are you talking about?” Nalan Ruyue asked curiously.

“SSS ranked magical beast, Carnage Golden Falcon, the king of the Huangmang Plain. I remember the last time I saw it. It was only an SS ranked Carnage Silver Falcon, after so many years, it finally evolved into an SSS ranked magical beast.” Wushuang took the initiative to answer.

Nalan Ruyue stuck out her tiny tongue. SSS ranked magical beast… That was the rank of a legendary magical beast. Even a Swords God or Magic God should give way to this monster as they wouldn’t be able to fight it head on.

“Barbarian Bull, weren’t you shouting about how you didn’t have a good opponent to play with your Greenstone Rule? Well, you chance to use Greenstone Rule has just arrived. I’ll leave that Carnage Golden Falcon to you.” Long Yi said to Barbarian Bull with a smile. Although he didn’t know why that Carnage Golden Falcon had appeared in this area, Long Yi didn’t plan to let it fly around as it pleased. The magic core of an SSS ranked magical beast was a priceless treasure.

“Boss, I am no match for it.” Barbarian Bull scratched his head and said.

“Then, we’ll have group brawl. However, you’ll be the one to take the lead.” Long Yi flashed a sinister smile as he said. Long Yi obviously knew the power an SSS ranked magical beast possessed. He also knew about how terrifying the Carnage Golden Falcon was, it was a very ruthless magical beast. It had a terrifying physical attack and was also as fast as lightning. Moreover, according to the legends, it was able to perform short distance spatial teleportation. This Carnage Golden Falcon was simply a creature which shouldn’t exist in this human world.

Long Yi and others, along with three god-beasts, flew towards the direction of the cries. They were able to feel the rage of the Carnage Golden Falcon even though they were still quite a distance away from it.

Far away, Long Yi saw a huge golden shadow circling in the sky. It looked dazzling.

“What a huge bird. If we shot it down, we’ll have enough first class meat to eat for a long time.” Long Yi laughed and said. Although Long Yi seemed unfazed by this SSS ranked magical beast, he was amazed in his heart. Even with such a large distance between them, he could feel the power and momentum of that Carnage Golden Falcon.

“Who exactly is it chasing? Why can’t we see anyone?” Barbarian Bull droned. Even after looking at the sky for a long time, he was unable to see the enemy of this huge bird.

Suddenly, a green light beam flashed in the distance and Long Yi frowned. Flying to a higher altitude, Long Yi tried to see what was going on. Looking as far as his eyes could see, Long Yi was able to make out several black dots which were in the process of fleeing from the Carnage Golden Falcon. Long Yi was able to see that this Carnage Golden Falcon was not in a hurry to send those black dots to hell. Instead, it was toying with them as though it was playing a game with those black dots.


“That was a nature arrow. Could it be that the Carnage Golden Falcon is chasing an elf?” Long Yi muttered.

A slightly fragrant air drifted into Long Yi’s nostrils as Wushuang floated beside him. In a soft and gentle voice, she said, “There should be an elf. Let’s go and help them. That Carnage Golden Falcon is about to finish them off.”

Naturally, Long Yi wouldn’t refuse to help those people. He could be considered half an elf clansman. If an elf was in trouble, it was natural for Long Yi to help them.

At that time, the Carnage Golden Falcon issued a loud cry and its huge body, as if a bomber aircraft, dived downward. It was as fast as a thunderbolt as if flashed straight towards the few black dots. Feeling an extremely strong pressure, Long Y was able to feel that the space distorted around the Carnage Golden Falcon.

Long Yi and the others were too far away to help. They could only leave everything up to luck. Sure enough, that attack only took an instant and several of those black dots that were running like mad dogs suddenly disappeared. With Long Yi’s good eyesight, he could make out that there were only three black dots left. Among them, one seemed to have suffered injuries. Long Yi could see that the two other black dots stopped momentarily, presumably to help the injured individual. This resulted in a drop in their speed and the Carnage Golden Falcon was catching up to them quickly.

Long Yi nodded his head in his heart. Since they had both affection and faith, they were worth saving. During trials and tribulations, it was very easy to see the true feelings of the people around you. It was easy to measure a person’s heart by how they treated their companions during times of hardship. He had seen numerous close friends that usually called each other brothers ignore each other or even stab on the other’s back during the time of calamity. He had also seen numerous sweethearts who usually made solemn pledges of love leaving each other behind when faced with imminent disaster.

“Alpha, Arnold, leave me and run by yourself. You’ll have a higher chance of survival if I don’t hold you back!” A female elf whose entire body was covered with blood said towards her two male companions who were similarly in sore straits.

“Don’t speak nonsense, you are our companion. We will never abandon you and escape by ourselves.” A brawny man on the right gritted his teeth and said with an unwavering voice. His steps were still firm despite staggering.

The eyes of this female elf became watery. She clenched her teeth and held back her tears. She was moved by the comradeship of her teammates. If she returned alive from the Huangmang Plain, she would definitely remember the kindness they have shown her throughout her life. However, escaping with her life seemed like a very extravagant wish when they faced this SSS ranked magical beast.

At that time, the Carnage Golden Falcon that was circling around the sky cried out again. Once again, it initiated its attack. As the Carnage Golden Falcon had attacked before, the two men who were supporting the female elf were prepared to receive the attack. However, being prepared is different from being able to defend against the attack. Carrying the female elf, they rushed to one side in order to dodge the attack from the Carnage Golden Falcon.

Fortunately, the three of them managed to dodge the attack from the Carnage Golden Falcon. However, the hurricane which was caused by the shockwave of the attack managed to send the three of them flying. They simultaneously vomited a mouthful of blood as the shockwave reached them.

Three of them shot glances at the huge Carnage Golden Falcon which was circling above them. They felt really helpless as the Carnage Golden Falcon stared at them with its cruel eyes. It was reeking with blood and ferociousness.

The female elf gritted her teeth. She drew strength from an unknown source and she fell to her knee. Straightening her back, she drew her elven bow. Three golden arrows appeared out of the thin air on the bowstring and that dazzling golden light illuminated the surroundings ten meters around her. Holding her head up high, she exuded an imposing momentum. Her eyes shone with a terrifying glint as she stared straight at the Carnage Golden Falcon.