Womanizing Mage - Chapter 375

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Chapter 375: Fulfilling the wedding night

Long Yi looked up and facing each other, he was able to feel the faint grief coming from Feng Ling. She appeared just like a piece of a fallen leaf which might be blown away by the slightest wind at any moment.

“It is already so late at night, did you come to enjoy the beautiful full moon?” Long Yi’s gaze quietly rose to the sky and he stood behind Feng Ling with a warm smile on his face.

Feng Ling directed her gaze upwards, but she was only able to see a crescent moon in the night sky, moreover, it was covered with a layer of cloud at this moment, making it look gloomy and lusterless. She softly sighed and bit her lower lip as she softly asked, “Why aren’t you asking what happened to me?”

“Because I know you will tell me on your own.” Long Yi still had a smile plastered on his face. However, his eyes flashed with tenderness as he was watching Feng Ling.

Feng Ling felt warm inside when she heard what Long Yi said to her, and her eyes moistened as tears threatened to gush out. She fought back the tears again and again. However, she broke down in the end as she plunged into Long Yi’s bosom and bawled her eyes out, releasing all her pent up emotions.

Long Yi didn’t say a word as he simply placed his hand on Feng Ling’s back, patting her back, allowing her to vent her grief to her heart’s content.

After a good while, Feng Ling slowly stopped crying, and tightly hugging Long Yi’s waist, she leaned on him in silence. Simply being beside Long Yi made her feel at ease.

“My husband, actually… actually, the dark spirit tablet is missing because of me…” Feng Ling finally gathered her courage and opened her mouth.

“Mmm.” Long Yi softly responded without any change in his expression.

Feng Ling’s head who was burrowed in Long Yi’s chest looked up as she stared into his eyes. To her surprise, Long Yi had a faint smile on his face and he showed that he had no intentions of blaming her for anything that happened.

“That time, I really didn’t know……” Feng Ling became a bit calmer and began to narrate what actually happened back then.

In the beginning, Long Yi still maintained his carefree expression and still felt at ease when he heard what Feng Ling said, but when he heard the Dark Pope made an Emerald Magic Bird sealed within her body forcibly break out of her body and sweep away the dark spirit tablet, the corner of his mouth twitched a little. As a matter of fact, the reason why Feng Ling was dazed in the first place was because the Dark Pope whom she respected the most used such a ruthless move on her. However, Long Yi was confused. Even if that was the case, Feng Ling shouldn’t have such a big reaction unless she had a very deep feeling towards the Dark Pope.

Long Yi held onto Feng Ling and sat beside her on the top of the big tree. In his heart, he came to a conclusion about the relationship between Feng Ling and the Dark Pope. The identity of Feng Ling in the Dark Church had always been very mysterious, not even Leng Youyou knew her status. Could it be that Feng Ling is the daughter of the Dark Pope? However, according to Leng Youyou, the Dark Pope didn’t have any other children other than a single son. Long Yi was curious, but since Feng Ling didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t ask. He believed that she would absolutely tell him everything when she was ready. Since she wasn’t ready yet, Long Yi saw no point in forcing her to talk about it.

Seeing as Feng Ling still had a grief-stricken face, Long Yi frowned. Suddenly, a bad smile appeared on his face. In the next moment, Long Yi’s hand which was holding onto Feng Ling’s slender waist began moving restlessly. In order to divert Feng Ling’s attention from thinking about the Dark Pope, Long Yi decided to make her think of him instead.

The big hand of Long Yi gently stroke Feng Ling’s sensitive waist, and she was able to feel the heat coming from his palm which was currently running itself all over her skin. The reassuring warm feeling coming from Long Yi’s palm lead to a ** numb feeling in Feng Ling’s body.

Feng Ling’s breathing suddenly sped up as she was beginning to feel nervous. Although she was in an intimate relationship with Long Yi at the moment, they had yet to take the final step. This was because at that time in Soaring Dragon City, after kowtowing to the Heavens and the Earth, she left in a rush. As a result, she remained a virgin maiden up till now, and naturally, she was unable to endure Long Yi’s teasing.

“My husband……” Feng Ling half-closed her eyes, as her breath became heavy. Tiny beads of sweat formed on the top of her skin as she flushed red from her cheeks to her neck. Especially when Long Yi blew into her earlobe, her entire body heated up and became restless.

Long Yi’s hand gradually moved upwards and reached towards the pair of towering jade peaks on Feng Ling’s chest. Next, he circled around the perfectly round chest of Feng Ling. His skillful and seasoned teasing technique suddenly made Feng Ling’s soul fly far, far away.

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Feng Ling swayed as she was unable to bear the emptiness within her body. The teasing of her sweetheart made her passion burn even hotter than she had ever felt in her life. However, Long Yi was just like a mischievous child, he avoided the places where she needed him to pay attention to the most… His teasing made her feel uneasy all over, not to mention the large wet spot forming on Feng Ling’s pants.

“My husband, you are so hateful.” Feng Ling opened her half-closed eyes as she stared at Long Yi. Grumbling in a flirty manner, she turned her whole body around and sat on Long Yi’s lap. Hugging Long Yi’s neck with her long slender hands, she planted a kiss on his lips.

This completely unexpected surprise attack from Feng Ling caught Long Yi unprepared and before he could respond to the kiss from Feng Ling, her cute little tongue had already pushed past his jaws and entered his mouth. With her tongue assaulting Long Yi’s mouth from the inside, she forced Long Yi into a passive state from his initial aggressive state.

Feng Ling’s initiative pleasantly surprised Long Yi. Although men liked to take initiative when showing their love to their beloved one, sometimes, the initiative from the girls’ side could give them greater stimulation.

At the current moment, Feng Ling was like a cat in heat. She desperately kissed Long Yi while she swayed in Long Yi’s embrace and she rubbed her exquisite body along Long Yi’s sturdy body. Her firm and soft ** pressed up against the chest of Long Yi with only thin layers of clothes separating them. Moreover, her tight-fitting pants that drew the perfect outline of her buttocks moved with increasing vigor. The heat and hardness of Long Yi’s private part was just like a heaven supporting pillar which drove Feng Ling mad.

As the battle began to escalate, both of them began the expedition to conquer each other’s body. As if it was a race, both of them attacked each other’s body with increasing speed and urgency.

“Ah……” Feng Ling suddenly screamed. As they were too engrossed in ‘battling’ each other, their movements became too intense and they fell from the very small tree top.

As they were falling, Long Yi hugged Feng Ling before stopping in mid air. Like a gust of wind, Long Yi who had Feng Ling in his arms rushed into his tent. Due to Feng Ling’s teasing, Long Yi couldn’t help but feel the urge rising up in him. The only thing Long Yi could think of now was to eat Feng Ling up.

Bang, with a light toss, Long Yi threw Feng Ling onto the soft big bed before crashing on top of her.

The long sea-blue hair of Feng Ling swung, and she immediately turned sideways to lie on the bed. With one of her arm, she supported her head, propping it high enough for her to stare straight into Long Yi’s eyes. She was met with a bad smile from Long Yi as he stared back at her. At this moment, her clothes were in a mess and her lapel was wide open. The light blue brassiere she was wearing was unable to hide her ** that appeared as if they wanted to burst out of her undergarment at any moment. Those dazzling meat buns as well as that deep ravine which was squeezed out were sufficient to make any men under the heavens go insane.

Seeing the unbridled gaze of Long Yi, Feng Ling’s heart palpitated and her entire body quivered as if her entire body was being caressed by Long Yi. Especially when his burning gaze scanned over her chest and between her legs, she felt as though she was unable to bear it anymore and wanted Long Yi to ** her that instant..

All of a sudden, Feng Ling felt as though her lips were dry and involuntarily stuck out her tongue to lick her dry lips. However, this made the situation even more ** as she didn’t know that this action was extremely seductive, especially under this kind of ambiguous circumstances.

Long Yi involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva and his starry eyes suddenly become deep and serene. He unhurriedly stepped forward and sat on the bedside, using one hand to tilt Feng Ling’s chin upwards and staring into her eyes, Long Yi asked in a hoarse voice, “You little devil, are you intentionally seducing me?”

The beautiful face of Feng Ling become hot and she wanted to avert her gaze. However, Long Yi’s gaze currently had the attractive force of a black hole. Feng Ling was unable to keep her eyes off him as she stared at him without saying a word. She just bit her lower lip, but her eyes had coquettish allure as she said, “You are my husband, if I don’t seduce you, then who should I seduce? Did you forget, you still owe me a wedding night.”

After hearing what she said, Long Yi’s heart shook. Yes, he still owed this girl a wedding night. However, just as Long Yi though to make a move and give Feng Ling what she wanted, she had already made her move. She grabbed the big hand of Long Yi that was supporting her chin and slowly placed it on her towering chest with her eyes rippling intoxicated stirrings of love.

With only thin silk brassiere separating both their bodies, Long Yi could feel that soft and full meat bun on his palm. After that, he pinched and kneaded her ** with just enough force while clamping her swelling ** between his fingers, provoking sexy and soul-stirring moans from Feng Ling.

“Today, your husband will properly fulfill the wedding night I owe you.” Long Yi said in a hoarse voice and pushed her down onto the bed forcefully.

The sound of clothes fluttering about immediately resounded in the tent as the two of them tore the clothes off each other’s back like savage animals. Before long, the two of them didn’t have a single shred of cloth covering their body. They come into contact with each other in the most intimate way possible, and their passion immediately went out of hand.

Long Yi explored and teased the peerlessly beautiful ** body of Feng Ling. From her spotlessly white jade neck all the way down to her **, he sucked one of her pink pearl while teasing the other ** with one of his hand.

“My husband… I… don’t tease me anymore!” Feng Ling arched up her waist as she urgently needed Long Yi to comfort her.

“Darling, don’t worry, I have yet to kiss every inch of your body.” Long Yi raised his head and said with a smile. Turning over Feng Ling, her bare back completely laid bare in front of him.

Long Yi was dazzled all of a sudden. Looking at her smooth and translucent back, perfect spine, plump and smooth buttocks which were sticking out, everything was simply too perfect. Long Yi leaned forward and his lips and tongue moved towards her smooth back, Long Yi was going to make sure he didn’t miss a single spot.

After a little while, the lips of Long Yi arrived at Feng Ling’s snowy buttocks. He could smell a faint delicate virgin fragrance from the cracks of her buttocks. Long Yi knew that the passion in Ling Feng had already awoken long ago.

Long Yi parted Feng Ling’s thighs and the private parts of a maiden where fine hair was spread all over appeared before his eyes. That place was already wet long ago with spring dew.

Long Yi used his hand to stir around, and drew a long string of lewd juice.

“Hateful husband.” At this moment, Feng Ling suddenly turned and sat up, with a slight push, she pinned Long Yi down onto the bed as she straddled his waist. She grabbed little Long Yi with her right hand as she sat down on it all of a sudden.

“Ah… so painful.” Feng Ling hissed in pain. She had not prepared herself when she sat down which made little Long Yi completely enter her.

Long Yi came back to his sense when he heard Feng Ling’s cry of pain. Sitting up, he hugged Feng Ling and said softly, “Silly girl, why on earth are you so hasty? Do you think your husband will actually run away?”

“Who told you to keep teasing me? I don’t want to wait any longer, I want to be your real wife.” Feng Ling answered in a charming voice as she gave Long Yi a tight hug. Feeling little Long Yi’s existence within her body, she felt very happy despite the pain.

After calming down, the pain Feng Ling felt at the beginning began to mitigate and was replaced by the ** pleasure. However, she saw that Long Yi wasn’t moving which made her take the initiative instead. She raised her waist, before sitting down again, and repeated the action again and again. Her movements became more and more rapid as she felt a stronger and stronger sensation of pleasure swelling up in her.

Long Yi wanted to lay Feng Ling down and take charge, but she didn’t comply and said, “Today, you are making up my bridal chamber, so I have the final say.”

Long Yi readily agreed to her and without exerting himself, he simply lied down. He simply held onto Feng Ling’s waist as she turned into a horsewoman. From time to time, Long Yi would give her tips for her to improve her ‘skills’ and make the ** feeling much stronger.

One had to say that making love was the natural instinct of humans. Within a few moments, Feng Ling’s skills improved drastically. Among the skills she learned, she unexpectedly learned the first-class skill of squirming inside and shrinking outside without a teacher, making Long Yi sigh endlessly.

After battling a few rounds with Long Yi, Feng Ling was unable to continue going/ However, Long Yi was a man after all, and he didn’t like to let the woman do all the work. Flipping Feng Ling over, he restored his manly ‘power’ and prestige, making the bold and resolute Feng Ling beg for mercy.



“Don’t leave me, don’t leave me.” Feng Ling who had fallen into a deep sleep muttered as she tightened her grip on Long Yi who was beside her.

Long Yi pulled Feng Ling into his bosom and softly said, “No, I will not leave you, I will always be there to accompany you.”

As if she heard Long Yi’s words, the knitted brows of Feng Ling loosened, and a trace of a sweet smile appeared on her face.

“Dark Pope, Light Pope, heh heh……” Long Yi coldly laughed as a trace of unbridled killing intent emerged in his eyes.