Womanizing Mage - Chapter 396: Foshan Shadowless Kick and flying in pairs

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Chapter 396: Foshan Shadowless Kick and flying in pairs

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Bertha was unable to understand Long Yi’s answer in the slightest. Wildflower? There were thousands upon thousands of wildflowers. Which wildflower was Long Yi referring to? Was it good or bad?

“Of course it’s a good thing. Wildflower is the general smell. As the saying goes, a family flower is not as good as the wildflower…… Aiyo, why on the earth are you kicking me?” Long Yi shook his head as a wicked smile bloomed on his face. He hastily jumped to one side in order to avoid Bertha’s angry kick.

“What are you even saying? I want to kick you to death, you rogue.” Bertha wasn’t slow in her attack. Her kicks were extremely quick and she hastily blocked Long Yi’s path of retreat.

“Wow, Foshan Shadowless Kick.” Long Yi exclaimed with exaggeration as he grabbed Bertha’s ankles. His devil’s talons started to scratch at her ankles which made Bertha lose all strength instantly.

“Release me.” Bertha angrily said.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and obediently released her. However, the moment he loosened his grip, Bertha’s foot shot towards him. Instead of going for his face, she aimed at his little brother down there. How could Long Yi allow her to kick his little brother? It was as valuable as his life.

“Since you are using Foshan Shadowless Kick, this young master will use Lofty Mei Dragon Claw.” Long Yi swung his palm at Bertha, aiming at her chest. Naturally, he didn’t infuse any internal force in his palm.

Both of them hit each other at practically the same time. Long Yi clamped Bertha’s little legs between his thighs, and his big hands pressed down on Bertha’s towering and soft bosom. Within his palm, Long Yi felt a nice and elastic feeling. However, Long Yi was wondering why he was groping this little fox’s chest. Could it be that he didn’t use Lofty Mei Dragon Claw just now and used the legendary Grabbing Breast Dragon Claw instead?

After a few seconds, Bertha screamed with her face flushed red. With a single slap, she slapped away Long Yi’s hands which were pressed onto her chest. However, her leg was still clamped between Long Yi’s thighs and she wasn’t able to free herself from Long Yi’s grasp.

“Don’t you dare move. Move again and you will be in danger.” Long Yi narrowed his eyes and threatened Bertha. Moreover, his aura suddenly became dark, which caused Bertha’s heart rate to speed up all of a sudden. She no longer dared to move a single muscle as she was afraid of what Long Yi might do to her.

“I will release you, but don’t kick again. Especially down there. If you kick again, I will immediately r*pe you.” Long Yi stared dangerously at Bertha and said.

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Bertha vigorously nodded her head, expressing her agreement to never kick Long Yi’s little brother again.

The moment Long Yi released her leg, Bertha retracted her leg and immediately retreated. After putting some distance between herself and Long Yi, she said, “I am very tired now. I will pitch a tent beside your tent and go to sleep. You should also return to your tent and take a rest, it will be daybreak very soon.” The moment she finished speaking, she walked to a spot beside Long Yi’s tent. Taking out a tent from her own space ring, she started building her tent. Without a single glance at Long Yi, Bertha entered her tent as if she was a startled rabbit.

“Am I so terrifying?” Long Yi smiled and shook his head. Turning around, he thought about holding his two beauties in his own tent and quickly returned.

The moment he entered his tent, he saw that both Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang were awake. In fact, they were whispering something to each other and were not aware of his return.

“Eh, why are the both of you awake? Did I wake you two up?” Long Yi took off his outer robe and jumped onto the big bed. Squeezing himself between the two women, he held both the beauties in his hands, enjoying the happy fate of the man from Qi. [1]

“Someone was making noise while taking liberties with a woman right outside his own tent, how can we not wake up?” Nalan Ruyue spoke with jealousy in her voice as she rolled her eyes at Long Yi.

“Hehe, our group has just increased in population. The both of you don’t mind right?” Long Yi smiled as he stroked Nalan Ruyue’s buttocks. He knew that she was not truly angry.

“Since you have already agreed, could it be that we have the ability to chase her away?” Nalan Ruyue said in annoyance.

Long Yi smiled and his devil’s talons restlessly moved about the ** buttocks of his two women.

“Ah, my husband, don’t move randomly……”

“Long Yi, I will chop off your hand if it moves down even an inch.”


Time passed unknowingly as the three of them chatted and laughed. When the three of them hugged each other and was enjoying this tranquil moment, the first glimmer of dawn appeared in the sky.

“We should get out of the bed, my two darlings.” Long Yi extended his hand and pinched two women’s ** as he yelled.

“Mmm……” Both Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang had half closed eyes when they made a sound of agreement. However, contrary to what Long Yi said, they squeezed into Long Yi’s bosom at the same time with no intentions to get up.

As it turned out, the two girls were intending to laze around in bed. A light bulb flashed in Long Yi’s mind as his hands started to skillfully knead their **. With a dirty smile plastered on his face, Long Yi said, “If you guys don’t want to get up, fine! However, did you know that the early morning is when a man’s vigor is the strongest? I won’t be polite with the two of you……”

The sensitive places of these two women were attacked by Long Yi causing them to breathe heavily again and again. In order to stop Long Yi’s hand from venturing any further, Wushuang simply grabbed his hand with her own. As for Nalan Ruyue, since he and she had already done the most intimate deed with Long Yi, his touch was nothing to her. She quietly looked at Wushuang who was on the other side. In any case, they were both sisters now. As such, Nalan Ruyue gritted her teeth and lifted her head. She took the initiative to kiss Long Yi’s lips, savoring every moment of it.

Nalan Ruyue kissed him enthusiastically and her entire body became boiling hot and soft. While her mouth was busy, her small hands didn’t stay idle. Reaching downwards, Nalan Ruyue boldly grabbed Long Yi’s mighty little brother with her small hands as she started to play with it.

Long Yi was surprised by Nalan Ruyue’s initiative and when he thought about Wushuang who was also beside him, a sudden sense of simulation washed over him. He began to kiss Nalan Ruyue passionately, and with his hands, he got rid of Nalan Ruyue’s underwear. A pair of glittering and translucent towering ** appeared before his eyes, which changed into all kinds of shapes in Long Yi’s hands.

For a moment, Wushuang became absent minded as she blankly stared at the intense affection between those two beside her. This kind of visual impact was something that was hard to bear for her who was still a virgin. However, the feeling when she returned back to her senses was as a pleasant tide which washed over her soul. It came as a surprise and Wushuang wasn’t prepared for it. Wushuang suddenly got the urge to run away, but her body was completely powerless. She couldn’t lift a finger even if she tried.

Long Yi raised his hand and lifted Nalan Ruyue onto his chest. As she straddled him, he sucked on the bright red pearl on Nalan Ruyue’s chest. Within seconds, Long Yi could feel the delicate pearl stiffening and it stood erect inside his mouth.

Nalan Ruyue felt the ** from her chest rushing straight towards her brain, and she couldn’t help but shake her head which caused her long black hair to cascade down her head as if a smooth waterfall.

After enduring the pleasant sensation for a while, Nalan Ruyue started to retreat as she felt as though the ** sensation was getting too much. She moved backwards, moving her chest away from Long Yi’s direct assault. Holding Long Yi in her small hands, she passionately kissed his lips.

After the passionate kiss, Nalan Ruyue slid down his chest and threw the beautiful brocade quilt to the side at the same time. As she slid down, Nalan Ruyue meticulously kissed Long Yi’s chest all the way down as if her kisses were raindrops raining down on his skin. Before long, she arrived at the place between Long Yi’s legs.

Long Yi’s breath became burning hot. Could it be that spring was about to arrive again? In the past, Beitang Yu had served him in the Unparalleled Battalion’s campsite. He had often missed the taste of how Beitang Yu used to serve him… Could it be that Nalan Ruyue also learned how to please him with her mouth? The more he thought about it, the happier Long Yi became.

Nalan Ruyue didn’t disappoint Long Yi. She pulled down his underpants, and Long Yi’s ferocious lethal weapon jumped out.

“My husband… do you want Ruyue to serve you?” Nalan Ruyue looked up asked Long Yi as she stared at him with her huge charming eyes. As a matter of fact, Nalan Ruyue didn’t learn this move on her own. She had only learned it after having a heart-to-heart talk with Beitang Yu back in the Unparalleled Battalion. As for Wushuang, she was already breathing heavily while watching the action from the sidelines. Instead of feeling awkward, Long Yu and Nalan Ruyue became more stimulated and they felt as though this session was more intense than what they usually did.

“Is that something you need to ask?” Long Yi said in a hoarse voice and his big hand slightly pressed down on Nalan Ruyue’s head.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes, grabbed Long Yi’s pulsating little brother. Although she was pretending to be an expert, she was still embarrassed when she actually did it.

Hesitating slightly, Nalan Ruyue opened her mouth and moved her head down……

Whether one was an expert or not, a single move would show it. Nalan Ruyue was obviously a rookie as she had never done this before. Her movements were clumsy and she wasn’t proficient when she sucked, which prompted Long Yi to guide her along.

“Heavens… Heavens… what are they doing?” Looking at Nalan Ruyue’s actions, Wushuang’s understanding towards ** was nearly destroyed. Never in her wildest imagination would she have thought that the ‘matter’ between man and woman would be explicit to this extent.

While Wushuang was in disbelief, Nalan Ruyue’s actions had already become smooth. Under Long Yi’s guidance, Nalan Ruyue quickly learned how to ** effectively. Long Yi half closed his eyes and was laying back, enjoying the feeling of Nalan Ruyue **.

The entire body of Wushuang heated up, and she felt a burst of ** in her lower abdomen. There was no need to mention, but Wushuang’s panties was already soaked.

“No, I cannot stay here, I have to leave.” Wushuang shook her head as she thought about leaving. She struggled to get up as she wanted to get out of the bed.

Long Yi caught Wushuang’s actions from the corner of his eye, and he immediately pulled her back. Wushuang who had just stood up staggered a few steps before falling to her knee. However, her legs lost strength and she sat down… It was a coincidence, but she sat on Long Yi’s face.

“Ah…… Long Yi…… no…… don’t……” Wushuang only felt a burning hot breath as well as a moist, warm object assaulting her private part. Naturally, she was able to guess what it was. However, she had already spent the final bit of her strength and was unable to stand up.

Long Yi immediately raised his hands and grabbed Wushuang’s buttocks. He began to work his hands and kneaded her buttocks into a variety of shapes. Wushuang had already lost her power to resist and a pleasant sensation drowned her.

On the other end, Nalan Ruyue sat Long Yi’s waist and was currently moving up and down. Her hands held the chest of Long Yi and occasionally, when her feelings were in chaos, she would lick Wushuang’s smooth back.

Finally, the two women simultaneously let out a long-drawn-out moan and they collapsed.

“Long Yi…… please…… please…… don’t take my chastity……” Wushuang slid down as she bit her lips. She begged Long Yi softly and moaned into his ear.


Long Yi was startled, he didn’t understand why Wushuang wasn’t willing to allow him to take the final step even though they were already at this step. However, Long Yi had always respected his women’s choices. Since Wushuang had asked him not to, Long Yi would not take her chastity right now.

Since he could do nothing to Wushuang, Long Yi only attacked Nalan Ruyue was still riding on his body.

Just when Long Yi was having the time of his life, a loud shout came from outside his tent. It was Bertha’s voice, as that little fox was calling out for him, “Long Yi, when exactly are you planning to set out to Huangmang Plain?”

Long Yi was startled. When he thought about it, he didn’t set up the sound insulation barrier outside his tent after he returned yesterday. Doesn’t this mean that the voices of the three of them were heard by both Barbarian Bull and Bertha? What a blunder.

[1] the happy fate of the man from Qi (idiom): the joy of having several partners.