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Yun Wu felt that the seven elemental powers in her body had considerably strengthened after she had that long sleep in that bottomless pit and then drank blood of that Tiger Condor, and her speed had also become more than twice as fast as before.

Though she still wasn\'t powerful enough to kill those two a.s.sa.s.sins, since she was merely in early stage of Tier VII, fleeing from them was an easy job to her.

After entering the border city, that black figure directly went into the busiest downtown area.

Unexpectedly, because of her black face, she was always the center of everybody\'s attention wherever she went.

Resigned, Yun Wu quickly walked into an inn.

Beneath the eccentric gaze of the innkeeper and guests, she ordered a room and had a bellman bring her some hot water.

Back then in that pit, all her hair had been soaked in that little brat\'s saliva and become very sticky. Though it was dry now, she still felt very uncomfortable. Now that she was in an inn, she decided to do some washing first.

When Yun Wu looked into the bronze mirror and saw that face as black as that of an African native, she was nearly scared to death.

How did she end up like this?

That kind of black gave people this feeling that it was her real skin color. Even her lips were also black.

Yun Wu hurriedly rubbed her face only to find that the color didn\'t change a little bit.

She was horrified, her heart pounding.

Soon, the bellman sent a basin of hot water to her room.

Yun Wu dipped her hands into hot water, rubbed her face again and was relieved.

Fortunately, the black dirt could be dissolved by hot water. Otherwise, her life would have been frightened out of her.

She couldn\'t imagine life with a face as black as that.

After having the bellman changed the hot water five times, Yun Wu finally managed to wash her face and hair clean. Her skin regained its former delicacy and whiteness, her black hair glossy. Added to them her otherworldly purple eyes, she looked amazingly charming, making people\'s hearts palpitate, which could be proved by the bellman who was standing at the doorway, transfixed with shock.

Her eyes were so wide that it seemed as if the two eyeb.a.l.l.s were about to drop out of the sockets, and his mouth almost watered, too.

"Bellman, if you\'ve had your fill, please close the door for me."

It was not until Yun Wu spoke that the bellman collected himself.

A look of awkwardness flashed across the bellman\'s face. As if embarra.s.sed, he scratched his head and said, "My apologies. I... I\'m just here to ask you whether you need more hot water. I\'ve just prepared more in the kitchen. If you need it, I\'ll bring you some right away!"

"That won\'t be necessary."

After saying this, Yun Wu tossed a silver ingot to him, "This is your tip. You may leave."

"Thank you, lady. If... If you need anything, just call me." The bellman\'s eyes lit up as he saw the silver ingot in his hands and with that he hurriedly walked out of the room.

When it came to managing money, Yun Wu actually didn\'t know much about it.

But the bellman had brought her hot water five times in a row, which counted as trading manual labor for money, so there was no need for her to be n.i.g.g.ardly.

After cleaning herself up, Yun Wu intended to leave, but soon she realized that if she went outside like this, it probably wouldn\'t be long before the enemies found her.

So she disguised herself as a man and then left the inn in a leisurely and composed manner.

As expected, outside of the inn, she detected two Qi hiding in the dark.

But at this moment, dressed in shiny clothes with a lot of golden decorations, "he" was emaciated with sallow complexion, sickly-looking and was also eyeing girls up like a lascivious playboy.

She attracted a lot of pedestrians\' attention as she walked out of the inn.

The two people hiding in the dark flicked a glance at "him" and contemptuously moved their eyes aside.

Unnoticeably, Yun Wu slightly curved her lips.

In an aimless and idle manner, humming a casual tune, she managed to leave the area in front of the two a.s.sa.s.sins\' very eyes.