Womanizing Mage - Chapter 382

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Chapter 382: Ambiguous

Matriarch Phoenix used a death-glare to stare at Long Yi. The drops of water were still dripping from her long beautiful hair as she was interrupted from her bath with no time to dry. Since she had just taken a bath, her skin was white and glossy, and her appearance was like a young girl in her 20s.

Long Yi felt awkward and laughed hollowly. After making sure that the Matriarch Phoenix in front of him wasn’t an illusion, he said, “Matriarch Phoenix, this… Why are you here?”

Matriarch Phoenix ferociously glared at Long Yi, before turning around and entering one of the rooms. She refused to give Long Yi an answer as she slammed the door shut.

Long Yi made a wry smile while touching his nose as he turned around and sat on the sofa. After that, he unhappily said to Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang, “You two, give me a reasonable explanation about this matter. If the two of you cannot give me a reasonable explanation, then your little ** will suffer a disaster.”

“This has nothing to do with me.” Wushuang indifferently said and entered her room.

“My husband, this has nothing to do with me as well.” Nalan Ruyue imitated Wushuang’s tone and also thought to return to her room.

However, after looking at Nalan Ruyue’s poor act, Long Yi rolled his eyes and rushed over to her. Hugging Nalan Ruyue’s waist from behind, Long Yi grabbed her and dragged her to her room. With a bang, he threw her onto the soft big bed and pushed down onto her.

“This has nothing to do with you, huh?” Long Yi blew into the ear of Nalan Ruyue as his devil’s talons moved about her perfectly round buttocks.

Nalan Ruyue softly snorted, but she had no intentions of pushing Long Yi away. With a soft voice, she whispered, “This truly has nothing to do with me. It was Matriarch Phoenix who came in on her own.”

“Still not telling the truth? Do you think that I believe that she had nothing to do and would run into your room for a bath?” Long Yi looked ferocious and his big hand spanked her ** with just enough strength to allow Nalan Ruyue to feel **. That solid, elastic, and tactile impression left Long Yi a rich aftertaste.

“Mmm……” Nalan Ruyue softly murmured and while turning around, her beautiful pupils were already hazy and unclear as if a layer of fine gauze was added to her eyes. Under the dim lighting in the room, it made her look extremely charming. With her beautiful, elegant and dignified appearance, together with her temperament, the effect she had on Long Yi was stronger than a potent aphrodisiac.

Long Yi felt as though his mouth and tongue were dried up and there was a raging fire of lust in his belly. He truly hadn’t expected for Her Excellency Saintess Nalan to attack him with her seductive charm the moment he entered her room. The big hands moving about her buttocks had already begun to knead and pinch that beautiful and fleshy mound of flesh. At the same time, Long Yi seemed to have fallen into a kind of delusion. He felt that the fine figure under his hand changed all of a sudden into the beautiful and cold Matriarch Phoenix. Her perfectly round, beautiful, and mature buttocks was being changed into different shapes under his hands.

Finally, Nalan Ruyue was no longer able to resist her passion. Turning over, she pushed down on Long Yi as she recklessly kissed Long Yi all over his handsome face. Long Yi came back to his senses with a start, he actually thought of such dirty sexual fantasies about his mother-in-law. A guilty feeling appeared in his heart, but along with this feeling of guilt, he felt weirdly stimulated.

“My husband…… love me……” Nalan Ruyue’s breath was hot like fire. She raved while nibbling the ear of Long Yi and also used her little hand to awkwardly remove Long Yi’s clothes.

At this time, Long Yi was shocked. Could it be that this girl truly took an aphrodisiac? Why would she have such a huge reaction today? Even he was overwhelmed by her passion.

“Ruyue, don’t move. You have yet to answer my question, why did Matriarch Phoenix come into your suite?” Long Yi caught Nalan Ruyue’s little hand before asking her. Nalan Ruyue had no choice but to thoroughly explain the situation while biting her lower lip.

Nalan Ruyue glared at Long Yi as she appeared as though she was a little girl hiding her bitterness. She explained, “Immediately upon hearing that you were here, Matriarch Phoenix came to the suite to look for you. However, there was a strong barrier laid outside your suite. At that time, big sister Wushuang just happened to open the door and saw her standing outside. After seeing Wushuang, the Matriarch Phoenix made her identity clear, and we allowed her to enter our room.”

Long Yi nodded his head. The Phoenix Clan possessed their own information network. In the past, when Long Yi and Wushuang was going to Origin Ice to look for the Ruyi Ice Silkworm, they had stayed in the Kaifeng City’s Phoenix Inn. It was probably because of this that the Matriarch Phoenix was able to see a portrait of Wushuang’s appearance. As such, she had recognized Wushuang by a single glance. Perhaps, she was also clear about the appearance of all the women around him.

“Then why did she bathe in your room for no reason?” Long Yi asked as he recalled that ripe peach like snow-white **. Hastily shaking his head, Long Yi tried to erase the image from his mind.

“When Matriarch Phoenix arrived, she was covered in dust and her clothes were also torn in various places. It appeared as if she just had an intense battle with someone. So when she saw a bathroom, she couldn’t help herself. Who would have thought that someone would stealthily peek at her bathing.” Nalan Ruyue answered while looking at Long Yi with a gaze which expressed her embarrassment and longing for him.

“This explanation is barely acceptable, but……” Long Yi raised his eyebrows. He could already imagine how awkward it would be to meet and greet his mother-in-law after this.

Ai, forget it. In any case, it’s not like that was the first time he had done things like this. He especially recalled that time when they were in Kaifeng City, Yu Feng was serving little Long Yi between his legs, but who would have thought that Matriarch Phoenix would charge in? That particular situation in the past was a hundred times worse than seeing Matriarch Phoenix in the bath today. As he thought about that incident, Long Yi felt wicked in his heart.

“The thing I’m afraid of now is for my husband to meet Matriarch Phoenix again in the future. Wasn’t Matriarch Phoenix much more embarrassed than you? Not to mention, her figure is extremely sexy……” Nalan Ruyue straddled Long Yi’s waist as she freed her little hands from Long Yi’s grip. Reaching into Long Yi’s lapel, her little hands explored his sturdy chest. She was completely captivated as she caressed those muscles on Long Yi body which possessed an explosive power hidden in them.

Long Yi nodded his head as his big hands grabbed onto Nalan Ruyue’s plump buttocks. Now, his little brother was already very impatient as he pressed against the soft place between her legs.

“Compared to Matriarch Phoenix, do you think I’m lacking in some parts…….” Nalan Ruyue asked, as her private parts became hot and wet. Although she was already in this state, her mind was still thinking about how Long Yi stared at Matriarch Phoenix’s body when he saw her in the bath. Although she was very confident about her own figure, in terms of maturity, she was inferior to Matriarch Phoenix. However, her vigor of youth and her young girl’s distinctive flavor gave her another type of taste compared to Matriarch Phoenix.

“Of course not, in my eyes, you are more attractive than her.” Long Yi said with a smile and raised his waist. Nalan Ruyue immediately let out a moan and was physically paralyzed on Long Yi’s chest.


At this moment, in a luxurious room of the Phoenix Inn, the complexion of Matriarch Phoenix was red as fire. She sat on the sofa without saying a word as her face felt as hot as red hot iron. She was holding a cup of iced water, but even after taking a few sips, she wasn’t able to calm down, and the anger and shame in her heart burned even stronger.

“That smelly brat, I truly should have kicked him.” Matriarch Phoenix gnashed her teeth and said. She didn’t know how much he had seen.

However, a woman’s mind was insanely difficult to see through. Matriarch Phoenix ferociously rained down curses on Long Yi in her heart, but she suddenly recalled something and she instantly walked over to the front of a magic mirror that stood beside the bed. Standing in front of the mirror, she sized up the mature beauty inside the mirror as she looked up and down.

“Not too bad…” Matriarch Phoenix muttered.