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While those generals were yelling, Yun Lengyi\'s face also went cold and sullen. "Let go of him!"

"Abducting a general will double your guilt. Release him immediately or else I\'ll make you to."

On hearing this, Yun Wu secretly sneered.

She raised her cold eyes and looked at Yun Lengyi. "General-in-chief, you convicted me of a crime doubly serious so easily? I might be scared to death."

"But, I\'d like to ask a question. This deputy general of yours was aiming to kill from the very beginning. Was I supposed to stand still and let him stab his sword into my heart? That\'s the \'military discipline\' you\'ve been talking about?"

In her last incarnation, she was an orphan who had no idea what it felt like to have a father. During this incarnation, she had a father. Though she had never expressed anything to him, deep down in her heart, she still had a trace of expectation.

As a result, when that man mentioned General-in-chief Yun, she agreed to come here to meet her so-called "father".

It was not until she was disillusioned that she found that coldness and anger was inexplicably bubbling in her.

When he made those remarks with a cold face regardless of the facts, Yun Wu felt even more disappointed.

"You were the cause of this war, and you also made impertinent remarks. Deputy General Chen\'s trying to arrest you was entirely reasonable," Yun Lengyi said coldly, watching her with an icy look.

"Entirely reasonable? Hha... " Yun Wu laughed, as if having just heard the funniest joke.

During the previous fight, Chen Ling was aiming at her vital parts. If he hit the target, she would have been disabled, if not killed. All generals present were kung fu pract.i.tioners, so they were all aware of this.

The frown on Wen Yu\'s face grew deeper as he watched Yun Wu laughing, as if he was pondering over something and about to find out something...

"General-in-chief, would you please calm down and hear me out?" At this moment, Wen Yu spoke again.

"Counselor Wen, there\'s no need for you to intercede on her behalf. She threatened a general with a dagger in front of so many troops. If she gets away without being severely punished, how is General-in-chief supposed to establish his authority and lead the army in the future?"

"That\'s true. She did this in front of so many soldiers. How could we let this criminal get away unpunished?"

"General-in-chief, you don\'t have to do it yourself. Let me teach this girl a lesson." A general in middle stage of Tier VIII stepped forward.

Yun Wu just stood there and coldly watched them.

When she saw Yun Lengyi nodding, Yun Wu curved her lips in an extremely cold smile, as if she had finally given up her fond hope.

"Yun Lengyi, the General-in-chief, you really broadened my horizons today."

The moment she finished the last word, her dagger, which had been against Chen Ling\'s neck, was swished towards the ground before Yun Lengyi like a beam of cold light.

Meanwhile, before anybody could react, she concentrated her strength in her palm and threw a palm attack on the back of Chen Ling\'s right shoulder.


With a faint sound of bones snapping, Chen Ling was sent flying away like a piece of rag.

Yun Lengyi\'s face instantly changed. He mobilized his Tier IX late-stage fighting spirit, moved sideways and caught Chen Ling who was thrown away. Meanwhile, he threw a palm strike at Yun Wu.

But Yun Wu\'s figure weirdly flashed away and dodged Yun Lengyi\'s strike.

"Yun Lengyi, from now on, the relation between you and me will be like that dagger."

The chilly voice was still resounding around the battlefield where hundreds of thousands of troops were standing, but Yun Wu had leaped upwards, turned into a whirlwind and shot into the sky like a beam of black light.

What kind of speed could be deemed fast?

People who saw this scene knew the answer.