Womanizing Mage - Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: The inheritance of Demonic Dragon

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon was lost in its thoughts and glistening teardrops unexpectedly appeared in its large eyes. It was clearly extremely attached to the Dark God.

With a sudden roar from Little Three, Long Yi was able to hear the sadness and confusion in its voice. What exactly was Little Three thinking?

The Three-headed Demonic Dragon raised its head and looked towards Little Three as many expressions flashed in its large eyes. There was happiness, sadness and also excitement in his gaze. Opening its mouth, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon’s voice was quivering as it said, “Favored by the blessing of the Dark God… ha ha ha, the heavens haven’t forgotten about this old dragon. Just before I return to the dust I can finally become complete again!”

However, when Long Yi heard those words, an explosion occurred in his brain. Could it be that his guess was indeed true? Little Three actually possessed the extracted soul of this Three-headed Demonic Dragon?

However, Long Yi was unable to think deeper about this matter as the Three-headed Demonic Dragon had already made its move. All of its spirit power concentrated on the body of Big Head. Opening its big dragon mouth, a black ball which was twice as big as a human’s head flew out from the mouth of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon and shot towards Big Head.

Seeing the black ball flying towards him, Big Head was unfazed. Opening its mouth wide, Big Head swallowed the big black ball like it was nothing. Being pleased with itself, Big Head showed a contented expression after swallowing the black ball. However, he wasn’t able to keep up his contented expression for long as within three seconds, Big Head’s expression changed. The contented expression on its face disappeared as it changed into an expression of extreme pain. Big Head instantly dropped onto the floor and started rolling about in pain while howling in agony.

“Father… father, save me! I feel very uncomfortable!” Big Head wailed endlessly in its immature voice. Everyone was able to feel its pain as Big Head rolled on the ground while shedding tears. Even Barbarian Bull and others were unable to bear looking at Big Head in so much pain, much less Liu Xu. She wanted to open her mouth to question the Three-headed Demonic Dragon but she was afraid of disturbing him during the process of inheritance. In the end, Liu Xu kept quiet as her eyes shifted between the Three-headed Demonic Dragon and Big Head.

“Rest assured, he’s fine.” The three-headed demonic dragon sighed in relief and his dragon eyes instantly dimmed by a lot.

Big Head was still in pain. The tentacles all over his body suddenly stood erect before wilting. It was clearly in the process of experiencing extreme pain from the inheritance it was accepting. When a hint of black qi oozed out from Big Head’s entire body, the Three-headed Demonic Dragon looked towards the Dark Magic Jade still floating in the air with a respectful gaze. “Master, this Demonic Dragon is leaving!” Roared the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. As soon as it was finished speaking, a shadow emerged from inside the body of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. This shadow sunk into Big Head’s body as quick as lightning and disappeared from everyone’s sight. As for the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, its head however weakly drooped and its dragon eyes closed slowly, dying all of a sudden.

“Roar……” A roar came out of Big Head’s mouth and unexpectedly, it sounded like a true dragon roar coming from an adult dragon.

Long Yi frowned and muttered, “Possessing? What is this old fellow doing? He won’t be playing games with us, will he?” Long Yi was a little worried at this moment. He remembered that he was also one who possessed a body. Long Yi remembered that his current body was obtained through possession and he swallowed the soul of the original body before he managed to fully take control of the body. The Three-headed Demonic Dragon will not use a similar trick, will he?

Long Yi suppressed the worry in his heart and decided to take a look at how Big Head was doing before anything else.

Big Head roared in pain and a sharp light suddenly flashed violently in its eyes. Then opening its mouth, its target was unexpectedly the tiger cub, Little Three.

Little Three retreated in alarm and both its eyes turned to look at Long Yi. It was as if Little Three was begging Long Yi to save him from Big Head. Long Yi continuously used his thoughts to reassure and calm down the agitated Little Three, but his eyes were continuously staring at Big Head who was emitting a powerful dragon might. Long Yi was sure that the Three-headed Demonic Dragon had possessed Big Head and was currently using its body.

Suddenly, the Dark Magic Jade in the sky slightly shook and the panicked Little Three slowly calmed down. As soon as Big Head calmed down, its body started twisting strangely.

“Ah… Little Three’s skin is loosening, how is this possible?” Nalan Ruyue screamed and her little hands covered her mouth as she leaned closer to Long Yi.

Now, tiger cub Little Three had tightly closed its eyes and its half black body indistinctly fluctuated as if its black fur was rippling back and forth.

Suddenly, Big Head released an even stronger aura as Little Three’s body trembled even more violently. In an instant, Little Three’s black fur unexpectedly began to slowly separate from the body of Little Three as if the skin was being peeled off. After the black fur was removed from Little Three’s body, the skin underneath was the same as the white fur on the other side of Little Three’s body.

Whoosh, the black section of Little Three was completely stripped off and sucked into Big Head’s stomach. After the black fur on its body disappeared, Little Three became a snow white cub. Even the originally black iris also changed into exactly the same color as the other iris. Now, its body no longer had any dark aura, only a dense light aura.

Little Three seemed very exhausted and used its thought to express its wish to return back into the dark dimension space to rest. Long Yi naturally sent it back into the dark dimension without any delay.

As soon as Little Three disappeared into the dark dimension, Big Head’s body shook for an instant and became still the next moment. A faint phantom of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon appeared in the sky as it appeared to be slowly disappearing.

“Finally I am free. The exit is in the front, you all can leave as you please. As for my body, you can handle it as you wish……” An aged voice came from all directions and reverberated in the air. Soon afterward, the phantom in the sky slowly dissipated and finally disappeared without a trace.

Long Yi, Barbarian Bull and others looked at each other and finally sighed in relief. Never would they have thought that their journey would end like this.

Liu Xu squatted in front of the currently sound asleep Big Head and a trace of tenderness appeared on her proud and aloof face. She reached out her hands to pet Big Head’s head, but she saw something strange as she looked at Big Head. A black light unexpectedly sprang out from Big Head which repelled Liu Xu’s hand.

“Don’t touch him now! He might be integrating with the inheritance of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.” Long Yi said.

“Then how long should we wait?” Liu Xu worriedly asked. In the entire world, other than Big Head, Liu Xu didn’t care about anyone else.

“I don’t know, wait for him to wake up on his own.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said.

Staring at the huge corpse of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon not far away, Long Yi thought carefully about what to do with it. He didn’t know how long this three-headed demonic dragon had lived, but every part of the body was a treasure. Dragon horn, dragon skin, dragon tendons, dragon blood, no matter which part it was, everything was a priceless treasure.

“My husband, why are you smiling to yourself like this? Are you thinking about doing something bad again?” Seeing the expression of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue asked with a smile. Since there was no life-threatening danger at this moment, her mood naturally was very pleasant.

“Didn’t that old dragon say that we could deal with his corpse as we please? Ai, this kind of selfless contribution truly moved me. If we didn’t do as he said, wouldn’t we be letting him down?” Long Yi shook his head and sighed.

Liu Xu stared at Long Yi as her pupils shot bolts of electricity at him. Opening her pretty little mouth, she said proudly, “I will not tolerate someone infringing the dignity of our Dragon Clan. I will not let you blaspheme his remains. He is my Dark Demonic Dragon Clan’s first ancestor, I will not let you touch him.”

“I say, she-… Liu Xu, just now, didn’t you hear him saying that we can deal with his body as we please? The dragon had already passed on, and since its remains can benefit all of us why shouldn’t we make use of it? Isn’t this also considered a continuation of life for the Three-headed Demonic Dragon?” Long Yi said.

“What do you think if I chopped you into eight pieces after you died?” Liu Xu ferociously asked.

Long Yi was dumbfounded and couldn’t help laughing, “Why will I care about what happens after I die? Besides, if my body is useful to you after my death, then I don’t mind you chopping me into pieces.” When Long Yi was talking, he had an amused expression as he explained to Liu Xu about his views on her cutting him up after he died. However, he became serious when he talked about how he would allow others to use his corpse if it were really useful to them. Staring straight in Liu Xu’s eyes, Long Yi convinced her with his serious expression.

Liu Xu was dumbfounded then she turned her head away and no longer refuted. However, she didn’t understand why she was unwilling to look Long Yi in the eye even though she did nothing wrong.

The corner of Long Yi’s mouth curled up and a complacent smile appeared on his face. “Humph although you are a She-T.Rex, compared to me, you are still an inexperienced brat.” Long Yi thought to himself as he was pleased with himself for convincing Liu Xu to let him do as he wished.

“Barbarian Bull, why on earth are you in a daze, start working.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Barbarian Bull and began walking towards that huge corpse of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon.

The entire body of this three-headed demonic dragon had a powerful dark magic power fluctuation. But what Long Yi wanted the most was nothing more than six dragon horns on the three dragon heads of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon. The reason Long Yi desired the dragon horns that much was because the horns were the part of the dragon which contains the largest amount of the dragon’s magic power. Long Yi never had a suitable weapon for himself, so if he could make a weapon out of these dragon horns, that would be ideal. However, the true problem was finding someone who was able to forge weapons out of dragon horns. Not to mention that the horns were from the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, where was Long Yi supposed to find someone who could use such high-tiered materials to forge a weapon? Was the Dwarf Clan capable of doing so? He had never heard of the Dwarf Clan forging any divine weapon in the past few years.

“Do you wish to refine a weapon out of these dragon horns of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon?” At an unknown time, Wushuang had already arrived at the side of Long Yi and asked softly.

“Mmm even though the materials I have gathered are top tier materials, I can’t seem to think of a person capable enough to forge weapons out of them.” Long Yi wasn’t surprised to see Wushuang being able to guess his thoughts. After all, they possessed an intriguing telepathy.

“What if I say I can help you?” A sly smile appeared on her face while looking at Long Yi. Long Yi had never seen this kind of expression on Wushuang’s face before and looking at Wushuang now, Long Yi’s soul flew thousands of li away from his body as he was blown away by her exceptional beauty.

After being infatuated for several seconds, Long Yi came back to his senses and laughed hollowly, “Your smile is too beautiful. Ha ha… in the future, I don’t think you need to use any magic power to take down your enemies anymore. Just your smile is enough to cause the enemies to lay down their weapons and surrender to you. You’re truly a beauty capable of causing calamities and the fall of kingdoms.”

“I will not smile for other people to see, didn’t you tell me to only smile in front of you? A trace of tenderness flashed in the eyes of Wushuang and her dense hidden feelings wrapped around Long Yi.

Long Yi was pleasantly surprised and under his impulse, he snatched Wushuang’s little hands as Wushuang held on tightly onto his. Now, a sweet atmosphere appeared around these two people, arousing the jealousy of Nalan Ruyue. She ran over and deliberately made an uproar, destroying the sweet atmosphere around these two people.

“By the way, Shuang’er, weren’t you talking about helping me forge a weapon just a moment ago? Could it be that you are also capable of forging items?” Long Yi grabbed Wushuang’s little hands with one of his hands while he used the other hand to hold onto Nalan Ruyue’s hand. Doing so, Long Yi left no one out and both of his women would be satisfied.


“I have studied a little, but if you want to refine these dragon horns of the Three-headed Demonic Dragon, then we must first return to Holy City. I need the help of some artifacts there.” Wushuang replied.

Long Yi nodded his head and didn’t ask whether or not those artifacts could be found in the current Lost City. He simply believed in Wushuang. As long as she said that the artifacts exist, they definitely exist. At that time, he suddenly recalled the shadow within his body. That old fellow had asked him to return to the dark space of Lost City as soon as possible, so he said, “After we come out of this Lightning God Forbidden Area, I will accompany you to Lost City.”

“Mmm.” The beautiful eyes of Wushuang blurred as she recalled her once beautiful picturesque hometown. However, after several thousands of years, her hometown was already a pile of rubble under the erosion of time.