Womanizing Mage - Chapter 398: Corpse resurrection and false alarm

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Chapter 398: Corpse resurrection and false alarm

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Long Yi and others looked at each other in blank dismay and rushed out of the room at practically the same time. No matter how they tried, they couldn’t find Wushuang anywhere. Wushuang had just used space magic to disappear from the room. When using this kind of instantaneous movement magic, there wouldn’t be magic fluctuation anywhere else other than the place she just disappeared from. As such, Long Yi and the rest had no way to track her down. They were utterly helpless as they had no idea where Wushuang went.

“My husband, will big sister Wushuang really leave?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

“Of course she won’t leave! Didn’t you hear big sister Wushuang shout for her father and mother just a moment ago? She must have gone to her parent’s room.” Bertha gave a confident stare to the rest of the group as she analyzed the situation. In addition, she shot a contemptuous glance at Nalan Ruyue. It was as though Bertha was laughing at Nalan Ruyue for being stupid as she couldn’t understand such simple logic.

How could Nalan Ruyue allow this little fox to mock her? After shooting a glance at Long Yi who had a slight smile on his face, she turned to Bertha and gave her a cold snort. When she was looking at Long Yi, she had a gentle gaze in her eyes, however, she turned and glared at Bertha right after looking at Long Yi.

“Long Yi, what do you think? Is my analysis correct?” Bertha smiled and returned Nalan Ruyue’s glare with a playful look of her own. With a cute but cunning smile on her face, she asked Long Yi a question.

“Well, that really makes sense…” Long Yi answered with a smile on his face. He was also 99% sure that Wushuang had gone to her parent’s room.

“Since we know where she went, shouldn’t we go and look for her? This place is so big… Which direction should we head towards?” Bertha asked.

“Idiot. You don’t even know which way to go… In the Blue Waves Continent, the residents in the east, west, north, and south courtyards are carefully selected. The master of the house normally resides in the eastern courtyard. The young lady of the household would stay in the southern courtyard. As for the household’s young master, they would stay in the northern courtyard. As for the western courtyard, it is usually reserved for the guests. If you look at where big sister Wushuang’s room is, you can see that it is facing the south. This shows that the way this house is built is similar to how houses are built in the Blue Waves Continent. As such, big sister Wushuang parents’ room should be in the eastern courtyard. My husband, am I right?” Nalan Ruyue instantly took this opportunity to show off her knowledge, as she tried to counter Bertha’s previous attacks.

“That is right, I also think that her parents’ room is in the eastern courtyard.” Long Yi replied with a smile.

When she heard that Long Yi agreed with her, Nalan Ruyue shot a complacent glance at Bertha and wrinkled her nose at the little fox. It was obvious that these two girls were bickering with each other.

“You two bad girls. Stop playing the glaring game. Hurry up, we have to go and look for your big sister Wushuang.” Long Yi smiled and knocked on the heads of these two girls. After that, Long Yi started walking towards the eastern courtyard.

Long Yi didn’t have to do anything. The only thing he actually did was to give commands to Barbarian Bull. Barbarian Bull would break everything and anything which was in their path, and they felt unstoppable. No one was able to stop their advance, if gods blocked their way, they would kill gods. If demons block their path, they would slay demons. On the way to the eastern courtyard, Barbarian Bull destroyed more than ten rooms.

Barbarian Bull with Greenstone Rule in his hand droned, “It’s not satisfying, I thought that Huangmang Plain will force me to make an all-out effort. Instead, this old bull is bored to death now.”

Long Yi kicked Barbarian Bull’s ** and scolded in jest, “You want a satisfying battle, then wait until we are out of this place. I will let you fight till you become satisfied. Remember that time in the past when we were looking for an exit, I saw an SSS-ranked Carnage Golden Falcon in the southwest direction. You can go fight with it after we get out of this place.”

Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horn and said, “Boss, this old bull cannot fly, how can I fight against it?”

“If you want to fight, you naturally have to choose the most difficult opponent. It’s all set, don’t discuss about it now. Let’s go inside and look for Wushuang.” When Long Yi entered this courtyard, he sensed Wushuang’s aura.

Sweeping away several boulders blocking their way, Long Yi turned a corner and saw a worn out, fan-shaped, door. In front of that door, Wushuang was kneeling with her head touching the floor. Her pure white dress was full of dust and her back view looked lonely and sad.

Long Yi and others slowly walked forward. When he took a step towards Wushuang, Long Yi’s heart skipped a beat. He started to feel anxious and his palms were starting to become sweaty.

The pupils of Long Yi suddenly shrunk, and he became extremely alert like a leopard. His innate beast-like intuition was screaming at him to alert him of the danger ahead.

Seeing as Long Yi felt something, Barbarian Bull immediately coordinated with Long Yi. Barbarian Bull instantly leapt into an attacking stance along with Nalan Ruyue and Bertha. Although they didn’t know what was going on, all of them became alert.

The four people slowly walked to the entrance, and in front of Wushuang, they saw two dried-up corpses. It was clear that they were a couple when they looked at their clothes… The clothes they wore was magnificent. The outline of their body was clear, but their muscles and blood vessels were already withered and shrunk. Long Yi and the group assumed that they were Wushuang’s parents.

Seeing only two dried corpses which were Wushuang’s parents, Nalan Ruyue and Bertha instantly had a change in their complexion. At this moment, they forgot about fighting with each other and they started to sympathize with the suffering Wushuang went through. Waking up after thousands of years to look at the corpses of their relatives who had died long ago, one could imagine the pain and suffering Wushuang was going through now.

Long Yi on the other hand, didn’t let his guard down the slightest. When he was standing close to Wushuang, the feeling of danger had intensified, which made Long Yi feel extremely uncomfortable. He carefully observed those two corpses which were supposed to be Wushuang’s parents. In a single glance, Long Yi was able to see that the room was covered in a layer of dust. However, the area where the corpses were lying on didn’t have a single speck of dust on it.

“Magic array? What a strange feeling!” Long Yi looked at those two corpses which were laying side by side. Their magnificent clothes had crystals which were emitting dark aura inlaid in them. Between the crystals, there were extremely complicated runes and lines. The lines greatly resembled a magic array, but Long Yi felt as though something was off.

All this while, Wushuang was staring blankly at the two corpses which used to be her closest relative. Her brain was blank and she wasn’t able to think about anything other than the fact that her parents were already dead.

A drop of clear tear slid down Wushuang’s cheeks and dripped onto the ground. Along with the dripping of Wushuang’s tear, the black crystals inlaid on the magnificent clothes of these two dried corpses suddenly shone with a dim black light.

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In an instant, those two dried-up corpses simultaneously opened their tightly closed eyes. There was a strange black light wandering around their eyes, which gave them a sinister look.

Long Yi’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle as he grabbed Wushuang. In a flash, he retreated to a place far away from the two corpses. At the same time, those two dried corpses without any life leaped up from the ground and left behind afterimages as they jumped. The instant Long Yi pulled Wushuang away, they claws grabbed towards the location where Wushuang’s head and heart once was.

“Take care of Wushuang.” Long Yi passed Wushuang to Nalan Ruyue and Bertha. Looking at Barbarian Bull, they came to a tacit agreement and started their attack on the skeletons.

Because these dried corpses were the remains of Wushuang’s parents, Long Yi had his hands and legs tied. However, the power of those two corpses’ were out of Long Yi’s expectations. Long Yi was able to feel that they had reached the Swords God realm and they ignored everything while attacking Long Yi,

Bang, Barbarian Bull and Long Yi were sent flying and a trace of blood appeared on the corner of their mouth.

Long Yi wasn’t able to do anything but give a wry smile. This city lord and his wife who had changed into dried-up corpses unexpectedly resurrected. Not to mention the fact they started attacking their own daughter when they came back to life, could it be that this world has turned upside down? Those undead guards outside recognized Wushuang and didn’t possess the slightest intention to attack her. However, her very own parents attacked Wushuang the moment they opened their eyes. What has this world come to?

Those two dried corpses mechanically turned towards Wushuang and the black lights in their eyes intensified. In an instant, they stretched their withered claws directly towards Wushuang.

Wushuang finally snapped out of it and didn’t dare to believe her eyes. With a sad sigh, she said, “Father, mother, it’s me, Ning’er. I am your daughter, Bing Ning.”

Turning a deaf ear to whatever Wushuang said, they shot their withered claws towards Wushuang’s vital spots.

Bertha and Nalan Ruyue cried out in alarm and pulled Wushuang backward. As for Barbarian Bull and Long Yi, they rushed up to stop the two corpses. Having no other choice, Long Yi had to use all his power to take care of this. He used his douqi and compressed magic to attack the two corpses, and this courtyard which was on the verge of collapse caved in.

Wushuang struggled free from both Bertha’s and Nalan Ruyue’s grasp. She immediately rushed into the battle, which made the battle more chaotic.

Wushuang didn’t dodge nor hide. On the contrary, it was as if she had gone mad. She dodged Long Yi’s protection and rushed towards the two dried-up corpses. For a moment, the pressure on Long Yi and Barbarian Bull increased greatly as they tried to help Wushuang. Before long, the black colored douqi knocked out Barbarian Bull and Long Yi had no choice but to summon the three god-beasts to help him.

“All of you, get out of the way! Since father and mother want to kill me, let them kill me already.” Wushuang burst into tears as she teleported beside the two corpses using space magic. In order to stop Long Yi and the rest, she casted a magic barrier to trap herself with the two corpses.

“Wushuang!” Long Yi shouted in grief and he madly amassed the internal force within his body. The moment he saw the barrier, he knew that he had to destroy the barrier in order to save Wushuang. However, Wushuang was a Magic God and in order to break the barrier casted by her, Long Yi would have to spend some time in order to do so. In such a situation, where was Long Yi going to find the time to break the barrier? Helplessly watching Wushuang torn into pieces by the claws of her own parents, what can be more painful than this?

Wushuang spread her arms open and left herself defenseless. In a low voice, she muttered, “Father, mother, do you want Ning’er to be buried with you two? Ning’er is willing.”

Seeing Wushuang in front of them, the two corpses sped up their attack. Their four withered sharp claws instantly pierced through the chest of Wushuang and her blood quickly dyed her white clothing bright red.

“Wushuang…..” Long Yi roared with a sad voice as he felt a stuffy feeling rising up in his chest. Long Yi vomited a mouthful of blood as he stared at Wushuang who was dyed red with her own blood. It was as though Long Yi turned crazy as he desperately rammed against the barrier set up by Wushuang using his own body.

The corner of Wushuang’s mouth twitched and she slowly turned her head to look at Long Yi who was in a state of madness. At this moment, her sparkling and translucent pupils glimmered with apology and love for him. Looking into her eyes, Long Yi could see how much Wushuang loved him, her love for him was deeper than the sea. At this moment, Wushuang only had two sentences she wanted to say to Long Yi, “I am sorry. I love you.”

It was blood-red. Blood-like red brilliance flashed from the arms of these two dried corpses. At the same time, all those crystals inlaid on their magnificent clothes completely disintegrated. With the sudden burst of a breeze, these two dried corpses faded away as if an illusion. Only a fist-sized crystal ball fell from mid-air, which rolled a few times on the meadow and no longer moved.

In the next moment, Wushuang collapsed and she happened to land onto the crystal ball.

The moment Wushuang collapsed, the barrier she casted disappeared. Long Yi practically rolled and crawled to Wushuang’s body, with his tears overflowing. He immediately casted the Light Healing Magic onto Wushuang as he simultaneously injected true qi into her body.

“I want to resuscitate her, I want to resuscitate her……” The lips of Long Yi trembled as he continuously repeated this sentence.


“Long Yi, Long Yi……” Bertha pulled on Long Yi’s shoulders as she called out for him.

“Your mother! Don’t touch me, can’t you see that I am trying to save Wushuang?” Long Yi roared and Bertha’s eyes immediately filled up with tears.

“I only want to say… want to say… Big sister Wushuang appears to be fine.” Bertha took a deep breath and muttered.

It was as though Bertha’s words gave Long Yi a hard slap which woke him up. He quickly turned Wushuang over and used his hands to feel her breath. Well, her breathing was very smooth and steady. When he looked at Wushuang’s chest, Long Yi’s breathing suddenly became hurried. He only saw a pair of towering ** standing out from her torn clothes. The pink pearls on top of those towering ** shivered whenever a cold wind blew against them. He didn’t see a single wound on her body.