Womanizing Mage - Chapter 391

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Chapter 391: Night talk

On the 18th of the first month of the year 87**, 50,000 soldiers from the beast-men clans carried out a sneak attack in the middle of the night on the western border of the Nalan Empire. As they advanced, they managed to kill many border guards from the Nalan Empire, forcing the 100,000 strong army to retreat from the borders. It could be said that the Nalan Empire’s border guards were utterly defeated. In an extremely short time span of ten days, they attacked more than ten cities and towns in the western region of the Nalan Empire. Along the way, they seized army provisions, money, and valuables. They left nothing behind as they advanced further into the Nalan Empire. They left behind a trail of carnage as they killed the common people in their path. Finally, when the soldiers garrisoned in Nalan Empire’s big cities gathered to counter attack against the beastmen, they had already returned to the Hengduan Mountains. The soldiers from the beast-men clans had plundered army provisions, money, and valuables before swiftly retreating, avoiding clashes with the Nalan Empire’s army.

At the same time, the soldiers from the Proud Moon Empire that were hiding behind the Yatesianna defense line began to harass the Violent Dragon Empire’s border. Disguising themselves, the soldiers from the Proud Moon Empire sneaked into the Violent Dragon Empire’s territory to attack small towns. In their wake, they left none of the villagers alive, slaughtering them down to the last dog.

The soldiers from the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire that were gathered near the Yatesianna defense line weren’t having an easy time either. Disregarding the vile weather, the Proud Moon Empire’s army would frequently dispatch troops to harass them at night. It was like adding fuel to the fire, all of a sudden, the situation outside the Yatesianna defense line became extremely confusing.

As the main forces of the two empires were concentrated at the border, their cities were currently akin to an empty shell. They were extremely weak at the moment. If the beast-men clans decide to launch a large scale attack on them, the results would be extremely disastrous. The two empires were now caught in a difficult situation. If they withdrew their troops, then the victorious battles and captured territories they had now would become meaningless. However, if they didn’t withdraw their troops, the people within their empire would be struck with fear. Moreover, the soldiers of the two empires had extremely low morale at the moment. If their generals were to force their soldiers to attack the Yatesianna defense line at this moment, it would only result in more losses than gain.


Currently, Long Yi was sitting in a military camp in the Unparalleled Battalion’s campgrounds. He browsed through the military report he had just received from one of his subordinates. He frowned and handed over the military report to Beitang Yu who was sitting beside him and asked, “Yu’er, what do you think?”

Skimming through the contents of the report, the color of Beitang Yu’s face changed. After thinking for a long time, she finally said, “My husband, it is difficult to defend against both the beast-men clans and the Proud Moon Empire at the same time. Since our internal defense is very weak at this moment, we should withdraw and defend the empire. In any case, it’s impossible to attack the Yatesianna defense line in this weather.”

Long Yi shook his head and stood up. Walking over to the big military map hanging on a wall, he looked at the Yatesianna defense line which extended 800 li long deep in thought.

“We can’t do that. If our Violent Dragon Empire withdrew its soldiers, the Nalan Empire would also withdraw their soldiers. After we leave, a very big opening would appear in front of this 800 li long defense line. If the Proud Moon Empire were to advance out of the Yatesianns defense line and destroy everything, it would be too late for us to cry.” Long Yi frowned and said.

“What else can we do? We can’t keep dragging on and refuse to make a decision.” Beitang Yu said.

“Wait, wait until news come from the Hengduan Mountains.” Long Yi had an unfathomable smile on his face. Long Yi was waiting for that fellow, Yin Jian’s decision. Long Yi’s decision on what to do would depend on what Yin Jian decides to do next.


In Proud Moon Empire’s Nine Deviation Village, a person wearing a golden edged priest robe and had their head covered with a hood landed on the path with cyan slab stones.

It was already late at night. Other than some dim magic lamps that were flickering in the midst of the snowstorm, there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Looking at this familiar village in front of her, Si Bi faintly sighed. As she strolled along the deserted street on her own, memories from the past flashed through her mind.

When she was young, Si Bi had suffered countless grievances due to the blood red birthmark on her face. She was also an orphan, which made her suffer even more. If not for the help given to her by her cousin’s family, she was afraid she would already have frozen to death. In this absent-minded state, Si Bi thought about Li Qing. She wondered if he was still brooding over what happened. It was not as though Si Bi didn’t have any feelings towards Li Qing, however, she only treated Li Qing as her younger brother. As such, she avoided Li Qing to the best of her abilities, and with no other choice, she finally rejected him.

Like all girls, Si Bi wanted someone to love, and to love her back. Li Qing failed to give her the feeling she wanted. However, when she had that fateful encounter several years ago, she felt something stir from deep inside her. It was the hoodlum, Long Yi. Although he wasn’t some kind of saint, he was at least an upright fellow. In her unguarded state, she fell into his trap. In the past, she suffered greatly, hesitating on whether she should accept Long Yi’s love and even showed signs of despair.

However, everything was different now. Si Bi thought that things have finally changed for the better. The birthmark that had been troubling her for a long time had unexpectedly disappeared as if it was never there in the first place. Adding on the miracle, Si Bi was able to absorb insane amounts of light element at the moment, to the point where she became terrified of her own capabilities. Everything was very beautiful and she was very happy. Other than her Pure Yin Body, everything else was perfect.

When she thought about Long Yi, the smile on her face became very sweet and charming.

In the blink of an eye, Si Bi had already reached the end of the village. She walked aimlessly, deep in thought. However, it seemed as though she had arrived at her destination as she stopped and surveyed the area. Turning towards a house, she knocked a big fan-shaped red door with a special knocking rhythm.

Before long, the magic lamps in the courtyard lit up and hurried footsteps could be heard. In a moment, the big doors flew open.

“Cousin, I’m back.” Si Bi said in a cheerful voice as she looked at her cousin in agitation.

“Si Bi, it’s you! Quickly, come in, it’s freezing cold outside.” Cousin Susu had just draped over an overcoat, and had clearly just gotten out of bed.

The two girls held each other’s hands with familiarity as they entered the house. When they walked in, Si Bi’s cousin-in-law had already gotten up. He was happy to see that Si Bi was alright.

“My husband, sleep on your own tonight. I shall sleep in the same room as Si Bi. We have a lot to talk about.” Susu said to her husband.

“Okay, you sisters have a good conversation tonight, I shall go to bed myself.” Si Bi’s cousin-in-law said as he smiled and entered his room.

Susu pulled Si Bi into another bedroom and closed the door. In a concerned voice, she asked, “Si Bi, what happened in these two years? Were you doing well?”

“Cousin, I’m doing very well, really.” Si Bi softly said before taking off the hood covering her face. Placing it to the side, she lifted her face and Looked at Susu.

“That’s good, you…… ya, Si Bi, your face… how…” When she saw Si Bi’s face, Susu didn’t dare to believe her eyes. Looking at Si Bi’s face now, it was as if she was staring at a piece of unblemished white jade. She looked perfect, beautiful beyond words. The blood red birthmark that had covered her entire left face had actually disappeared without a trace and was replaced with delicate and fair skin.

Susu didn’t believe her eyes. Reaching out her hand, she placed her palm on Si Bi’s cheeks and lightly gave her a pinch. The feeling between her fingers felt so good that she couldn’t take her hand off Si Bi’s face. Susu caressed Si Bi’s face admiringly.

“Okay, cousin, don’t pinch, don’t pinch anymore1 what if it changed back again?” Si Bi joked.

“Oh right! What if it changed back again?” Susu retracted her hand with a serious expression on her face. She was really afraid that the birthmark might reappear if she continued to pinch Si Bi’s face.

Pulling Si BI onto the bed, the both of them entered the quilt in only their underwear to warm themselves up. This made Si Bi recall the time in her childhood where she used to sleep together with her cousin every day. When she heard of Si Bi’s life experiences, she earnestly hoped for her prince charming to find her. In the past, Si Bi wasn’t accustomed to expressing her feelings. She was a faithful listener and allowed Susu to drone on for the whole night. When her cousin asked her if she had a dream, she answered that she wished to become a well-respected magician. She had never told Susu that she also wanted her prince charming to find her.

“Si Bi, tell me, what exactly happened to your face?” Susu asked Si Bi.

“I had no idea what happened. The only thing I knew was that the birthmark disappeared when I woke up from my sleep. I thought that it was the blessing of the Light God.” Si Bi said with a smile.

“Don’t talk nonsense, how can such things happen?” Susu refuted Si Bi as she naturally didn’t believe that such things could happen.

“It’s real, cousin, I am not lying.” Si Bi said.

From Si Bi’s tone, Susu determined that Si Bi was serious. She couldn’t help teasing Si Bi about it,“ Well well, this big sister believes you. It seems like my family’s Si Bi has received the blessing of the Light God. I wonder if that Light God took a fancy to my family’s Si Bi.”

“Cousin, you are talking nonsense again! You are not allowed to joke about the Light God.” Si Bi urgently said. Placing her palms together, she prayed and asked for the Light God’s forgiveness.

“Hehe, this big sister is wrong. Big sister forgot your affiliation. However, looking at your current appearance, you seem full of life! Seems like you and that boy are on good terms now.” Susu said with a smile.

Si Bi’s pretty face instantly became crimson red as she meekly nodded her head.

“Are you truly on good terms with him? He has so many women around him! Could it be that he gave up all of them for you? Although I interacted with him once, he doesn’t seem like such a person.” Susu said.

Si Bi nodded her head and said, “Yes, he is not that kind of person.”

“Then, you still… Could it be that you forgot our Moxi Clan’s rules?” Susu pinched the soft flesh on Si Bi’s waist and scolded.

“I haven’t forgotten, but I cannot control everything. I cannot control myself and I cannot live without him.” Si Bi said with agitation as she stared into Susu’s eyes.

Susu softly sighed. She already knew her cousin’s character. Now that she had fallen in love, she would definitely remain faithful to the man for the rest of her life. Susu was afraid that if the entrance of hell was in front of Si Bi, she would jump into hell without the slightest hesitation if it was for her lover.

“Li Qing also came back. He requested to undergo the 18 Paths of Test to take over the position of the patriarch. If he were to take over the patriarch’s position, he might think of a way to change the clan’s rule. However, you and him……” Susu was about to say something but she decided against it in the end. She knew how much Li Qing loved Si Bi. In her view, Si Bi and Li Qing were a couple who were made for each other. However, nothing was absolute and no one was able to foresee the future. Who would have expected for Si Bi to fall for Long Yi?

Si Bi was silent for a while before replying, “Regardless of whether the clan rule is changed or not, no one can separate me and my husband.”

“My husband?” Susu exclaimed in surprise.


“As a matter of fact, I have already kowtow towards the heavens and earth with him. Now, we are already husband and wife.” Si Bi smiled happily.

“What? You are truly…… I don’t know what to say about this. Forget it, since the rice is already cooked, it’s already too late to say anything. At least he is not a bad person. He saved both my husband’s and my life. However, he is too much of a playboy.” Susu sighed.

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“It’s enough as long as he has me in his heart.” Si Bi placed her head on Susu’s shoulders and softly said.