Womanizing Mage - Chapter 387

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Chapter 387: The Winged Clan’s sacred object

Although Ou Yala was simple minded, she wasn’t stupid. She had her own principles when she handled other people. Just like humans, members of the Winged Clan also had the custom of giving tokens of love to each other. However, they value their token of love greater than humans. If a woman accepts the other party’s token of love, then that would mean they had handed their life over to that other party. Ou Yala didn’t have a good opinion about Long Yi. If she were to be honest, the feeling she had for Long Yi was one of hatred. However, she didn’t know if it was because Long Yi took advantage of her at the beginning of the fight, or because she felt that Long Yi was a dangerous individual.

Seeing Ou Yala’s expression, Long Yi was stunned and he said with a smile, “I was just joking with you. This isn’t a token of love, it’s merely an ordinary gift from me. I hope you can forgive me if I offended you a moment ago. As for the Winged Clan’s sacred object, I will definitely come to your noble clan and provide an explanation to all of you.”

Ou Yala looked at Long Yi in astonishment. As she listened to what he said, she was surprised. Surprisingly, this person wasn’t as hateful as she thought. However, after interacting with Long Yi all this while, Ou Yala didn’t know if his words were sincere or not. In any case, she was truly fond of that sparkling and translucent ice rose in Long Yi’s hands. Since he had already said that it wasn’t a token of love, but just an ordinary gift, she reluctantly accepted it.

The moment Ou Yala held onto the ice rose, a bone-piercing chill seeped into her bones. However, she felt very happy in her heart and ignored the pain.

“I hope you will come to the Hengduan Mountains in the near future.” Seeing that it was already daybreak, Ou Yala waved her hands and dispersed her domain. After the domain disappeared, the four Winged Clan members could move again. Even though they couldn’t move before, they were able to listen to whatever Long Yi and Ou Yala said. Naturally, they didn’t say anything about the sacred object anymore, as Ou Yala had already made Long Yi promise to go to the Hengduan Mountains to give them an explanation. Along with Ou Yala, the four Winged Clan members flew into the sky and disappeared without another word.

Seeing as they left, Long Yi descended onto the ground and looked at Matriarch Phoenix who was suffering from the aftermaths of the battle. Even though she was injured during the battle, she still appeared cold and elegant. Long Yi said, “Matriarch Phoenix, I think we need to talk.”

“Follow me inside.” Matriarch Phoenix nodded her head, before turning around and entering another room behind them. As for Long Yi, he closely followed behind her.

After entering the room, Long Yi noticed blood stains on Matriarch Phoenix’s body. Although the wound had already stopped bleeding, it had yet to heal completely. Without thinking any further, Long Yi casted an advanced Heal Magic Spell on Matriarch Phoenix.

“Thanks, wait here, I’ll go clean and change my clothes.” Matriarch Phoenix looked at Long Yi and said with indifference.

The moment the words came out of her mouth, both of them felt a jolt of electricity shoot through their bodies. The beautiful face of Matriarch Phoenix reddened and Long Yi’s eyes blurred. Clearly, both of them recalled that embarrassing matter which happened yesterday.

“This smelly brat, actually showing such an expression in front of me.” Matriarch Phoenix saw that Long Yi was presumptuously staring at her, and she couldn’t help but get angry. Leaving Long Yi with an angry stare, she turned around and walked into a separate bathroom which was in the inner room.

As Long Yi stared at Matriarch Phoenix’s back, he saw those perfectly round and pert buttocks shaking whenever she took a step. His heart shook and he became a little agitated. Then, that soul-stirring naked back he had seen yesterday involuntarily reappeared in his mind.

Only after Matriarch Phoenix’s figure completely disappeared from Long Yi’s view did he wake up with a start. How could he let his imagination run wild like this? This was his mother-in-law he was looking at! However, when he heard the ‘hulala’ sound of flowing water, Long Yi who had just sobered up fell into another fantasy. He didn’t know if it was intentional, but Matriarch Phoenix didn’t cast a sound insulation barrier when she went to take a bath. Wasn’t she intentionally attracting him to commit a crime?

Long Yi continuously recited ‘Amitabha’ in his heart, and forcibly changed his thoughts to the beautiful Shaman of the Winged Clan. It was indeed the correct choice as she managed to successfully distract Long Yi from thinking about Matriarch Phoenix. It seemed as though the temptation of a beautiful woman can only be offset by another beauty.

“After thousands of years, the Winged Clan finally appeared in the continent again. I wonder what else will come out. I’m afraid that the chaos on Blue Waves Continent wouldn’t end anywhere in the near future.” Long Yi muttered in his heart. Is it possible for him to pull the Winged Clan to his side?

While he was thinking, a faint fragrance assailed his nostrils, forcing him back to his senses. As he looked up, he saw Matriarch Phoenix standing in front of him. She had just finished her bath and she changed her clothes, making her look completely different from her previous state. That faint fragrance she emitted just after bathing was very attractive.

“Matriarch Phoenix, I have a question for you. Where is Feng’er now?” Long Yi asked after looking at Matriarch Phoenix for a while.

“Feng’er? Looks like you still have a conscience. Finally, you remember about my poor daughter.” Matriarch Phoenix was dumbfounded as she didn’t expect Long Yi to suddenly ask her about Feng’er. However, she happily replied him as she was happy Long Yi still remembered about her daughter. Matriarch Phoenix was expecting Long Yi to ask about the Winged Clan’s sacred object the moment he opened his mouth. However, he asked about her daughter instead.

“How is Feng’er now? Where is she?” Long Yi asked again. Looking at Matriarch Phoenix’s expression, he realized that Yu Feng wasn’t in any danger. As such, his worries were dispelled.

“Since you have seen my Phoenix Douqi, you should know that we have already found the advanced manual for our Phoenix Douqi in Flames Mountain. Feng’er had a fortuitous encounter in Flames Mountain, so at this moment, she is still cultivating in Flames Mountain. I believe that when she returns, she will stun the entire world. She will definitely not be any inferior to the successor of Ice Palace in any way.” Matriarch Phoenix was excited and her eyes were burning as she anticipated Yu Feng’s success in the future.

Long Yi was startled. Wouldn’t be any inferior to the successor of Ice Palace in any way? The successor of Ice Palace, Wushuang, had already reached the Magic God realm. Which means that Matriarch Phoenix was confident that Yu Feng would definitely reach the Swords God realm when she returns. How long would she need to train to be able to do so? It wouldn’t be good if this cultivation session took too long, as Long Yi would miss his darling Yu Feng very much.

“If her cultivation succeeds, it would take three to five years. If she fails, she will be unable to leave Flames Mountain. In order to see you again, she will spare no effort in her cultivation.” Before he could voice out the question in his heart, Matriarch Phoenix had already provided him an answer. She had high expectations for her daughter. As the descendant of the Fire God, she was willing to pay any price for an opportunity to surpass the Ice Palace.

“Three to five years!” Long Yi shouted. What a huge joke, he had to wait three to five years to see Yu Feng. There was no way Long Yi was patient enough to accept this.

“Three to five years will pass quickly. You will be able to meet her soon.” Matriarch Phoenix indifferently said. As the Matriarch of her clan, she had many responsibilities to bear. However, as she knew that the honor of the Phoenix Clan could be realized by her daughter, there was a tinge of pride in her words. Compared to the glory of her clan, the romantic love between Long Yi and her daughter was less important.

Long Yi rolled his eyes. He already knew what kind of person Matriarch Phoenix was. She would always place the benefit of the clan before everything else, and Long Yi had no idea what was going on in her head.

“I can’t do much about it, and I can’t wait so long for her either. After settling everything, I will go to Flames Mountain and take her away.” Long Yi said without a hint of anger in his voice.

“If you can take her away based on your own abilities, I will not stop you.” Matriarch Phoenix said with a smile.

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“Well, let’s not talk about the matter of Feng’er for the time being. However, you have to give me an explanation about the matters of the Winged Clan.” Long Yi frowned and said.

“I took their sacred object.” Matriarch Phoenix directly said.

As it turns out, Matriarch Phoenix coincidentally saved a dying Winged Clan member when she came out of Flames Mountain. Who would have thought that her Winged Clan member she saved was the wife of the Winged Clan’s patriarch? At that time, the Patriarch of the Winged Clan was so grateful to Matriarch Phoenix for saving the life of his wife that he broke their clan rule and brought her into the seclusion area of the Winged Clan. Never would he have expected that Matriarch Phoenix would deceive them the moment she got in.

Matriarch Phoenix was incomparably curious about this Winged Clan that had disappeared thousands of years ago. Her shrewd businesswoman mind began to operate the moment she saved the Winged Clan member. After some effort, she managed to integrate herself into the Winged Clan. She became a bosom friend with the wife of the Winged Clan’s patriarch, who disclosed many matters of the Winged Clan to her.

Those days happened to coincide with the Winged Clan’s ‘ancestors’ sacrifice’ ceremony. In that ceremony, Matriarch Phoenix saw the sacred object of the Winged Clan and was shocked from the bottom of her heart. Finally, after spending countless hours of scheming to gain the trust of the simple-minded Winged Clan members, she stole the sacred object of the Winged Clan on a moonless night and used the Winged Clan’s Patriarch’s wife to escape from the area. After fleeing, she had been hiding from the experts dispatched by the Winged Clan all this while.

“What exactly is that treasure that made you, a matriarch of the Phoenix Clan, rack your brain and not hesitate to use the goodwill of other people to obtain it?” After hearing her story, Long Yi raise his eyebrows and asked. He felt that the Matriarch Phoenix’s actions were not appropriate at all. He believed that there should be a bottom line for everyone’s actions.

“Wind God spirit tablet.” Matriarch Phoenix broke out an earth-shaking news.

Long Yi was startled and his eyes widened. It was, unexpectedly the Wind God spirit tablet. It’s no wonder that Matriarch Phoenix didn’t hesitate to spare any effort in order to obtain it. This was a treasure that no one could ignore. Treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, it was because of this that Matriarch Phoenix spared no expense in order to obtain the Wind God spirit tablet.

“Yes, Wind God Spirit Tablet. Its appearance is exactly the same as our Phoenix Jade, only the color is different.” Matriarch Phoenix said and she took out a dark cyan colored jade tablet from her space ring. The moment Matriarch Phoenix took out the Wind God spirit tablet, the air inside the room became calm and dense wind magic elements began to gather.

Long Yi had his eyes wide open as this was the real Wind God spirit tablet. He had never expected the Wind God spirit tablet to be the Winged Clan’s sacred object.

Matriarch Phoenix handed the Wind God spirit tablet over to Long Yi and said, “I am giving you this Wind God Spirit Tablet, in case you are unable to explain yourself to the Winged Clan when you look for them in the future.”

“You’re giving it to me?” Long Yi asked in disbelief.

Matriarch Phoenix rolled her eyes in annoyance and said, “Feng’er has already given you the Phoenix Jade. The entire Phoenix Clan is yours, why are you still hesitating?”

Long Yi no longer hesitated and took the Wind God spirit tablet into his hands, before sighing in his heart. Originally, he had four spirit tablets. If he were to add this Wind God spirit tablet to his collection, he should have five spirit tablets in total. Unfortunately, the Light spirit tablet and Dark spirit tablet were snatched by the Light Church and Dark Church respectively.

Long Yi was very grateful towards Matriarch Phoenix. She didn’t hesitate to bear the infamy and stole the Wind God spirit tablet. However, she gave the Wind God spirit tablet to him without any hesitation. This mother-in-law of his was truly too good.

“Next, are you going to Yatesianna and battle against the Proud Moon Empire?” Matriarch Phoenix suddenly asked.


“Yes, I was thinking to go there. I wonder where Matriarch Phoenix is going next.” Long Yi nodded his head and asked.

“Now that the Winged Clan will not come and find me for the time being, I have decided to return to the Phoenix Clan. I have left the clan for such a long period of time, there are many matters to handle. I will not send you off when you leave this place. Just remember to be careful along the way and I hope you will consider a little more about the women around you. Ai, that silly daughter of mine…….” Matriarch Phoenix softly sighed as she turned around. She didn’t say another word and Long Yi knew that it was time for him to leave.