Womanizing Mage - Chapter 369

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When Long Yi took a step forward, the guardian statutes didn’t come back to life like he had thought. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Even if he were to use his toes to think, he would be able to figure out that those guardians were definitely not to be trifled with.

Nothing unusual happened as Long Yi walked down the path. Soon, Long Yi who was leading Long Two and the Violent Lightning Beast arrived at the entrance of the Lightning God Main Hall. Looking all around the hall, the entire body of Long Yi involuntarily shook and he rushed in.

The scene inside was unexpectedly exactly the same as the scene he had ‘seen’ using his sense. Leng Youyou, Si Bi, Lingr and Dongfang Kexin were separately tied to four stone pillars which were full of mysterious carvings. Moreover, the lightning god chains binding them had silverish-purple electric sparks cracking on them.

“Youyou, Bi’er, wake up!” Long Yi rushed into the Lightning God Altar and patted the cheeks of Leng Youyou and Si Bi who were nearest to him. Unfortunately, they didn’t respond to Long Yi no matter how he tried to wake them.

“Lingr, Kexin, what happened to all of you?” Long Yi lept to the other two pillars as he anxiously called out. He desperately wanted to tear off the lightning god chains that were tying them up, but how could it be so easy to break off lightning god chains? No matter how hard he tried, the lightning god chains refused to budge as they held the four girls tightly against the pillars.

Long Yi’s gaze shifted towards the lightning god statue standing above the altar. Staring at the Lightning God spirit tablet in the statue’s hands without blinking his eyes, Long Yi thought that if he possessed the Lightning God spirit tablet, he would be able to wake the girls up.

As soon as the thought of waking them up crossed his mind, he instantly leapt into action. Long Yi changed into a flicker of light as he rushed towards the lightning god statue. Reaching out his hands, he aimed for the Lightning God spirit tablet which was flashing with silverish-purple radiance.

“Crackle.” The entire body of Long Yi trembled as the purple light flashed. Long Yi was sent flying backwards by an immensely strong power and he fell to the bottom of the altar with a bang.

Long Yi was struck dumb with amazement. His lightning absorbing physique was unexpectedly unable to withstand the lightning around the Lightning God spirit tablet. However, he was also lucky to have peculiar interaction with lightning magic elemental spirits. Otherwise, if he only relied on the quality of his physical body when he just entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area, even if he managed to escape death, he would had become a cripple.

The feeling of ** gradually disappeared, but Long Yi saw that the spirit tablet in the hand of the Lightning God statue seemed to be giving rise to silverish-purple halos. These halos were produced in succession and they slowly expanded, spreading to every corner of this main hall.

Long Yi felt uneasy in his heart as he kept a close watch on his surroundings. He was trying hard to suppress his trembling heart as he watched the halos fill the main hall. From the time he had arrived in this world, he had never felt so uneasy and fearful. Even in the Death Space, when he was confronting the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, he didn’t feel like this.

This was a kind of pressure that came from the soul. Moreover, the air in the temple seemed still as there was not even the slightest breeze.

Is this the divine power? Compared to the pressure from the Light God which Long Yi had experienced before, this was too powerful. Long Yi was comparing the pressure he faced against the Light God and the Lightning God in his heart, but his tough and tensile temperament didn’t allow him to succumb to the pressure. So what if God himself came down? No one can make him lower his noble head. No matter what he had to face, he will not yield.

Long Yi gnashed his teeth and straightened his back as his eyes flashed with an ominous glint. If the Lightning God wanted to fight, Long Yi would gladly give it the fight it wanted. A man dies with his p*nis pointing towards the sky. [1]

Long Two stood behind Long Yi as if it was Long Yi’s shadow. Although it was facing immense pressure, it was as arrogant and Long Yi and was unwilling to bow down towards the pressure. Red lights glimmered in its pitch-black eye sockets as is stared directly at the Lightning God Statue on the altar.

As for the Violent Lightning Beast, it was a magical beast with inborn veneration for the Lightning God. However, due to its blood connection with Long Yi, it was also affected by Long Yi’s disposition. Its instinct was telling it to prostrate in front of the Lightning God Statue, however due to the feeling of rebellion it was getting from Long Yi, it struggled incessantly.

“F*ck you, you coward.” Long Yi suddenly cursed loudly, and withstanding this pressure, he jumped up with a huge sword in his hand. He used his magic douqi to chop his sword towards the statue of the Lightning God who was standing on the altar without holding back.

Clang, sparks flew in all directions. The Lightning God statue was motionless as if a mountain. As for Long Yi, he was sent flying back again. The huge sword in his hand broke into countless pieces, but the armor of this Lightning God statue didn’t even have a scratch on it.

The blood and qi within Long Yi’s body were churning and his complexion became pale. The gap between a god and a human truly was so big that it appeared as if they were separated by a natural moat. Not to mention Long Yi wasn’t even fighting against the real Lightning God now, it was merely its statue.

Kacha, kacha, several sounds came from the four corners of the main hall. Long Yi’s eyebrows shot up and his heart suddenly trembled. The feeling of extreme danger shot past him and he felt a chill down his spine which made his entire body turn cold. The reaction of Violent Lightning Beast was even more violent. It suddenly enlarged, bent forward, and with all of its fur standing on its end, it issued a low roar.

Kacha, kacha, the sounds of armors slowly approached Long Yi from the four corners of the main hall.

The heart of Long Yi sunk, and his pupils suddenly shrunk into the size of needle points. He was able to see four figures measuring more than three meters tall walking from the four corners of the hall. These guardians wore thick and heavy, domineering silverish-purple armor and advanced slowly towards Long Yi. They held lightning spears which were more than six meters long and the spear looked even more fearsome when lightning occasionally flashed along its shaft. They were different from the statues on both sides of the path outside. They were real living people.

The four powerful guardians with ominous look stood 15 meters away from Long Yi, blocking all the retreat routes of Long Yi. Long Yi’s previous thoughts were wrong. The pressure he felt just now was not emitted by this Lightning God statue, rather it was the pressure emitted by these four guardians. If just the guardians had such terrifying strength, Long Yi didn’t dare to imagine how terrifying the real Lightning God was.

“Who are you?” Long Yi coldly asked without any expression. His expression didn’t even change when he asked the four guardians who they were.

The guardian at the front-left knocked the ground with his lightning spear, and as if lightning, his gaze looked towards Long Yi. His metallic voice resounded, “We are the four main guardians under the command of the Lightning God. We are responsible for guarding the Lightning God Temple and we kill all the ants that scurry into this temple.”

“Ants? Hehe, what if I say I don’t want to die?” The legs of Long Yi was slightly trembling. It was not because of fear, but rather the pressure of these four main guardians suddenly strengthened as if they wanted to force him into kneeling. But how was Long Yi willing to kneel according to other’s wishes? He would rather die standing. In the past he was like this, his attitude didn’t change after he lived for so long and it sure as hell won’t change in the future. Long Yi would never kneel to anyone unwillingly.

“There is only one way to do this. Kill us and not only can you come and go as you please, everything within the Lightning God Temple will be yours.” The voice of this guardian still didn’t have even a trace of emotion, but Long Yi noticed a trace of sadness that unintentionally flashed past its eyes in an instant.


“Lightning God…… he is already dead.” Long Yi suddenly said which caused these guardians to become absent-minded for a moment. In this brief moment, Long Yi, Long Two, and the Violent Lightning Beast attacked simultaneously.

Long Yi shoot true qi towards the eyes of this guardian. At this critical moment, he used all of his strength. As such, the might of his true qi was so powerful that it was able to destroy even a small mountain. As for Long Two, its death scythe changed into blood light as it chopped towards the space between the eyes of this guardian. The Violent Lightning Beast didn’t remain idle as it unleashed a forbidden magic spell on the guardian.

[1] man dies with his p*nis pointing toward the sky: literal translation of ‘人死鸟朝天’, as for the meaning, it is very shameful for a man or warrior to die facing the ground (which is running away), so it’s the other way around.