Womanizing Mage - Chapter 388

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Chapter 388: Wushuang, Unparalleled in the world [1]

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Snowflakes were fluttering down the sky, and the entire world was dressed in white. The path was covered in a bed of white snow, as more were falling from the sky.

This was the first snowfall since the Proud Moon Continent entered into the winter season. This weather lasted for three days and three nights, and snow covered the world.

“Ai, I wonder how many people will lose their lives due to this heavy snowfall…” Long Yi sat in a warm and luxurious carriage as he lifted the curtains and sighed. Ever since Blue Waves Continent fell into chaos, there were countless common people who became destitute and homeless. With the merciless weather added on to the mix, many of them would either freeze or starve to death. Even the soldiers who were dispatched to Yatesianna by both the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire would be affected by the weather. Many of them would fall.

Currently, Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang sat beside Long Yi. Barbarian Bull was sitting in another carriage box attached to the main carriage Long Yi and the others were in. In fact, this attachment carriage was Long Yi’s creation in the Blue Waves Continent. Of course, the true reason Long Yi designed this attachment carriage was to get rid of Barbarian Bull when he wanted to be alone with his wives. If this big light bulb sat in the main carriage with them, Wushuang would definitely not allow Long Yi to touch her.

“Yes, because of the never ending snow for three days and three nights, many common people froze to death! We have seen many of them along the road.” Nalan Ruyue couldn’t bear to see these people die, but she was utterly helpless. War was cruel. Moreover, when the cruel weather struck, it made the situation even worse. She was incapable and powerless to do anything.

Long Yi released the curtains and it dropped down, blocking their view of the road outside the carriage. After dropping the curtains, he lied down and rested his head on Wushuang’s soft thighs. He extended his legs and placed it on Nalan Ruyue’s snowy white thighs. Now he truly looked like an immortal fiend with beauties in both his hands. The luxurious carriage was advancing with surprising speed along the snow covered path. This was a result of Long Yi casting barriers to block the snowstorm and adding Gale Magic to the luxurious carriage. The carriage was traveling as though it was flying in the air.

“I wonder if Feng’r and Youyou arrived at the Dark Church already.” While smelling the delicate fragrance of the two women in the carriage, Long Yi was actually thinking of other women in his heart. The day before the heavy snowfall, they had separated from Long Yi’s group to return to the Dark Church. As such, they took the other path and that was the last time Long Yi saw them. In fact, he was most worried about Feng Ling. She was used by the Dark Pope to take away the dark spirit tablet. Although she appeared fine on the surface, Long Yi knew that Feng Ling cared deeply about this matter. His intuition told him that the relation between the Dark Pope and Feng Ling wasn’t shallow.

“Hopefully there are no problems.” Long Yi murmured. Perhaps he should’ve accompanied Feng Ling back when she returned to the Dark Church. However, after second thoughts, he decided against it. After all, Feng Ling and Leng Youyou belong to the Dark Church. Although they were his wives, he didn’t want to make things difficult for them.

The carriage advanced rapidly, and it was getting closer and closer to Yatesianna defense line by the minute. Along the road, he saw many military camps stationed about. However, all the soldiers were curled up inside their tent, as they didn’t dare to leave the warmth and safety of their tents. The soldiers that were on guard duty had draped thick clothing over themselves, yet they were still shivering when they faced the wind and snow outside their tents. Some military camps simply didn’t have any soldiers on guard duty. If small teams of Proud Moon Empire’s elite were to carry out a sneak attack on them, they would be completely annihilated. Looking at the current situation, Long Yi shook his head. If the Violent Dragon Empire and Nalan Empire’s soldiers keep this up and stop their attack due to the cold weather, the Proud Moon Empire would recapture their lands in the near future.

When they were less than two days away from the Yatesianna defense line, Long Yi finally noticed that the security of the military camps was higher compared to the ones he had passed by on the way here. However, it was a far cry from the normal level of security he would expect from a military camp in the middle of a war.

The days quickly passed. Long Yi was resting on a soft cushion inside the luxurious carriage. He was holding Wushuang on the left side and holding Nalan Ruyue on the right, Unfortunately, Long Yi was only able to go so far as Wushuang didn’t allow him to take the final step with her. However, she allowed him to touch her all over, teasing him incessantly. Of course, she refused to allow him to make love with Nalan Ruyue who was together with them in the carriage. For Long Yi who was licentious and had no principles, this was a kind of torture.

Suddenly, Long Yi’s ears twitched as he heard a powerful cry coming from far away. It seemed as though there were soldiers were training in the distance.

“Strange, there are actually soldiers who are training in such bad weather. Not to mention that it is so early in the day. It seems there are elites here.” Long Yi opened his eyes and saw that Wushuang was also awake.

“Do you want to go and take a look?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

Wushuang blinked her beautiful eyes to signal an agreement. The two of them were of the same mind, a single action was enough for them to understand each other’s intention.

The two of them slowly got up. Holding hands, the two of them soared into the sky and flew towards the direction of the cries.

“They are the real elites. I didn’t expect that the Blue Waves Continent actually had such strong soldiers. The commander in chief who trained them is definitely a significant figure on the continent.” Wushuang looked at the rows of soldiers who were training in the harsh winter as she said. Looking at how they were training, bare bodied in the snow, Wushuang thought that they were tough soldiers. They carried a heavy bundle on their back while training in this snowstorm.

Long Yi was nevertheless surprised. After being stunned for a little while, he became delighted as he said with a smile, “That’s natural, the commander in chief of this army is an incredible figure.”

“Do you know him?” Wushuang asked with a smile.

“Of course. As a matter of fact, you know him too.” Long Yi laughed.

“I know the commander in chief of this army? Don’t tell me it’s you.” Wushuang showed a brilliant smile, illuminating the world.

“You are so smart! I thought you’d need a good while to think before coming up with the answer.” Long Yi acted as if he was shocked as he laughed.

“That’s your soldiers……” Wushuang retracted her smile as she muttered.

Suddenly, a loud roar that was just like a clap of thunder came from below, “All soldiers of Unparalleled Battalion, assemble! It’s time for the next training course.”

Wushuang blankly stared at Long Yi and muttered, “Unparalleled (Wushuang) Battalion?”

“Yes, Unparalleled Battalion, Unparalleled meaning, unparalleled in the world.” Long Yi gently looked at Wushuang with a warm smile.

The eyes of Wushuang became a little blurry. Suddenly a scene in an endless wasteland where a handsome youth was speaking to a young girl appeared in her mind. The handsome youth said, “From here on out, your name is Wushuang. Wushuang, which means unparalleled under the heavens.”

“Wushuang, what happened?” Looking at her reaction, Long Yi wondered what had happened and asked her in a confused voice. His voice woke her up with a start.

“Were you the one who chose the name of the Unparalleled Battalion? Why did you call it Unparalleled Battalion?” Wushuang looked at Long Yi with her beautiful shining eyes.

“Yes, I chose it. As for the reason, I believe you already know.” Long Yi’s gaze met Wushuang’s, and they both displayed a resplendent smile on their faces. The feeling they had for each other became even stronger. Sometimes, it only required an instant to arouse the feelings between two people.

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Below the two of them, the soldiers of the Unparalleled Battalion divided into two groups and began their training. Their training was about hiding and assassination techniques as figures darted about in the snow.

“Shuang’er, wait here for me. I shall go and see how much they have progressed after all this time.” Long Yi smiled and said to Wushuang before disappearing in an instant.

In a flash, Long Yi swaggered through this snowland where those two groups of Unparalleled Battalion’s soldiers were hiding. This hiding and assassination training allowed the troops to train in different formations which they would use according to the situation on the battlefield. The common combination pattern had three soldiers forming a team. They could silently kill five to six enemies before sneaking away. Moreover, each team could coordinate with other teams to attack their opponents. They could fight as a group or they could fight in teams. Their training method was made according to the method which was refined after the experience of thousands of years in Long Yi’s previous world.

The team that was closest to Long Yi was startled when they saw his appearance. However, as they were still in a training exercise, and Long Yi was a sudden intruder, they kept their voices down and allowed him to pass. In order to not alert other teams of their positions, they were unable to cry out for Long Yi in case they gave their positions away.

“What is with this terrible weather? It’s really too cold, and there is snow everywhere! How can I find the path when it is covered by snow? Everything is that damn shopkeeper’s fault…” Long Yi muttered and took two steps sideways. Stepping on a stone-shaped object, he raised a stick in one of his hand. It was unknown where he got the stick, but he ferociously swung it sideways into the snow. Long Yi cursed his heart out as he used the stick to hack at the snow-covered ground furiously.

“Ai, there is such a heavy snowfall this year. I’m afraid that my house will run out of grains again… What should I do?” Long Yi sighed and groaned as he walked around this snow-covered field.

While he was walking about, a small tube quietly extended out from one of the snow piles and shot a poison needle as fine as an ox’s hair at Long Yi’s back. At the same time, a whistling sound was heard as an arrow soared towards the sky from another mound of snow.

With a strange turn of his body, Long Yi flicked away the poison needle with his finger. While his hands were busy flicking away the poison needle, his feet shot towards a soldier holding a dagger as quick as lightning. The soldier who had just emerged from inside the snowland was sent flying by Long Yi’s kick. Turning back, Long Yi used the stick in his other hand to smash at two soldiers who were running away. Originally, Long Yi could have stopped that soldier from releasing the whistling arrow as a signal, but he didn’t do so.

As soon as they heard that whistling arrow, the other soldiers in the Unparalleled Battalion either rushed out from the snow-covered field or the bushes in the area. They instantly surrounded Long Yi and raised their weapons. In just a single second after the whistling arrow was heard, Long Yi was surrounded by three layers of crossbows aimed directly at him. The soldiers who surrounded him were only part of a hundred man squad. The moment the whistling arrow flew higher into the air, more soldiers from the Unparalleled Battalion poured out of the camp.

“General… General Ximen is back!” Suddenly, an exclamation by a soldier could be heard in the crowd.

“Yes, it’s General Ximen!” One of the soldiers who recognized Long Yi lowered his crossbow and cheered.

Due to the war, the Unparalleled Battalion lost more than one hundred people. As such, they replenished their manpower periodically. A veteran soldier would lead those newcomers to perform devil’s drill. During this training exercise, most of the soldiers were new. As such, they were unfamiliar with Long Yi’s face and they didn’t recognize their general immediately.

A youth dressed in a fire element magic robe was the first one to recognize Long Yi. He and several other veterans excitedly walked towards Long Yi and gave him a military salute. They saluted him as they loudly greeted, “Subordinate pays respect to the General.”

After looking at this scene, all of the other soldiers stopped hesitating. They performed a military salute in unison to pay their respects to their general.


“Aren’t you the magician I brought over from the Divine Wind Legion? You actually reached the Advance Magician realm already, that is great progress.” Long Yi looked at the young Advance fire magician in front of him and said with admiration. When he selected soldiers from the Divine Wind Legion, he ended up bringing back ten magicians who were still teenagers at that time. He had never expected him to advance so quickly.

“General… you still remember this subordinate.” When he heard of Long Yi speaking of the past, this youth couldn’t help but become excited. It could be said that Long Yi was the soul of the Unparalleled Battalion. Among all the officers and men, not a single one of them didn’t worship and admire him.

Long Yi patted the shoulders of this young magician before helping the three soldiers he had beaten just now. He had accidentally used too much strength and they had fainted from his beating. He was completely satisfied with the result of this sudden test. The stone-like thing he had stepped on in the beginning wasn’t a real stone, it was actually the head of a soldier hiding in the snow. Even though someone stood on their head, they didn’t move a single muscle on their body. This proved that their hiding capabilities were up to standard.

[1] Wushuang: Unparalleled