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A general beside him said in a gruff voice, "So many people died because of you. Even the deaths of all your family members and relatives won\'t be enough to atone for your crime."

On hearing this, Yun Wu couldn\'t help bursting into laugh in which there was a tone of inexplicable sarcasm.

"What are you laughing about?"

Staring at her, Wen Yu frowned.

Her laugh confused everybody present.

Under the circ.u.mstances, she still dared to laugh like that?

\'Did she lose her sanity because of overwhelming fear?\' troops and officers around her thought.

Yun Wu stopped laughing and a flash of coldness crossed the bottom of her eyes. "I\'m actually antic.i.p.ating the day when all my family members and relatives would be condemned to death!"

Watching her, Yun Lengyi kept having this feeling that the way she looked at him was somewhat strange.

But he still yelled in a cold and serious tone, "Take her away."

Soldiers immediately started closing in on Yun Wu.

"Wait, General-in-chief. About this matter, would you please allow me to express my opinion first?" Wen Yu said.

Yun Lengyi flicked a glance at him with a cold, sullen look on his face, saying nothing.

However, before Wen Yu spoke again, Yun Wu curved her lips in a smile and said blandly, "Lord Counselor, there is no need for you to make any more remarks. General-in-chief Yun is determined to uphold the dignity of the law. How could he show mercy on me whose family members and relatives should be condemned to death?"

Was she saying that she didn\'t want anybody to intercede for her? That she’d already resigned herself to her fate?

"Lady, General-in-chief didn\'t mean that. You-"

"But I was born hard to kill. Even if G.o.d wants to take my life, he has to ask for my permission first, not to mention your Emperor."

Her voice was bland, but there was wild arrogance in it.

"What a haughty girl."

"How dare she say such treasonable and heretical words? She\'s so conceited."

"Tell me about it. This girl should be put to the sword on the spot... "

On hearing her words, all those generals around couldn\'t help mumbling, their faces very serious.

\'How dare this black-faced girl make such remarks? Isn\'t she too self-important?\'

With a sullen and angry look on his face, Chen Ling abruptly thundered, "What an arrogant girl. I\'d like to find out whether it is because you are hard to kill or because you\'re incurably stubborn that you dare to be so haughty."

He had been forbearing all along. If he didn\'t teach this arrogant girl a lesson, his anger would never dissolve.

He mobilized Tier VII late-stage fighting spirit and shot towards Yun Wu like greased lightning.

Yun Wu curved her lips in a sneer, an icy look in her eyes.

When the sword was swung at her, with a single movement of her feet and a sudden twitch of her figure, she instantly disappeared into thin air on the spot.

The sword missed its target. Chen Ling was stunned.

Where was she?

With a frown on his face, Chen Ling turned his head back and looked around.

But all of a sudden.

A stabbing pain accompanied by cold was felt in his neck and with that he smelled a faint smell of blood.

"I say this a lot whoever wants to kill me will die before me. Deputy General Chen, do you think I should take you life first?"

A cold voice came from beside his ear.

All Chen Ling\'s movements froze, surprise gleaming in his eyes. Horror and puzzlement rose inside him.

She was so fast!

He didn\'t know when she appeared at all.

Standing beside him, Yun Wu was holding a cold dagger against his neck. The skin of his neck was slit by the sharp blade, beads of blood oozing out of the shallow cut.

In those troops\' eyes, Yun Wu\'s figure seemed to have appeared out of thin air, which was weird and astonishing.

But when they collected themselves, those generals around started yelling.

"You little girl are so bold. Let go of Deputy General Chen!"

"How dare you be so unruly in front of the General-in-chief? The crime you committed is beyond atonement... "

"Let him go... "