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Little Reek was imprisoned in a transparent ball formed of energy.

It kept scratching on the inside of the energy ball with its sharp claws, making scratchy sounds. Unfortunately, all its efforts were in vain.

Eventually, it stopped, tilted its little head and watched the white-bearded old man.

When the old man was sizing it up, it was also affectedly peering at him.

As the old man murmured, it also imitatively lifted its little eyebrows and murmured, "Old man. Ugly. Bad-looking, bad-looking."

On hearing this, the old man was stunned, as if he had never expected that this little guy not only could imitate him but also was very good at this.

However, when he smelled the scent of ambrosian fruits given off by it, he furrowed his forehead.

It seemed that this phoenix was indeed the one who had stolen those fruits in the orchard.

His thousands of years\' work had been stolen. How could he not be angry? How could he be indifferent?

But surprisingly, apart from the scent of ambrosian fruits, he also sensed a trace of a summoner\'s Qi in this little guy.

It had been indentured to a summoner?

The old man couldn\'t help sizing it up. When he finally confirmed this, a flash of surprise crossed the bottom of his eyes.

A summoner had really been born on this Shenzhou continent?

"Give me my child back!" the phoenix thundered in anger.

The red figure that had been fighting with the middle-aged man furiously launched an attack on the old man, trying to s.n.a.t.c.h her son from the old man\'s hand.

A cold look flashed across the bottom of the old man\'s eyes which had witnessed vicissitudes of his life.

With a twitch of his hand, a surge of potent power hurtled at the phoenix and threw her away.


The phoenix was. .h.i.t by that weird, potent power and thrown back, almost totally powerless to fight back.

When a magic beast transformed itself into a human, its fighting capability would become slightly weaker, but she shouldn\'t have been too weak to fight back. There was only one plausible explanation for this: the opponent was too powerful!

Who was this old man exactly?

"Who are you exactly? Why did you take my son away from me?" The phoenix glared at the old man standing in mid-air, her eyes wide with rage.

"If you want you son back, bring me that summoner whom your son is indentured to."

This was the only remark that the old man made. After saying this, he slowly turned around and left.

He had just turned around, but in the blink of an eye, his figure was hundreds of miles away, and the next second, his figure disappeared into the distance.

She wanted to pursue him but found that he was nowhere to be seen.

On seeing this, with a twitch of his figure, the middle-aged man also instantly disappeared into thin air on the spot.

Watching this, the phoenix was both angry and concerned.

But what angered her even more was that her son had been indentured to a human.

She recalled that black-faced girl...

"Ah... Human! When I catch you, I\'ll tear you to pieces" A furious, piercing cry instantly rippled through the whole forest. Flocks of birds were alarmed and scattered in all directions.


Yun Wu had no idea what had just happened in the depths of the Maple Ridge.

And she certainly didn\'t know that her undesigned actions were going to generate a series of troublesome consequences.

The moment Yun Wu left the battlefield, she landed in a lonely spot outside a border city.

Because she had faintly felt that two figures seemed to have been pursuing her.

It seemed that the two a.s.sa.s.sins had really been lying in ambush outside the forest, waiting for her to show up.

It was just that for some reason, they didn\'t launch an attack on her but just followed her.

As Yun Wu landed on the ground, she put on a black robe, enveloped herself in wind element and with a twitch of her figure, she instantly disappeared into thin air on the spot.